Tuesday, July 7, 2020

"This is just really extraordinary treasonous behavior that is hard to understand, unless you think that the Russians have some extraordinary hold over Trump... The fact that he can't react like a commander-in-chief is crippling for the nation"

Would be a real shame if #FredsFailure trended on a day when Trump has already been embarrassed by so many revelations.

Opinion | The Trump father-son psychodrama

Five senators (so far) skipping the convention are Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Susan Collins (R-ME), Lamar Alexander (R-TN) & Mitt Romney (R-UT). More and more Senate Republicans are backing off attending Trump’s Jacksonville convention

It's another one of those White House meetings in which Trump encourages everybody to go around the room and praise him. Get a load of this stuff from @GovParsonMO.

BREAKING: Nursing home experimented on Veterans with Trump’s unproven drug. This connects Trump to a long & shameful history beyond hoax medicines to some of history’s most shameful moments

Facebook ad boycott organizers met with Zuckerberg. It didn't go well, ⁦@b_fung⁩ reports

Russia is killing US soldiers. Trump's response is a shameful dereliction of duty | Michael H Fuch

DeVos rejects part-time reopening for schools amid pandemic

Americans are safer when America is engaged in strengthening global health. On my first day as President, I will rejoin the @WHO and restore our leadership on the world stage.

A WSJ analysis found 45 of the biggest U.S. law firms got at least $210 million in PPP loans

Trump cheated on SAT by paying someone to take it for him: new book - Business Insider. —— (TRUMP GOT INTO WHARTON BUSINESS SCHOOL BY CHEATING ON SAT EXAM BY USING A PROXY.)

That Trump paid someone to take the SAT for him is so obviously plausible. Everyone will believe it.

Historian Julian E. Zelizer explains how Newt Gingrich laid the groundwork for Trump's Republican Party

Cheating, scamming and conning - that's the only way Don the Con has ever accomplished anything in his life

Mary Trump’s Book Accuses the President of Embracing ‘Cheating as a Way of Life’

Mary Trump says Fred Trump was a High functioning sociopath

JUST IN: Disney World cast members are not being tested for COVID-19 before returning to work this week. A union representative says Orlando employees will be returning without knowing if they have the virus or are spreading it to park visitors.

Mary Trump Book Claims Trump Praised Her Breasts and His Own Sister Called Him a Clown

On this episode of the new abnormal, ⁦@TheRickWilson⁩ and I talk to ⁦@BoutrousTed⁩ about his client Mary Trump’s new book and we talk to ⁦@kbriquelet⁩ about allllll things Ghislaine Maxwell.

Trump supporters, are really messed up. ⤵️ Projecting Pizzagate

Ghislaine Maxwell is part of Jeffrey Epstein's inner circle. A look at his complicated orbit from last year

CNN obtains copy of book written by @realDonaldTrump’s niece Mary

NEW: "Democratic nominee Joe Biden laid out a plan Tuesday aimed at bolstering U.S. supply-chain capabilities to reduce reliance on foreign countries in times of crises."


You know @realDonaldTrump.... it’s true. @IvankaTrump didn’t tell you she dated Chris Steele. That’s gotta hurt. Did you even get to see his family tartan?

Brazil President Bolsonaro just tested positive for covid. Here’s Bolsonaro at the US embassy over the weekend

More than 7,000 Children in Florida Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

Mnuchin refuses to give a full accounting of what he did with OUR $660,000,000,000, giving information on only about 20% of the recipients.

Trump’s slush fund: Dallas megachurch that hosted Pence approved for millions in coronavirus aid

Jeffrey Epstein was an asset of Russian intelligence. Hi @TheDukeOfYork

Donald Trump’s Lies, Misogyny And Loyalty Problems On Full Display In New Attack Ads

NEW: Florida continues on a path to becoming a national disgrace.

Peter Navarro is ridiculous

John Berman points out to Navarro how he's selectively politicizing science and leaves him speechless

Trump COVID bailout money was given to a Christian ministry camp sued for egregious sexual abuse of campers

Deutsche Bank Settles Over Ignored Red Flags on Jeffrey Epstein The German lender repeatedly overlooked suspicious transactions, including payments to people a New York regulator described as his co-conspirators.

.@realDonaldTrump has a loyalty problem.

BREAKING. 43 hospital ICUs in 21 Florida counties have hit capacity and show zero beds available, according to latest data.

.@PhilipRucker on President Trump: “He wants to see this country back and reopened, even though the coronavirus cases are spiking, even though people are dying, even though all the doctors say it’s unsafe.”

Hong Kong reports a jump in local infections, alarming health officials

Northwest Florida teen fighting for her life against COVID-19; family begs people to wear masks

.@realDonaldTrump has a loyalty problem.

I know everyone in #Florida will be happy to hear that the the Hooters Management Group, which operates the Original Hooters in Clearwater, received between $2 million and $5 million in PPP loans.

-- NEW TRAVEL … PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP will travel to U.S. Southern Command in Doral, Fla., on Friday to get a briefing on drug trafficking from South America.

This show is pure poison.

NEW: The face of angry white America right here in one short video clip.

Devin Nunes winery got a PPP loan

Newsweek: A shipping business started by Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao's family received at least $350,000 in loans set aside for companies struggling as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to SBA

BREAKING: Jared Kushner's family got PPP loans from the federal government. And not just one-- they got three.

Tucker Carlson suggests Sen. Tammy Duckworth, who lost her legs in Iraq, hates America

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, have encouraged Britain to reckon with its colonial past, highlighting the "wrongs" of its historic involvement in the countries that now make up the Commonwealth.

Oh my— In Florida, 43 hospital ICU’s in 21 counties have hit capacity and show zero ICU beds available, including in Miami-Dade, Broward, Hillsborough and Orange Counties, according to data released by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). #COVID19

“The consequences of breaching this law are very serious.” Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam warns "radicals" not to violate the new national security legislation.

The Jerusalem Model: It’s hard to say what exactly will change in the West Bank if Israel follows through on its plans to annex parts of the occupied territory, but in east Jerusalem, many Palestinians fear a cruel awakening.

"Over the first five days of July, the US reported its three largest daily case totals. Fourteen states recorded single-day highs. In all, more than 250,000 new cases were announced nationwide."

Japan Tells U.S. It’s Concerned About Trump’s Work Visa Freeze

Twitter just suspended 16 Twitter accounts that were part of a network of fake personas. Together they spent the last year placing about 90 opeds in +40 different news outlets. Newsmax. Washington Examiner. Jerusalem Post. Real Clear Media.

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Multiple hospitals are running out of ICU beds not because of testing, but because many Americans are seriously ill from #COVIDー19. Please do your job and tell people to wear masks and do social distancing. Basically the exact opposite of your rallies.

Donald Trump is asking a Black man to *apologize* for finding a noose in his place of work. Think about what that means. — Tammy Duckworth

BREAKING NEWS: Presidente Jair Bolsonaro está com sintomas de Covid-19

Senate outlook slides for GOP

Mississippi Republican Sen. Roger Wicker: "We don't want to celebrate" the Confederate flag

Two months after contracting Covid-19, CNN anchor @richardquest is still experiencing the long tail of the virus, including a recurrent cough, serious fatigue and unexplained clumsiness

Ghislaine Maxwell moved to federal jail in Brooklyn

Joe Biden’s team is working more closely with the DNC than any candidate in recent history

China condemns Canada’s suspension of its extradition treaty with Hong Kong, calling it a “serious violation” of international law and a “flagrant interference” in its domestic affairs

The Fox News host claimed that Democrats including Duckworth -- who lost her legs in combat in Iraq -- hate America.

“No more red-carpet ceremonies, no more “resets,” no more invitations to prestigious summits — in short, democracies should not offer the international acceptance Putin so desperately wants.”

"If they can't be trusted to keep their word on Hong Kong, why would they be trusted to live up to wider international responsibilities." UK foreign secretary questions whether China can be "trusted" after the introduction of a security law in the city.

Judge orders Dakota Pipeline shut down pending environmental review

Representatives of China’s Uighur ethnic group claim Chinese-run “political re-education” camps used torture and other methods to strip Uighurs of their religion and culture

Trump's ICE to Students Legally in US on Visas: Get Out or You'll Be Deported if Your Classes Will Be Online

Publisher pushes up the release of Mary Trump's tell-all book

Julián Castro: New federal data on racial inequity of coronavirus is ‘appalling, tragic and infuriating’

Trump family separation figures move to botched COVID-19 response

It is sad to see Chancellor Merkel effectively supporting Huawei

Opinion: What if Trump loses but insists he won?

New book shows depravity of Trump admin family separation policy

Schools in Hong Kong have been told that they must remove books and teaching materials that could violate the sweeping national security law that was imposed by Beijing last week

Mexico tightens border against U.S. coronavirus threat

Japan's ruling party softens a demand to cancel a visit to Japan by Xi Jinping following his clampdown on Hong Kong

South Korea denies US request to extradite operator of child pornography site

Tucker Carlson: Applied to the CIA and was rejected. Tammy Duckworth: Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, helicopter pilot in Iraq, Purple Heart recipient

The United States is "looking at" banning Chinese social media apps, including TikTok, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday.

“Manifest Destiny.” Calling all historians...

Katie Miller, press secretary for Mike Pence, quoted in Jacob Soboroff's new book, Separated: "DHS sent me to the border to see the separations for myself -- to try to make me more compassionate -- but it didn't work."

Does @TuckerCarlson want to walk a mile in my legs and then tell me whether or not I love America?

A tell-all book by President Trump's niece Mary, a licensed clinical psychologist, will now be published next week — two weeks earlier than expected, the publisher Simon & Schuster says. CNN's @brianstelter reports

Flynn’s defenders are responsible. Journalists still using him as a source, too. It’s ... unbelievable but totally par for the course for a traitor to his real oath to defend the nation, one who believes he is absolutely in the right to this day.