Sunday, July 1, 2018

Capital Gazette takes hit at Trump: "We won't forget being called an enemy of the people"

The United Nations says that 18,500,000 Americans are in "extreme poverty." Trump's team claims just 250,000 are.

Immigrant families are being charged thousands of dollars in airfare to get children out of federally contracted migrant shelters. One family was asked to pay $4,000.


Top GOP Fundraiser to Stop Hush Payments Over Affair

Sens. Warren and Blumenthal and Rep. Cummings are calling on the SEC to investigate whether Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross violated insider trading or other securities laws.

WaPo reports that when FLOTUS travels alone, her tarmac arrival is traditionally closed to the media. But when Melania wore her 'I really don’t care, do u?' jacket, the W.H. allowed her to be photographed, as if she wanted the media to see the jacket.

JUST IN: Canada slaps tariffs on $13 billion in US goods in retaliation for Trump tariffs

Schiff: This is the first we heard about the "good FBI agents" leaking laptop info to Devin Nunes.

"Donald Trump is the only American in public office who has refused to acknowledge explicitly their attack in 2016": Sen. Richard Blumenthal called the upcoming Helsinki summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin "deeply alarming"

Trump official calls UN document condemning racism a threat to democracy

Either Susan Collins either ain’t too smart ... or she thinks we’re all dummies. I’m guessing the latter

POLITICO reports that legislative affairs tried to kill the prankster phone call after calling Menendez's office and learning the senator had no desire to connect with Trump, but Jared Kushner patched the call through.

"Trump Foundation’s lawyer asked that the trial not commence in October, because it was so close to the midterms. Judge Scarpulla laughed in response, did not change the trial date, and hinted that she is likely to require the President to testify"

ICE officers whine that everyone hates them now: ‘Even the cops don’t like us anymore’

Jared Kushner is an idiot

The lobbying campaign is on. I have already been contacted by her supporters telling me to back off. That I will not do. If Trump makes this nomination, those of us who believe in the First Amendment establishment clause must fight it to the end

EPA ethics chief calls for investigations into Pruitt: report

Third U.S. ambassador to step down amid frustrations with Trump

Eric Branstad, the son of the U.S. ambassador to China Terry Branstad, used his connections to Trump this week to drum up business for his public-relations firm, WSJ reports.

Crowd drops to ground crying as Trump supporter pulls gun on peaceful immigration protest in Alabama.

Robert Mueller is expected to reach a conclusion—and produce possible indictments—right around the midterm elections this fall

The Inconvenient Legal Troubles That Lie Ahead for the Trump Foundation

The Russian ambassador poured vodka made for Stalin. Then he talked business. Why did Russians offer deals in gold and diamond's to Brexit's biggest backer?

Trump endorses 25-cent gas tax hike, lawmakers say

Opinion: Decades of progress are in peril

Medicare fraud & Russian organized crime

Facebook reveals it shared user data with dozens of software companies, Chinese firms

A Holocaust denier and self-described former leader of the American Nazi Party won the Republican nomination for one of Illinois' congressional seats.

The U.S. ambassador to Estonia, James D. Melville Jr., a career diplomat and member of the senior foreign service ranks, announced that he was resigning following Trump's controversial anti-Europe remarks, according to Foreign Policy.

Career diplomat Thornton to leave State Department

Opinion: Who has most to gain from Trump’s immigration policies? Private prisons.

Maxine Waters addressing the death threats against her like a boss.

Folks, this is huge, if true: NK has a secret, third nuclear facility. They have been hiding it. The US intell community knows about it. And Trump is saying the nuclear problem is solved.

Opinion | Why are Republicans hiding Peter Strzok’s testimony?

Question to Trey: Why are you play'n like this, dude? We KNOW you know that @TheJusticeDept can't just speed up an investigation. So why are you acting ALL ignorant & sh*t?!

"House Republicans are coming for your 401(k)"

Saudi Arabia does not confirm agreement to increase oil production, despite Trump claim

Ellen DeGeneres: I'm "overwhelmed with dread" about the state of the world

“The White House promised '70 percent' of the tax cut would go to workers. It didn't.”

President Trump's auto tariffs may cost hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs

This elderly man is Rabbi Waskow. He was arrested protesting outside an ICE facility in Philadelphia.


On left: just now On right: 3 days ago

After President Trump’s historic summit with Kim Jong Un, more than a dozen U.S. intelligence officials tell NBC News that North Korea is pushing ahead with its nuclear program.

Ted Cruz: ‘Vote for the Democrat’ over the GOP Nazi

“Our thing is to throw gasoline on the resistance,” Steve Bannon, former chief strategist to Trump, told Vanity Fair last December. “I love it. When they talk about identity politics, they’re playing into our hands.”