Monday, March 12, 2018

Breaking: Responding to GOP House intel Cmte draft report, “The Intelligence Community stands by its January 2017 assessment, 'Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections.' We will review the HPSCI report findings." -Brian Hale, ODNI spokesman tells me.

Schiff responds: “In the coming weeks and months, new information will continue to be exposed... And each time this new information becomes public, Republicans will be held accountable for abandoning a critical investigation of such vital national importance.”

Ivanka Trump never cut ties with the Trump Organization. That’s turned into a problem

One pager from the House Intel majority draft report of the Russia investigation

NEWS: GOP on House Intel reach conclusion: No evidence of collusion between Trump camp and Russia. GOP draft report will also contend that evidence does NOT support intel community assessment that PUTIN tried to help Trump win. Ds yet to see report.

NEW: UK PM May says she will give Russia until end of tomorrow to respond to nerve agent attack against ex-Russian spy. "Should there be no credible response, we will conclude that this action amounts to an unlawful use of force by the Russia state against the United Kingdom."

EXCLUSIVE: Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin tells @chucktodd that President Trump's vulgarities and attacks on the press are less important than policy, and should be seen in the context of a "campaign rally"

"GOP has sold its soul on Russia"

Melania knew

NEW: Stormy Daniels says she will pay back $130,000 to be able to talk about President Trump, and disclose any text messages, photos or video she may have

Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, and Nadler are imploring Trump to employ “all resources available” to extradite the 13 Russians charged by Mueller with subverting the 2016 election after Putin blamed Jews and other minorities for the attack

New federal rules aimed at preventing foreign influence on U.S. elections through better disclosure of online political ad sponsors may not take effect before the 2018 midterms.

JUST IN: Trump's lawyers looking to stop "60 Minutes" from airing interview with Stormy Daniels

The secretary of education has been one of the most criticized members of President Trump's Cabinet, but Betsy DeVos says she's "more misunderstood than anything."

Vladimir Putin has plenty of reasons to worry about the future of Russia

Scoop: Trump has privately been calling Rick Saccone a terrible, "weak" candidate ahead of Tuesday's special election in Pennsylvania

Can Donald Trump Be Impeached?

An ethics watchdog is doubling down on its call for an investigation into Devin Nunes after the Daily Beast revealed that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen received inside info from the House Intel Committee’s Russia probe

Pompeo says America is ‘safe’ from Russia


7 Democratic Senators are calling on the FCC Inspector General and Special Counsel to investigate the conduct of Republican FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly for potentially violating federal ethics regulations and the Hatch Act through political advocacy at CPAC last month

Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)