Friday, August 7, 2020

Trump was ‘a racist then and a racist now.’#VoteOutRacism Powerful video from @MeidasTouch Pass it on.

20% of @Harvard's incoming freshman class has deferred

Instead of helping people, Trump held a taxpayer-funded campaign rally at his fancy, members-only golf club & complained to a crowded room of supporters without masks. Trump, stop golfing & negotiate! House acted months ago — where have you & Mitch been?

On this episode of the New Abnormal, ⁦@TheRickWilson⁩ and I talk about a lot of crazy shit including the NRA’s love of private jets.

I can’t believe I have to say this, but we can’t let Donald Trump open up the Grand Canyon for uranium mining.

A reporter is booed by the country club crowd for noting that the crowd here was not following New Jersey guidelines. Trump says there are exceptions for "political activity" and "peaceful protest," and this is a protest because attendees "know the news is fake."

Reporter notes that people in the room are not wearing masks, this gets a round of booing, and Trump calls the room “a peaceful protest“ and that “political activity is an exception“

Fox pulled away to talk about... Kanye West

"Middlemen. I guess you'd have to say to be politically correct, 'middlemen and women.' You've never heard 'the middlewoman' before, you heard 'middlemen.' That's the term." -- Trump

Trump again claims the “pandemic is disappearing” and “will disappear,” continuing a claim that has been contradicted again and again by members of his own task force

Friday Night Trump Press Conference Summary Americans are dying and out of work, I'm golfing, fuck all of you- Trump

It will take all of us to beat Mitch McConnell, but together, we can restore integrity to the Senate. Thank you to everyone who came to our outdoor Meet & Greet today in Lexington.

being one of the president's paying customers has perks

New postmaster general overhauls USPS leadership, displacing two top officials overseeing mail delivery

"Only a handful of the dozens of club members were seen wearing masks, and their temperatures were being taken as they went into the ballroom," reports

A "stern message" from the Sec. of State doesn't go far enough in condemning the reported bounties that Putin placed on our troops—however it *does* smack down Trump’s claim that this intel was a "hoax." Why has Trump still said nothing to defend our troops or condemn Putin?

I believe every American deserves a fair shot at success — not just the Mar-a-Lago crowd. That’s why as president, I’ll reverse Donald Trump’s giant tax giveaways to the super-wealthy and big corporations, and build an economy that works for everyone.

Hard no. I rather eat glass than listen to his propaganda and lies from his golf vacation that he is charging us for.

FFS hong kong missing again

Right. The NRA is a corrupt vehicle for greedy ripoff artists. Confusing the organization and its leaders with its grassroots members or with ordinary people who believe in responsible gun ownership is crazy.

BREAKING: #Illinois State Board of Elections finds #KanyeWest submitted less than half the 2,500 valid signatures required to appear on the November ballot as an independent presidential candidate in his home state. The board tossed out 1,928 of the 3,128 signatures he submitted.

Fauci: “Of all the outbreaks that I've been involved with...people might push back on a message, but it was never with threats against you and your family, your wife, and my daughters. I mean, harassing my daughters? Wow.“

While I am grateful for the people who got their jobs back, my heart goes out to the more than 16 million Americans still out of work. The truth is it didn't have to be this bad, but Donald Trump failed to act. He's the one person who should lose his job.

Johnson and Grassley push back against accusations they're spreading Russian disinformation

Trump Appointee Shakes Up Postal Service Amid Mail-Delay Furor

OAN, whose correspondent is invited to briefings by the White House, is serving as a conduit for Russian propaganda, US intelligence flatly states.


'They're not even trying to hide the racism': Wisconsin Democrats blast GOP efforts to aid Kanye West's candidacy

PUZZLING: Despite Comey & others at FBI discussing drive to get to bottom of leaks to Giuliani during 2016 race, FBI maintains it has no records of such probes. Via #FOIA response to @BradMossEsq. Doc:

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) says Republican Sens. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are laundering Russian propaganda through the Senate to attack and denigrate Joe Biden.

What is QAnon and why did Facebook ban one if its largest groups?

Danske Bank: Ex-chief caught up in fraud probe found dead

Russia is interfering in our elections to help Donald Trump & tear down Joe Biden. No other country is doing this. And Russia is doing so with the help of Trump’s Senate allies Ron Johnson and Lindsey Graham. Our elections must belong to us.

Thank you Jeremy Bash

This brutal anti-Trump ad just aired during Fox & Friends

Great honor- Rev. Jerry Falwell Jr. of Liberty University, one of the most respected religious leaders in our nation, has just endorsed me!

An American-owned cargo ship named after Donald Trump docked in a Ukrainian port has just offloaded 10,000 metric tons of the same chemical substance that nearly leveled the city of Beirut this week, according to the Liveuamap news source

People are lining up at food banks and Trump is golfing.

Derkach sent "packets of information" to Devin Nunes and when questioned about it, Devin declined to answer. It's now been confirmed that Derkach was trying to interfere in our election. Not sure Devin will be able to talk his way out of this one.

Anthony Downer is among the teachers in Georgia protesting over plans to reopen schools. "We feel like Guinea Pigs. We feel left out of the conversation and we do not feel safe or secure and that is going to affect how we begin the school year next week."

Opinion: Another impasse on the rescue package. Imagine if the president were a dealmaker.

BREAKING (@AP) -- @JerryFalwellJr taking an indefinite leave of absence as president and chancellor of Liberty University.

NEW: Trump has decided to make confronting China his priority with less than 90 days until the U.S. election.

"So, when you have political leaders and public health leaders coming at this with very different messaging, [and] when you don't see the political leadership supporting public health science, you lose trust."

Instagram Displayed Negative Related Hashtags For Biden, But Hid Them For Trump “A technical error caused a number of hashtags to not show related hashtags. We've disabled this feature while we investigate.”

Epstein’s victims get second chance at justice against sex offender in appeals court

Statement by NCSC Director William Evanina: Election Threat Update for the American Public

History professor Allan Lichtman's prediction system shows that "Donald Trump will lose the White House this year." He has correctly predicted the winner of each presidential race since Ronald Reagan's re-election victory in 1984.

The Georgia student who posted a now-viral photo of the crowded hallways of her high school during #COVID19 has been suspended for doing so. That's OK, she said. The world needed to know the danger. "This is some good and necessary trouble," she said

President Trump’s ridiculous excuse for not asking Putin about bounties on American soldiers is that he wanted to talk about “nuclear proliferation” instead. But under Trump the nuclear deals that have kept us safe for decades have fallen to pieces.

Why are we reading leaks about @SecPompeo warning Russians against paying bounties to kill US troops? Because Pompeo knows @realDonaldTrump is traitorous for calling it a hoax & Pompeo doesn’t want to go down with the ship. But he’s too spineless to confront @POTUS publicly.

So... what happens when people test positive? if the millionaire Marlins with daily testing and top-flight PPE can’t stay covid-free and have to shut down baseball games, how are school kids + educators going to stay safe?

Make no mistake: This economic crisis is due to President Trump’s failure to get this virus under control.

Trump’s D.C. Hotel Jacked Up Its Prices as Trump Began Plotting a D.C.-Based Republican National Convention

And they’re right. — Gen Michael Hayden

Democrats offered to meet in the middle. Republicans rejected it.

Schumer says he pushed the WH last night to include $3.6 billion for the states to hold elections, including vote by mail, and says Meadows and Mnuchin said no. “Why are they resisting?” Schumer said

Via @propublica: Sen. Susan Collins wrote an exception to the stimulus package that let hotel chains get some of the millions earmarked for small biz. The lobbyist who pushed for the change? Her own longtime aide.

Trump long has relied on nondisclosure deals to prevent criticism. That strategy may be unraveling.

BREAKING: @RepJerryNadler Hails The Appeals Court Ruling on McGahn Testimony

Judge cited new SCOTUS precedent from Trump v. Vance.

Up to 80% of Kentuckians in some rural counties don’t have access to broadband. If kids need to learn remotely, we need to provide their communities with reliable internet. I’ll fight for 21st century infrastructure in the Senate.

Your daily reminder that trump & the @GOP don’t want you to vote.

Voting groups in the U.S. were hoping for high Latino turnout this year, but the coronavirus outbreak has upended lives and slowed registration

Brent Scowcroft was truly the gold standard of National Security Advisors. But more remarkable was his character. He was one of the kindest, most honorable man I’ve had the privilege to sit down and chat with. He will continue to inspire us, long after his passing last night.

Breaking via WaPo: House Democrats can sue to force Trump's former White House counsel Donald McGahn to comply with a congressional subpoena, a federal appeals court has ruled.

At least 30 million jobs were lost from March to June. This number is only impressive if your brain is too broken to put it in context.

From our cold, dead hands.

BREAK: En banc DC Circuit rules in case of Don McGahn's testimony the House does have the authority to sue to enforce subpoenas. "Indeed, the ordinary and effective functioning of the Legislative Branch critically depends on the legislative prerogative to obtain information."

"Renters may ultimately face even more risk of eviction than during the Great Recession." When will the #GOP stop ignoring this crisis and come to their senses?

Reeks of human trafficking

The president is done presidenting.

A federal judge in DC dismissed House Republicans' lawsuit against House Dems for allowing members to remotely vote by proxy during the pandemic, finding the case was barred by the Speech or Debate Clause

A clear Nazi salute from Oakland @Athletics bench coach Ryan Christenson today. His apology does not suffice.

When you think of the country's COVID response as a decision tree that cascades down from the White House, it's impossible to imagine all of the terrible ethical choices being forced onto people by this President. How many school administrators are being boxed in to ... murder?

I wonder what everyone Ingraham is criticizing here for being "ungrateful" have in common...

The patsy speaks: Kanye West admits he's running a spoiler campaign to draw votes from Biden and see Trump reelected in bizarre interview

President Trump called Arizona “a model for applying a science-based approach to the decreasing cases and hospitalizations without implementing a punishing lockdown.” He said Governor Ducey’s approach should be used by other states—but here’s what’s really happening in Arizona -:Joe Biden

Manuals, books, newspapers

Trump said kids are almost immune to COVID. FWIW. THAT LIE RIGHT THERE, SHOULD BE IMPEACHABLE.

NEW VIDEO Trump is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people

Taking a wrecking ball to U.S-China relations

Carpetbagger turned Fox News contributor Dan Bongino loses his frivolous defamation lawsuit against The Daily Beast. Bongino also has to pay the Beast’s attorneys' fees.

Over the past month, about 1.9 million people in the U.S. have tested positive for the virus. That's more than 5 times as many as in all of Europe, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Australia combined.

The U.S. stands alone as the only affluent nation to have suffered a severe, sustained coronavirus outbreak for more than 4 months

Are the Russians doing direct email now, or is this far right or far left provocation?

NEW: @VP Mike Pence scheduled to conduct "Cops for Trump" rally in @cityoftucson on Tuesday. BUT: Trump campaign still won't pay a $81,000 police bill Tucson officials sent in 2016 stemming from a MAGA rally that year.

Lawmakers aim to prevent Trump from bypassing ban on armed drone sales

"If he lives another 20 years, Louisiana taxpayers will have paid almost one million dollars to punish Mr. Bryant for his failed effort to steal a set of hedge clippers," Chief Justice Bernette Johnson wrote in a dissent.

JUST IN: TikTok says in a blog post it is "shocked" by Donald Trump's order and will pursue all remedies available, including the U.S. courts

Hong Kong will launch a one-time free, voluntary virus test for millions of city residents as a way to identify silent carriers, leader Carrie Lam says. The program will begin in one to two weeks.

U.S. public schools need $200 billion in federal aid to be able to safely open, educators told a House panel

Executives used NRA as 'personal piggy bank': New York A.G. lawsuit

NY AG lawsuit paints vivid picture of how NRA membership money is spent

FBI asked to investigate reports of Trump UK golf club scheme