Thursday, November 19, 2020

“Call them whatever you like, but don’t call them leaders”


Chris Krebs called Giuliani’s wild ride of false claims “the most dangerous 1hr 45 minutes of television in American history. And possibly the craziest.”


*Any* @GOP who goes along with this tyrannical plot will stained for eternity


All the President's 'Guys.' Catching up with the weirdos, goons, and attention hounds that are largely responsible for our current reality


Here's why you should hire union hair and makeup professionals:


NEW: @realdonaldtrump invites Michigan GOP leaders to White House, as he seeks to have them throw out the results of that state's election (in which Trump lost by 157,000 votes). It appears the Michigan GOP leaders are actually coming


Giuliani's reenacts a scene from "My Cousin Vinny" and then casually accuses Biden of crimes. Unhinged.


Before Bill Barr became Trump's choice to lead DOJ, he represented Caterpillar Inc. in a federal criminal investigation. A week after Barr was nominated, DOJ officials told the team in the active criminal probe of Caterpillar to take "no further action."


One of the last, dying gasps of the Trump presidency is a sweaty, septuagenarian lawyer spouting baseless conspiracies while hair dye runs down the sides of his face.


With hair dye dripping down his face Rudy Giuliani actually just said “I feel kinda stupid.”


What the actual fuck y’all


2. Here's the report from the Associated Press on Trump's Tuesday night phone call with the two Wayne County Republican board members.


Michigan county official who wants to rescind her vote to certify election results says she received a call from Trump


WAPO confirms w Palmer that Trump called her.


EXCLUSIVE: Right before he was put in charge of a Senate subcommittee with jurisdiction over the Navy, Sen. David Perdue began buying up stock in a company that made submarine parts.


Every day without action from the current Administration and Republicans in the Senate to #CrushTheVirus means more deaths that could have been prevented. Every number is a life cut short, a family in pain, and a community deprived. None of this has to happen


NEW: Tax returns reveal pro-Trump "dark money" nonprofit America First gave $2M+ to fund swing state groups accused of spreading misinfo in NC & voter fraud for switching unwitting FL Democrats' party affiliation with forged signatures, bogus personal info


"If lawyers can lie without consequence, making up facts whenever they want, then our trials and hearings will become farces." @FoxCahn says it's time for Rudy Giuliani to lose his law license


We knew running against the richest member of Congress we might be outspent, but we're getting drowned out by more than $20M on the airwaves and need your help to fight back:


Monica Palmer and William Hartmann now want to rescind their votes to certify the election results in Michigan’s Wayne County. Never underestimate the power of a phone call from Lindsey Graham.


If people die due to @GSAEmily unwillingness to sign off on the transition, can their families sue @GSAEmily personally?


The Georgia Republican asked Fox News viewers to "chip in 5 or 10 bucks" to her campaign while inside the U.S. Capitol


Trump targets vote certification in late bid to block Biden; he called 2 Republican canvassers in Wayne County on Tuesday evening, & they signed affidavits on Wednesday saying county votes should not be certified despite their support


12 Million To Lose Jobless Benefits The Day After Christmas Unless Congress


73 million people voted for Trump and they are all about to have thanksgiving.


In view of the prison sentence he faces, Joshua concludes: “I only wish that during my absence, you can continue to stand with the people of #HongKong & closely follow developments, large-scale arrests and #save12hkyouths


Support CK Lee. Say no to the erosion of academic freedom. [Scholar who said 'Hong Kong belongs to the world' refutes pro-Beijing press claim she may have violated security law


Trump's view is always 100% self-centered and zero-sum. The worse he can leave things for Biden and the US, the better he thinks he will look in comparison if he isn't blamed for it. He's going to destroy as much as he can, just as Putin hoped


The Senate just confirmed 33-year-old Kat Mizelle, a Jones Day associate and ex-Thomas clerk, to a federal judgeship in Florida. The ABA gave her a "not qualified" rating due to lack of trial experience. Out of Trump's young judges, she's the youngest.


EXCLUSIVE: Right before chairing the Subcommittee on SeaPower, Sen. David Perdue bought stock in BWX Technologies. After working on a bill that ultimately directed more Navy dollars to BWX, Perdue sold off the stock, earning tens of thousands in profits


Perdue acquired up to $190,000 in BWX Technologies stock. The firm had lucrative contracts with the Navy to develop high-tech components for its nuclear submarine fleet—and they were looking to expand with the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act.


Perdue had a key role in shaping the final version of the NDAA, including securing a hefty $4.7 billion for Virginia-class submarines. Now guess which firm was awarded contracts to design and make key parts for Virginia-class submarines? BWX


Marco, of quoting scripture, I challenge you to list three ACTIONS you have taken each day that are *actually* Christ-like. Constantly advertising your piousness through tweets is just prideful and lazy.


Saving this before it gets deleted.


Oh. You’re still here?


BREAKING: Florida Department of Health reported 7,925 new cases today, bringing overall reported total to 905,248 cases. DeSantis is doing his best with his herd immunity experiment to get to 1 million victims




Emily Murphy just tweeted and deleted this


Oh NOW the @nytimes isn't fake news?! Get your slop straight pig & face reality. YOU. DID. LOSE.


NEW: “Tyson Foods ordered employees to report for work while supervisors privately **wagered money** on the number of workers who would be sickened by the deadly virus.”


35% more people have died from COVID in South Dakota than South Korea.


This is not your standard partisan policy disagreement. This is a conspiracy theory fueled belligerent death cult against reality & basic decency. The only actual policy debates of note are happening within the dem coalition between left and center left.


Imagine hating your country so much that you are willing to kill soldiers, allow people to die of disease and destroy the environment to spite your successor over politics. The GOP hates America. We are all pawns and marks.


42 years ago today I survived a mass shooting & massacre at Jonestown. Congressman Leo Ryan was assassinated along w/courageous journalists Don Harris, Bob Brown of @NBCNews & SF Examiner photographer Greg Robinson. Embrace life. Respect the fact that you are alive & wear a mask.


Covid-19 is strengthening its grip on one of the most vulnerable populations: senior citizens in long-term care


Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. is demanding the president and his aides be investigated and prosecuted after leaving office. Pascrell says a failure to do so would embolden "criminality by our national leaders" and continue "America down the path of lawlessness."


When discussing Emily Murphy, it's worth mentioning that her explicit dereliction of duty at GSA allowed foreign governments to bribe the president (sorry, "stay at his hotel") without their spending being tracked by GSA. Now ... why did she do that?


New from Michigan: Now Wayne County Republicans want to “rescind” their votes to certify election result


The Senate Ethics Committee is a failed concept.


GOP traded 250,000 American lives for 225 Trump judges


David Perdue's corruption and self-dealing are flagrant. He is blatantly exploiting his office to line his own pockets. This conduct is utterly inexcusable


Sen. Klobuchar on ouster of cyber official: ‘He should never have been fired.’


Maybe the Senator would be less worried about her election if she spent her time actually helping the American people instead of breaking ethics rules and campaigning using taxpayer resources.


Trump's HHS won't work with Biden: HHS staffers have been informed that if anyone from Biden's team contacts them, they are not to communicate with them and should instead alert the deputy surgeon general of the communication.


A man used address he doesn’t live at to vote in the presidential election, and won’t answer questions the registration. The man is a United States senator, Republican of Missouri.


Some senior law enforcement officials who helped build the case against Gen. Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda were reportedly not consulted ahead of the dropped drug-trafficking charges


Exclusive: US investigators were told to take 'no further action' on Caterpillar, ex-client of Barr - the IRS was demanding $2.3billion related to criminal tax investigation but before Barr was confirmed the case against Caterpillar stalled


Protection of the Biden valid election victory is central to America’s continuing democracy. It must be safeguarded by the most intense possible legal and media scrutiny. Trump and his lawless associates are capable of any level of fraudulent action


“We call on China to stop undermining the rights of the people of #HongKong to elect their representatives in keeping with the Joint Declaration and Basic Law.”


Samantha Power: ‘Putin was denied’ interfering in the 2020 election


#Belarus these days. Families and friends are waiting near Akrescina detention centre to give packages to their loved ones who are kept inside. It is heartbreaking to see such crowds. The country behind bars.


What Republicans did last night wasn’t normal, but it was racist


Three top ethics experts have formally requested the Senate Ethics Committee investigate whether Sen. Lindsey Graham violated the chamber's rules in his probe over how mail-in voting was conducted in the 2020 election


"A second official tells CNN their goal is to set so many fires that it will be hard for the Biden administration to put them all out."


Brooklyn Judge Grants Class-Action Status to Kushner Tenants


TSA forgot to actually apply the redaction pen a bunch of emails it marked for redaction the agency just turned over to me in response to my #FOIA request for docs related to #Covid_19 What you are seeing here is an example of how the b5 exemption is abused


Weissmann: Citizen Trump should be prosecuted for obstructing Special Counsel Mueller


Inadequate men in big jobs are always dangerous. President Trump has cemented his legacy as an inadequate man who lacks the mental faculties and strength of character necessary for the job. How many others will prove, by saying and doing nothing, that they too are inadequate?


Judge Brann puts in writing what he said in court: Tomorrow's previously scheduled evidentiary hearing is unnecessary and now off. He also rejects an effort by Trump's counsel to sanction the lawyers on the other side for what she claimed to be a harassing phone call.


On Monday, @washingtonpost reported that @LindseyGrahamSC had phoned Raffensperger to see if the secretary of state had the authority to toss out legally cast ballots. It wasn't the first time this year he'd been contacted on behalf of the president.


"If you take out [Chris Krebs] and the number two guy resigns, now you've got no leadership at the helm to stop the propaganda that people are buying into that this whole election was rigged"


Maddow: Trump leaves U.S. vulnerable with decapitation of cybersecurity agency