Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Facebook is cracking down on QAnon, deleting hundreds of groups and making the conspiracy theory harder to find on its site.

.@USPS GR Patterson location has pieces of the mail sorting machines out in the parking lot.

#BREAKING Flu Vaccine Now Required For All Massachusetts Students By Dec. 31

"As it turns out, Collins is actually one of the members of Congress most responsible for the Postal Service's devastation. Long before DeJoy started manipulating the USPS, Collins was at the forefront of a bill that crippled the agency's finances."


If you can collude in person, you can testify in person...

Reporter: "Is the President saying if he doesn't win this election that he will not accept the results unless he wins?" Kayleigh McEnany: "The President has always said he'll see what happens and make a determination in the aftermath."

Let’s discuss in the 4p ET hour today: Trump and Miss Moscow: Report Examines Possible Compromises in Russia Trips

Sally Yates: "With respect to Paul Manafort's interactions with a Russian intelligence officer, that ought to give a chill down the spine to everyone, that that was happening with the campaign manager of a presidential campaign and a Russian intelligence officer."

The President is calling on his followers not to buy Goodyear tires, despite previously railing against "cancel culture," after an employee posted a photo of a company policy banning "Make America Great Again" and other political attire in the workplace.

PPE shortages. Demand and prices are soaring. "The dramatically increased demand is not going away anytime soon. Churches, schools, businesses, everyone that's trying to reopen needs PPE, & all competing for the same small supply." What a mess.

“He cherry-picked which documents to leak in a self-serving effort to craft a false narrative of patriotism and civil libertarianism....and he caused irrevocable harm to the United States’ relationships with its allies and future intelligence-collection..”


If the hood fits

A disheveled Mark Meadows says "not a single American believes that President Trump inherited a good economy, he made a great economy, and he's doing it again in this v-shaped recovery," a recovery which will be news to millions of people still out of work. But hey, those stocks.

Still think this is @ProjectLincoln's best advert.

Trump is America’s greatest mistake.

This new @JoeBiden ad featuring @BarackObama, "Who He Is," will air during tonight's convention proceedings.

FBI agent will plead guilty to false statements today. At the same time, DOJ’s motion is pending to dismiss the same charge against Michael #Flynn, with a tortured legal analysis of materiality. #ChuckRosenberg and I explain the hypocrisy in @Lawfare.

Michelle Obama gave an unflinching condemnation of the Trump presidency. Trump fought back by reminding us how many people he’s killed.

Anderson Cooper just ripped Michael Lindell a new one over his snake oil salesman tactics and his attempt to make money off of the pandemic. He also just asked the My Pillow guy: "How do you sleep at night?"

We celebrated after WWII. We mourned after 9/11 until we could laugh again. We will not allow the weakest president in our nation’s history to crush this spirit. We will defeat this enemy, too — and smile while doing it.

President Trump endorses bigot who's been banned from a dozen tech platforms

"We know where you live, beware": @Erikwemple has the 911 transcript of a household put on blast by Tucker Carlson

How Susan Collins engineered the postal service disaster she’s now protesting

‘Devastating’: Morning Joe panel stunned by depth of Trump criminality exposed in GOP Russia report

‘Ragin’ Cajun’ James Carville “The great mistake of 2016 was that Trump would be so unacceptable that people wouldn't have a place to go” ⁦⁦@TheRickWilson⁩ worries about getting herpes from a rabid badger ⁦@MollyJongFast⁩ says “err no”

Fun detail--Kilimnik apparently tweets under the name Petro Baranenko

“Florida Rep. Ross Spano was defeated in his GOP primary on Tuesday, becoming the eighth House incumbent to lose a renomination bid this year — a historic high.”

GOP-led Senate Intel Committee Report concludes Trump’s reckless, win-at-all costs campaign put our democracy at risk. Exposure to Russian influence was even worse than we thought. My analysis in @thedailybeast

Holy shittlestix, culling the 2016 RNC convention & I stumbled upon this gem I quote @realDonaldTrump ””safety will be restored...the most basic duty of Government is to defend the lives of its own citizens... any government that fails to do so is unworthy to lead“ you heard him

It is the honor of my life to accept the Democratic Party's nomination for President of the United States of America. #DemConvention

As DNC unfolds, Trump reprises grimmest language of 2016 campaign

A federal appeals court in New York on Monday let stand an earlier decision to allow a group of hotel and restaurant owners to sue Trump for violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution

So you’re voting for Trump in the roundabout way? Very brave of you, @AmbJohnBolton. Real profile in courage.

Anderson Cooper battling with the My Pillow CEO over whether he’s a medical expert who can help cure COVID-19 is truly bonkers.

No @realDonaldTrump, the country was less divided under ObamaBiden. And based on the new bipartisan Senate Intelligence Report, you are here because of the Russians.

Opinion: Could Trump steal an election? It would be very hard to pull off.

Last year, a security guard said "I love you" to Joe Biden in an elevator and the exchange went viral. On Tuesday night, that same woman gave the first speech officially nominating Biden for president at the #DemConvention.

This video has me JACKED UP ! The New Frontier Award is SICK!! Proud to share, humbled+inspired by these YOUNG LEADERS SERVING OTHERS!!

Opinion: The Justice Department’s extreme legal arguments are costing it in court

China's Xi Jinping facing widespread opposition in his own party, insider claims

The Democratic National Convention releases a moving video detailing the "unlikely friendship" between Joe Biden and late Republican Senator John McCain.

As Breonna Taylor protests stretch into 12th week, calls for officers’ arrests intensify

The Impeached President of the United States Guide to History

Expired Jobless Benefits Cost Economy Billions, But Some States Reject Trump's Aid

Trump submits vote-by-mail ballot in Florida

Massachusetts officials are voicing concern about the U.S. Postal Service as voting by mail has taken center stage this election cycle because of the coronavirus pandemic.

πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ύ Belarus is experiencing a democratic awakening that could end 26 years of dictatorship and transform the regional geopolitical landscape. @AmbDanFried and @brianoftoole ask, with Russia looming large over the crisis, how should the West respond?

One in five workers at Brazil’s meat plants have been infected with coronavirus, according to union estimates

"When this President goes overseas, it isn't a good will mission, it's a blooper reel." John Kerry lambasts Donald Trump and makes a case for Joe Biden at the Democratic National Convention.

"The whole body was generally just numb; people were really moaning in pain," says Russian held in Belarusian detention center.

‘When asked pointedly if he is considering firing Esper, Trump said, "I consider firing everybody. At some point -- at some point, that's what happens."’

There are large sections of the Senate Intelligence Committee's bipartisan report on counterintelligence that have to do with Maria Butina and the National Rifle Association

Here's my story on the US senate's #Trump-#Russia report. In 2016 Moscow had a Russian intelligence officer at the heart of Trump's campaign. And the Steele dossier Ritz-Carlton allegations look true: the #FSB has a "network" of cameras in guest bedrooms

Saudi Arabia continued its silence on the deal by the United Arab Emirates to establish ties with Israel

Opinion: Netanyahu’s diplomatic sleight of hand can’t hide his failures at home

NEW VIDEO! #IsItFakeNews Everything Trump says is fake news is actually THE TRUTH. Here's my new video called #IsItFakeNews Watch twice and help me get 15,000 retweets!

[From 2019] On this day last year, protest organisers say at least 1.7 million people attended a mass pro-democracy rally against the police use of force in #HongKong. In full:

Hong Kong authorities are seeking to arrest six pro-democracy activists living abroad, including one US citizen. Experts say that China's security law for the city doesn't just pose a threat to locals.

Belarus opposition leader and probable winner of presidential elections Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya addressed the European leaders

100 years ago...— Dr. Jill Biden

"Joe Biden will be a president we will all be proud to salute," says former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a Republican. “...He will trust our diplomats and our intelligence community, not the flattery of dictators and despots.”

Republicans across the country need to step up. Many, like Cindy McCain and Colin Powell, are doing what’s right for America. They’re voting for @JoeBiden

Cindy McCain for Joe Biden.

"[Trump] treats our country like it's his family business — this time bankrupting our nation's moral authority, at home and abroad," Sally Yates said at the #DemConvention

How did a Senate committee controlled by Republicans manage to unearth more damning material than a special prosecutor with a grand jury?

The alleged "cure" now being promoted by the #Trump crowd is forsythia. When we worked on the movie "Contagion" writer Scott Burns created a fake news character, played by #JudeLaw , who promoted a "cure" for the virus -- FORSYTHIA.

Report amplifies warning of ongoing Russian election interference efforts

Anderson Cooper just ripped Michael Lindell a new one over his snake oil salesman tactics and his attempt to make money off of the pandemic. He also just asked the My Pillow guy: "How do you sleep at night?"

Coronavirus is spreading in schools, but the federal government isn’t keeping count.

“All the evidence points to the conclusion that Trump colluded with Russia and persuaded his top lieutenants to cover up their guilt...They acted guilty because they were guilty.”

Vladimir Putin spent the day on the phone talking Belarus: Spoke to Merkel. Spoke to Macron. Spoke to Michel (European Council) Spoke to Lukashenko. Wonder if there’s a plan..