Saturday, February 22, 2020

Americans — not Vladimir Putin — should decide our elections.

With little left to lose, Elizabeth Warren rolls the dice

Mr. President, I didn’t say that. But if you wish to quote me, quote this: ”The only thing Americans despise more than foreign actors trying to affect the vote is a president unwilling to do anything to stop it.” Americans decide American elections.

President Trump’s acting DNI, Richard Grenell, once performed consulting work on behalf of a Moldovan oligarch who is currently a fugitive and was barred from entering the U.S. due to anti-corruption sanctions


Breaking @propublica: The new director of national intelligence worked for someone the US has banned as an enemy of democracy. That could cost him his security clearance.

Trump is already weaponizing foreign interference in the election. You’d hope the president would try to prevent it, not troll us.

It's called socialism. You're soaking in it.

New developments suggest coronavirus incubation could be longer than 14 days, as global infections rise

As a former NCO in the Australian Army I could not imagine having to carry out my mission from my Government based on the raving lunatic tweets of man like Trump. Do his supporters realize how dangerous that is to them & their families?

This is new: Elizabeth Warren calls out Bernie Sanders by name for not wanting to eliminate the filibuster. Says would functionally give "a veto to the gun industry."


"This is a screaming red siren, but in the daily barrage of crazy, can we hear it?"

This dissent by Sonia Sotomayor in Cook County, is amazing-she calls out the Trump administration for quickly to running to the Supreme Court after interim losses in the lower courts. The 5-4 ruling now establishes a wealth test for Green Card applicants.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who takes seriously her oath to the Constitution, has issued a stinging dissent—in which she calls out the Court for bending to the will of the executive. She is right, and her dissent focuses on what must be understood as a corruption of the judiciary.

Almost like Trump knows in advance about election interference.

Trump snorted Adderall all thru the day on ‘Apprentice’ he also ate UK. Sudafed like candy. But at night and at parties he switched to cocaine and high-end Methamphetamine that was hand-delivered by Bikers. The point is he was always high. That hasn’t changed.


Trump’s Presidency Will End Someday. What If He Won’t Go?

Turns out Lt.Col. Vindman was only the start of the “loyalty” purge. The rule of law can’t tolerate 4 more yrs of a president who thinks he’s above it. Our democracy can’t tolerate 4 more yrs of a president who thinks he can bulldoze through it. VOTE!

Team Bernie fingers Richard Grenell for leaking Russia story

#BREAKING US says Russia behind huge #coronavirus disinformation campaign

"Atkinson is alleged to have sent the message to Mark Zaid the day after Trump held up a photo of the Washington lawyer and read some of his tweets at a rally in Louisiana in November." So, now we kill the whistle blowers' lawyers? Frightening.

The presidents large adult son loves to kill adorable bears

Once "the country’s richest man and then a top official in its ruling political party.... "His current whereabouts are unknown. Last month, the State Dept endorsed the corruption allegations against him, banning him and his family from entering the US"

Bloomberg campaign builds out digital arm Hawkfish ahead of 2020 election

Almost all patients at a psychiatric ward of a South Korean hospital tested positive for the coronavirus, with local reports saying a religious sect with followers who were infected had attended a funeral in the same complex

Bill Barr to attend a private closed-door Senate GOP lunch on Tuesday. They will discuss expiring surveillance programs—which Lindsey Graham not only wants to extend—but broaden

If two candidates have very similar platforms and one (@SenSanders) calls the platform democratic socialism and the other (@ewarren) calls it New Deal economics, who’s more likely to win with voters over 50?

Boxcar Named Desire....

They don't take responsibility for anything. They just suggest possible conspiracies that may or may not exist, but they can't prove right now. By the time you fact check their statements ... they've moved on to another conspiracy and avoided real consequences. Sound familiar?

This is the extent of the "proof" Bernie's campaign can come up with right now.

Why IS Trump always on the same page as the Kremlin? Do they have a channel of communication? Also who ARE Rudy's clients?

Note to bias theorists: Every candidate on the debate stage is invited on my show. The women show up the most. If you don't see your favorite candidate on my show it's because he declines the chance to speak to msnbc's 2nd largest audience (which is larger than all cnn shows). — Lawrence O'Donnell

Choking on your lies?

Useless Loser Devin Nunes

New Book Recounts How Trump Cheats at Golf

Xi is having a very bad 2020 so far. Open dissent is being directed at him over the handling of the coronavirus outbreak

Nunes: “We don’t care about the arson. We need to know who keeps pullin’ the fire alarm!”

Trump preemptively pushes conspiracy theories about problems with the Nevada Democratic caucus, which happens tomorrow: "They say they will have a lot of problems and I hate to tell you this. Have you heard? I heard their computers are messed up."

Trump jokes about serving more than two terms: "2028. You know what? Unless I'm still president then, which is a distinct possibility." (This has become a standard part of his speeches.)

TRUMP: "I see these phonies, the do nothing Democrats, they said today that Putin wants to be sure that Trump gets elected. Here we go again ... doesn't [Putin] want to see who the Democrat is going to be? Wouldn't he rather have Bernie, who honeymooned in Moscow?"

Trump brags about his polling, then says, "and any poll the fake news gives you is a fake."

Trump threatens to pull the licenses of MSNBC and CNN

"We kept the oil" -- Trump brags about stealing oil from Syria

"If an aeroplane goes down with 700 people, they don't cover it. If it's not Trump-related, they don't cover it" -- get a lot of how megalomaniacal this guy is

Trump basically tells Elizabeth Warren to smile more then mocks Bloomberg's height

Trump is noticeably slurring

After giving "my beautiful" Ivanka credit for "over 15 million jobs" (~7 million jobs total have been created total since 2017), Trump holds up his children as paragons of virtue -- in contrast with the purported corruption of Hunter Biden

Trump claims that "millions of registered Democrat voters are leaving their party to join our movement." (Fact-check on aisle 4, please

TRUMP: "I love Hispanic!"

Just as he did last night in Colorado, Trump is hyping grisly local crime stories in Las Vegas to demonize undocumented immigrants

"Right here in .... your place" -- Trump forgot what city he's in for a beat

Trump recommends that NBC bring in Pete Hegseth and Jesse Watters to host NBC Nightly News

Trump botches reading his teleprompter but then pretends he meant to do it

Trump is out here accusing Rosie O'Donnell of crimes

We're reached the "attacking Roger Stone's jury" portion of Trump's speech

Trump mentions that his administration is in court trying to throw out the ACA but then in the next breath claims "we are protecting people with preexisting conditions."

Trump talks about his fake health care plan like he's a car salesman: "We're gonna give you brand new preexisting"

"We are welpin-- ... right? Are we enthusiastic?" -- Trump short circuits

Comcast & Trump “Three years later and a new White House report claims that both actions generated up to $50 billion in consumer benefits. There’s just one problem: none of the claims are actually true.”

Trump embarks on expansive search for disloyalty as administration-wide purge escalates, with a 29-year old former personal aide at the helm. W/⁦@AshleyRParker⁩ and ⁦@ToluseO⁩ on a president determined to root out those not totally loyal.

“⁦@ewarren⁩ took aim at billionaire Sheldon Adelson by taking out a full-page ad in his Las Vegas newspaper to say how much her presidential campaign estimates he would pay if her proposed wealth tax were implemented.”

Republicans are becoming Russia’s accomplices


Before Trump, do you recall disliking any American as much?

Airlines, officials trace path of couple diagnosed with coronavirus that flew from Hawaii

Some new info here: Honolulu is the sixth city CDC plans to use for screening negative flu samples for #COVID19 through its influenza surveillance network. Fauci comes off as very confident, but glances over the fact CDC says the six city screening won't start until next week.

UPDATE: Costa Mesa city officials are asking the CDC and the U.S. Department of Health for more information before feeling comfortable with the transfer of as many as 70 confirmed coronavirus patients to the city.

The Trump administration overruled the Centers for Disease Control and flew 14-coronavirus infected passengers in a plane from Japan back to the United States with more than 300 uninfected people

Trump’s schedule shows a president with plenty of downtime this summer

From Adm. William McRaven, a national hero, on firing of Joe Maguire: “We should be frightened...when facts are inconvenient, when integrity & character no longer matter, when presidential ego & self-preservation are more important than national security.”

The fact that Kevin McCarthy needs to say this is proof enough.

Bernie still won't admit Putin is helping him. For the second election in a row. Bernie saying Putin is a bad guy does not bother Putin. Obviously Putin is a bad guy. This is not news, and lip service is not "pushback". All it means is Bernie is better at this part than Trump.

Not surprising. Russia wants a weak America and Trump is weak. They want chaos and incompetence. He delivers. They want the US out of Europe and a weak NATO. Again, Trump is the choice.

The former vice president suggests the Vermont senator tamp down his more vehement supporters

DPRK's official newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, reaffirmed Friday that no coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the communist nation, even though the virus originating from China has spread fast in the region, including a surge in South Korea

He's mad WAPO leaked he was being boosted by the Russians! Straight from his mouth!

When the Trump admin creates what seems like chaos in the intell community, it is messing with the nation’s first line of defense. Dangerous. The two intell committees need to get everyone down on the Hill and find out what the hell is going on. Pronto.

Now that we know Trump's again prepared to cover up Russia's crimes to help him cheat in another election, it's worth noting that #Russia expects major concessions after he's re-elected, which they consider a "fait accompli,"

Fiona Hill warned us months ago. "Right now, Russia security services and their proxies have geared up to repeat their interference in the 2020 election."

WHO concerned about coronavirus cases with no clear epidemiological link

Trump, appearing borderline delirious, is now calling for Obama’s impeachment. And the cult cheers for more.

Coronavirus May Be the ‘Disease X’ Health Agency Warned About

Rep. Swalwell: It's important to 'name and shame' Russia after new meddling claims

How long does Ukraine have to hold the line for Western civilization? How long do we make Ukrainians alone defend us from aggressor Russia? We know the answer: six years (as of yesterday) and longer.

Putin’s Puppet is at it again, taking Russian help for himself. He knows he can’t win without it. And we can’t let it happen. — Hillary Clinton

n which @AndersonCooper calls actual "bullshit" on Blagojevich in fiery interview

Waiting until you are the assumed "front runner" before admitting you know the Kremlin is supporting your messaging/campaign is a really bad look for anyone actually wanting to be president.

"As Americans we should be frightened," retired Navy admiral William McRaven writes in an op-ed about the ouster of his friend Joseph Maguire

Trump was not told coronavirus-infected Americans would be flown home from cruise ship

America is drifting into a disaster with a rogue and lawless President. To oppose him we have as the Democratic front runner a VERY angry 80 year old millionaire Socialist with a heart problem. Free college. Free medical care. Open borders. OK.

Admiral McRaven headed the operation that killed Bin Laden.

Intelligence is a deadly serious business that requires calm steady leadership and unrelenting focus. This is not the time for frivolous partisan “housecleaning” that has nothing to do with detecting real dangers to this country and keeping us safe.

Is @BernieSanders now saying he is running against both the Democratic and Republican party? If so, why is the life long Independent running in the Democratic primary for a nomination to represent the Democratic party?

Trump wants to block Bolton’s book, claiming all conversations are classified

I have a little tough love for @MikeBloomberg tonight: "Memo to Mike: Bloomberg needs to go medieval on Bernie if he wants any chance of beating Trump"

Researchers in Queensland have made a major breakthrough, developing a potential coronavirus vaccine in less than a month.

So let’s get this straight. Trump thinks Bolton’s book contains classified information, that is, until Trump is no longer in office. Then it doesn’t. No, really: “After I leave office, he can do this. But not in the White House,” Trump said.

I think there’s a 50/50 chance that Donald Trump looks at debating me and doesn’t even show up. He ain’t that brave.

If you attack the most important institutions holding the line for democracy, you are dead to me. WaPo is our last best 1A hop

This is not the fear of the appearance of potential impropriety. What we have now is the advertisement, the broadcast, the insistence of impropriety without consequence.

They are proclaiming openly that the rules are gone, they will do what they want, the government will be turned against you if you stand against this president. That is not a warning. That is where we are.

A federal judge has tossed out a racketeering lawsuit Devin Nunes filed last year against the private investigation firm Fusion GPS. The judge also signaled that pressing on with the legal battle could result in sanctions against Nunes and his attorney

William McRaven: If good men like Joe Maguire can’t speak the truth, we should be deeply afraid - The Washington Post. I BELIEVE WE ARE IN CONSIDERABLE PERIL FROM THIS LAWLESS PRESIDENT. HE CALLS THE RUSSIAN ELECTION THREAT A HOAX. — Barry R McCaffrey

If you felt that January was warmer than usual, you're right. In 141 years of record-keeping from NOAA, there has never been a warmer January, according to a new report.

whoa: "Sanders’ campaign has responded to recent reports about Russia attempting to aid [him] by suggesting the claim was leaked as part of a conspiracy against him concocted by Team Trump—specifically...Trump’s new acting DNI Richard Grenell."

Former Florida governor and GOP candidate Jeb Bush got some love too. “@JebBush is right,” Grenell’s account tweeted on Oct. 28, 2015, during that campaign cycle’s third GOP debate. “@DonaldTrump talks about foreign policy like it’s a simple board game. #Unserious.” — Natasha Bertrand (@NatashaBertrand) February 21, 2020 Grenell shifted his support to Trump after he became the GOP nominee. He promoted the WikiLeaks releases, praising daily caller and IJR’s Wikileaks reporting as “excellent.” He called on NBC execs to “take action” against @KatyTurNBC for not tweeting about WikiLeaks enough.

I fully support the extradition of Russian intelligence asset Julian Assange so that we will have trial.

Donald Trump is the political hero of everybody who peaked in high school.

I think declaring war on the party whose nomination you're seeking but whose ranks you've never deigned to join is a kind of special sense of entitlement that speaks to the nature of a true Man of the Peopl

It’s an honor to be almost include — Lawrence O'Donnell

kinda wild how via one debate exchange @ewarren showed everyone that she can use an elevated platform and rhetorical chops to pressure powerful corporate leaders to do right by their employees

Human coronaviruses, such as SARS and MERS, have been found to persist on inanimate surfaces -- including metal, glass or plastic surfaces -- for as long as nine days if that surface had not been disinfected.

Mitch is about the Republican majority, Mitch is about protecting Trump.

So he's saying he's not a DEMOCRAT. Got it

“I’ve got news for the Russian establishment. They’ve rumbled us. Send #BernieOrBust a hundred extra trolls immediately to threaten other Democrats full time” - Bernie Sanders

We just learned Putin is helping your campaign, @BernieSanders. That you're giving the finger to Democrats instead of to Putin, speaks volumes about you, and it's not good.

First: I said Maguire was a patriot when the whistleblower first came forwards. Second: the utter shame of the GOP Senate in not removing Trump. Vote them all out. Burn the Republican Party to the ground, and salt the earth afterwards. I speak as a life-long conservative.

In one incident, a series of realities about Trump’s presidency seem to be confirmed

NEW: A federal judge has tossed @RepDevinNunes $9.9M racketeering suit against Trump-Russia dossier firm Fusion GPS & its founder. Liam O'Grady, a GW Bush apptee, said it lacked needed detail & he included a warning about risk of refiling

Poor Dersh- bookended with Bongo & left to simmer with Sara. His brain must be wilting.

A totally frivolous bad faith motion that should result in an enhancement of Mr Stone’s sentence.

NEW: Stone makes a last-ditch, longshot bid to disqualify Amy Berman Jackson from his case. It's a motion that's likely to fail but might catch the attention of Trump, who has repeatedly weighed in on the case and the judge

“When good men and women can’t speak the truth...when integrity and character no longer matter, when presidential ego and self-preservation are more important than national security — then there is nothing left to stop the triumph of evil.”

The Constitution absolutely, positively, does not require a declared war. "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, OR in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort." We have enemies.

Acts of war from Putin since 2016

Russia Doesn't Want Bernie Sanders. It Wants Chaos

BREAKING: Roger Stone has filed a motion to disqualify judge, questioning Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s impartiality based on statements at his sentencing yesterday.

Jeremy Christian fatally stabbed two men and injured a third when they stepped in to protect a pair of black teenage girls, including one in a hijab, from his xenophobic rant

Elizabeth Warren alone did this.

Hey, do you know who ISN'T a convicted and sentenced felon? It's a long list, but I was *promised* that ANY day now the "Deep State Coup Plotters" would be brought to justice... Jim Comey. John Brennan. Andy McCabe. Pete Strozk. Lisa Page. Sorry, QAnon.

"Were there to be an order to stand-down from offensive action, or defensive action, against election meddling, hundreds of people would know that and I know that there are a lot of Lt. Col. Vindmans out there who would raise their hand and say this is not right." -Rep. Jim Himes

When will @twitter finally offer a real accounting of which accounts are people and which are bots? Knowing how much fake engagement the bots bring to the platform, you’d think that the advertising industry would have already sued over artificially inflated numbers.

Was it “Democrats” or the “Democratic establishment” who picked up 40 seats in the midterms?

Three years of daily evidence that the U.S. President is a Manchurian Candidate. It's been terrifying. Why wouldn't Democrats want to put forward a clean nominee? One that doesn't have a long history of Soviet-sympathy? We have plenty who don't have that history.

"It seems that Dr. Johnson does not want to apply his doctoral research skills to find out why, in fact, there would be black leftist women who believe it is worth campaigning for and supporting Sanders," writes

"As Americans we should be frightened," retired Navy admiral William McRaven writes in an op-ed about the ouster of his friend Joseph Maguire

We have sort of gotten used to it, but when a retired senior officer writes something like this, it's a big deal. This is not, traditionally, the U.S. civil-military culture, and when this happens it is serious.

“On Friday, Twitter suspended or restricted a group of 70 accounts posting content promoting Bloomberg, saying that the accounts violated its platform manipulation and spam policy.”

What a pathetic, self-serving display of arrogance & deception by Bernie Sanders. His similarities to Donald Trump — including his disdain for the media — have never been so obvious. The fact that it’s not disqualifying speaks a lot about the sad times in which we find ourselves.

With respect for Sanders' ideas, and his integrity, the Kremlin boosted him in 2016 - but no one seems to remember that.

I have a section of my new book on how dangerous Facebook is, and how much the Democrats underestimate how deeply in bed the company is with Donald Trump. Don't think that their liberal CA corporate culture is means anything vs their stock price

Trump takes risk putting political loyalty over expertise at ODNI

Prosecutor disavows Barr bigfooting of Stone sentencing