Saturday, October 28, 2017

Fox News and the GOP are laying the groundwork for Trump to fire Robert Mueller.

BREAKING: Trump admin may reverse Obama rule erasing debt of students at fraudulent for-profit colleges:

"White Lives Matter" organizers cancel second Tennessee rally after being taunted by counterprotesters

JUST IN: Sarah Sanders: Evidence that Clinton colluded with Russia is "indisputable"

Trump's lawyers are scrambling to figure out what is going on and who might be indicted

Trump says there's very little reporting about the GDP figures. It's on the front pages of the WSJ, Wash Post, and Times.

WSJ reports the team of American soldiers killed by ISIS in Niger this month had requested an armed drone but were rejected by The Pentagon.

Heartbreaking video shows border agents taking an undocumented girl with disabilities from the hospital

Orrin Hatch to retire.

The global war you fear? We may already be there

SALT Reduction Becomes Major Sticking Point In Tax Overhaul. So What Is SALT?

Trump to shrink national monument established by Obama to protect Native American artifacts

We should anticipate the subterfuge, propaganda and misdirection to increase in volume in these next days and weeks

Russia is furious. That means the sanctions are working.

I will not be able to vote for my old friend Ed Gillespie for governor. His pandering to racists & neo-Confederates is reprehensible.

Obamacare support surges after Trump’s repeal and replace failures

Fusion GPS and the Washington Free Beacon

McCain, a veteran Washington figure known for speaking his mind, hasn’t had many kind words for Trump from the star

Putin launches four long-range missiles in a late-night nuclear drill

There is a pool at They agree it's Kush, Jr, Mannafort & Flynn, w/ 45 as unindicted coconspirator so no pardons.

Ex-CIA director Jim Woolsey says being thrown under the bus ‘unfortunate yet predictable’

CNN Just Published a Story Claiming Mueller Has Filed Charges in the Russia Probe

Thought in light of todays news this would be very fitting.

NYT: Russian lawyer's oppo came from the top

Twitter urged firms to delete data during 2016 campaign

From national monuments to international trade deals: Trace the actual impacts of Trump policies

Donald Trump Jr. slams Hillary Clinton as arrogant and entitled in birthday tweet

Ex-White House ethics chief: History will judge Congress harshly for going after Clinton while ignoring Trump

Tennessee towns bracing for possible clashes on Saturday with scheduled white nationalist rallies set to take place.

FBI informant’s attorney claims he tried to speak out on the Uranium One deal before but was silenced

Democrats believe an American company aided Russian meddling in the election

Feinstein sends Russia inquiries to White House, Facebook, Twitter

Mike Pence, speaking on North Korea at a base critical to U.S. nuclear capabilities, told U.S. troops: "Be ready."

Ex-CIA Russia chief: Difference between dossier and Trump Jr. meeting is Russia didn't want dossier info release

One of Whitefish's top investors has given tens of thousands of dollars to GOP, including Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz & Pres. Trump.

President Donald Trump is no longer welcome at New York's glitziest event after Anna Wintour banned him Wednesday.

Puerto Rico admits 911 people died since Maria after funeral directors told BuzzFeed News they had bodies not counted in official death toll

Trump has reportedly told the State Dept. he wants to accelerate the release of any remaining Clinton emails.

Cohen says Americans paid CASH for 4 buildings to avoid taxes he made $21 million despite NO change in bldg value

Graham: If Republicans don't pass tax reform, Democrats will take back the House and attempt to impeach Trump.

Jared Kushner’s brother blasts Trump for trying to sabotage ObamaCare

Conservative website first paid Fusion GPS for Trump research

The Trump administration is ramping up its efforts to turn the spotlight away from current investigations surrounding them

Tom Steyer's impeachment ad gets the perfect TV placement this morning—and Trump definitely noticed

Exclusive: First charges filed in Mueller investigation

Anti-Trump gadfly @JeffreyJetton at @WhiteHouse today wearing a Trump mask & a Russian hockey jersey

The Hillary Clinton Uranium One conspiracy theory doesn't make any sense

Puerto Rico says nearly 1,000 people died of "natural causes" after Hurricane Maria: report

Roger Stone just confirmed the accuracy of CNN's indictment report.


Dana Boente resigns as US Attorney for Eastern District of Virginia

Manafort realtor called to testify before grand jury in Russia probe

Note the sourcing on this CNN story: “sources briefed on the matter.”

Reuters, citing a source briefed on the matter, matches CNN report: First charges filed in Mueller's Russia probe.

The first sealed indictment against @RealDonaldTrump predates Mueller’s investigation. By Claude Taylor and me.


If this man's team executes warrants this weekend he should stripped of his authority by Donald Trump. — Sebastian Gorka

Veteran diplomats are alarmed by a leaked document showing how Tillerson is trying to centralize decision making

Russia charges cast U.S. attorney Boente resignation in new light

Barbara McQuade, former U.S. attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about what might be inferred from the surprise resignation of U.S. attorney Dana Boente at the same time as reports of the first charges in the Robert Mueller's Trump Russia investigation.

Report: Trump backer sought to help with Russia-hacked documents

Rachel Maddow shares a scoop from the Wall Street Journal that Rebecca Mercer directed Cambridge Analytica to offer to help Wikileaks even as Cambridge Analytica was part of the Trump campaign and the Wikileaks documents were known to be the product of Russian hackers.

Early report of Russia probe charges offers hints about case

Paul Fishman, former U.S. attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about CNN's report that charges have been filed in the Trump Russia investigation and what can be guessed about the state of the probe from the details reported so far.

Mueller's Trump Russia investigation may be entering new phase

Matthew Miller, former Justice Department spokesman, talks with Rachel Maddow about CNN's report that the first charges have been filed in Robert Mueller's Trump Russia investigation and what it means for the broader political context of the investigation.

First on CNN: First charges filed in Mueller investigation

First charges filed in Mueller's Trump Russia probe: report

Barbara McQuade, former U.S. attorney talks with Rachel Maddow about new CNN reporting that a federal grand jury has "approved the first charges" in special counsel Robert Mueller's Trump Russia investigation.