Saturday, March 4, 2017

Before leaving for Mar-a-Lago yesterday, Pres. Trump summoned some senior staff to Oval Office and went "ballistic"

Fmr NSA Analyst 20committee—Trump "colluded with the Kremlin to get elected."

Russia Oligarch, Donald Trump Camp Seen Intersecting | Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow looks at a line of investigation into the intersections of the travel of a prominent Russian oligarch's plane and the Donald Trump campaign.

Obama denies Trump claim he wiretapped him during campaign

That Face

Everything's coming up roses!

Sen. Graham promises town hall he'll "get to the bottom" of Trump's claim that his phones were tapped.

If wiretap was on Trump Tower, that means fed judge found probable cause phone lines used by agents of foreign power

"No reason to cease doing business with Russia. The delusion is that it can ever be more than that. The mafia takes, it does not give." 2007

Russian Revelations Continue To Leak Out, Implicating Trump's Inner Circle

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any campaign investigations, but the torrent of news about Trump's Russia ties continued to swell nonetheless.

‘Classic smokescreen’: Dan Rather just released a powerful statement on Trump

Obama told Trump that North Korea was most urgent problem he'd face: report

Why is this conservative Republican leading the charge for a special prosecutor?

Pence turns over 13 boxes of emails to state of Indiana

Trump ripped his false claims about immigration from nativist groups and fringe right-wing media outlets

Trump: Obama Tapped My Phone, He's a Sick Guy

Arnold Schwarzenegger announces that he's leaving "The Celebrity Apprentice," citing the show's "baggage."

A political firestorm swirls around the Trump administration over communications with Russians

George W. Bush - Jimmy Kimmel Live Full Interview

Senator Al Franken Demands To Know Why FBI Is Investigating Dakota Access Pipeline Protestors

Correspondents Dinner, GOP vs Trump, Climate Science | Overtime with Bill Maher

NEW: Judge gives extension to Trump lawyers in travel ban suit

Iran successfully test-fired a sophisticated Russian-made air defense system, the official IRNA news agency reported

A political firestorm swirls around the Trump administration over communications with Russians

Back when it was a hangable offense to conspire with Russia...

Jeff Sessions Can't Recuse Himself From Stephen's Monologue

Trump's Attorney General Jeff Sessions got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Or perhaps, to invoke a Russian dessert, the Ptichye Moloko jar.

Trump-Russia conspirator J.D. Gordon begins ratting out Donald Trump

German political magazine cover mocks Trump, Putin relationship

Nobody Picked On Michelle Obama Or Her Daughters

CNN Just Destroyed Trump For Splurging On FL Vacations While Camp David Sits Empty

Interview with Jeffrey Lord | Real Time with Bill Maher

Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself from Russian Investigations: The Daily Show

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is forced to pass on investigations into Russian election hacking after it's revealed he misled Congress on his communications with the country.

Legalized weed is one industry that's actually bringing jobs back from Mexico. Just saying.

Republicans Blow $1 Million On Attack Ad Yelling ‘Nerrrd!!’ At Dem House Candidate

Standing Rock: arson accusation renews fear of police targeting military veterans

France's Le Pen loses ground in poll after state employee comments

MSNBC Lawrence O'Donnell 3/2/17 - Did Donald Trump just sink Jeff Sessions

MSNBC Lawrence O'Donnell 3/2/17 - Did Donald Trump just sink Jeff Sessions

Both Bannon and Flynn advised Cambridge Analytica, which Trump campaign used, and now they're snagging new gov contracts

NEW: An admission by your Attorney General can only be a "Witch Hunt" if you live in a Cocoon. Trump does

Trump’s Proposed EPA Cuts Threaten Health & Lives of Tens of Millions of Americans - New details have emerged on the Trump administration’s plans to dramatically reduce the power of the Environmental Protection Agency. According to a leaked copy of the EPA’s 2018 budget proposal, the agency’s overall budget would be slashed by 25 percent. "The bottom line, if these cuts go through, we can almost guarantee with certainty that there will be more premature deaths and more sicknesses throughout the country," says Bill Becker, executive director of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies. "The public should be outraged at that." This comes as the Trump administration has vowed to roll back Obama-era EPA actions, and the White House continues to grapple with its position on the Paris climate agreement. We are also joined by Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch.

'Gun for hire': how Jeff Sessions used his prosecuting power to target Democrats

Homeland Security considering separating women and children at border: report

Donald Trump's mother must have been a sadistic bitch straight from the bowels of hell.

The GOP platform change on UKR is a smoking gun, as I said at the time. Russia edited it through Trump & his team.

Trump: Will send your kids to war, but gets a free pass

So Let Me Get This Straight

Russian's travel examined for ties to Trump

David Cay Johnston, founder of, talks with Rachel Maddow about journalistic investigations into the coinciding travels of Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev and the Donald Trump campaign during the 2016 election. Duration: 4:02

Bernie Sanders tells supporters to keep fighting because Republicans are "not so cocky anymore"

Intriguing overlap in paths of Russian oligarch, Trump campaign

Rachel Maddow looks at a line of investigation into the intersections of the travel of a prominent Russian oligarch's plane and the Donald Trump campaign. Duration: 4:39

Pope Francis: Give money to the homeless

Russian dissident describes surviving assassination attempt

Richard Engel, NBC News chief foreign correspondent, talks with Rachel Maddow about his interview with Vladimir Kara-Murza, a Russian opposition activist who has twice survived attempted assassination by poisoning. Duration: 8:38

Watch Wisconsinites protest Paul Ryan through FaceTime

Can Republicans be trusted to investigate Trump's Russia scandal?

Rep. Swalwell: Trump administration has 'Russian ties'

Fox News and Donald J. Trump are having a public love affair

Trump is proposing a 14.1% cut in the IRS’s budget next year. This is insane

Evan McMullin: Sessions lied under oath, should resign

Putin critic takes big risk exposing corruption

Rachel Maddow reports on a new video by Vladimir Putin opponent Alexei Navalny purporting to show the excesses of corrupt Putin government officials, and note the danger to the leakers and whistleblowers advancing the Trump Putin reporting. Duration: 22:22

Six Degrees of Kevin Putin | Real Time with Bill Maher

Tillerson under fire for sidelining global human rights report

HuffPo now reporting why Kushner is helping Trump delay killing Obamacare: His brother's $2.7 billion healthcare app, Oscar, relies on ACA