Thursday, February 28, 2019

‘I was happy to do it for you’: Matt Gaetz overheard making stunning admission to Trump about Cohen threat

#BREAKING Nevada Gaming Control Board hands down record fine of $20 million against Wynn Resorts for failing to properly investigate sexual harassment allegations against former CEO, Steve Wynn

... the @nytimes is reporting trump ordered officials to give kushner his security clearance. but here's video from 20 days ago of ivanka trump repeatedly denying the president had anything to do with it.

"It’s about time": Democrats ready to call Ivanka, Donald Trump Jr. to testify as they pursue perjury, president

Matt Gaetz’s apology to Cohen only makes his witness tampering worse: Former White House ethics lawyer

EXCLUSIVE: The White House chief of staff at the time, John Kelly, wrote a contemporaneous internal memo about how he had been “ordered” by the president to give Jared Kushner the top-secret clearance.

Big deal alert: The President of the US ordered the government to give a security clearance to his son in law. And then lied about it

Semion is having a bad day

Sater testimony will be public

Trump Ordered Officials to Give Jared Kushner a Security Clearance

Schiff on Cohen's testimony today: "None of the questions that we had for him went unanswered."

Adam Schiff says that Felix Sater will appear before the Intelligence Committee in a public session on March 14.

BREAKING: North Koreans in press conference disputed Trump's account that North Korean asked for removal of ALL sanctions. Said they asked for partial removal of sanctions

EXCLUSIVE: Trump moneyman Allen Weisselberg is about to be hauled in front of the House intelligence committee.

GOP senator: Trump "can't be naive" about what North Korea did to Otto Warmbier

Bond Villain Billionaires Continue To Bankroll Climate Denial

According to Michael Cohen, Trump won't release his #TaxReturns because he's afraid the scrutiny of them will lead to him facing "taxable consequences and penalties." My other committee, @WaysMeansCmte, has the power to obtain Trump's tax returns. I think it's time we did so.

JUST IN: North Korean officials dispute Trump's characterization of summit with Kim

This is quite possibly the biggest diplomatic humiliation of a US President in the history of the Republic

JUST IN: Senate confirms former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler to lead EPA. Wheeler has been acting administrator since July, when Scott Pruitt resigned

SIREN: @RepCummings says if Michael Cohen mentioned their names in the hearing yesterday, chances are they will be called in to testify, too. Heads up @DonaldJTrumpJr, Allen Weisselberg, maybe Ivanka & Jared

David Cicilline on the Cohen hearing on CNN: "It does appear, in fact, that the president engaged in crimes while in office. We saw evidence, really, of a crime spree that began before he became president and continued into the White House."

Bibi just name dropped Alan Dershowitz in his statement on the indictment

Mark is about to find out that the "I thought those videos had been deleted" defense doesn't work very well

Sen Alexander (R-TN) is going to speak on the Senate floor about President Trump’s emergency declaration. If he says he supports terminating it, that would mean there are 51 votes to do so.

Meadows and Jordan write to the Justice Department and refer Michael Cohen for possible criminal prosecution, claiming to have evidence that Cohen "committed perjury and knowingly made false statements" in his House Oversight testimony.

Hello CPAC

Does anyone wonder whether President Trump realizes that the war we waged against Kim’s North Korea as part of the UN’s 1950s defense of South Korea has yet to end? Whether we’re at war with a particular foreign power matters, of course, to Article III’s definition of treason.

Senate Democrats are demanding @SenateMajLdr McConnell and the @SenateGOP take their heads out of the sand and answer three questions:

JUST IN: Top Oversight Dem says Trump Jr. could be asked to talk to House panel after Cohen's explosive testimony

Let’s see if they like the hat.

BREAKING via Israeli TV: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted on three counts including bribery and fraud. First time ever an Israeli PM has been indicted.

Hannity insists that Cohen was never his lawyer "in any capacity"

@mattgaetz⁩ has a Fixer, it’s his Dad. I wonder if Don Gaetz will be able to influence the investigation by the Florida State Bar over his son’s threats to Michael Cohen⁉️

Judge Amy Berman Jackson has rejected Roger Stone's motion claiming that Mueller's team tipped off CNN before his Jan. 25 arrest. Exhibits Stone provided "supplied no reason to believe that any contempt of court had occurred," Berman Jackson wrote.

Mark Meadows just doesn’t get it. To use a black woman essentially as an exhibit was, at best, insensitive. Jim Jordan’s focus on Rod Rosenstein is classic obfuscation. Yes, Cohen has lied. He’s a criminal. But he was a chief aide to your President. Awful day for Republicans

A Moscow court orders U.S. investment fund chief Michael Calvey to remain in jail as part of a fraud case that’s shocked foreign investors in Russia

Jared Kushner, who's involved in Trump's legally questionable plan to transfer sensitive US nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia, met today with Saudi Crown Prince MBS, who ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, to push his "Mideast Peace Plan."

“When you are bringing a measure to the floor that is your intention to vote against, that's not legislating. Something else is going on.”

"We'll send him back to Kenya, or wherever it is," GOP Rep Mark Meadows said about President Obama, while laughing hard. This is the second video to surface today where Meadows promotes the racist birther conspiracy theory. Uncovered by @TheDemCoalition.

The table was set and food prepared for a working Trump-Kim lunch that now won’t happen.

U.N. investigators say Israeli security forces may have committed war crimes when they killed 189 Palestinians during Gaza border protests last year

(URGENT) Trump asks Moon to actively mediate future dialogue with N. Korea: Cheong Wa Dae

After finally getting to Vietnam years after dodging the War, Trump FAILED to make a deal at #HanoiSummit. He gave a dictator the world stage, caved on US demands for denuclearization and absolved Kim of the torture of American Otto Warmbier.

Pakistan violated Geneva Conventions by tweeting video of captured Indian pilot, expert says

Oh, that's what the "Kansas businessman" thing was! about where the money came from to pay the $25m Trump University fraud settlement

It's not over. Reminder: Michael Cohen will testify in a closed session today before the House Intelligence Committee.

Incredible that Donald chooses to lie about this. Cohen did not tell the committee there was "no collusion". He said he did not know if there had been direct collusion, but had his "suspicions", given what he later came to know of the Trump Tower meeting

Trump Ahead of Netanyahu Indictment Decision: 'He's Done a Great Job as PM'

The Case Against Trump Has Never Been Stronger After Cohen Testimony

Facebook withholding data on its anti-disinformation efforts, EU says

Cohen friend: Testimony was 'peek inside the criminal enterprise'

"Cohen Testimony Uncontradicted" would be my headline on the day's news.

Meanwhile when we were all watching Cohen, this happened. It cannot be a coincidence that Jared and Ivanka chose a day that they knew they could fly under the radar to meet with the man who ordered the murder of American journalist, Jamal Khashoggi

Mark Meadows in 2012: “We’re gonna take our country back & send Mr. Obama home, to Kenya or wherever it is. We’re gonna do it.”

At his last 3 big summits -- Singapore, Helsinki, and now Hanoi -- Trump is 0 for 3 regarding deals. Maybe time to stop scheduling these presidential summits until more progress is made by lower level officials?

Cohen testimony suggests Trump committed financial fraud

Cohen contradicts Trump's excuse for not releasing his taxes

Congress eyes new Trump probe leads after Cohen testimony

The latest on the North Korea summit that was abruptly cut short

JUST IN: Exclusive: US negotiators no longer demanding North Korea agree to disclose full accounting of nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs as part of talks between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, according to current and former US officials

Trump sides with Kim in the Otto Warmbier death using very familiar language: "You have a lot of people. And some really bad things happened to Otto. Some really, really bad things. But he tells me that he didn't know about it, and I will take him at his word."

I just got Michael Cohen to admit that @DonaldJTrumpJr is the second executive involved in this criminal conspiracy. Full remarks here

The spade work for a proper second summit had not been completed before Hanoi. You don’t fly the president half way around the world to achieve nothing.

BREAKING: President Trump, asked about responsibility for the death of American Otto Warmbier after his detainment in North Korea, President Trump says "a lot of people, big country," and Kim Jong Un "tells me that he didn’t know about it, and I’ll take him at his word.”

Cohen testifies SDNY conducting additional Trump investigations

Exclusive: A massive Dow Jones database containing records on millions of high-risk individuals, including current and former politicians, criminals, and terrorists, has leaked.