Saturday, September 2, 2017

Federal government has long ignored white supremacist threats, critics say

Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to Congress: Keep me out of Russia probe, please.

Joel Osteens Megachurch Just Handed Out Collection Plates To Hurricane Evacuees

Trump to military members: "You better" have voted for me

Trump Defense Department sent nearly 5,000 fewer troops for Harvey recovery than claimed

So when Pence went on TV to say Comey was fired because of Rosenstein's memo, he knew the story wasn't true.

Stephen Miller Is the Enemy of My Dreams

Felix Sater: The Crook Behind the Trump-Russia ‘Peace’ Plan


How Donald Trump and Elaine Chao Sold Off Flood-Control Policy to the Highest Bidders

GOP senator breaks with Trump: He has an 18th century view of trade

Trump praises Coast Guard for "going into winds that the media would not go into...unless it's a really good story."

Trump complaining about lack of Breitbart articles in daily news briefing: report

Pres. Trump praises Coast Guard for saving people "by going into winds that the media would not go into...unless it's a really good story."

What you should know about one of the most pivotal cases in decades on how Congressional maps are drawn

BREAKING: Justice Department blasts Trump "There's no evidence Obama wiretapped Trump Tower"

Meet The Billionaire Russian Family At The Center Of The Trump-Russia Controversy


Billionaire Ally of Putin Socialized With Kushner, Ivanka Trump

Florida senators on Trump's NASA chief pick: It should be a space professional, not a politician

Russian Election Hacking Efforts, Wider Than Previously Known, Draw Little Scrutiny

Biden: Trump's contempt for the Constitution & willingness to divide America "knows no bounds."

Four months after fundraiser, Trump says he gave $1 million to veterans group

Pundits focused on Trump’s craziness are ignoring his threat to mentally ill people and addict

Analysis | The media narrative that really gets under Trump's skin

For the fourth time in four days, President Trump tweets based on what he sees on TV

Analysis | Want to change Trump's mind on policy? Be the last one who talks to him

Donald Trump is still tweeting about Hillary Clinton, 297 days after the election

John McCain blasts Donald Trump in op-ed: “We are not his subordinates”

Matt Damon Says There's a Reason Donald Trump Has So Many Movie Cameos

DOJ to retry woman who laughed during Sessions' confirmation hearing

Certainly Russia, Climate and Trump are all linked

Comey’s FBI Computer Illegally Accessed: Data Given to Russian Diplomats


Pres. Trump expected to end "Dreamers" program next week

White House contradicts Trump: No government shutdown over border wall funding

Forceful Chief of Staff Grates on Trump, and the Feeling Is Mutual

"How do you justify shutting down the government that you control?" Tom Cole asked his fellow Republicans

Fire spotted at second Russian diplomatic building Trump ordered closed

ICE Is Abusing the ACLU’s Clients Because They are Fighting Trump’s Deportation Machine

A uniquely toxic figure: Donald Trump faces extra hurdles as Congress returns

Hey tweeps, some GOP are standing up for DACA. Not Chuck Grassley. Let him know how you feel about that.

McCain on Trump: He's inexperienced, impulsive and "often poorly informed

Monsanto attempts takedown of agency linking its weedkiller to cancer

For everyone who is complimenting Trump on his $1 million pledge

Politician on #Russia's state TV

Putin is done with him?

Trump-Russia inquiry: what you missed in a week dominated by Harvey

Pro-Russia bots are hyping Antifa threat on Twitter — while downplaying white supremacist violence

Sessions is pinpointing cities that are not representative of overall crime rates

Russian President Vladimir Putin says the Korean Peninsula is on the “brink of a large-scale conflict”

Mueller may have new evidence of Trump obstruction

The New York Times reports that Robert Mueller has an early draft of a letter Trump and one of his aides composed when preparing to fire James Comey and is examining that letter in his investigation. David Frum, law professor Jed Shugerman, and Neera Tanden join.

Trump's August 2017

From Charlottesville to “fire and fury” to his rallies - Lawrence looks back at the most outrageous moments from this month in the Trump presidency.

Trump aide who delivered Comey termination letter plans to leave White House: report

Trump to nominate Grenell as German ambassador; if confirmed, would be administration's 1st openly LGBT ambassado

REPORT: Trump on Collision Course With Kelly, Calls Former Staff When Kelly Not Around

Mueller Has Early Draft of Trump Letter Giving Reasons for Firing Comey

. Know who's been on Putin's long game