Thursday, March 12, 2020

We were warned

Q: What dangers does the coronavirus pose to a pregnant woman and her unborn child? "Pregnant women should certainly take additional precautions just like older individuals and others who are more vulnerable," says ER physician Dr. Leana Wen.

"Just because you feel better or feel well, does not mean that you are not shedding virus," says Dr. Anthony Fauci. "You can go back to normal life when you have two consecutive tests for the coronavirus that are negative, separated by 24 hours."

Caution always to be had in praising the measures of authoritarian states. We don't really know what China did or real data. Chinese citizens posting on social have very different info South Korea, Taiwan--there are other models to praise w/ transparent data, better human rights

Trump’s stock market is now the worst since double-recession George W. Bush

BREAKING NEWS: NPR Source Says Trump Blocked Coronavirus Testing in January to Aid His Reelection Chances By Trying To Keep US Infection Figures Low.

All the people who voted for this clown, donated to this clown, and the legislators who did not get this clown out of the paint, deserve to be held accountable. This idiot purposely didn’t push for testing IN JANUARY because he wanted to strengthen his re-election chances.

Tucker Carlson calls America’s testing for Coronavirus “grossly inadequate”

“Among the advisers who share the president’s more jaundiced view is his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who considers the problem more about public psychology than a health reality, according to people who have spoken with him.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of NIH's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, says the novel coronavirus pandemic will "definitely going to get worse before it gets better."

Seema Verma was asked three times if there will be enough ventilators... It didn’t go well

Sean Hannity just asked HHS Secretary Azar when every American can get tested if they want. Azar did not answer the question. Americans need that answer right away.

The president’s brain is so broken that he thinks whataboutism about a particularly deadly flu season during the Obama years is a defense of his incompetent handling of the coronavirus pandemic

So this is how you want to play it?

TORONTO (AP) -- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's wife has tested positive for the new coronavirus

It turns out it has serious consequences when, in the middle of a severe public health emergency, the president just lies about it over and over and over again.

We need to show that we have a government that understands the scale of coronavirus’s threat to the economy and public health. The way to tackle both is to get money into the hands of the people so they can stay home if sick, but still support this economy from the ground up.

How coronavirus testing works in a country that takes the problem seriously.

In a written statement, the Defense Department stated the strike was aimed at harming the ability of Kata'ib Hezbollah, an Iranian-sponsored Shia militia group, to conduct future strikes against American troops.

After a Senate briefing with Dr. Fauci and other officials, Sen. James Lankford acknowledged that Trump's recent statement that anyone who wants to get tested can get tested is "not consistent right now" with what is actually happening.

Dr. Dena Grayson discusses the latest on #coronavirus

If you haven't watched @JoeBiden 's speech today on how we should respond to #coronavirus, take a few minutes to do so. It is both an urgent call to action and a reminder of what responsible, sensible presidential leadership at a time of crisis looks like.

Everyone, in every country, should remember this image of a US Congressman mocking a global pandemic (in the midst of a rising US health crisis) as how the @GOP has approached this epidemic and continues to botch their response. THIS IS THE @GOP .

NEW: Trump admin officials are FURIOUS at the boss for botching his #Covid_19 speech. “We're wasting time playing mop-up... And it goes without say[ing] that we aren’t allowed to admit that any of it is the fault of the president.”

How Fox News misled viewers about the coronavirus

The Serbian president coughs uncontrollably as a journalist asks him a question about #coronavirus

NEW: Chelsea Manning to be released from jail

Highly-paid CNN commentator Rick Santorum explaining why the Republican Party rejects experts, scientists and academic research: "We will never have the elite smart people on our side." So why bother to listen to them.

By staying home if you're sick or have been in contact with someone who is, social distancing, & washing your hands, we all can help #FlattenTheCurve. This is critical to slow the spread of the coronavirus & give our hospitals and clinics time to respond.

The stock market is down nearly 10% the day after Trump's speech. Who could have predicted that he would be such an incompetent crisis manager? Pretty much everyone, actually. But Republicans elected him anyway and refused to impeach him.

HANNITY: This coronavirus nonsense is the latest Democrat hoax that—hang on, I'm getting another call

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a close ally of President Trump, has become the latest member of Congress to announce that he is self-quarantining amid the coronavirus outbreak

In light of Maine's first presumptive positive case of #COVID_19, a few important tips to stay healthy and preventing community spread:

France is closing all schools, calling up recently retired health care workers and taking measures to blunt the economic pain for companies and workers. President Macron is calling for an EU-wide response and says he'll contact President Trump to suggest G7 measures too.

BREAKING: Italian stock market closes down 2,979 points (16.6%), London's FTSE 100 down 10.9%

Severe shortage of tests blunts coronavirus response, Boston doctors say Despite assurances, Massachusetts is testing fewer people and revealing less information than other states.

White House : “Both the President and Vice President had almost no interactions with the individual who tested positive and do not require being tested at this time”

What possible reason would we have to NOT ensure that the Commander in Chief is virus-free?

Warren updates her coronavirus plan, now includes push to increase ICU capacity, ramp up ventilator production, bigger stimulus. She's not running for president anymore, but hopes to influence administration, fellow lawmakers

Just cancel the damn thing. If @SenSanders wanted to make a patriotic sacrifice, he would accept there is no longer a path to nomination and he would let Biden get on with beating Trump and assembling a post-disaster government. He’d be remembered as a non-partisan hero for it.

I did the math: a full battery of coronavirus testing costs at minimum $1,331. I also did the legal research: the Administration has the authority to make testing free for every American TODAY. I secured a commitment from a high-level Trump official that they’d actually do it.

Whoa, watch this.

Biden: "The number of tests should be in the millions, not the thousands ... Tests should be available to all who need them. And the government should stop at nothing to make that happen. We must know the true extent of this outbreak so we can map it, trace it, and contain it."

I did the math: a full battery of coronavirus testing costs at minimum $1,331. I also did the legal research: the Administration has the authority to make testing free for every American TODAY. I secured a commitment from a high-level Trump official that they’d actually do it.

This was brilliant. Congresswoman Katie Porter gets the MAGA CDC Director to commit to free Coronavirus testing for all Americans who feel they might have it without fear of lacking insurance. Hell yes.

Thread By Elizabeth Warren on Covid 19

The moment we may all remember, shows the power of @jimcramer and @CNBC - Jim calls for the federal government to back liquidity and credit. Instantly gets phone call on live TV, returns to say the White House is discussing his plan.

Fauci on testing: “The system is not really geared to what we need right now — what you are asking for... That is a failing. It is a failing. Let's admit it.”

#BREAKING: McConnell cancels Senate break over coronavirus

This cannot be true. In times of crisis, we need leaders to lead

Trump on Coronavirus outbreak: "It goes away. It's going away."

NEW: A Brazilian government official who attended a meeting at Trump’s Florida resort on Saturday and posted a photo of himself standing next to the president has tested positive for the 2019 novel coronavirus

"Because of what I did, we only have 32 deaths"

If Sean Hannity Thinks Coronavirus Panic Is a 'Hoax,' How Many Millions of His Listeners Do Too?

Stop looking for hand sanitizer and buy pitchforks

Why is the Senate going on recess in the middle of a pandemic?

Dow down 9.15%

Take a bow, America. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Americans should greet one another by bowing instead of shaking hands or even bumping fists amid the spreading coronavirus

I know this is all hard for you, @realdonaldtrump , so let me spell it out: - Free testing - Fee waivers - Emergency sick leave - Quarantines - Cancellations - Giving a damn

#BREAKING: US Secretary of Defence: All options are on the table after the killing of Americans in Iraq

President Trump: "The market's going to be just fine."

Leaving briefing on coronavirus, @RepSeanMaloney says, "That was simply the worst briefing I've ever received in 7 or 8 years in Congress. The administration has no good answers, no plan, there's no leadership. ... It's time for the White House to take the training wheels off"

Top White House official in charge of pandemic response exits abruptly

At House hearing, Chris Currie, director of emergency management and national preparedness for the GAO, is asked if it was a good move for Trump to end the global health office at the National Security Council. He replies, "I don't think it was."

The president has now had contact with a confirmed coronavirus case

Fabio Wajngarten, the press secretary for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, has tested positive for coronavirus, two sources tell CNN. He was at dinner with Trump at Mar-a-Lago Saturday night, took a photo with him and later attended Kimberly Guilfoyle’s birthday party.

Romney says he is “frustrated” at lack of testing and unpreparedness in the US. “The explanation is not satisfactory. The point is made that we have a system that relies upon the private sector. That there have been difficulties .. but of course expectations have not been met”

More lies to protect Dear Leader.

A President Unequal to the Moment

BREAKING: @Amtrak asking employees to take unpaid leave to help offset huge losses due to travel impacts of #coronavirus. Company says losses will reach several hundred million dollars due to cancellations and decreased bookings as people "reevaluate their travel plans."

The markets are tanking, the economy in free fall, society is coming to a halt and the citizenry in panic because of @realDonaldTrump’s profound unfitness and lethal ineptitude. In a functioning democracy, this ‘President’ would have already been forced to resign.

Trump failure to consult with Democratic European Allies on the global pandemic is a shameful and dangerous failure of US leadership. His bullheaded focus on his re-election is placing our national health security in grave peril.

NEW: Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells @JParkABC that changes made by Republicans and suggestions made by Treasury Sec. Mnuchin to the coronavirus bill are “all very reasonable and none of them” would “prevent us from moving forward with the bill.”

Very impressive, objective DOD statement on Coronavirus by Dr (BG USAF) Paul Friedrichs

In case you forgot what a responsible President looks like in moments like these.

Democrats because they care about the country are offering Trump an economic lifeline 7 months before the election and Trump's brain is too addled by Fox News to take it

McConnell says free virus tests, paid sick leave, and unemployment insurance will “kill jobs.” Where does Sen. Perdue stand? This government’s continued incompetence and denialism won’t just kill jobs, they’ll kill people.

‘They know nothing!’ CNBC’s Jim Cramer blows up at Trump White House as stock market crashes again

The key problem is that over and over again, Trump refers to *citizens* as "consumers".

Mitch just said the GOP is going to propose a “smaller less controversial” aid package. That’s code for “a package that only helps our rich donors and doesn’t do jack to stop the spread or help the vulnerable.” The GOP is getting people killed.

VP Pence says there has been "irresponsible rhetoric" from people who have downplayed the seriousness of the US coronavirus outbreak.

From the end of 2008 to 2019, the amount of federal debt held by the public nearly tripled. This primer describes federal debt, various ways to measure it, CBO’s projections for the coming decade, and the consequences of its growth.

I think Trump just destroyed the global economy #StockMarketCrash2020

Washington DC press corps keeps trying to pull Speaker Pelosi into a fight with a congressional Republicans. “Save it for another day .... we need testing testing testing right now”

Trump just commuted the 35 yr sentence of a Medicare fraudster who perpetrated 1 of the worst crimes ever, bilking the system millions of Americans rely on of millions of $ by taking advantage of people w/Alzheimer’s/dementia! What could be his rationale?

Pandemic. We are in a pandemic. Focus

The best solution to a pandemic is a war

How much time and resources are wasted by this administration managing Trump, instead of managing the crisis?

This is outrageous. We are in the midst of a pandemic and Senate Republicans blocked paid sick leave for those affected by the coronavirus. Congress must take action immediately to help working families.

Sen. Tom Cotton release this morning: "We will emerge stronger from this challenge, we will hold accountable those who inflicted it on the world." What does that mean?

It is painful obvious that Pence is not equipped for this task and the longer he remains in charge the more Americans are put at risk

Florida Republican Rep. John Rutherford is joining Kevin McCarthy in opposing emergency House legislation to provide paid sick leave, free testing, and additional funding in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Just watched some more Fox News. There's literally no way to mount an effective, united national response to a crisis as long as this network is actively brainwashing half the population.

Trading has been halted on the NYSE with market down 7%.

This is no time for politics. American families need paid leave, free testing, unemployment benefits, and expanded food assistance. It's time to get serious and put #FamiliesFirst

If you're wondering why your servers and cooks and cashiers who touch your food and money are showing up sick to their jobs that they can't afford to lose, you can thank Republican Senator Lamar Alexander.

Oh, the #CDC? You mean the critical agency whose budget you’re STILL trying to decimate?? Shame on you. Americans are DYING...

If you watched President Trump’s Oval Office address announcing his surprise ban on travel from Europe (oddly exempting the UK), you surely noticed he looked seriously medicated. Being governed by a zombie is no joke. Something is deeply wrong with this man.

BofA calls for swift US action as Treasury market ‘deteriorates’

Analysis: Trump offered a few proposals in response to the coronavirus outbreak — and a number of self-defenses

TRUMP: “We’re having to fix a problem nobody ever thought would be a problem.” REALITY: “Officials in charge of preparing for a pandemic called it THE #1 CONCERN — Trump shut down their office THE NEXT DAY.” —>

“Now, even those talks – between Sens. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) – have fractured, as well, w/ both senators conceding that their disagreements over the federal privacy bill were insurmountable after months of negotiations.”

BREAKING: Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar says all schools and colleges will close from 6pm Thursday until March 29

Pence is a traitor

Breaking News: The European Union’s governing body condemned President Trump’s Europe travel ban, saying the decision was “taken unilaterally and without consultation”

Everyone but everyone sees Johnson’s attempted “investigation” of Hunter Biden to be the crooked, abusive, transparently political endeavor that it is. Glad he’s backing down (for the moment). He needs to be criminally investigated come Jan. 2021.

"Massachusetts is smaller than Italy. It has about 100 cases. There were 159 cases in Italy two weeks ago. That’s where we’re headed"

BREAKING: House Democrats release their virus relief bill. Food security. Unemployment benefits, free testing, paid sick leave

For Nancy Pelosi, successfully negotiating a multi-billion-dollar economic package with a hostile and often antagonistic Trump administration was just another day in the speaker’s suite

Pence just said on Fox: “The risk to Americans of contracting the virus remains low” & “We’ll have thousands of cases” Congress' in-house doctor told Hill staffers he expects 70-150 million Americans to contract the virus (Axios) Who’s right? Thousands or tens of millions?

“Johnson, one of an estimated 550,000 people to go homeless on any given night in the United States, is worried crowds at the lunch service could expose him to a virus that has no vaccine.”

President Trump is canceling planned trips to Colorado and Nevada "out of an abundance of caution" amid the virus outbreak, the White House says.

Trump’s former Homeland Security Director explains that the European travel restrictions are of little value now that many Americans are infected. Is Trump’s policy influenced by his desire to blame other nations for coronavirus?

“MbS chose a weekend when the world was preoccupied with the novel coronavirus to assert his standing at home and abroad”

Trump’s travel ban sidesteps his own European resorts

From Hong Kong to Baghdad, Beirut, Barcelona and Santiago, it seemed civil disobedience and government responses to protests would dominate the international landscape. Then came the coronavirus.

I’ve said this before and will keep saying it: • Korea & Singapore show that covid-19 can be contained and its spread pushed to zero • In the absence of Korea-style measures, you end up like Wuhan, overrun with rapid mass infection. Many countries already on this trajectory.

Bedlam at U.S.-bound airlines at CDG in Paris early this a.m., as Americans pay as much as $20,000 for last-minute flights.

This motherfucker is stopping all air travel to Europe except for the UK. Isn’t heathrow the busiest airport in the fucking world?

can’t help thinking that, if you’re on the fence, now might be a great time to adopt a dog from a shelter. they’ll prob be strained staffing wise. you’re going to be hunkered down for a while and wfh. dogs are amazing companions during trying times/nuggets of joy!

It sucks when the entire country is being run by the dumbest people alive, and you knew they were the dumbest people alive, and you were like I don’t want the country to be run by the dumbest people alive but it happened anyway

Europe blindsided by Trump’s travel restrictions, with many seeing political motive

Only hours ago, Trump read these words from a teleprompter: "We must put politics aside, stop the partisanship, and unify together as one nation and one family." And now this, already

Bernie’s refusal to withdraw from a race he’s going to lose is reminiscent of the damage he did to Hillary. But for Bernie she would be POTUS and she would have had a pandemic preparedness operation up and running long ago. So Bernie, enough is enough! Time to unify behind Joe.

I expect he got a call from the Trump children

The first son-in-law is pausing his work bringing peace to the Middle East to focus on the pandemic


My shit is not lost. I know where it is. But tonight was the first time - no, really, even more than in Trump's other addle-brained moments - that I could smell panic coming from the WH. There's no one in control and no plan. The national govt seems too close to imploding

Jared Kushner becoming more involved in Coronavirus response, as Mulvaney heads for the exits, sources @DanaBashCNN @JDiamond1 and me. Jared is "in total control," source tells us.

John Kasich is on CNN defending the president’s nightmare, chaotic, inaccurate speech, and that should tell you you how scared sh*tless people are.

OMG.... the hospital where half of the nation’s 30 #coronavirus deaths have occurred had to use SANITARY PADS to protect staff, because they ran out of helmets. And this is only the beginning of a MASSIVE surge in critically ill #COVID19 patients.

Breaking ; The Australian Stockmarket has crashed through a 7% drop and continues to fall according to @abcnews

Trump’s former homeland security adviser

Dear @SenSanders - If you saw the President's address tonight, then you know we're in a national emergency. You have no path to the nomination. If you're still set on debates and arguing over policy you're wrong to do this. The only job now is to end this crisis of government.

He failed that test. This is awful. We are without competent leadership.

I cannot make sense of this. Is he deliberately crashing the American economy and dividing us from Europe? If so, is this Putin's work, yet again? A final gift as Trump loses control of the country?

After being informed he would lose by double digits in multiple states, @BernieSanders decided to make no speech, fly home to Vermont & quit the race. Now he's been convinced to fight on & play "let's make a deal" w/ Dem party. He can't win & his decision today only helps Trump

Raise your hand if you agree that @realDonaldTrump should resign for his gross negligence

Republican leaders knew better. They knew this man was not at all up to this job, and yet they've supported him, defended him, literally voted to keep him in office despite that knowledge. And now here we are in this dystopian nightmare, without a mature adult to run the country.

Stock futures tank, hit ‘limit down’ after Trump coronavirus speech; Dow set to fall 1,100 points

If you think this administration or the GOP care about you, your family, or anyone other than their friends in power...I can assure you with zero doubt that they do not...and the Dotard is driving the runaway train with inoperative brakes towards the tracks end

BREAKING: Denmark closes all schools and universities due to coronavirus, orders all public sector employees with non-critical jobs to be sent home from Friday

.@SecretarySonny says SNAP time limits for able-bodied adults will tighten as scheduled on April 1 despite concern about economic impact of COVID-19. Tougher application of the 90-day limit on benefits is expected to end SNAP for 700,000 people

REMINDER: In 2018, Trump fired the entire US pandemic response team. These were the experts with decades of experience dealing with precisely the kind of situation we are in today. Trump did not replace them. He eliminated the positions

"For student workers and staff living paycheck to paycheck, campuses closing means cancelling the job stability, housing access and food security of thousands of people who rely on their colleges for central services,"

The European travel ban of @realDonaldTrump is really stupid. #COVIDใƒผ19 can infect an American in France, an Italian in Japan, or anyone in the UK & this ban wouldn’t stop them from entering US. More fundamentally, #CORONAVIRUS IS ALREADY HERE. What we need are test kits.

"Please, don't waste time and don't make the same mistakes" Italy's former prime minister Matteo Renzi has a message for Donald Trump on containing coronavirus: "The only solution is block the schools, not block the direct planes"