Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Trump saw James Carville on TV a week ago blasting Brad Parscale as a “grifter” getting rich off his campaign. One aide told us it touched a nerve.

New: Senate Intel vice chair Mark Warner is asking Grenell to “declassify and make publicly available any intelligence report concerning conversations" between Flynn and Kislyak. Comes as calls intensify for release of Flynn-Kislyak transcripts.

Trump’s theory of the case is: “If I cheat, rob, steal, and kill in plain sight, nobody can catch me.” Only you and voters like you can prove him wrong. If you stay home, he wins.

Hey @realDonaldTrump seems like @parscale is playing you for a fool.

A new analysis being reviewed by the White House shows southern states that moved too quickly to relax social distancing guidelines face significant risk for a resurgence of the coronavirus over the next several weeks.

The President of the United States is either so ignorant that he doesn’t know voting is a right or so authoritarian that he doesn’t care.

Flynn's calls w/Kislyak, and subsequent transcripts, were an FBI product. So unmasking requests revealed by NSA recently at Grenell's request appear to have nothing to do w/those calls—on top of that, per WaPo, Flynn's name was not masked in FBI reports.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem wants the Trump administration to force Native American tribes in her state to remove checkpoints meant to stop the new coronavirus from ravaging the reservations

CDC official says Trump actions caused more people to die

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern says four-day workweek could help rebuild country's economy after COVID-19

Good grief, Pompeo’s vocal & posture changes when lying are almost as bad as donald’s. Donald’s too stupid to self-observe his affect and adapt. But you’d think @SecPompeo would have developed some skills while at CIA. Maybe he really is as dumb as they say.

Asked about the message he's sending by threatening funding to Michigan while it's going through a flooding emergency, Trump repeated what is possibly my #1 favorite Trump lie out of all the thousands of Trump lies: "I was honored as the Man of the Year in Michigan."

Targeting Hunter Biden, Senate panel approves subpoena for lobbying firm over Democrats’ objections

QAnon users are posting make-at-home recipes for hydroxychloroquine as Trump says he’s using the drug

Donald Trump's new threats against Michigan and Nevada for mailing vote by mail applications to citizens is EXACTLY the kind of tyranny that @RepJeffries decried during Moscow Mitch's #ImpeachmentTrialSham. Barely 4 months later the crime he described is here

A series of planned GOP subpoenas for Hunter Biden, Obama officials is part of an “end to public disagreements” with Trump until the party is past the election. ...”everybody realizes that our fortunes sort of rise or fall together,’ said Sen. John Thune.”

Pompeo says he has "no sense" of what investigations were taking place inside the IG office--with "one exception", which is the probe he answered written questions for in the Saudi arms emergency declaration inquiry.

Trump’s incorrect tweets about mail-in voting today are likely part of his backup plan: to lay the groundwork to discredit the election if he loses. If he does lose in November, the period between November 4th and January 20th will be very dangerous.

Carbon emissions plunge as planet tackles coronavirus pandemic

Donald Trump's threat to leave the WHO and the revelation he's taking an unproven malaria drug seize on his core voters' mistrust of international institutions and skepticism of science

Donald Trump is toast. He’s done. He is finito. He is an ex-parrot

Yet again the president uses the death of Lori Klausutis, 28, to attack Joe Scarborough. In 2001 she fainted, hitting her head. An autopsy revealed a heart condition. There’s no cold case. It’s a tragedy he cruelly exploits. Indecent

Joe Biden: "It's like saying maybe if you inject Clorox into your blood it may cure you. C'mon, man! What is he doing? What in God's name is he doing?"

Trump has already today baselessly accused a TV anchor he doesn't like of murder and China of a "mass Worldwide killing" and it's not even 9 am yet

Senator Sherrod Brown destroyed Mnuchin today. We need more of this.

Kevin McCarthy just told the panel in the Treasury meeting on the economy that after speaking with Pence and Mnuchin, he STILL sees no reason for a second bailout for desperate Americans. Donate to his opponent,

Jared Kushner's family has Saudi business ties. The Saudi Crown Prince boasted the he has Jared Kushner in his pocket. Can anyone tell us why is Jared Kushner involved in signing off on weapons sales to Saudi Arabia?

During today’s Senate Banking Committee hearing, Secretary @StevenMnuchin1 refused to require corporations benefiting from $500 billion in CARES Act funds to keep workers on their payrolls. @EWarren asked him several times, each time he ducked and refused.

China vows retaliation after U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo referred to Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen as "president"

Some people still do not understand why @Reezlie leaked the NSA document about her Russian pals to the Putincept. It wasn’t to “warn America”, #FreeRealityWinner stans. It was to *warn Russia*, you idiots. It was to let her pals in @Mod_Russia know what @NSAGov had on them.

I don't think people on here fully understand what a threat Fox News is to public health and safety. So here's a thread of the worst of the worst of Fox News' COVID coverage:

First it was Burisma. Then it was Tara Reade. Then it was "Obamagate." All bogus. All failed. Next? — Evan McMullin

Sen. Ron Johnson and Martha MacCallum want to know why Barack Obama didn't warn Donald Trump about Gen Mike Flynn, a thing that Barack Obama absolutely did

“Once again today the President made it very clear to him it is about himself,” says @andersoncooper. “…He underscored, yet again, that he seems to be treating this pandemic as just another battle in the ongoing war of him and him alone against his perceived enemies.”

90,000+ dead due to COVID-19, massive unemployment, no national plan for testing or tracing, state and local governments under strain, millions without health coverage... and this is what McConnell’s focused on right now. Pathetic.

Susan Rice is calling for the Trump admin to release transcripts of calls between Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador during the transition. "The American people deserve the full transcripts so they can judge for themselves Michael Flynn's conduct."

Pompeo’s rapture cred just took a big hit

It's like the mob is sitting on a metric ton of hydrochloroquine and needs to move it or something.

#CostCo has the right to require that customers wear a mask. Businesses have the right to prevent people from spewing saliva droplets in their stores. Because we live in a free country. And because there’s a frickin’ life-threatening virus that’s spread through saliva droplets.

As more Florida businesses and services reopen across the state, health data has shown that the number of coronavirus cases and deaths has continued to rise at a relatively stable rate.

No wonder Pompeo didn’t want an IG on his tail: State Dept officials involved in the dinners said they raised concerns internally that the events were essentially using fed’l resources to cultivate a donor & supporter base for Pompeo's political ambitions.


Trump’s released Susan Rice Jan 5 email shows Obama didn’t order a Flynn inquiry & said FBI & Intel should act according to routine protocols & standards. At that meeting, he knew Flynn frequently spoke w/ Kislyak, but Obama didn’t know other facts from late Jan FBI interviews

Who would have thought that less than 20 years after the planes hit the towers, the gop would be selling nuclear technology to the people who orchestrated the attack?

I did a focus group of disaffected Trump voters in AZ last week. Some were done with Trump, others on the fence. But, man, did they dislike McSally. It’s not just Trump dragging her down. Seems like she’s alienated voters in her own right.

Yet more evidence of "strongman = weak country". From Putin to Bolsonaro to Trump, the nationalist "I alone can do it" myth falls apart in a real crisis that cannot be bluffed away or covered up with propaganda.

Susan Collins voted today for the new top intelligence officer for the country who totally lacks intelligence He has no experience he lied about having experience and he completes Trump's dismantling of our intelligence services. Ask Senator Collins why she made America less safe

Dear @realDonaldTrump : There wasn’t just one study on #hydroxychloroquine. Multiple studies show the drug is useless against #Covid19, and it can be lethal for some patients:Stop rejecting science. Lives are at stake.

Wait, you can get coronavirus in church? Maybe that’s why the government wanted to close them?

The President rants about witch hunts and claims he wants the truth to come out. Yet Barr's Department of Justice has gone to the Supreme Court to avoid turning over Mueller’s grand jury records to Congress. To their dishonesty, you can add, hypocrisy.

House tells Supreme Court that Trump investigation continues, Mueller grand jury material is needed now

GOP still wants to hit pause on a new relief bill. Just asked House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy if they want a new recovery bill after meeting with Vice President Mike Pence and Steven Mnuchin this AM about the economy. “I don’t see the need right now,” he said of another package

BREAKING: Awesome news! A federal judge in #Texas ruled that all voters afraid of catching #coronavirus can request absentee mail-in ballots due to the #CoronavirusPandemic

Save the date: Oral arguments in Michael Flynn's bid to dismiss his criminal case will be held on July 16, Judge Emmet Sullivan has ordered.

Mike Pompeo declined an interview request for the State Department inspector general's inquiry into whether the Trump admin acted illegally in declaring an "emergency" to bypass a congressional freeze on arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Florida and Georgia, two states that were among the first to announce the reopening of businesses and public spaces amid the health crisis, have come under scrutiny for their reporting on Covid-19 cases.

Hong Kong public broadcaster to halt long-running satirical TV show after police complaint

what's really going on in Russia and #Covid19

My latest: How Bill Barr is dangerous and deceitfully trying to rewrite history to give Trump what he desperately craves: a removal of the Russian taint from his 2016 victory. By the way, this helps Putin (who is at it again). Please read, RT, and share.

Opinion: The rush to share good news on covid-19 drugs is undermining science

Dr. Ashish Jha: ‘Incredibly unwise’ to withhold money from the World Health Org.

This is just a runaway criminal train wreck. All norms & proprietary are being thrown out the window faster than a Russian dissident in a Moscow highrise. In the middle of a deadly pandemic, Trump chooses to commit more crimes

These people are working on the front lines of coronavirus but they’re being antagonized by people who “ just love freedom” so much they want to endanger others

I weep, and I hope. I smile, and I stare into the distance. I curse, and I pray. For the world - our world. As it was. As it is. And as it yet may be.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer declared a state of emergency for Midland county after two dams failed in the area.

Trump inspector general scandal expands to include Secretary Chao

Declassify it all, including the full Mueller report and grand jury materials.

It's amazing how the media just gave up so quickly on the E. Jean Carroll claims.

Trump admin. cuts National Guard deployment a day short of benefits accrual

Esper omits Pentagon guidance for sake of Trump-boosting happy talk

Trump embarrasses Americans again with sloppy, emotional outburst