Saturday, November 21, 2020

Trump appears to be skipping a side-event at the G20 virtual summit focused on pandemic preparedness. The President has just arrived at his golf course in Virginia.


NBC News has confirmed nearly 50 Covid-19 cases among the Trump administration and campaign officials.


His attorney, Lin Wood, credited MyPillow CEO and Trump loyalist Mike Lindell with securing Rittenhouse's release, writing on Twitter that Lindell and actor Ricky Schroder were to thank for “putting us over the top” with donations


When Trump leaves office, he'll face some of the deepest financial and legal challenges of his business in decades. Two New York investigations will continue and the Trump Org. will need to avert a potential cash crunch caused by looming debt maturities.


On his way out now, Michael Pack trying to do as much damage as possible to America's foreign broadcasters


“The wall of media opposition [to combating climate change] Murdoch has represented is formidable,” says former Australian PM @MrKRudd. “I’ve fought it, I’ve been in the trenches against it, I won – and then I lost.”


.@MrKRudd is calling for a royal commission in Australia into Rupert Murdoch’s media monopoly: there’s a “culture of fear which exists in my country.. [People are] frightened of having their character ripped apart on the front page of newspapers... I’ve decided enough is enough.”


“I know that she went out and took pictures in the pool, because later I would see them at the desk or at the house; and nude, 99.9 percent of the time they were topless.”


Families of 12 detained Hongkongers went to Kat O (Crooked Island) - a harbour from the Yantian detention centre - to release balloons hoping the 12 would see them


Pfizer's vaccine is unusually difficult to ship and store: It is administered in two doses given 28 days apart, has to be stored at temperatures of about minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit and will be delivered in dry ice-packed boxes holding 1,000-5,000 doses.


Protester Alexandra “Grandma” Wong arrested last night over alleged assault of High Court security guard in Jan 2019. She was remanded and hospitalised after feeling unwell. Wong came back to Hong Kong last month after being detained in Shenzhen for a year


Georgia needs a REAL Senator. Georgia needs Jon Ossoff. PLEASE Georgia, think of your future & vote for @ossoff. Thanks for your consideration!


FTC asks court to force Bannon to testify on Cambridge Analytica scandal


Video of a packed airport in Phoenix on Friday. America continues to baffle the world.


I agree. Congress put billions of dollars in @USTreasury's hands to help our states. The @FederalReserve should reject @stevenmnuchin1’s blatant sabotage and keep these funds so the new administration can reauthorize these programs that provide a critical lifeline to our economy.


BREAKING: Michigan @SenMikeShirkey was asked at DC airport why he was meeting with Trump, he refused to answer, then he started singing. This is what cowards look like.


Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said he became "desperately ill" from Covid-19, but now believes he is "out of the woods" after receiving an antibody treatment


In a unanimous decision, the five-member Maricopa County Board of Supervisors — all Republicans except for one — have voted to certify its election results, another blow to Trump.


Kemp's tone was notably more deferential to Trump than Georgia's secretary of state who said Friday that he was disappointed "our candidate didn't win” but "numbers don't lie.


During impeachment, Republicans argued that, although Trump may be guilty, the voters should decide. Well, voters decided. Overwhelmingly. And now Trump is trying to overturn the will of voters. Republicans’ new ideology? Never mind the Constitution. Just do what Trump wants.