Saturday, July 18, 2020

Listen to this beautiful mind describe his second-term agenda

“Go fetch.”

Olympic figure skater Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya has died at age 20 in Moscow, the International Skating Union says. Details of her death were not immediately

It may have been our fault. He was speechless when he saw this at the entrance to Trump National in Sterling, VA.

Marco Rubio just “all black people look alike’d” John Lewis. How do you even make this mistake?

Holy shit. What a disgrace Rubio is...

BREAKING: When I get back to DC next week, I will be introducing an amendment to the defense bill with @RonWyden to stop the Trump administration from sending its paramilitary squads onto America's streets. We won't let these authoritarian tactics stand.

So congratulations @RealDonaldTrump for saying your parents hated their own grandbaby, @MaryLTrump. That definitely doesn’t make them seem like horrific human beings at all. #TrumpFamilyValues

CNN images of Trump this morning at one of his golf clubs for the 278th time in his presidency, despite promising regularly in 2016 he wouldn’t golf as president and criticizing Obama’s golf habit.

"There has never been anything quite like the racket that Pres. Trump appears to have going. In ... March, the president's reelection effort forked over roughly $380,000 of its contributors' money to his hotels for 'facility rental/catering services.'"

I refuse to let a bunch of racist white Southern Senators and Congressman praise the great icon @repjohnlewis on his death AFTER spending their ENTIRE political careers advancing anti-Black policies that waged war on Black America. It's just too disgusting to be silent about

I may be the only person in America that finds it outright insane that these guys appear to be better equipped for killing their own citizens than the actual military of the United States is for fighting in a war that’s 18 years long now. Just sayin’ fu€ked up is that?

If you want to honor him, resign.

This paramedic in the UK has found an innovative way to communicate with hard of hearing patients while wearing a face mask. Humanity.

Tonight we will file a lawsuit in federal court against U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the Federal Protection Service alleging they seized and detained Oregonians without probable cause. Statement here:

In fairness he was busy gettin’ to the golf course.

A former Trump administration economist tells @PoppyHarlowCNN that his team alerted the White House about the dangers of a looming pandemic outbreak about three months before Covid-19 is believed to have made its way into the United States.

Coronavirus updates: U.S. infections top 76,000 in a day as virus spread continues unabated

Did you know Never Trump ad-makers @ProjectLincoln are being advised by people inside Trump's own administration? No wonder he's paranoid. My convo with veteran strategist @jwgop on this week's Inside the Hive podcast.

Barack Obama on the death of John Lewis: “He will continue, even in his passing, to serve as a beacon in that long journey towards a more perfect union.”

I am STONE COLD serious - HOW the ___ is @HomelandKen STILL in his position? a federal judge ruled in Feb 2020 he was appointed UNLAWFULLY cc @DHSOIG ht @NickSawyerMD DHS Official On Reports Of Federal Officers Detaining Protesters In Portland, Ore

“Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Do not become bitter or hostile. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble. We will find a way to make a way out of no way.” -Rep. John Lewis Thank you, sir. Rest in Power.

Arizona reopened too fast. Epidemiologists knew it, but we couldn’t stop it,

A PBB officer told me to “go home” another said “get the fuck out”, I pointed to my credentials and said “press”, the officer said “I don’t care.” But they drove off without saying anything else.

Portland Police bull rush protesters

There’s so much gas and smoke, it’s becomes darkness on the intersection

Federal officers in fatigues standoff with protestors about a block away form federal courthouse, they shoot pepper balls at protesors feet

Police give warning about blockading door of justice center, use of force warning given

Washington Post last night reports that Trump White House feels it is too busy arresting anarchists in Portland, Oregon and advertising Goya-brand beans to deal with coronavirus

This is the video we released last night that twitter is trying to censor. Please share. We refuse to be silenced.

After months of asserting pregnant women were not at high risk for the coronavirus, the CDC recently released a study with sobering findings for expectant mothers. Experts say the data gaps are almost as worrisome as the results.

Photos: A timeline of events in the life of Rep. John Lewis

I am never going to forget the family names of donald’s enablers. Never. Neither will my child. Ever. I want a traitor & mass murderer wall of names - with images. That’s the wall that will protect our democracy.

Former VP @JoeBiden says he’s getting intelligence briefings.

"Today, America mourns the loss of one of the greatest heroes of American history: Congressman John Lewis, the Conscience of the Congress."

this wins

He’s got no plan. No accomplishments. Just a bunch of desperate lies. And not even @FoxNews is buying it.

Thousands of people marched through the streets of the Russian far east city of Khabarovsk amid a deepening crackdown on opponents of President Vladimir Putin

“Generations from now, when parents teach their children what is meant by courage, the story of John Lewis will come to mind — an American ... whose life is a lesson in the fierce urgency of now.”

We’re up in #Portland covering the protest tonight. Over 1000 are gathered now in front of the Justice Center as Portland continues to be in the national spotlight following Trump’s deployment of DHS to the city. Follow along for live updates!

I pray that my Ohio relatives can become as enlightened as this young US Air Force vet.

CBP/DHS claims they don’t put names on their uniforms in Portland for fear of “doxing” by protestors. Senior leaders in combat are often targeted by terrorists, yet names are visible (in this case, 2 languages).

There’s a bridge needs a new name

This is the scene now on Lenin Square, Khabarovsk.

Here’s our piece ahead of today’s big protests in Khabarovsk about how a governor whisked away to Moscow and charged with murder has become an unlikely folk hero. “The mood is: if the people chose him, then they love him. They forgave him.”

A “national security education” base to ensure Hong Kong students are sufficiently patriotic has been opened in the neighbouring mainland city of Shenzhen, Beijing said yesterday, barely three weeks after it imposed a draconian national security law.

Taiwanese officials in Hong Kong have been told their visas will not be renewed unless they sign a document supporting Beijing's claim to Taiwan under its "one China" policy, a person with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

Trump using properties to turn campaign cash into personal profit

Why are Customs and border patrol police being used to arrest protesters in Portland?

“When I was elected President of the United States, I hugged him on the inauguration stand before I was sworn in and told him I was only there because of the sacrifices he made.” –President Obama on John Lewis

Unmarked federal troops snatching protesters raise local alarm

Congressman Lewis' first arrest

Some family members surprised voters believed Donald Trump image

.@realDonaldTrump: Get your DHS lackey and uninvited paramilitary actions out of my state. Our communities are not a stage for your twisted reelection campaign.

Terrible terrible news. Just heard that John Lewis has passed away this evening. Our heroes. All our heroes. May we live lives that are worthy of what they gave to us. Rest in Power brother Lewis. You gave us all such good trouble.

John Lewis is not dead, spokesperson says |