Saturday, November 28, 2020

Kentucky posted a record number of COVID-19 cases and the second highest number of deaths on Thanksgiving, Gov. @AndyBeshearKY announced-3,870 positive COVID-19 cases Thursday w/32 confirmed deaths and Friday added another 1,747 cases and 4 deaths.


Loeffler should be charged with insider trading.


My piece in the Washington Post today about how Trump and Barr got outplayed by a smart federal judge in the Flynn case.


“... Biden, a state-college graduate who was once the poorest man in the U.S. Senate, is facing accusations of elitism from Republicans after defeating a billionaire incumbent with an Ivy League degree...”


In Arkansas, where landlords can file criminal charges against tenants behind on their rent, a deputy prosecutor told @propublica: "I hate that law. It's unconstitutional." Now, for saying that, he's been fired


Retweet to join us in celebrating our Ally 🇦🇱 #Albania today!


Iran’s president blames Israel for killing nuclear scientist and vows to respond at the ‘right time’


HuffPo: Venture capitalist Fred Eshelman demanded his money back after he said he was fed “vague responses, platitudes and empty promises" about what was pitched as a strong case of election fraud.


I guess Clapton won’t mind if Trump and mob uses his cocaine song for his super spreaders


.@Pontifex: "To come out of this crisis better, we have to recover the knowledge that as a people we have a shared destination. The pandemic has reminded us that no one is saved alone."


Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber told @Acosta on @CNNSitRoom that there is no question Governor Ron DeSantis is pursuing the discredited & dangerous "herd immunity" strategy in Florida. This is so tragic given we can achieve herd immunity through vaccination WITHOUT so many deaths


Former Apprentice Staffer Claims Trump Soiled Himself On Set, Required Diapers


Whoever this Bozo is, we should all remember his name so his legacy is one of shame.


The Kremlin says Vladimir Putin has not taken the nation's flagship Covid-19 vaccine


Jon Ossoff: "Perdue's misconduct is repeated and flagrant. He is using his office to enrich himself, and he's refusing to debate me because he knows he can't defend the indefensible."


"He has refused to negotiate with anybody," Sen. Murphy says about Sen. McConnell's inaction on Covid-19 relief talks. "Mitch McConnell is sort of putting the unity of his caucus ahead of the survival of the nation."


Those three “activist” judges were nominated by Republicans, including the opinion’s author, who was nominated by @realDonaldTrump and confirmed by the @GOP-controlled Senate under @senatemajldr McConnell.


Iran’s president has vowed to exact revenge over the killing of a scientist linked to Tehran’s disbanded military nuclear program as he joined other officials in blaming Israel for the slaying.


This case may show that the only fraud in this election was by Republican groups conning their donors with false election fraud claims. Sweet


ICYMI: We know you’re finding it difficult to accept the election result so we projected it onto your golf course with some familiar music


Trump's inner circle is telling him that Giuliani and the rest of his legal team are making him look like an idiot, report says


NYT: As the Trump administration tries to complete its regulatory rollbacks, EPA staff, emboldened by the Biden victory, have moved to stand in the way.


A new study ties 6% to 8% of U.S. Covid-19 cases through late July to outbreaks at meatpacking plants and subsequent spread in surrounding communities


MTZ (Minsk Tractors Works) workers protested today in solidarity with arrested doctors and journalists. We see unprecedented solidarity across all groups of Belarus society.


Belarus dictator says he will step down, according to state media. He stole this summer's election, continuing his oppressive rule of 26 years. There will be euphoria in Minsk and across the country.


All 3 Judges appointed by Republican Presidents. Today, I'm thankful for the Rule of Law. This is what it is all about.


“Your past does not define you,” Grace said in her first public event. The Michigan teen’s case sparked national outrage and the #FreeGrace campaign after she was sent to juvenile detention for not completing online schoolwork.


[Recap] ‘I have piles of cash at home… I don’t have a bank account,’ says Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam after US sanctions


No stone left unturned: The Basic Law Hongkongers thought they knew is being demolished


A Hong Kong campus rocked by protest becomes a "prison" a year later


Government prepares to give three million Hong Kong citizens sanctuary in the UK


US lawmakers move to end anonymous shell companies in national defense spending bill


It's incredible that they are still going


Leave a chair empty at the family Christmas dinner or face the possibility of having that chair empty forever. That's the stark dilemma Belgium's prime minister has set as Europe struggles to reconcile cold medical advice with festive traditions


Los Angeles issues stay-home order as coronavirus surges


Guitar player Eric Clapton has joined Van Morrison in his crusade against lockdown measures meant to protect the public against COVID-19.


Nurses, doctors use social media to plead for public to take COVID-19 seriously as cases surge.


Turkey is seeking to mend relations with traditional western allies and regional powerhouse Saudi Arabia as Biden era starts


Reupping. The determination that essential (besides healthcare) workers should get vaccinated before elderly is absolutely correct and will be made this week. It is obvious. Elderly can isolate. Essential workers, disproportionately underserved populations, make this country run


On my last ER shift, there were NO accepting hospitals for my ICU patients. Across Arizona, HCW illness, nursing ratios & PPE. We need HELP!! This is not "living with the virus" it's dying from the virus. We need a shutdown