Thursday, July 5, 2018

JUST IN: Cohen adds ex-Clinton official Lanny Davis to legal team

EPA chief Scott Pruitt has resigned, President Trump says. Pruitt has been under fire for numerous scandals related to his spending, management and ethics.

A U.S. cargo ship is racing to China to beat the clock on tariffs

JUST IN Mexico hits US with retaliatory tariffs on dozens of US goods

Opinion: "Fox & Friends" gets punked by "Thomas Jefferson"

#BREAKING: Federal judge shuts down Trump admin attempt to block California sanctuary city laws

Mr. Trump, NATO is an alliance, not a protection racket

Bill Shine, the former @FoxNews president and newly hired @WhiteHouse communications chief, was named in at least three lawsuits alleging that he helped facilitate—and, in some cases, covered up—a climate of workplace sexual harassment,

We will be filing a criminal money laundering complaint in Denmark and Estonia about the huge Russian money laundering scheme connected to the Magnitsky case at Danske Bank

NBC News: U.S. has nearly 3,000 separated migrant kids, will use DNA to find parents

Yesterday Fox & Friends ripped protests taking place on Independence Day In 2009, they encouraged viewers to take part in Fourth of July protests against President Obama

Private equity firms like Bain Capital extracted over $500 million from @ToysRUs before shutting it down, laying off 33,000 people. Are there any plans to give these workers severance? Did Wall Street deliberately load the company with insurmountable debts?

A 6-year-old boy in ORR custody with a bone condition – separated from his mother - was denied medical care for a month and a half, per his mom's lawyer

"I'm doing this to defend the rule of law." Poland's top Supreme Court justice took a defiant stand on the courthouse steps in Warsaw on Wednesday, hours after the government purged the tribunal

U.S. pork producers are about to be hit by a second batch of hefty retaliatory tariffs from China and Mexico. "All we've accomplished is getting more trade barriers. We are the casualty and predicted it from day one."

Mueller hires more prosecutors to work on Trump-Russia probe

Kremlin TV is extracting full propaganda value out of the fact that GOP lawmakers chose to spend the 4th of July in Russia.

'Trump Baby' blimp approved to fly over London during Trump visit

Voters across the aisle seem to prefer a new #SCOTUS justice who would overturn #CitizenUnited over one who would overturn #RoevWade

China has been shifting soybean purchases to Brazil, from which it bought nearly 30% more beans in May than it had a year earlier

Ex-wrestler says Rep. Jim Jordan witnessed lewd shower acts while a coach at Ohio State

Conservative columnist: GOP is a "white nationalist party" and Democrats deserve to take over

He is a Member of a Violent White Supremacist Group; So Why is He Working for a Defense Contractor

RNC spokeswoman warns: Dems will impeach Trump if they win the House


Let this sink in. Today, Senate Intel found Russia interfered in our election w/ a preference for @realDonaldTrump. Yet, @SenateGOP leaders were in Moscow cozying up w/ Russians and Trump wants a private meeting with Putin. If they can’t confront Russia, shouldn’t they just stay?

U.S. Border Patrol questions crews of at least 10 fishing vessels in Canadian waters

GOP Illinois governor declines to endorse Dem over Holocaust-denying GOP nominee

The man who accused Rosenstein last week of “keeping information” from Congress is being accused of keeping information of horrific sexual abuse of minors secret.

Kentucky Republican Gov. Matt Bevin's administration has abruptly cut Medicaid dental and vision benefits to nearly half a million Kentuckians.

Bolton indicates Trump is open to recognizing Crimea, which was illegally invaded by Russia in 2014, as part of Russia.

‘Art Of The Deal’ Co-Author: Trump ‘Incapable Of Reading A Book, Much Less Writing One’

From Russia With Love.

This chilling piece, written and published, Nov. 2017, entitled “The Hidden History of Trump’s First Trip to Moscow” shows Trump has been in the sites of Moscow since at least 1987

The national debt is set to skyrocket, according to a new report from the Congressional Budget Office

Video of the Capital Gazette staff leading tonight's parade in Annapolis, taken by reporter Rachael Pacella

President Trump’s inauguration fund collected $500,000 from two private prison companies that house detained migrant families

BREAKING: Danish government seeks to confiscate profits Danske Bank made from laundering $8 billion of Putin regime dirty money, including funds connected to the Magnitsky case.

The country's two largest private prison operators, which also happen to be major donors to @realDonaldTrump's campaign, are now seeing their stocks skyrocket as a result of Trump's cruel, inhumane, and un-American immigration policy.

GOP Rep, & possible next House Speaker, @Jim_Jordan, lied today when he said he’d never been contacted by anyone about the growing child sex scandal at Ohio State where he worked. In fact, Ohio State’ lawyer’s contacted Jordan & he refused to talk to them.

Trump administration looking to revoke citizenship from naturalized citizens: USCIS is Starting a Denaturalization Task Force

Right now we call this a heat wave, but this will repeat each summer for the rest of our lives, and entire regions will regularly become so warm that it massively disrupts normal society for days or weeks at a time.

World Bank warns trade tensions could cause 2008-level crisis

Hmm...Putin supposedly enjoys an 80%+ approval rating, but at the same time 31% of Russians between the ages of 18 and 24 want to leave Russia. Someone’s not telling the truth

Lawrence: Trump backs down repeatedly

Lawrence points out that no one should buy the rhetoric that Trump is a tough guy in negotiations

Elections since Trump suggest Democratic base energized for 2018

Rachel Maddow talks with Steve Kornacki about Democratic special election victories since the 2016 election, as well as significant shifts toward Democrats where Republicans managed to hold onto office, suggesting Democrats are energized for the midterm elections.

GOP departures a potentially ominous portent for Trump in 2018

Rachel Maddow talks with Steve Kornacki about history's lessons for what to expect from midterm elections and whether 2018 is likely to follow a familiar pattern that Donald Trump won't like.

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan to call cops over sex abuse victims’ “bullying” emails

Kim Dotcom can be extradited to the United States to face racketeering and criminal copyright charges, New Zealand's Court of Appeal has ruled

Two Britons poisoned with Novichok nerve agent near where Russian spy was struck down

History's echo heard in current concerns about Supreme Court fate

Rachel Maddow looks back at how a political stumble by President Johnson ultimately led to President Nixon being able to choose two new Supreme Court justices, radically altering the direction of the Court.

Buried lede.Fatboy has some lawyers from Hong Kong acting for him as part of this case. Kim could not have operated his internet site from Hong Kong without specific permission from the Chinese Govt.People forget that part

Police: Porton Down tests confirm that the Amesbury couple were exposed to the same agent as the Skripals

Ohio State sex assault victim claims GOP Rep. Jim Jordan witnessed doctor committing \'lewd acts\' in showers