Saturday, September 28, 2019

NEWS: Trump administration is investigating email records of dozens of State Department officials who sent messages to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email, reviving a politically toxic matter that overshadowed the 2016 election.

Trump and other aides are frustrated with Mulvaney because he did not have a strategy for defending and explaining the Ukraine call.

Police chief accused of slamming black teen’s head into door: Trump is "last hope for white people"

Joaquin Castro Calls for Investigation Into Whether Jared Kushner Shared Intelligence That Led to Khashoggi Killing

We must break the NRA’s stranglehold on our government. I've got a plan to pass sweeping anti-corruption legislation so that our nation will no longer be held hostage by a small group of well-financed extremists.

Here it is. The Russian-backed paid speaking appearance that Giuliani just cancelled after WaPo wrote about it? Well, turns out he already spoke at the same conference LAST year. And we have tape of that appearance.

Jamal Khashoggi’s death made the Saudi crown prince a pariah. Trump has helped rehabilitate him on the world stage.

Elections chief says a GOP colleague blocked wide release of her foreign activity memo

A fair question: If William Barr is Trump’s lawyer, then who’s representing America? - Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times

It appears that both Barr and Bannon are in Italy right now. Bannon has a subpoena for #CambridgeAnalytica waiting for him when he gets home.

Pelosi Tells NJ Dems: "We do Place Ourselves in a Time of Urgency."

AP: Barr was “surprised and angry” to discover he had been lumped in with Giuliani. Barr has not spoken with Trump about investigating Biden or Biden’s son Hunter.

So, Moscow Mitch doesn't want to have an impeachment trial? That's all the more reason for Kentucky to vote him out to pasture

If the reports in this article turn out to be true, Donald Trump gave Aid and Comfort to the enemies of American democracy, validating the effort by tyrants to poison and sabotage our presidential election.

"Giuliani spent months cultivating current and former prosecutors in Ukraine with a particular goal: Help President Trump in next year's election by ensuring that Ukrainian authorities pursued allegations that could damage his Democratic rivals."

This might be a good moment to review what happened w/MBS, Kushner & Trump

To survive impeachment, Trump has to shut up

Philip Hammond, ex-Chancellor, seriously suggests in today’s Times that one reason the Prime Minister may want a hard Brexit is so that his backers in the City don’t lose billions — corruption on a scale I wouldn’t dare put in fiction

A Texas deputy who drew national headlines when he was allowed to grow a beard and wear a turban on the job to observe his Sikh faith was fatally shot in an "ambush-style" attack.

Trump is pushing a fake scandal once again. Don’t buy it, writes

Saudis own 100% of the largest oil refinery in North America. Is this how you make America great again? More like make Saudi Arabia great again. Well done Donnie.

What the hell? Donnie TwoScoops is trying to get the NRA to bankroll his impeachment defence fund. I assume Russia will be contributing lots of dark money to the NRA for his benefit. Is this what their tax exempt status is for

Roy Cohn — FBI Records Vault

BREAKING: A Russian national has been detained at an airport of the Spanish city of Valencia at the request of the United States, according to the Russian embassy in Madrid.


BREAKING: House Foreign Affairs Committee has subpoenaed Mike Pompeo for Ukraine docs. The following State Dept officials have also been scheduled for depositions.

A deep bench of officials were willing to participate in Trump's schemes or help keep it under wraps. Although the whistleblower said other White House officials were “deeply disturbed” by Trump’s actions, none have come forward

In the case of Trump's call with Prince Mohammed, officials who ordinarily would have been given access to a rough transcript of the conversation never saw one. A transcript was never circulated at all, which was highly unusual

If sounds like the White House conspired with Jamal Khashoggi’s killers to conceal evidence of the Washington Post columnist’s murder

BREAKING → Mitch McConnell is headlining a fundraiser for Susan Collins in October. He’s already said he’ll spend whatever it takes to win this race – so we have to fight back. Chip in now:

I wrote a few months ago that once you invite a hostile foreign government into your political system, it never leaves. See the European precedents.

NRA may have violated tax laws with 2015 trip to Russia, according to report by Senate Democrats

Who will be the senior Republican who goes to Trump and says the dam has broken? That it's over and that he has to resign? Who will be the Barry Goldwater (who did this with Nixon) who seeks to save the country and the party the damage one day more with him in office will do?

Let’s just say I’ve never heard of an Attorney General sneaking out of the country on “official travel,” unannounced. Seems very odd.

Opinion: Other senators beg to see the nothingburger Lindsey Graham sees

BREAKING: The House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight Committees just subpoenaed Secretary of State Pompeo to provide critical documents for impeachment inquiry by October 4

Karyn Turk has also served as a spokeswoman for Cindy Yang, the massage parlor entrepreneur who found a new career selling access to Mar-a-Lago

Putin taking control of Libya. West needs to wake up.

Every General he picked was corrupt. Flynn must have picked them.

URGENT: GOP Trump puppet Susan Collins cast the deciding vote to let Donald Trump take money from military families for his racist border wall. Maine Speaker of the House Sara Gideon is the Democrat running against her! RETWEET if you support Gideon as she runs to beat Collins!

We aid Ukraine to help it fight Russia. By holding back support, Trump helped Putin.

Maybe Volker’s turning state’s on impeachment. (This is a McCain man, after all.)

Democrats in Congress were equal parts ecstatic and stunned that the White House would release the readout of Trump and Zelensky's call: “I thought, ‘how could he release this? How foolish is this man? He’s not aware of the law”

Before Zelimkhan Khangoshvili was taken down with a silenced Glock, he’d thwarted terror attacks and fingered Russian agents. An exclusive interview with his Georgian case officer

Protesters demand that the UN should intervene against #India government.

I signed this statement - please read it. Many of us who signed it served under GOP and Dem administrations and are deeply concerned by what appears to be an unconscionable abuse of power that undermines our national security

What do you call a guy who knows all the state secrets he bothered to listen to and/or remember, enjoys the flattery of foreign adversaries, nurses deep grievances, and will likely be facing arrest by several state authorities the moment he loses his current job? A flight risk.

Breaking: House Intel members told to be prepared to return during recess as Democrats try to wrap up the impeachment inquiry this fall

Rpt: Trump WH limited access to transcripts of calls with Putin

The day after no-deal Brexit: Here’s what happens in the first 24 hours after the U.K. crashes out of the EU

NEWS: For more than a year my @SenateFinance staff has been investigating the NRA’s relationship with foreign agent Maria Butina and Russian government official Alexander Torshin and their role in the Kremlin’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 election. Here’s what they found.

Big Thread

Grand jury to investigate confrontation outside Wyatt Detention Facility

Trump campaign launches anti-impeachment blitz on Facebook, targeting four minority congresswomen

Despite the Trump Organization’s promise that “no new foreign deals will be made whatsoever during the duration of President Trump’s presidency,” they just announced that they would be constructing a 500 house suburb surrounding Trump’s Scottish golf course.…

Judge blocks Trump administration’s plan to detain migrant children

The Trump administration’s moves to weaken the Affordable Care Act have companies cashing in

Oversized Russian equipment travels three times further by river, sea to reach refinery

Ever wonder where the nasty, pro-government comments come from on many Russian Internet posts? This story is for you

Vladimir Putin's war on garbage is a fight to stay in power

Allies are asking: If Germany does not defend itself from Russian military killing IN BERLIN, how can we trust Berlin to defend its allies who are much further away? The German governmental cover-up is a major issue which needs to be discussed. No response? Really? WHY?

Almost certainly the largest demonstration our planet has yet seen about climate change. (And on a weekday!) Thank you Canada.

A Florida couple who responded to an online gun listing were killed. Authorities say the gunmen were two ex-Army soldiers bent on joining right-wing paramilitary groups involved in armed conflicts worldwide.

Rpt: Trump comments to Russians prompted W.H. officials to limit access to remarks

Pompeo Grapples for Ways to Outlast Hurricane Rudy Without @realDonaldTrump Knowing He's Backstabbing Him

I still believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. And like the man who appointed him, Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached.

This is what we’re up against

After firing the person leading the investigation into his campaign, it appears as though the U.S. President looked into the eyes of Russian officials who were responsible for conducting information warfare against the United States, and gave them the green light to continue.

Lindsey Graham is quite literally part of the jury in the absolutely certain event that Trump is impeached. This is unethical, improper, revolting.

We should stand with the protesters in Egypt fighting for a better future—and we must be clear that violence and repression are unacceptable responses to those who seek to express their opinion or affect political change.

Lindsey Graham confirms he will be golfing with President Donald Trump tomorrow morning. Graham said they will talk about "what’s going on with the whistleblower."

NYT confirms: The White House put some reconstructed transcripts of delicate calls between Trump and foreign officials, including Putin and the Saudi royal family, into a highly classified computer system after embarrassing leaks of his conversations.

So Trump is ready to trade gun safety legislation for anti-impeachment money from the NRA while his unpaid lawyer takes money from the Kremlin. They are handling this super well.

The govt kept this Mar-a-Lago child porn case with a link to Russia remarkably quiet. It seems to have gotten all the way to sentencing before it made the papers.

I remember watching Hillary Clinton's concession speech the day after Trump was elected, knowing in my bones that Trump would be impeached for *something*. Watching her talk here about impeachment is bittersweet

Trump told Russians at infamous 2017 meeting that he wasn’t concerned about Moscow’s interference in U.S. election

When it rains, it pours. This week has been an atmospheric river—> The other Ukraine scandal: Trump’s threats to our ambassador who wouldn’t bend.

"It's not just that Russia helped Mr. Trump get elected, it's that a certain Russian way of doing politics has spread pretty widely." -Timothy Snyder

Prosecutors: Army officer at Mar-a-Lago uploaded suspected child porn to Russian website

Lot of WH aides are probably weighing this weekend immunity vs. six-figure legal bills ahead....

NEW: "A U.S. Army officer formerly in charge of all White House communications at Mar-a-Lago" uploaded child pornography to a Russian website in 2017 and 2018, making him a target for blackmail.

First mover advantage in confessions from White House officials past and present will be tangible. The rest of you mfers need to lawyer up. — Rick Wilson

Trumpcare is here

We know the White House decided to bury the Zelensky call after they listened to Trump’s illegal demands. So what did they hear on these calls? Honestly, no two nations have more to gain from Trump’s re-election than Saudi Arabia and Russia.

RIP Joe Wilson, who blew the whistle on GWB's false claims about Iraq's nuclear program.

It’s September. Montana is bracing for 2 to 4 feet of snow.

Given the info about the Kremlin cultivated ties to the NRA, its time we revisit this summer 2018 Kremlin trip by congressional Republicans

The NRA’s Red Sparrow. The men in charge all knew. Treasonous

‘I’ll never vote for him again.’ — These farmers have turned on Trump over his high China tariffs.

Democrats: You have one job

Saudi relationship runs through Jared (not State) and MBS has every incentive to want Trump to win and bottomless cash.

Starting w/ Kushner’s efforts, in transition, to set up secret comms channel at Russian embassy, Trump admin had NO intention of conducting foreign relations thru normal channels. It was always going to be in secret. Because self-dealing is their sole purpose for ‘governing.’

First on @ABC: AG Barr has been on official travel in Italy for the past two days, during a week where he has faced intensifying scrutiny over his role in how the DOJ handled the IC's whistleblower complaint. It's unclear why the trip was only just revealed

“At this point, [Trump] could be caught walking out of a Federal Reserve bank with two giant sacks of money in his hands and no Republican would vote to impeach him for grand larceny,” said a senior Senate GOP aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Some Rudy NEWS: He says he won’t testify to Congress without consulting his client, Trump.

What if Russia told 45 to impose tariffs to undermine our agricultural dominance, and make space for Russian farmers to step in and sell to China?

Keep in mind that that, if this story is true, McMaster knew that Trump betrayed our country in that meeting and instead of telling us he lied about what happened.

As polls show support for impeachment growing, House Democrats are moving at lightning speed

This report also says John Eisenberg is the NSC lawyer who directed the Ukraine call be moved to the codeword system

Perhaps it’s time to finally hold a vote on that election security bill, huh @senatemajldr?

Senate Democrats want to know if Trump's controversial judicial nominee Steven Menashi played a role in the president's Ukraine scandal.

McCain says the Manafort/Russia money story didn't surprise him. "There are other shoes that will drop. This is a centipede." 9:49 PM · Mar 22, 2017

If-we don’t know yet-notes of Trump’s conversations with foreign leaders were concealed in the classification system to keep Bob Mueller from learning of them, everyone involved could be part of a conspiracy to obstruct justice. & AG Barr can’t run an investigation into it.

Note to my old friends in the GOP and conservative land: Sinking ships create powerful whirlpools that can be inescapable....Sleep well.

After firing the person leading the investigation into his campaign, it appears as though the U.S. President looked into the eyes of Russian officials who were responsible for conducting information warfare against the United States, and gave them the green light to continue.

JUST IN: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been referred to a police watchdog over his alleged relationship with an American businesswoman when he was Mayor of London.

Fox News host: Spinning done by the president's defenders is astonishing and misleading.

Kamala Harris calls for formal impeachment inquiry into Brett Kavanaugh

House Democrats plan hearing as early as next week in impeachment inquiry

Trump impeachment probe confronts 'Russian way of doing politics'

House sends Pompeo a subpoena as Trump Ukraine envoy resigns

Whistleblower's red flags followed by new reports on Trump notes

Russian Oval Office visit notes kept secret with security: WaPo