Thursday, September 6, 2018

BREAKING: Brett Kavanaugh refuses to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation on the Supreme Court despite swirling questions about his independence.

JUST IN: Warren calls for using the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office

Booker notes that Kavanaugh was not on Trump's SCOTUS lists until the Mueller investigation started.

Mazie Hirono announces that she'll also release a Committee confidential document to the press, says that if Cory Booker is going to be punished, "count me in, too."

To block women's access to contraception, Kavanaugh ruled that it was "too burdensome" for employers to fill out a two page form. But to block women's access to abortion, he ruled that getting court approval for the procedure was "not burdensome enough."

Call your Senators and tell them to vote NO: (202) 224-3121. — Kamala Harris

For 3 years, at a cost of $2,000,000, Brett Kavanaugh investigated Vince Foster conspiracy theories. "He meticulously examined the W.H. carpets ... He sent investigators in search of follicle specimens from Mr. Foster’s bereft, blond, teenage daughter."

There's a lot going on, I know. But yesterday DOJ issued subpoenas for millions of voter records in its hunt for voter fraud & implied it would take legal action against social media companies for stifling conservative voices. Both massive, massive breaks with ordinary behavior.

Newly released email shows Kavanaugh writing to John Yoo about the warrantless surveillance program in 2001. John Yoo was the legal architect of the program. Under oath, Kavanaugh has twice testified that he did not know about the program until NYT reported about it in 2005.

Now that Bill Burck is announcing what documents he has "cleared" and what he is allowing to be made public -- remind me why this random private lawyer is in charge of deciding what government documents are released (or not) for a Supreme Court nominee?

Sen Booker asks Kavanaugh “What kind of loyalty is being demanded of you for this job.”

Dick Durbin to Cory Booker: "I concur with what you are doing. Let's jump into this pit together ... If there is going to be some retribution against the senator from New Jersey, count me in. I want to be part of this process."

LEAHY: Trump claims he has an absolute right to pardon himself. Does he? KAVANAUGH: I can't begin to answer that Q in this context. L: Does the president have the ability to pardon somebody in exchange for assurances that they won't testify against him? K: Can't answer that.

Kavanaugh will double down on Citizens United and get rid of any limit on money in politics. This is why McConnell is going to such extreme lengths to sneak him onto the court.

Judge Kavanaugh just said Burwell v. Hobby Lobby was about "abortion-inducing drugs." That's a GROSS misunderstanding of the case, which was about insurance coverage for contraceptives. It's further proof of Kavanaugh's hostility toward women's reproductive freedom.

BIG FLAG: #Kavanaugh just called birth control "abortion-inducing drugs"

Open Letter to Times Op-ed Writer: Go Public Now, Before They Bust You

Brett Kavanaugh just confirmed to @amyklobuchar that he believes that Brown v. Board of Education is "correct law." This is what he refused to say about Roe v. Wade, often saying it's "settled law" and "precedent upon precedent." This is an important distinction.

Dutch bank ING Groep receives record nearly $1 billion dollar fine for money laundering violations.

Sen. Rand Paul says Trump would be justified in using lie-detector tests to find author of anonymous critical New York Times op-ed.

Kavanaugh has said TWICE, under oath, that he first learned about the warrantless surveillance program when the NYT reported it in 2005. Here is an email about the program that he wrote in 2001 to John Yoo, the legal architect of the program

Literally the subject line is "spying" and the first line is "I have a friend who is a mole for us." Forwarded by Kavanaugh personally, who calls it "interesting". Then, under oath, he denied knowing of any "spying" or "mole," said he would've reported it if he'd heard of that.

Woodward has receipts. For instance he publishes the draft letter Cohn swiped from Trump’s desk

A government photographer edited official pictures of Donald Trump’s inauguration to make the crowd appear bigger following a personal intervention from the president.

BREAKING: Kavanaugh testified he never received any docs that even “appeared to … have been drafted or prepared by Democratic staff.” Well, he got 8 pages of material taken VERBATIM from my files, obviously written by Dem staff, LABELED “not [for] distribution”.

Not only did Kavanaugh lie at his previous confirmation hearing, it was an ENORMOUS lie. He didn't just talk about warrantless surveillance in passing once or twice; it's clear from this email he was in regular contact about the program in 2001 with DOJ lawyers.

The Trump Administration is defying a decades-old court agreement by issuing a new rule that will hold immigrant children in detention *indefinitely*. This is deeply immoral, and they must not be allowed to get away with it

Don Willett, who was confirmed to the Fifth Circuit in December, also received and used emails stolen from the Democrats.

On the left, sworn testimony in which Brett Kavanaugh tells Ted Kennedy he was "not involved in handling" Bill Pryor's nomination. On the right, Brett Kavanaugh is invited to an "emergency umbrella meeting" at a private law firm "to discuss nominee Bill Pryor's hearing."

Ex-Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes takes job with Kremlin-backed propaganda outlet RT

During his time in the #WhiteHouse, Judge Kavanaugh coached President Bush’s judicial nominees on how to give .@SenateDems vague, meaningless assurances about Roe v. Wade. This week he followed his own blueprint.

Prediction affirmed: New York truck attack suspect Sayfullo Saipov's attorneys just filed a motion to preclude the government from seeking the death penalty because of Trump's tweets.

Russia's VTB head: possible new US sanctions on financial sector would be a hard hit - TV

Sen Harris is relentless


‘Bring it on’: Cory Booker taunts GOP’s John Cornyn for threatening to expel him for leaking Kavanaugh docs

He did it! Under threat of being ousted from the Senate, he released the confidential documents showing Republicans are LYING about why they are HIDING them from the American people. Cory Booker is not fucking around. Here they are

I stand with my colleague @CoryBooker. The American people have a right to see Kavanaugh's full record.

BREAKING: Trump administration says it will sidestep court agreement that limited detention for immigrant children

Senator Kamala Harris inquires if Kavanaugh knows of any federal law governing male bodies.@SenKamalaHarris drops the mic

These are the docs Rs don't want you to see—because they show that Judge Kavanaugh wrongly believes that Native Hawaiian programs are Constitutionally questionable. I defy anyone reading this to be able to conclude that it should be deemed confidential in any way, shape, or form.

For the record, I used text of so-called “committee confidential” documents in my opening statement on #Kavanaugh. I did not seek “permission” because I think the designation was invalid and without legal effect.

JUST IN: Three victims are dead in downtown Cincinnati shooting. The suspect is also dead, reports NPR's Ken Barcus.

Leaked Kavanaugh Documents From Time at White House Discuss Abortion, Affirmative Action

Kavanaugh won’t recuse himself, but also won’t say whether a president can obstruct justice if he chooses, whether he can use the pardon power to do so, or whether he must respond to a subpoena. Judge Kavanaugh calls these mere hypothetical questions. But they are all too real.

Kremlin denies accusations against Putin for Novichok attack

Before any mention of it was public, the ringleader also sent #Kavanaugh a DRAFT letter of mine and other Dems. He worked extensively on nominations in the WH at the time, and would’ve known he had a private letter that hadn’t yet been reported in the press.

Days before the hearing for a hyper-controversial nominee, the ringleader of the hack sent Mr. #Kavanaugh specific details on what I was planning to ask about at her hearing. Said he learned it from “Intel.”

Here are Judge Kavanaugh's own words on Native Hawaiians. In Rice v. Cayetano, he drew conclusions based on these factually wrong and incredibly offensive claims.

Pence breaks with Trump, says he holds Sessions in the "highest regard"

Conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi subpoenaed by Mueller - Corsi works with Alex Jones on Infowars, has dealt with Roger Stone for years, was contacted by Trump yrs ago re: Obama birth certificate. Corsi & Randy Credico to testify before grand jury Friday

OPINION: Confirmation hearings began for Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s pick to replace retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. SCOTUSblog publisher Tom Goldstein weighs in on what it means for the future of the Court

Trump responded to questions about his mental health by a member of his own administration with a rant that proves he’s crazy.

Brett Kavanaugh Is a Lifelong Republican Operative and Will Rule Like One

Bob Woodward, Bane of Presidents, Turns His Fire on Cheeto Jesus

W.H. official's NYT screed on Trump sets up crisis for Americans

CSPAN has posted the entire nearly 8-minute exchange between Kamala Harris and Kavanaugh on the Mueller probe. It is worth your time.