Thursday, October 29, 2020

Pool report: Several attendees were helped out during Trump's remarks by medical personnel because of the heat. Water from a hose or hydrant shot up to cool off attendees. Trump saw and said: "Are they friend or foe? ... If they're foe, let's take care of those sonofabitches."


BREAKING: Senator Perdue just cancelled our final debate. At last night's debate, millions saw that Perdue had no answers when I called him out on his record of blatant corruption, widespread disease, and economic devastation. Shame on you, Senator.


Leaked Chat Logs Reveal Boogaloo Fantasies of Killing Random Civilians


"Bad things are gonna happen to him" -- Trump on Miles Taylor


FAUCI: "If things do not change, if they continue on the course we're on, there's going to be a whole lot of pain in this country with regard to additional cases and hospitalizations and deaths. We are on a very difficult trajectory. We are going in the wrong direction."


‘This Is Not How We Do Things in the Southern District’: NYT Directly Ties Prosecution of Turkish State-Owned Bank to SDNY U.S. Attorney’s Firing Some highlights of today's NYT exposé.


Feds arrest the self-proclaimed leader of the neo-Nazi group, The Base


Yesterday on a @QuincyInst panel, I mentioned this specific group’s action as a malign influence in Michigan’s election.


A businessman accused of taking part in a fraud and money-laundering plot along with two associates of Rudy Giuliani pleads guilty


QAnon is Supposed to Be All About Protecting Kids. Its Primary Enabler Appears to Have Hosted Child Porn Domains.


Sorry to flood the airwaves but more and more keeps coming out about the dark money scheme to pack the Court


BREAKING: Wisconsin Republican Party chairman says hackers stole $2.3 million from account dedicated to Trump reelection.


FBIAA is releasing letters sent to President Trump and to former Vice President Biden in support of FBI Director Wray, urging both candidates to allow Director Wray to complete his statutorily-created, 10-year term for “the stability, credibility, and integrity of the Bureau.”


Russian labs are caught making illegal chemical weapons. Will Trump finally respond?


“During the past four years, the US leader has ticked off much on Netanyahu’s hardline nationalist wishlist that was previously considered taboo.”


VIDEO: French President Emmanuel Macron announced a new coronavirus lockdown until at least December 1, telling the nation he hoped the lockdown would bring under control an outbreak that is poised to overwhelm hospitals in a matter of days


Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was ordered to immediately begin expanding mail delivery with extra trips and later deliveries after the U.S. Postal Service failed to improve performance less than a week before the election.


Listen up. It's time to vote! Go to to find out how you can drop your ballot in the dropbox like it's hot, and make your voice heard. I'm voting for the first time come join me


Basically ALL of the big areas of disagreement — THE AREAS where MNUCHIN still owes PELOSI language or responses include: testing, tracing and treatment, state and local funding, schools, child care, earned income and child tax credits, unemployment insurance, OSHA and liability.


In his desperation to restore and showcase U.S. strength, Donald Trump has made the country weaker. @TomMcTague and @PeterAtlantic explain how Trump's America ended up alone


Sen. Kelly Loeffler says she’s "not familiar" with Trump "Access Hollywood" tape


Justice Kennedy’s retirement in good health is looking curiouser and curiouser with every new Deutschebank revelation from the tax returns Trump tried so hard to hide.


Far-right gangs now attacking protesters in Poland, instigated by the ruling party leader, Kaczyński, who has called on supporters to "defend Poland"


Wait, I thought Guo Wengui was a radical, opposed to the CCP! Turns out...Steve Bannon...was working for China's intel services! Who knew


At least 18 people connected to President Trump have been locked up, indicted, or arrested since the real-estate mogul announced his candidacy in 2015


The dog ate my kompromat?


Why does the west put up with Putin?


David Perdue lined his own pockets – trading medical stocks and dumping casino shares – while he lied to us about the threat of a virus that's now killed over 220,000 Americans. He doesn't deserve to be re-elected. #GASen


What's this? The felon Roger Stone & Farage, out to dinner in August of 2016? Brexit and Trump: same op, different country.


Rudy Giuliani admits to possessing child pornography & that he'll show it to people


Send him to prison.


Drop off your ballot if you haven't mailed it yet.


Sen. Ron Johnson is so angry about this obviously satirical tweet about him, he just read it at the Senate tech hearing. Johnson says he wants the tweet taken down— "That could definitely affect my ability to get re-elected."


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This is the Covey Spreader. Nasty.


This segment is truly one of the dumbest things I have ever watched. Tucker says he had the goods on the Bidens but the documents got lost in the mail and he’s apparently unable to even summarize what these smoking guns said. Seems legit!


EXCLUSIVE: the Trump appointee steering the $300M ad campaign to “defeat despair” about coronavirus privately pitched a different theme — “Helping the President will Help the Country.”


Brett Kavanaugh's stunningly ignorant Supreme Court opinion contains significant factual error.


The rock legend called for an "exorcism" in Washington on Election Day.


Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that a wannabe dictator would come to power in America, that I’d spend years of my life fighting him, and that he’d spend his final days talking about my “hair.” But for the record, bald is beautiful and vote Joe!


I stole Tucker Carlson’s trove of documents. Awww, just kidding. Of course a major news network wouldn’t have scanned those documents first right? Or make a copy? Nope. They sent their only copy through the mail. If you believe that, then I have a bridge to sell you.


How can anyone swallow this?


Louis DeJoy needs to go to prison with his handler. He’s the hitman that destroyed our storied USPS


‘We Merely Need to Dampen Turnout’: Leaked Docs show a shadowy group tied to Roger Stone and promoted by Erik Prince pushed a conspiracy theory about an illegitimate Clinton son to depress the black vote in 2016


Folks who insisted they’d post to the social media site aren’t doing it. Those who are posting are posting conspiracy nonsense.


'Guns, Protests And Elections Do Not Mix': Conflict Experts See Rising Warning Signs


Tucker goes full check-is-in-the-mail.


BREAKING—White House insider sources admit Scott Atlas and Trump WH has been pursuing “herd immunity” all along—and “attempts by WH and Atlas to steer clear from phrase “herd immunity” are merely game of semantics.” BOTTOMLINE: they don’t care.


Sen. David Perdue is a man without vision or integrity. Instead of leading and inspiring, he stoops to mocking the heritage of his political opponents. Georgia is finished with David Perdue


Hong Kong activists turned away in bid for refuge at U.S. Consulate, advocacy group says


Hong Kong police to set-up a multi-platform channel to encourage informants to report national security crimes. This is a terrifying and dystopian development


Hong Kong teen activist Tony Chung is charged with secession - the first public political figure to be prosecuted under sweeping a new national security law imposed on the city


Yes Hong Kong has decided to be ruthless with teenagers


This would appear to be a significant development, one of the four people who entered the US Consulate in Hong Kong earlier this week seeking asylum help was a US citizen, the activist group assisting them said.


Dr. Fauci: "If you don't want to shut down, at least do the fundamental basic things, which are really the flagship of which is wearing a mask."


The election is underway across the country, and we need your help to spread the word on social media. Sign up to help, and let’s win this thing


BREAKING: Three dead in new decapitation attack near church in French city of Nice


“Bow down before the one you serve. You're going to get what you deserve.”


Senator Perdue been real quiet since he got dragged for mocking @KamalaHarris’ name. He literally said


I hope that the rebirth of the Belarusian nation will not be discouraged in the face of all violence & injustice. I hope that all the organizations & structures that were created will be capable not only to perform, but most importantly–to win. My op-ed:


Martha McSally has done everything she can to appeal to Trump & his base This is how he introduced her: "Just come up fast. Fast. Fast. Come on. Quick. You got one minute! One minute, Martha! They don’t want to hear this, Martha. Come on. Let’s go. Quick, quick, quick. Come on"


"The tens of millions of people potentially caught in a web of home-rental debt and eviction would far exceed the 3.8 million homeowners who were foreclosed on in 2007-2010".


"But his parents said Tuesday night that officers knew their son was in a mental health crisis because they had been to the family's house three times on Monday. Cathy Wallace, his mother, said one of the times, “they stood there and laughed at us.”


China’s United Front has worked behind the scenes for decades to convince Taiwan’s elite that their country should welcome a takeover by Beijing