Tuesday, October 10, 2017

U.S. Supreme Court dismisses one of two cases over President Donald Trump’s travel ban

Puerto Rico’s Health Care Is in Dire Condition, Three Weeks After Maria

Indiana officials won’t release a number of emails from AOL accounts Pence used as governor

Condoleezza Rice to Trump: "Watch your rhetoric" on North Korea

There’s more to Scott Pruitt’s attack on Obama’s climate reg than meets the eye

Under the GOP tax plan, taxes will go up for many families that are just scraping by, while the rich get tax cuts

How Israel Caught Russian Hackers Scouring the World for US Secrets: "a case of spies watching spies watching spies"

House Intel Dem accuses committee chairman Devin Nunes of 'trying to undermine' Russia investigation -- again

BREAKING: Gov Ricardo Rossello says death toll has risen to 45, 2 recent deaths are believed to be from Leptospirosis, a bacterial disease

Trump repeats: "We're the highest taxed nation in the world." Fact check: We're not.

Tells this lie over and over again.

Mnuchin on CNN - "This is about respect for our military." As OneWest CEO he broke rules by foreclosing on 54 active duty military families.

Carter Page says he won’t testify before Senate Intelligence panel in Russia probe

Trump congratulates mostly non-American NHL team on being “incredible patriots”

Life just got worse in Mississippi.

Here Is Exactly the Right Time to Talk About Gun Violence

A Trump loyalist busts out the "Rubber-Glue" defense.

Nunes signs off on new subpoenas to firm behind Trump-Russia dossier

NEW: Audio of Corker telling us "I hope you are" taping our interview

Supreme Court turns down Guantánamo detainee’s appeal

Trump claims his IQ is 203. Says he's "one of the all time great minds."

‘Donny Daycare’ Trends On Twitter After William LeGate Finds A Way To Make Pro-Trump Twitter Bots Insult Trump

This Prosecutor May Have Helped the Trump Siblings and Harvey Weinstein Avoid Charges

Exclusive — Many Senate Republicans Reject Bob Corker, Stick Up for

THREAD: It's time to take Trump seriously as he keeps hinting, over and over, that he wants to go to war with North Korea.

Trump urged by some to go on the attack against Mueller

Exclusive: Google and its advertisers funded Russian propaganda efforts in the 2016 election.

NEW VIDEO: $1,232,943,000. That’s how much taxpayer $ the White House has wasted after the Trump/Pence NFL stunt

Walmart in Canovanas, Puerto Rico. It's one of the stores on Trump's "open supermarkets" list. "Open" doesn't mean "stocked", I guess.

Obama AG: Sessions has an "almost obsession with marijuana"

Rep. Dent: ‘More Of My Colleagues Should Speak Up’ Against Trump

Jimmy Carter offers to hold peace talks with Kim Jong Un

Opinion: Virginia is for haters

RNC Chair Struggles To Explain Why Harvey Weinstein Is A Monster But Trump Isn't

KKK threatens ‘black apes’ who ‘make eyes’ at white women in recruiting fliers found in Florida

This was once unthinkable: Democrats see path to Senate majority in 2018

What to do with an unfit president

While Donald Trump whines about tax breaks for the NFL because of his losing argument w/ THE FIRST AMENDMENT

N. Korea hacked Seoul's war plan: report

Joe: GOP showing hypocrisy in reaction to Corker

While outgoing Sen. Bob Corker is speaking his mind regarding his concerns over President Trump's tweets and rhetoric, other Republicans are seemingly avoiding a clash with the president.

I hope Republicans are super happy with Trump attacking NFL subsidies. This is going to be hilarious.

If Senate Republicans truly believe Trump is a danger, now would be a good time to show it, argues

Trump on Rex calling him a moron: "I guess we'll have to compare IQ tests. And I can tell you who is going to win."

‘All the warning signs are there’: Morning Joe begs Republicans to remove Trump before he launches nukes

The Logan Act, forbids private citizens from negotiating state affairs SANCTIONS-MAGNITSKY w foreign governments

For those who still think Putin is ‘genuinely popular’ in Russia, watch this. He’s absolutely scared to death of any opposition

How the Russians operated under our radar

Trump's administration rolls back climate rules by arguing Obama exaggerated health benefits

The Democrats Need a New Generation of Stars

More than 100 people are missing as thousands flee devastating fires in northern California

How Russia harvested American rage to reshape U.S. politics

Google, Facebook and Twitter are scrambling to hold Washington at bay

rump Demands More “Appreciation” for Relief Effort in Puerto Rico

I will sue to stop the Trump Admin’s irresponsible and illegal #CleanPowerPlan repeal, which threatens NYers public health & environment

McConnell: Corker 'a valuable member' of Senate GOP

Loyalty to Trump thrusts Shit Head Pence deeper into NFL controversy

Jimmy Kimmel finishes off Donald Trump Jr., compares his father to Harvey Weinstein

Almost everything we know about the Russian online operation is from U.S. journalists, not the U.S. companies used.

Pelosi: Democrats may force government shutdown over protections for Dreamers

BREAKING: Agaralov attorney provides documents showing Trump lied about June 9 meeting - which was about SANCTIONS.


Black Man Who Was Beaten By White Nationalists In Charlottesville Is Now Wanted For Arrest

‘Art Of The Deal’ Author Just Tweeted The Most Chilling Trump Warning Yet

Trump zeroes in on 2020 battlegrounds

Pence to campaign for Gillespie in Virginia

Jon Stewart tried so hard to say nice things about Donald Trump

We have a lot of work to do & just over 60 days to do it. We have to show the world that Alabama refuses to be embarrassed any longer.

Ivanka Trump takes on taxes

Bannon demands Corker resign for criticizing Trump

Mike Pence is still cleaning up after President Trump

SCOOP: Mattis to Generals: Start Talking to the Press

How Trump is planning to gut Obamacare by executive order:

Jim Mattis used his speech to point to the horrors that would come with all-out war on the Korean Peninsula

McConnell tries to defuse conservative anger over stalled judicial nominations

Trump’s war on the American people

NEWS - DEFCON, hacker convention, identifies Chinese & other parts in US voting machines, major vulnerabilities

New York politicians with Puerto Rican roots are challenging President Trump while pushing for aid for the island

Dem senator: Lawmakers have heard Trump is talking about war with North Korea

Bitcoin laundering suspect, Alexander Vinnick, caught in US, Russia extradition spat

Thread: The Overton Window, Memetics, and Accelerated Cultural Evolution. A cursory explanation on the information operations of our time.

Excellent Thread

Election Eve Targeted Russian Propaganda

Chief medical executive faces manslaughter charge in Flint water crisis

Opinion: Trump’s war on the American people

Clinton urges Congress to reauthorize program providing affordable healthcare to millions of children

GOP lawmaker defends Corker: More Republicans should speak out against Trump

DeVos champions online charter schools, but the results are poor

Trump’s hard-line immigration demands reveal that optimism for a bipartisan “Dreamers” deal was likely misplaced

As more people are taking the "golden shower" dossier seriously, a GOP senator hits back

The U.S. says the diplomatic crisis with Turkey could drag on

Microsoft looks at whether Russians bought U.S. ads on search engine

More manslaughter charges over Flint water Legionnaires deaths

Rachel Maddow reports on the sixth public official to be charged with manslaughter in relation to what happened with the water in Flint, Michigan, and new questions bout whether Governor Rick Snyder lied about when he learned about Flint's water problem.

FEMA: Not our job to distribute food and water in Puerto Rico

Rachel Maddow reports on the situation in Aibonito, Puerto Rico, which has not received any FEMA aid despite multiple visits from FEMA representatives who helped victims with paperwork. FEMA says its the mayor's job to distribute food and water.

Nobel Peace Prize given for nuclear weapons opposition

Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, and a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, talks with Rachel Maddow about the goal of eliminating nuclear weapons.

Sen. Corker interrupts Trump 'silent movie' with uncommon candor

Rachel Maddow explains that while the things Donald Trump says are often best ignored, sometimes even his petty Twitter fights merrit attention.

US tech giants oddly unhelpful on Russia

Elizabeth Dwoskin, Silicon Valley correspondent for the Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about the slow pace of discovery of Russian ad buying and other online manipulations as U.S. tech giants like Twitter, Facebook, and Google have seemed reluctant to give up information.