Thursday, September 12, 2019

Protesters erected a Trump-like rat balloon and changed President Street to 'Barack Obama Avenue' ahead of Trump's visit to Baltimore.

While the politicians are busy being politicians, this year’s deficit hits $1 trillion—after only 11 months. @realDonaldTrump and Congress need to put away the Sharpies and get out the red pens and stop piling debt on top of debt. Our children’s futures depend on it.

The State Department refused to grant the citizenship of two gay American dads' infant daughter who was born in Canada. Now the couple is suing the Trump Administration

Russia sends a search warrant through Interpol for Oleg Smolenkov, the former Russian official and US informant recently extracted by the US after his cover was blown. This is another example of Interpol abuse by Russia (story in Russian)

New from @Fahrenthold: Nonprofit called 'Concerned Women for America' paid to rent Trump International Hotel ballrooms in DC blocks from the White House for celebrations where Vice President Mike Pence & Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will speak this week

Jeffrey Epstein Used Opaque Charity Account at Deutsche Bank for Own Benefit

MIT president: Oh yeah, we DID cover up Epstein’s donations

Moscow Mitch doesn’t want you to watch this. Because you are secretly supporting him through your household cleaning supplies

North Carolina Gov. Cooper: "Their ideas haven't worked. Their bullying hasn't worked. Their bribes haven't worked. Let me be clear: Today, Republicans waged an assault on our democracy. They cheated the people of North Carolina."

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. mocked the school’s students, parents, and faculty for years in emails to school administrators, Reuters reports.

Congress is debating measures to lower prescription drug prices. McConnell’s taking no action—and laughing all the way to the bank. He took $85k from pharmaceutical lobbyists over the course of just six months.

Federal prosecutors recommend that Andrew McCabe, former FBI second-in-command, face criminal charge

BREAKING: North Carolina state Rep. Deb Butler Just called for the resignation of the state House Speaker

The US deficit topped $1 trillion. The year's not even over yet

Gregory Cheadle, the black man Trump once described as "my African American," is fed up. Cheadle told PBS NewsHour he's leaving the Republican party. He said he sees the GOP as pursuing a "pro-white" agenda and using black people as "political pawns."

We’re getting ready for our latest mission, Invest 95L, located in the Caribbean.

JUST POSTED: The NYT checks in at Trump Turnberry in Scotland and stops by the Prestwick Glasgow Airport, where US Air Force planes are on the tarmac. With @ddknyt "When Your Commander in Chief Is Also Providing Your Hotel Room"

Bibi forced to address Trump spying charges immediately upon landing in #Sochi. While POLITICO story is far from definitive Netanyahu's repeated denials based on "longstanding directive" against spying in US leave open question of rogue op

Russia protests after journalist detained, interrogated at D.C. airport

Paris (CNN)-- The sister of Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been found guilty of ordering a bodyguard to beat and humiliate a local craftsman who was renovating her luxury Paris apartment three years ago

Nadler says the Lewandowski hearing next week will be the first such impeachment hearing. Porter and Dearborn also have been subpoenaed to testify

‘They could indict a sitting president’: Watergate prosecutor breaks down Trump’s legal trouble in New York

House judiciary committee considers steps for Trump's impeachment

House Judiciary Committee approves resolution outlining the scope of an impeachment inquiry

Rudy Giuliani Took 'Blue' Anniversary of 9/11 A Little Too Literally

.@ewarren's Social Security expansion plan tackles the nation’s looming retirement income crisis head-on, as well as rising inequality and the squeeze on working families. It is a solution for all generations.

BREAKING: House Judiciary Committee approves resolution spelling out the parameters for its impeachment investigation into President Trump. All Democrats voted aye; all Republicans voted no.

These files, originally obtained by the Dossier Centre, offer documentary proof that Russia’s military role in Libya is far more extensive than has thus far been reported

For several days, Trump was livid over coverage of Alabama/Dorian. He repeatedly complained to aides, including Mulvaney, and pushed his chief of staff to fix the issue. Mulvaney then called Wilbur Ross, who pressured NOAA to come up with a new statement.

God wants you to prove your love for him by voting for Donald Trump, says Bill Mitchell.

“Netanyahu's election posters have featured him shaking hands with Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump...”

HAPPENING NOW: @HouseJudiciary Holds Markup on Resolution for Investigative Procedures

Breaking News: 145 chief executives of some of the nation’s best-known companies will send a letter to all members of the Senate to call on them to take action on gun violence.

Supreme Court says Trump administration can begin denying migrants asylum at southern border while legal fight continues

Hundreds of thousands calling for Catalan independence.

Nadler: This Committee is investigating whether to recommend articles of impeachment. "Some call this process an impeachment inquiry. Some call it an impeachment investigation. There is no legal difference between these terms and I no longer care to argue about the nomenclature."

Putin’s Coffee Boy? “What Spy? Kremlin Mocks Aide Recruited by C.I.A. as a Boozy Nobody”

Gerrymandered Republicans in North Carolina call for a budget vote after saying there would be none. And they do this on 9/11 anniversary. Shameful. No raises for teachers. No Medicaid expansion. Heartless. NC deserves better than this. Vote them out.

A new bipartisan bill has been introduced to stop the supply of crowd control equipment to Hong Kong after @rosalindzadams exposed the Pennsylvania trailer park factory where low-wage workers are making tear gas to ship to the city in hazardous conditions

House Republicans head to an annual retreat Thursday with few wins

The Trump admin is expected to complete the legal repeal of a major Obama-era clean water regulation, which had placed limits on polluting chemicals that could be used near streams, wetlands and water bodies, NYT reports.

Official 9/11 toll is app 3000, but 1st responders deaths are on the rise and diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis are beginning to take their toll. The final number could be over 10,000. For the record, in the days immediately following the attacks, Trump wasn't there. She was

Nadler pushes forward a savvy strategy—he ties his investigation to impeachment without having a formal vote on that point, which gets him what he needs legally without the need for a vote that could divide Democrats or expose Members in red districts.

Found my emails at the Venice Biennale. Someone alert the House GOP.

NEW: Trump campaign to counter Democratic debate by flying massive banner reading "Socialism will kill Houston's economy."

SCOOP: The U.S. government concluded within the last two years that Israel was most likely behind cell-phone surveillance devices that were found operating near the WH and other sensitive parts of D.C., according to three former senior U.S. officials.

North Korean dictator now significant factor in White House personnel decisions.

The U.S. now exports more oil than Saudi Arabia

Intel Chair Schiff: Bolton should have never been national security advisor

Trump officials seeking spots to relocate California’s homeless. “We’re not rounding people up or anything yet.”

Israel reportedly planted tiny devices around D.C. to spy on Donald Trump’s cellphone, but the White House hasn’t condemned the surveillance

Let’s be clear: This decision is racist and cruel. We should grant Temporary Protected Status to Bahamians fleeing Hurricane Dorian. A Warren administration will reinstate TPS to protect refugees who are at risk in their home countries.

Netanyahu: Israel will probably have no choice but to go to war in Gaza

Opinion: Companies colluding to fight climate change don’t need to worry about antitrust laws


Ectopic pregnancies are the top cause of maternal mortality in the first trimester. They cannot be carried to term. Banning or delaying termination means forcing living, breathing human beings to bleed to death over medical fairytales. *That* is murder.

In imitation of the Tory party, Polish government suspended parliament until elections to avoid difficult debates. Illiberalism spreads.

Days after @navalny's smart voting tactic dealt a blow to United Russia, state agents are raiding & seizing electronics in 150 offices & homes of his activists in 40 cities. It's ostensibly for the money laundering case opened during the August 3 protest

America is a Christian nation- so says the American Taliban.

Boris Johnson is trying to keep his Brexit government on track with a relentless focus on domestic issues but the setbacks keep coming

Pelosi on gun legislation: "If you are annoyed with my impatience, it's because people are dying because Senator McConnell hasn't acted. Why don't you go ask him if he has any regrets for all the people who died because he hasn't acted?"

Opinion: Yes, Trump is losing it. But don’t pretend he ever had it to begin with.

Exclusive: NC State Rep. Deb Butler: "I will not yield"

Why NOAA Matters

During his recent visit to Ukraine, Bolton voiced U.S. concern about Russia's military buildup in the Black Sea, including in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote a powerful dissent after the Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration to reject asylum applications from many migrants seeking refuge in the U.S.

Retweet if you feel that @DebButlerHD18was channeling YOUR anger and disgust as she excoriated the GOP on the floor of the North Carolina House today. #IWillNotYield - keep it trending for NC.

What stage of authoritarianism is this?

Fun #Brexit #TrumpRussia worlds collide FACT: Treason Tache @AmbJohnBolton was in the Vote Leave offices the morning of Brexit, when we won. I was sad I just missed him, at the time, not knowing about all the cuckoldry and treason

Opinion: Vladimir Putin’s party just lost an election — even after blocking opponents from the ballot

He can’t tell the truth. He never admits he’s wrong. He never apologizes for anything. He’s a bully. He likes to be cruel to people. All he cares about is himself. He doesn’t read. He doesn’t take advice. He’s impulsive. He’s reckless. He has no core. 4 more years of him? Nope

Put this in a commercial & play it all over local tv in No Carolina While Democrats were at a 9/11 memorial GOP held a secret vote to cut taxes for the Rich How'd they pay for the tax cut? Cut Education & Health Care Screw the 99% Benefit the 1% WTF #NorthCarolina ..Get it yet?

JUST IN: Pence's trip to Trump’s Ireland resort cost taxpayers nearly $600,000 in ground transportation

So SDNY may have turned its evidence over to the State where the DOJ policy against indicting a sitting President would not apply. And that would explain why SDNY didn’t follow through on interviews it had requested with Trump Org people.

Opinion: Trump wants to spoil Alaska’s pristine environment. We can’t let it happen.

Jerry Falwell Jr. asks Miami judge to drop suit over alleged South Beach hostel deal

ICYMI: ‘Not a wandering tourist’: Guilty verdict for woman accused of trespass at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

BREAKING: I just found out there are kids here in Modesto without access to lawyers in front of immigration courts. They are legally entitled to representation. I’m pushing the Trump Administration for answers and I’ll keep you in the loop as I learn more.

Documentarian Ken Burns Warns Donald Trump’s Rise Is ‘Hitler-esque’

It’s not really an abortion since the conception product cannot develop. And the bleeding can be so severe that women have bled to death while being wheeled to the OR. Not a single ectopic pregnancy can result in live birth.

Opposed to Trump: "But I spoke out because he represents the greatest threat to American democracy since the Second World War. He is so fundamentally un-American, and not only because he is unqualified, but because he is mentally unsuited.”

Another view of what happened in the NC House this morning. Members stood around Rep. Butler to keep her from being arrested.

What do you find when you visit the home of a possible Russian defector? Hypervigilant security men in an SUV, two very large dogs, and confused neighbors

"The Manhattan District Attorney's office is investigating the possibility that the Trump Organization falsified business records, the source said."

This is Steven Menashi, an extreme, partisan judicial nominee. Here he is defending an op-ed he helped write praising students for convincing their university to let a campus group ban gay people from being officers. Imagine being an LGBTQ litigant & having him as your judge.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump is flirting with a plan to lend Iran $15 billion

BREAKING: Michael Cohen gets a proffer agreement from the NY DA's office. He will cooperate in their investigation into the Trump Org.

This is Steven Menashi, an extreme, partisan judicial nominee. Here he is defending an op-ed he helped write praising students for convincing their university to let a campus group ban gay people from being officers. Imagine being an LGBTQ litigant & having him as your judge.

My stance couldn’t be clearer: These executives and CEOs know the system has been rigged in their favor—and they’ve gotten away with it for a long time. That stops when I’m president.

To mark September 11, Trump invited the Taliban for tea and offered to give money to Iran.

Top Arab official has been unknowingly spying for Israel for 5 years — report

Called out, Trump nominee regrets repeating anti-Muslim myth

9/11 cases show superiority of criminal courts over Guantanamo

Medically fragile immigrant appeals to Congress in fight for life

Sick immigrants make case in Congress to protect medical deferral

Called out, Trump nominee regrets repeating anti-Muslim myth

Trump fumbles in search for fourth NSA to replace Bolton