Friday, August 4, 2017

Think about this. Our govt/intel were watching Russian propaganda flood social media in real time on elex day

Would you even care if he was guilty?

BREAKING: President Trump owes at least $315.6 million to German, U.S. lenders, a federal financial disclosure

Dinesh D'Souza deleted a tweet claiming he briefed Bannon and Gorka on his new book linking Democrats to Nazis

Want to know why the alt-reich boys are freaking out over McMaster and Kelly? My new article tells you why

Kelly Just Got There And He's Already Gotten A Formal Complaint On Bannon Breaking Fed Laws

The entire world is laughing about Donald Trump's 'small stick'

Bannon Admits Trump's Cabinet Nominees Were Selected To Destroy Their Agencies.

Sean's interfering with Fed investigation using Fox News. I'm betting Mueller's investigating Sean

Analysis: Trump’s itchy Twitter finger just triggered speculation about an indictment

Smear campaign targets McMaster

Tangled web connects Russian oligarch money to GOP campaigns

Will Donald Trump be the last Republican president?

Two House GOP staffers flew to London to find the Trump dossier author. They didn't tell the Senate, Mueller or Dems

Laziest President in American History Departs for 17-Day Golf Resort Vacation

...Trump Regime. MSM start using burner phones & encrypted apps.

Trump admits Mexico will never pay for the wall

Jeff Sessions hints Department of Justice could force media to give up sources

Happy Birthday President Obama

We miss you terribly.

Brian Stelter: clear some people inside gov. don’t believe this President is competent & trying to warn the public

Mexican official on Trump: "He's the opposite of Teddy Roosevelt. He speaks loudly and carries a small stick."


Stephen Bannon once guided a global firm that made millions helping gamers cheat

Keep the Trump Leaks Coming

'Ivanka Fund' drops Ivanka,

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a briefing this morning that Justice Department is reviewing its policies affecting media subpoenas.

Lazy Boy

White House Colludes With Fox News to Embrace Disinformation

Sean Hannity is on NSA SIGINT and headed to jail


How Russia is using LinkedIn to harass and intimidate Putin’s U.S. critics

Exclusive: top FBI officials could testify against Trump

Analysis: Medvedev called the Trump administration weak. He knows a lot about being a weak executive.

Pres. Trump holds rally in West Virginia alongside party-switching governor

Senator pushes back against Trump Congress tweet

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., discusses foreign policy regarding Russia, new tweets from the president and a new bill that would cut immigration levels in half over a decade.

After leaked transcripts reveal Trump called New Hampshire a 'drug-infested den', Dems -&- Repub's angrily fire back

REPORT: Trump Allegedly Procured Young Girls Through Russian Organized Crime

Trump critics say leakers have crossed a line by releasing phone call transcripts


Republicans are in full control of Government but losing control of their Party

Lawrence: If subpoenaed by grand jury, will Trump take the Fifth?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly issuing subpoenas through a DC grand jury in the Russia probe. If subpoenaed to testify under oath, will Trump tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Is he even capable? Lawrence O'Donnell examines.

Grand jury signals Russia probe likely bigger than Trump wants

Reporting suggests that the Special Counsel is probing Trump's financial ties to Russia, a grand jury is issuing subpoenas, and 10 senior FBI officials could testify in Mueller's obstruction case. Mieke Eoyang, Ron Klain, and Alex Whiting join Lawrence O'Donnell.

McMaster gets new cover in West Wing skirmish

Subpoenas issued in connection to Trump Jr. meeting with Russian lawyer: report

Australia’s Prime Minister Slowly Realizes Trump Is a Complete Idiot

Senators Introduce 2 Bills To Try To Keep Trump From Firing Mueller

The United States has had some turbulent and scandal-plagued Presidencies—yet there has never been one like Trump’

Lawrence: Trump begged Mexico for help on the wall

Donald Trump campaigned on making Mexico pay for the border wall. Lawrence O'Donnell explains what the transcript of Trump's phone call with Mexican President Peña Nieto exposes: that Trump knew Mexico would never pay for it – it was all political.