Sunday, October 1, 2017

The numbers are in: Trump's tax plan is a bonanza for the rich, not the middle class

The Russia Investigations: Sens. Burr, Warner To Give Update; Spotlight On Twitter

Totally tone deaf: Trump campaign just sent an email to supporters and used disaster relief update to raise money for his own campaign.

Trump raving at North Korea some more

“It’s a pretty safe bet that [Kushner's] personal devices have been compromised by foreign intelligence services."

Schumer hits Ryan on GOP tax reform plan: "Get real, Paul"

Should a "nuclear crisis" unfold on Twitter? Here's what former Pentagon spokesman Steve Warren told @BrianStelter

Paul Ryan: Trump’s ‘Heart’s in the Right Place’ on Race

U.S. lawmakers urge Trump to get to work on Puerto Rico

Mnuchin defends Trump's attacking San Juan mayor: When he's attacked, he attacks back

Leaked White House Memo Details Puerto Rico Spin: “The Storm Caused These Problems, Not Our Response.”

Analysis: While America closes its borders, Canada is poaching some of the best tech talent in the world

General in charge of Puerto Rico response: This is the worst damage I've ever seen

Trump Administration says insurance giant AIG is now free to screw the economy again

Angry That People Think He Doesnt Care About Puerto Rico, Trump Spends Weekend Golfing and Hate-Tweeting


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange now in war of words with the country protecting him


You want to recall John McCain? Good luck, it will be impossible

Mnuchin says no regrets over government plane use

Trump: Tillerson 'wasting his time' negotiating with North Korea

FEMA chief attacks San Juan mayor: You can listen to what she "spouts off" or you can see what's being done

Whole country thinks...geez I hope nothing bad ever happens to where I live.

Trump slow to implement Russia, Iran, North Korea sanctions law: senators

Programs GOP Congress let expire last night

NEW: One day after Sec. Tillerson indicated the U.S. was in communication with North Korea, Pres. Trump tweets "he is wasting his time."

The Dead Sing With Dirt in Their Mouths

Betsy DeVos just compared schools to food trucks.

Trump signaling to NK that US rejects diplo & favors mil option risks Kim miscalculating deterrence moves as strike, making war more likely.

JUST IN: Miami Dolphins players kneel during national anthem for second week

Liar in Chief can't seem to stop.

Liar in Chief can't seem to stop.

Powerful must-read reporting from Mother Jones' @AJVicens on the ground in Puerto Rico's "town of the forgotten"

NEW: Power outages place thousands with kidney disease at risk in Puerto Rico

JUST IN: Trump attacks Puerto Ricans as "politically motivated ingrates"

The Chaos President Cold Open - SNL

President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) speaks with Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant), Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz (Melissa Villaseñor) of San Juan, Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon) and Senator Chuck Schumer (Alex Moffat).

This Bill Moyers Interview Will Give You Hope That Maybe We’re Not Actually Doomed

Sean Hannity interview with Trump in front of studio audience to air Wednesday

Hastily scheduled to coincide with Nancy Pelosi town hall.

Neil Gorsuch could decide the fate of public-sector unions

Propane Jane talks Harvard professor's Claim of Presidential Mental Illness

Gen. Honoré: "He doesn't give a damn about poor people, doesn't give a damn about people of color."

Donald and Ivanka Trump slammed by Girls Who Code founder for ‘bigoted’ and ‘insidious’ agenda

New Lawsuit Against Trump Election Commission aims to halt commission’s collection of data on all American voters.

WH issues readouts normally reserved for calls w other countries

WH issues readouts normally reserved for calls w other countries

Arms-dealer in-chief? Trump wants to make it easier to sell weapons to the rest of the world

5 things Trump did this week while you weren't looking

This week the Department of Education let fly a lot of new data

Betsy DeVos faces absolutely stunning 'silent' protest at Harvard


Trump could face another nuclear crisis if he pulls out of the Iran deal

'Mr. President, that's not true.' Nancy Pelosi describes her meetings with Trump,

Puerto Rico’s exodus begins with a trickle into Orlando

British courts may unlock secrets of how Trump campaign profiled US voters

ussia is a criminal state and attacked the west. Article 5 incoming. Russia will be cut off from the world soon.

San Juan Mayor on Trump: "He's looking for an excuse for things that are not going well."

Robert Mueller Is Using The Foreign Agents Registration Act To Take Down Trump’s Russia Crew

Hackers Could Purchase Enough Personal Information To Alter Voter Registration Files In 35 States

Michael Che absolutely obliterated Donald Trump on Weekend Update.

The new Republican tax plan, explained

Top Democrat: Jim Mattis and generals stopped Trump from making "consequential" North Korea decisions

Twitter's Pro-Trump Bot Crisis Is Really A Human Crisis

How Chef Jose Andres is helping feed victims of Hurricane Maria

After Trump insults Puerto Rico's leaders, Lin-Manuel Miranda tells the President:

America might see a new constitutional convention in a few years. If it did, that would be dangerous thing

'Speaks volumes.' No White House invite for champion women's basketball team

“Word is certainly spreading” in PR on Trump’s tweets, @Boris_Sanchez says. “Several people telling me things that I cannot repeat" on TV.

Trump faces growing backlash over Puerto Rico response

The U.S. will soon begin collecting social media data from all immigrants entering the country

POTUS' campaign just sent out this solicitation for campaign funds via text-message to supporters.