Wednesday, August 12, 2020

NEW VIDEO: 📺Trump is workin' hard to keep our votes from countin'. It's never been more important to learn all you can about absentee and mail-in votin', includin' deadlines to request ballots and the location of your local drop-boxes. Vote smart!

OMFG. Going from a Kamala speech to the #trumpPressBriefing slurring slobbering gibberish.

The U.S. Energy Department has proposed easing water efficiency requirements for shower heads following multiple complaints from Trump about how low water flow is impeding his ability to properly wash his hair.

Financial disclosures reveal the postmaster general's business entanglements and likely conflicts of interest, experts say

Pool report: "Biden said in the last 24 hours 'we raised $26 million. 150,000 -150,000!- of you first time contributors. It's really palpable, the excitement.'"

State Department did not consider civilian casualties when sending arms to the Middle East, report finds An unredacted version of the report also raises questions over how much of an emergency existed.


The news is worse for people over 62

Kamala Harris: "This is what happens when we elect a guy who just isn't up for the job. Our country ends up in tatters and so does our reputation around the world."

Beau Biden died at age 46 from glioblastoma multiforme, a form of brain cancer. For over a decade I have been fighting for Burn Pit legislation to help veterans like myself and Beau. I'm proud to stand with @joebiden as he fights for us

Dr. Fauci says he has serious doubts that Russia's COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective. "I hope that the Russians have actually, definitively proven that the vaccine is safe and effective," Fauci said. "I seriously doubt that they've done that."

Which Senate seats are in play in 2020? Here are the top 14 Senate races most likely to flip parties in November.

Joe Biden: "On January 20th, 2021, we're all going to watch Senator Harris raise her right hand and swear the oath of office as the first woman ever to serve in the second highest office in America...and then we're going to get to work."

Opinion: Republicans are becoming the QAnon Party

If Pompeo can call out Russia on #BountyGate, there is no reason Donald Trump can't. Day 47.

Reminder that Republicans have controlled the White House and Senate for almost four years now. If Donald Trump actually wanted to lower drug prices he would have done so already.

The petty purge of expertise: This Billionaire Governor Keeps Firing Top Officials When He Has a Crisis

not big fans of science

Charlottesville was 3 years ago.

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Your Executive Order on evictions doesn’t do anything. Your EO on unemployment cuts the benefit in half. Your other EO slashes funds to Social Security. Instead of harmful EOs, you should take this pandemic seriously and work with Congress.

Kanye West and Jared Kushner recently met privately, The New York Times reports

Rudy Giuliani’s daughter announces her support for Biden/Harris

Heather Heyer (May 29, 1985 - August 12, 2017

A Georgia school district that opened amid controversy and rising caseloads has had to quarantine 925 students and staff members after a week and a half.

Despite Texas recently experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases, FC Dallas will host the first US major league sports game with fans in attendance since the start of the pandemic

In more than a dozen tweets directed at different states, Trump takes credit, personally, for federal grants made through a DOT program that long predates him.

Imagine being Alex Jones and this is the life you’re living. Yelling through a bullhorn at disinterested teenagers.

Chris Wallace: Kamala Harris "not far to the left despite what Republicans are gonna try to say"

An inaccurate #2020Census will result in flawed congressional apportionment and incorrect federal funding for a decade. That's why the administration needs to reverse its decision to end census field operations early. Cutting the bureau’s time will result in an inaccurate count.

A doctor who lies on Fox News about the coronavirus has been informally advising Trump for weeks on the coronavirus.

Now that two exhaustive reviews have found that the FBI's FISA requests in the Russia investigation were on the level, I'm sure we'll be hearing apologies today from Trump, Barr, and Fox News hosts.

Donald Trump didn’t expect Joe Biden to pick Kamala Harris as his running mate. “He thought Biden would choose Karen Bass.”

On September 27 and 28 @Showtime is going to air a two-night limited series called The Comey Rule starring more than a dozen Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Golden Globe winning actors. I have seen it and I believe it will have an impact on the 2020 election.

No wonder Trump was tweeting about Bill Maher this morning!

‘A Smoking Gun’: Infectious Coronavirus Retrieved From Hospital Air

BREAKING: US pays $1.5 billion to Moderna for 100 million doses of vaccine. When buying unproven drugs, why are we not requiring us to get our money back if they don’t work? Particularly since taxpayers paid for the research.

Of the great array of women leaders considered for Vice President, many would do no harm; many could be President. To have those attributes combined with @JoeBiden’s comfort level makes @KamalaHarris the best possible person he could have chosen to serve the American people. –NP

Jared Kushner met privately last weekend with Kanye West.

Several members of the Ohio Republican Party were just charged under the RICO statutes, criminal charges normally reserved for Mob bosses.

An unredacted version of the inspector general report on the State Department's approval of arms sales to Middle Eastern countries raised questions about Mike Pompeo's assertions that an emergency situation existed, allowing him to greenlight the sales.

Perhaps you recall the Trump slogan to the Native Nations: Here, Have A Blanket

What is the campaign strategy behind a tweet like this?

McConnell is holding relief funds hostage — demanding Congress take away your right to hold businesses accountable for causing harm. We've teamed up with a coalition of civil rights, labor and worker rights groups to oppose the plan. This fight is too important not to win.

Pretty sure we can put the "Joe Biden is senile" talking point to rest now, thanks. Trump has been unfit for 4 years and MAGA eats it up with a pewter spoon.

‘This Is All Beyond Stupid.’ Experts Worry About Russia’s Rushed Vaccine

Laura Ingraham says it's "racism" for Biden to pick a woman of color as his running mate

He he he

Coronavirus infections in the U.S. exceed 5.1 million, while the death toll stood at more than 164,500; deaths world-wide topped 741,000

Louie Gohmert may no longer be the dumbest member of Congress

Before lining up to take Russia's vaccine, read the fine print

Trump's campaign is inadvertently funding Chinese state media outlets and entities tied to the Kremlin through automated ads on YouTube, a study finds

"If she ever has to be president of the United States, you can sleep like a baby," the CNN commentator said.

Opinion: Putin is reckless because we allow him to be

At every turn, he focused not on the public health threat but on protecting his trade relationship with Xi.

Breaking News: Russia names its vaccine "Sputnik V." Filipinos: Nah, Russia should name their vaccine "Putin C" and China should name theirs "Vitamin Xi" The rest of the world:

In just a matter of weeks since China imposed the security law on the former British colony, Hong Kong’s hard-won international legal credibility is swiftly crumbling. More:

JUST POSTED: The Chinese Communist Party elite have a huge financial stake in Hong Kong. Relatives of 3 of the top 4 CCP leaders have luxury real estate there worth at least $51m (actually worth far more), a NYT investigation shows.

Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow, arrested under a new security law, hailed as the 'real Mulan' by her supporters

SCANDAL: Pompeo *faked an emergency* to avoid Congressional review on 22 arms transfers of $8.1 billion to the Bonesaw Mafia, UAE, and Jordan

"This is no longer a debate": Florida sheriff bans deputies, visitors from wearing masks

Remember when Epstein and Trump moved to the same private wealth division of Deutsche Bank in 2012-2013? The one with a $3 billion relationship to Russia? We now know Epstein was laundering through it. Trump bought multiple golf courses after that—all cash. What was he doing?

This is some fucked up shit right here

Buckle up, Mike Pence

The Iowa Postal Workers Union president on the Trump-donor-turned Postmaster General: "His policies, although they've only been in place for a few weeks, are now affecting the way that we do business and not allowing us to deliver every piece every day."

Just a few dozen showed up for a Trump campaign rally in the Orlando area featuring Eric Trump. The rally was held in a used car parking lot

“Can you think of any laws that give government the power to make decisions about the male body?” - Future VP Harris