Saturday, May 16, 2020

Obama Says U.S. Lacks Leadership on Virus in Virtual Commencement Speech The virus has “torn back the curtain on the idea that the folks in charge know what they’re doing,” the former president said. “A lot of them aren’t even pretending to be in charge.”

Why is this bad man endangering the life of this child? Isn’t there an adult nearby who can intervene?

World No. 1 McIlroy slams Trump for coronavirus response

Not only is this pathetic tool wearing a handwritten badge, her “uniform” is fresh out of the costume bag it came in - checks the wrinkles. What a clown.

Every word out of Trump's vile mouth is a lie.

The president is out of his mind

Trump is trying to settle old scores before he spends his remaining days in a quasi prison/nursing home setting. He hates what’s happening to him & hates everybody for it. He’s a functional remnant of himself- vanquished & left to publicly rot by enabler‘s who exploit his title.

Dr. Not So Bright

Obamagate? Yo’mamagate!

President Trump has fired so many independent IGs that I’ve lost count. He replaces them with partisan cronies to cover up corruption and incompetence. Trump’s actions eat away at our democracy and erode Americans’ faith in government.

As the American death toll approaches 90K, here is the President grinning from ear to ear about "Space Force".

It all makes sense now. 2/10 @JudgeJeanine

Imagine the round-the-clock media coverage for months if Obama had gone after 4 IGs for plainly retaliatory reasons inside 6 weeks. Imagine the 30-day countdown clock graphics on every channel. Imagine the congressional hearings. Imagine Grassley screaming on the capitol steps.

Trump can run against whoever he wants, but he's going to lose to Joe Biden.

1/ McConnell most certainly does not want to launch the Molly Hemingway/Donald Trump/Maga Horde idea to drag Obama and his administration before the Senate to investigate them over “Obamagate.” Even Trump doesn’t really want it. It’s provocation and boob bait for his cult.

Science over fiction.

Hey, if Obama left us empty shelves where did all those masks and ventilators Mike Pompeo sent to China come from?

Richard Burr Leads Russia Inquiry, Whether He Likes It or Not

Day Sixteen of Trump Sexual predator month and yet still more material. Meet Mariah Billado and read her story

Barr drops charges against 13 Russian hackers, Barr lets Manafort out of prison. Barr raids Sen. Burr who was ready to drop Senate intelligence report saying Russian interfered in ‘16 Election but leaves Sen. Loeffler alone. . These things are all related.

Just in case someone tries to tell you the gun and ax toting “protest” in Michigan today was big.

One of the biggest hurdles in preventing on-farm food waste is logistics.

This is literally what @trish_regan was fired for. Same thing, but potentially even worse. How does any advertiser put their name on this?

.@realDonaldTrump, it’s not us, it’s you. Your inaction, ineptitude, and instability have caused the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. Do your job.

If you had any respect for this girl, then you would have worn a mask, @realDonaldTrump.

NEW: The State Department inspector general has been fired and replaced by an ally of Vice President Mike Pence

good thing TRUMP made USA #1!! #1 Deaths #1 in Debt #1 Most money stolen from Working Class & Given to the Rich

Because the White House, our House, is full of crooks who are trying to prevent anyone from following their crimes, it is time for everyone who knows facts to resign and bring your documents directly to the media. This would be an act of patriotism.

“Americans must put a president in the White House come January, 2021, who will understand that public health should not be guided by partisan politics.” —Reviving the US CDC - The Lancet

The Trump campaign is laying the groundwork for a return to in-person rallies

Hackers Claim To Have Trump’s Dirty Laundry And Demand $42 Million To Keep Quiet

The fact is Donald Trump wasted an awful lot of time, and lives were lost as a consequence.

Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia's PIF buys stakes in Boeing, Citi, Disney, Facebook

I have learned that the Office of the Inspector General had opened an investigation into Secretary Pompeo. Mr. Linick’s firing amid such a probe strongly suggests that this is an unlawful act of retaliation.

Okay Tim Ryan really, really said what needed to be said in Congress.

Trump ousts State Department watchdog

The Trump administration objects SO strenuously to NSA "unmasking" of US Person identities -- it's such an outrageous violation of privacy and American liberties -- that the unmasking request rate since Donald J. Trump entered the White House has DOUBLED.

Gowdy: If I called Obama, he would be the last witness because I don’t like surprises... I would call Biden before Obama because President Trump was impeached for trying to investigate his political enemies. Maybe that’s what Biden did. I mean I don’t know it..

Very bad news for Republican Kevin McCarthy. A United States Air Force Veteran @KimMangone is running against him and wants to step up to serve her country one more time. Please retweet and follow her.

88,031 dead from coronavirus and our president is laser focused on the pandemic

Remember two weeks ago when the White House was using a model put together by one of its economists that predicted (absurdly) American deaths would end May 15? That’s today.

India’s burgeoning coronavirus cases have overtaken China’s tally, making it the latest nation with the dubious distinction of having more infections than the country where the pandemic began

Stacey Abrams’s public push for veep slot complicates Biden’s search

"Barr has won. Trump has won. And the post-Watergate reforms that were intended to stop Presidents, Attorneys General, and spy chiefs from using law-enforcement and intelligence agencies for political purposes have been obliterated."

Breaking: The DOJ and several states are likely to file antitrust suits against Google and are well into planning for litigation, people familiar with the matter say

Again—Linick has NOT been fired. Trump gave notice of an INTENT to fire him in 30 days. The notice period exists to give Congress time to intervene. Here's the notice to Pelosi obtained and posted on Twitter by @mkraju. What I haven't seen is the notice to McConnell. I suspect... p

“The Texas Supreme Court has temporarily halted election officials from allowing voters to cast absentee ballots while citing fears of the coronavirus, blocking a state appeal court’s ruling and backing Texas AG Ken Paxton.”

China is going after the United States over more than $1 billion that the Trump administration owes the United Nations in unpaid dues, @AP reported

Hong Kong police arrested eight people protesting in a mall in the New Territories, one of four anti-government demonstrations in shopping centers across the city

Opinion: The future belongs to the pandemic pragmatists

Benjamin Netanyahu wants to annex into Israel some land the Palestinians want for a state. This is how he could do it

Ex Moderna board member is now Trump’s Covid vaccine czar. And - oh wait - Moderna received the largest amount of govt funding despite never having made a vaccine before.

While Richard Burr sat on committees focused on health care, taxes and trade, he and his wife bought and sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of stock in an array of health care companies, banks and corporations with business overseas

Trump has fired the State Department inspector general in his latest effort targeting key watchdogs across the government. According to this letter he sent to Pelosi, Trump says he “no longer” has the “fullest confidence” in the State inspector general. Effective in 30 days.

Russia reports 9,200 new coronavirus infections

At least 7 Amazon workers have died of COVID-19 as company refuses to release official numbers

What a waste of $15.2 billion during a pandemic

Secret Service signs $179,000 contract to rent golf carts in Bedminster, N.J., this summer

A viral video of a black light experiment aims to show how easily germs and viruses can spread in environments like restaurants and cruise ships when just one person is infected

"Texas reports 58 coronavirus deaths in one day, a record"

Please take a minute to read this short piece by ⁦@anneapplebaum⁩ and watch the video. In short, the President of the United States is an imbecile. Our country is in decline because of it and the world is moving on

Hong Kong's police watchdog exonerated police for its handling of pro-democracy protests. The government rejected an independent probe. Groups accuse them of excessive force: ▪️ tear gas, rubber bullets ▪️ 200+ complaints of police assault ▪️ 8,300+ arrests

At vaccine event, Trump suggests coronavirus may go away without a vaccine @jaketapper reports

I want Donald Trump to look the American people in the eye and explain why their hard-earned dollars are bailing out his wealthy donors.

ICYMI: This article is delicious. Like we've always said, it's never been about the issues. It's always been a cult of personality centered around their demagogue, Bernie Sanders. And now it's over

I just voted YES on the Heroes Act to: ☑️Put more money in your pocket. ☑️Extend unemployment benefits. ☑️Provide hazard pay for front line workers. ☑️Increase help to small businesses. ☑️Support states, cities, and schools. And more. The American people need help. Now.

McEnany takes a question from ultra-sycophantic OAN and I just lost some brain cells

REPORTER: The president said people should be jailed as part of Obamagate McENANY: I never said that. Those are your words, not mine (The whole point was that Trump said it.)

This picture from the Economist makes me happy.

Whistleblower: Wall Street Has Engaged in Widespread Manipulation of Mortgage Funds

VA Continuing To Use Unproven Malaria Drug For COVID-19 For Now

Kim Jong Un 'replaced head of intelligence and his personal bodyguard

Drug promoted by Trump as coronavirus "game changer" increasingly linked to deaths

I am supporting @JoeBiden for President because he will stand up for hardworking families and bring this country together.

Steve Linick, who Trump intends to fire in 30 days, made news in October when he turned over documents to impeachment investigators that included copies of emails to Pompeo aides from concerned State staffers warning against Ukraine conspiracies Trump was pursuing.

It's the usual Friday. The lawless White House directing a lawless Cabinet officer to fire an IG because, you know, IGs get in the way of all the criming.

Pelosi: "The President's late-night, weekend firing of the State Department Inspector General has accelerated his dangerous pattern of retaliation against the patriotic public servants charged with conducting oversight ... The President must cease his pattern of reprisal."

!! House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Engel: “I have learned that the Office of the IG had opened an investigation into Sec. Pompeo.” Says Linicks’s firing is the “outrageous act of a President trying to protect one of his most loyal supporters...from accountability”

There were all sorts of accusations about Pompeo and his wife’s misuse of government resources — to include planes —during his time at Langley. So this seems far from surprising. Only now is Trump brazen enough to axe an IG to try to make it go away.

The OIG was looking into the Secretary’s misuse of a political appointee at State to perform personal tasks for himself and Mrs. Pompeo, a Democratic aide tells me

“Flynn should never have been allowed within 10 miles of the White House. He was a dangerous, dishonest and shady operator who was also kind of a loon.”

Arizona Homeland Security agents engaged in sex acts with suspected trafficking victims

NEW: Biden camp tells reporters it has a “clear path” to 270 electoral votes, that it’s “pulling ahead” in FL, PA, MI, WI & AZ and will boost high-level staffing in the next 10 days and add hundreds of battleground staffers by the end of June.

A trans naval officer has secured the first ever waiver to carry on doing her job. Around 15 others are in the same process, potentially challenging Trump’s trans military ban.

Rick Bright barely registers for Trump — “never met him or even heard of him,” he tweeted. And if the last few days are any indication, Trump’s followers feel the same way

87,000 Americans dead, 1.3 million infected, and the president is attacking a local TV news reporter who was trying to do his job and cover a protest. Indecent, vile.

The novel coronavirus can infect organs throughout the body, including lungs, throat, heart, liver, brain, kidneys and the intestines, researchers have reported

The Energiser bunny of malice

Bars and Restaurants opened up in Ohio today and this is what a bar in Columbus looks like currently. No social distancing, no masks, & not a single care in the world. I’m pretty sure I’m witnessing the second wave of COVID19 brew right now.

Lindsey Graham says we can declare victory at 120 k deaths”The closer you can have it to 120 [thousand deaths], I think you can say you limited the casualties in this war.” Isn’t this the same man and party that went nuts for years over 4 dead at Bengazi?

If you have to cancel your legislative session because armed men have taken over your statehouse, you have allowed terrorists to take over your government.

Trump admin halts Bill Gates coronavirus testing program that helped diagnose missed cases

Let's recap: "Mourning In America" = Banned on Facebook This Trump Campaign Ad = Not banned on Facebook

"Arkansas businesses began to reopen last week. Now, the state has seen one of its biggest one-day jumps in new confirmed cases. Previously, the governor planned on moving into Phase Two on Monday. Now, he said, the state is not prepared."

I understood our country had problems before, but were we really so profoundly broken that nearly 63M voters preferred a monster like this?

CDC tracks 12 different forecasting models of possible #COVID19 deaths in the US. As of May 11, all forecast an increase in deaths in the coming weeks and a cumulative total exceeding 100,000 by June

Odds no longer all in Lindsey Graham’s favor in US Senate race, new forecasts say

It is a huge conflict of interest for the White House’s new vaccine czar to own $10 million of stock in a company receiving government funding to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Slaoui should divest immediately

President Trump: "We took over very, very empty cupboards."

House approves historic rules change to let members for first time ever vote remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. Final vote: 217-189

"...a poll commissioned by the Republican National Committee tested roughly 20 lines of attack against Mr. Biden ... None of the lines of attack significantly moved voter sentiment..."

The number of US coronavirus deaths could surpass 100,000 by June 1, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said

BREAKING: ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams: “Based on what we know today, this Obamagate theory is 100 percent bullshit."

Breaking: State Department Inspector General Steve Linick has been fired. Linick, a DOJ veteran appointed to the role in 2013 by Obama, is the latest of a slew of inspectors general to be ousted in recent months.

Trump has not fired him. Trump has given notice of an intent to fire him. The law requiring this 30-day advance notice exists to give Congress a chance TO PREVENT THE FIRING. This is not the end of a story, this is the beginning. This is a countdown to the failure of Congress.

If Inspector General Linick was fired because he was conducting an investigation of conduct by Secretary Pompeo, the Senate cannot let this stand. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee must get to bottom of what happened here.

President Trump just arrived at Camp David for the weekend. He'll be joined by Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and the following lawmakers: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Rep. Dan Crenshaw Rep. Matt Gaetz Rep. Devin Nunes Rep. Jim Jordan Rep. Elise Stefanik Rep. Lee Zeldin

Barr's track record makes questions about Burr probe unavoidable

Trump finally succeeds in corrupting DOJ, U.S. intelligence

When the U.S. president represents a global health crisis

V.A. tries to hide supply challenges faced in coronavirus fight