Friday, November 29, 2019

"A product of tabloid culture, Trump has long trafficked in conspiracy theories. But as chief executive, he’s used the machinery of government to give the ones especially useful to him the stamp of official validation," @PeterAtlantic writes

Judiciary Committee gives Trump deadline to call witnesses, present evidence in impeachment hearings

BREAKING: Dutch police say multiple people have been injured in stabbings in The Hague’s main shopping street.

What do these corporations have in common? ... they avoided all federal income taxes last year.

Is there any real proof that he donates his salary? Like a tax return?

A new bill from Ohio Republicans would require doctors to “reimplant an ectopic pregnancy” into a woman’s uterus—procedure that does not exist in medical science—or face charges of “abortion murder,” which isn’t a thing. This isn’t their real goal, though.

Trump’s talk of Afghanistan cease-fire appears to surprise the Taliban, Afghan government

"The Ukrainian government could still announce new investigations which could be seen as politically beneficial to the US President. However, it is unclear what exactly those potential investigations would cover or when they would be announced."

I will bet you dollars to donuts at some point one of these fuckwits has been in Steve Bannon's orbit

Update: At a news conference, General Manager Brad Treliving said Peters resigned Friday morning and was not fired. He would not say whether Peters would have been fired had he not resigned.

UK police say man shot dead in terrorism incident at London Bridge

If Trump’s quid pro quo call never occurred, its fabrication is the smoking gun. People make up facts only if the truth is incriminating.

Former Republican congressman Charlie Dent says some of his former House colleagues have privately told him they are "absolutely disgusted and exhausted by the President's behavior."

EXCLUSIVE: Sondland’s Ties to Romanian Official Set Off Alarms at National Security Council

Maltese businessman accuses top government officials in murder case

Deutsche bank executive who signed off on Trump loans commits suicide.

President Trump contradicts testimony – and himself – by claiming he never directed Rudy Giuliani on Ukraine

The Creepy Racist Network Behind Trump Aide Stephen Miller

This account is comprehensive and convincing. BLUF: Trump is guilty as sin. One question: Did Sondland simply invent a Sep. 9 call to sort of get Trump a bit off the hook, and then Trump sort of embraced it? Or was that someone else’s bright idea?

Worry rises in military over Trump's decision-making

"With the firing of Navy Secretary Spencer and the resignation last December of then-Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, we see career military leaders choosing duty to country and duty to their oath of office over duty to a personality."

Singapore again invoked its new "fake news" law, ordering Facebook to publish a correction notice on a blog post

The Trump administration is using an obscure provision of the PATRIOT Act, for the first time in its 18 year history, to hold a non-citizen it can’t deport in detention forever.

“There is something inherently powerful in having the TV archives of the last impeachment inquiry handy — so people can compare and contrast what was being said then versus now.”

If billionaires such as Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg really want to stop Trump, they wouldn't be running themselves; they would be devoting big bucks to funding Weld and Walsh to soften up Trump in the primaries (while also funding moderate Democrats).

G. Alan Tarr on "five common mistakes made in arguing for the preservation of the Electoral College."

“An ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening condition — where an embryo implants on the mother’s fallopian tube rather than the uterus— rendering the pregnancy unviable. It can kill a woman if the embryonic tissue grows unchecked. Ohio’s—is one of the most extreme bills to date.”

Russia’s goals are to break up the EU and to break up NATO - and they can do it without tanks

BREAKING: Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi says he will submit his resignation to Parliament in the wake of anti-government protests which have claimed hundreds of lives.

Iraqi prime minister says he will resign

A man’s punishment for telling an immigrant to go back to his country: A 500-word essay

I’ve just heard Johnson on @LBC refusing to answer the basic question ‘How many children do you have?’

Thailand backed down on a plan to prohibit three pesticides after coming under pressure from farmers, the U.S. government and lobbyists for chemicals companies.

Only Trump has to be pressured into standing up for Human Rights.

The probe revealed a "huge and varied array of subjects, residents in different places, united by the same ideological fanaticism and willing to create an openly pro-Nazi, xenophobic and anti-Semitic movement.”

Prince Andrew sparked Buckingham Palace security breach by 'smuggling' female masseuse into bedroom after introduction by Jeffrey Epstein 'madam', Ghislaine Maxwell

Even before Gordon Sondland’s work in Ukraine set off alarm bells, senior U.S. officials were raising concerns about his communications with officials from Romania

London police defend decision to drop Jeffrey Epstein investigation

From China friend to punching bag: When China's leaders were looking for strong voices to counter the Hong Kong protests, the city’s most famous tycoon offered only even-handed pleas for restraint. Next, Li Ka-shing became the target of Beijing's vitriol

Malta now

Explosive revelations in Malta in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia that go to the top of the Maltese government. All the bad guys are rating each other out.

Ousted Navy Secretary Richard Spencer says Trump’s intervention in Navy SEAL case was "shocking and unprecedented"

Gaetz, defending Trump for releasing the aid only AFTER hearing the complaint: "Ed, if you're ever accused of holding... a hostage for ransom... and you're not doing it... it's always a good idea to probably... release the... alleged hostage." ...What?

It’s the separation of powers Super Bowl at the DC Circuit Jan 3! Both Mueller grand jury secrets case AND McGahn/WH immunity oral arguments that day DOJ v House impeachment doubleheader!


Completely neutral, right? “In a forthcoming documentary, "Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words," Thomas lashes out at Democrats and Biden, who chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee and oversaw his confirmation process.”

FDR learned the hard way not to tinker with Thanksgiving

Apple hands Russia a victory in Crimea with map change

"I normally vote Conservative, but I can't bear the buffoon"

Trump aimed to split 26,000 immigrant kids from families: report

The Hill waits until the last line to say that it's not affiliated with Whole Foods, the supermarket.

Palm oil is used in half of all supermarket products, from chocolate to shampoo. And the demand for it is driving deforestation in Indonesia. Experts say it's a climate bomb with disastrous consequences for the world in years to come.

Giuliani backpedals after reckless remarks threaten Trump graces

"I made a tremendous difference in the country. “ Donald Trump Says He's Most Thankful for Himself on Thanksgiving

Trump talks with the Taliban, let’s ISIS fighters escape, gives Kim Jong Un the global attn he craves... All roads lead to Putin. Making our enemies stronger is a strategy benefiting Russia, not the US. Trump works in the best interests of Putin & the cost is our Natl Security

GOP lawmakers are admitting they’re ‘disgusted and exhausted by Trump’ as impeachment looms: Ex-House member

Trump Administration to cut its financial contribution to NATO

Rudy Giuliani told The Daily Beast “everyone” thought that Zelensky’s chief of staff, Andriy Bohdan, was “a very crooked lawyer.”

This is how a real President spent his Thanksgiving Day in America today. Thanks,

Giuliani’s work for the city of Kharkiv may also require FARA registration, given that Pavel Fuks, the Ukrainian mogul who paid Giuliani for the work, has said he understood he was hiring the former mayor to lobby in the US

Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre tells the BBC: 'Only one of us telling the truth'

We’re headed for a crisis on the Korean Peninsula. The administration isn’t ready.

U.S. gun owners are angling for their first Supreme Court win in a decade after Donald Trump packed the bench

Evidence stirs doubt about Sondland claims about Trump phone call

Trump talks with the Taliban, let’s ISIS fighters escape, gives Kim Jong Un the global attn he craves... All roads lead to Putin. Making our enemies stronger is a strategy benefiting Russia, not the US. Trump works in the best interests of Putin & the cost is our Natl Security