Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Matthew Whitaker: Abuse of power is not a crime

The Trump White House backed by Sec State Pompeo acts like a third world nation. Incredible trickery, deception, and arrogance mugging the Ukrainians. Withholding Congressional approved military funds for domestic political purposes was chilling.

Shame on you, @PressSec. Bill Taylor is a West Point graduate and Vietnam veteran. He has worked for Democratic and Republican administrations. He left his retirement because @SecPompeo asked him to serve as Ambassador to Ukraine. This is how you repay him for his service?

Chicago prosecutors suspect there might be a broader relationship among Firtash, Parnas and Fruman

And finally, a closer look at #StephenMiller -- the controversial aide credited with shaping the administration's harshest immigration plans. Sourced using @frontlinepbs' latest Transparency Project.

New Evidence Hints at Another Justice Department Coverup

“This is the day that has ensured Donald Trump’s impeachment.” “Today’s key sentence: ‘Ambassador Sondland said, everything was dependent on such an announcement, including security assistance.’”

Paul Petersen, the Republican assessor of Arizona’s most populous county, was charged in Utah, Arizona and Arkansas with counts including human smuggling, sale of a child, fraud, forgery and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

The Administration confirmed today that Turkey ignored our warning and that the U.S. blinked by withdrawing our troops from northern Syria. This has given us a terrible black eye on the world stage.

Interesting that it took McConnell 3 weeks to come out and say he never told Trump the call was ‘perfect”—3 weeks of damning testimony.

This new ad from Republicans for the Rule of Law will be promoted digitally and will air on Fox and Friends on TV: Career diplomat Bill Taylor's testimony highlights President Trump's abuse of power, and the fact that the president has broken his promise to put our country first.

NEW: Indicted Giuliani associate Igor Fruman will be reprsented by....wait for it....Paul Manafort's current defense attorney

Taylor’s testimony is the smoking gun that will seal Trump’s fate

Confirmed: NYAG is calling Rex Tillerson as a witness.

I'll say it again: This is corruption, plain and simple. Donald Trump must be impeached.

Opening statement of Ambassador William B. Taylor

BREAKING: @senatemajldr McConnell just moved forward on Justin Walker – his nominee to the federal bench in Kentucky. Walker is a right-wing partisan operative who the ABA rated Not Qualified.@civilrightsorg STRONGLY opposes his confirmation:

BREAKING: Feds charge Trump donor Imaad Zuberi for hiding his work as a foreign agent

From Bill Taylor's opening statement: "Ambassador Sondland tried to explain to me that President Trump is a businessman. When a businessman is about to sign a check to someone who owes him something, he said, the businessman asks that person to pay up before signing the check."

Sen. Amy Klobuchar just released evidence that the Justice Department buried the whistleblower complaint about President Donald Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president by failing to refer the complaint to the Federal Elections Commission.

Before Republicans try to smear Ambassador Taylor as partisan, a few reminders. Taylor: -Graduated from West Point. -Served in the U.S. Army. -Worked under both Presidents Bush and Obama. He is no partisan hack.

As a New Yorker, I am well aware of how a small band of terrorists half a world away can threaten Americans here on our soil @realDonaldTrump’s incompetence with Erdogan & Syria has handed ISIS a get-out-of-jail-free card & put American lives in danger

From Bill Taylor's opening statement: "Mr. Morrison told me that the call "could have been better"... He also told me... that the "President doesn't want to provide any assistance at all."

“If we cannot trust the outcome of an election to accurately reflect the feelings of America, we have lost the cornerstone of our democracy.” @SenatorDurbin called on Republicans to stand up and support the Election Security Act Instead, Republicans blocked it.

From Bill Taylor's opening statement: "I understood a "stalemate" to mean that Ukraine would not receive the much-needed military assistance."

Taylor’s statement pulls BARR deeper into the mess that DOJ has been trying to extricate him from

Russia's former foreign minister is calling to impeach Trump: "The America I Knew as Russia’s Foreign Minister Is Gone"

From Bill Taylor's opening statement: "President Trump was adamant that President Zelenskyy, himself, had to "clear things up and do it in public"... if President Zelenskky did not "clear things up" in public, we would be at a "stalemate."

Rush Limbaugh: Every Republican should be "in unison" defending Trump's lynching remark: “This is the point: It is not hard to defend the president. Do you know why it's not hard to defend him? Because of who is after him.”

Tapper says anonymous author of NYT op ed is releasing a book warning the nation of Trump.

BREAKING: U.S. envoy says he was told release of Ukraine aid was contingent on public declaration to investigate Bidens, 2016 election

Trump wanted to bring cabinet members to a rally in Orlando. Mulvaney warned about the Hatch Act. "'I’m in charge of the Hatch Act,' Mr. Trump told him in a room full of other top aides, adding that his top staffer was 'weak,'"

Bill Taylor, the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, gave “incredibly damning” testimony about President Trump and the effort to pressure Ukraine’s government for political gain, said Rep. Ted Lieu

Trump floats Steven Mnuchin and Kellyanne Conway as possible replacements for acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney

Federal appeals court throws out Roger Stone's effort to fight gag order keeping him off social media

U.S. envoy says he was told release of Ukraine aid was contingent on public declaration to investigate Bidens, 2016 election

Today I asked HUD Secretary Carson if anyone at the White House instructed HUD to withhold recovery funds from #PuertoRico. He could not or would not provide a direct answer, so we'll continue pursuing the truth!

Diplomat provides House with 'disturbing' account on Ukraine

BREAKING: Indicted Giuliani associated wanted post on DeSantis’ transition committee, governor says

Premiums for popular Obamacare plans to drop on average 4% — with several states seeing double-digit declines — proving Obamacare insurance marketplaces are stabilizing, even as Trump has a lawsuit that could destroy the health care law entirely.

Russia and Turkey agree to jointly remove Kurdish fighters along Turkey’s border in northern Syria as Trump withdraws US troops.

Democratic Rep. Stephen Lynch said after leaving the SCIF that Bill Taylor’s testimony “is a sea change.” “This testimony is a sea change. I think it could accelerate matters,” he said. “This will, I think, answer more questions than it raises. Let’s put it that way.”

Narrator: The AHCA is so bad, even the Senate wouldn’t pass it.

Bush/McCain advisor: "The corruption is just unbelievable....— ... banana republicanism,... and the lack of outrage by elected members of Congress... is just alarming."

Clyburn: 1 word no president should apply to himself

JIM JORDAN: (flanked by Lee Zeldin and Mark Meadows) Ambassador Taylor just said right off the bat that the President did nothing wrong. No quid pro quo! REPORTER: Um, Rep Jordan, Ambassador Taylor hasn't spoken yet. JIM JORDAN: We will be right back. (goes back inside.)

Zuckerberg don't need no stinkin' Russians. He can do all the same damage himself!

CBC Chairwoman Karen Bass told me of this “lynching” tweet that she believes it is consistent with Trump’s pattern of throwing out “racial bombs” to give “red meat” to his base when his back his against the wall.

‘We’ve got a queer running for president!’ Tennessee official bursts into a racist, anti-gay rant at council meeting

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Why do you always listen to former KGB official Vladimir Putin?

Kinda weird how this happens right after we hear news about Mayo Pete getting help from Mark Zuckerberg innit

Trump has no standing to criticize Obama’s “red line” failure since he supported inaction. Trump now brags about his cruise-missile attacks, but his own State Department admits that Assad has continued to use chlorine gas this year.

Trump says he’ll ‘probably terminate’ the New York Times and Washington Post ‘from the White House’

Trump rages against impeachment ‘lynching’ — and warns GOP will seek revenge against next Dem president

This is the first time Trump has used the word “lynching” as president, on Twitter or out loud

The Chief Justice is likely to play more than a decorative role in the first serious Senate impeachment trial of a president — the first based on genuine abuses of presidential power — since Andrew Johnson’s trial in 1868.

Major Trump donor plans private fundraiser with Mitt Romney

Trump has said Riyadh would pay for the recent U.S. deployments, sparking resentment in some Saudi circles. "Saudis see the president charging them as a commodification of a relationship of more than seven decades,"

Prince Andrew Involved in Orgy with Jeffrey Epstein and Nine Girls on Billionaire's Private Island, Accuser Claims in TV Expose

Can the Trump cult be deprogrammed?

President Vladimir Putin signaled Moscow's growing Middle East clout last week on his first visit to Saudi Arabia in over a decade, buoyed by Russian military gains in Syria, strong ties with regional rivals and energy cooperation.

Indicted Giuliani associate joined DeSantis on last-minute campaign swing

Trump's meltdown tour is setting new records daily. Unintelligible w Hannity, he's dissolving daily on his road to mental & physical oblivion. Remnants of Trump include an Obama fixation. Envy is a pathetic emotion as is his grasping for the "go after Obama" like it will help him

The president is enjoying his favorite propaganda program

A public viewing and memorial is scheduled for Wednesday and Cummings will lie in state at the U.S. Capitol Thursday

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he is giving up his effort to form a new government after failing to form a coalition following an inconclusive parliamentary election

“We should investigate how Russian influence operations captured so many people in German political establishment on Nord Stream 2.”

Fighting Extradition, Ukrainian Tycoon Aligns Legal Strategy With Trump Camp

Putin and Erdogan will discuss how they can fill the power vacuum left by the American withdrawal from Syria in a meeting at the Black Sea resort of Sochi on Tuesday

Trump’s Government Lawyers Don’t Know Who Their Real Client Is White House and Justice Department attorneys work for the government and the public—but are acting in Trump’s personal interest instead.

Turkey chooses former Halkbank executive Hakan Atilla, who served time in a U.S. jail over Iran sanctions breaches, to be the new CEO of the Istanbul stock exchange

Turkey will resume Syria assault if U.S. promises not met: Erdogan

“According to rumors in the market and one confirmed recently by Venezuelan daily El Nacional, Rosneft is going to take control of PdVSA, the bankrupt Venezuelan oil company that explores for and produces most of the country’s oil.”

Listen to this "question" Sean Hannity just asked Trump

The world's cities are coming to terms with climate risks, but not necessarily their investors

“NY alleges that Exxon’s management, including former CEO Rex Tillerson, knew for years that the company was deviating from its public claims by using two sets of proxy figures—one private and one public.”

Trump: We must bring the troops home* from Syria** to stop "endless" wars***. * Except the troops from Syria are going to Iraq ** And now we're keeping some in Syria *** And we're adding even more troops than we're pulling out of Syria in Saudi Arabia

It's so damn confusing when you don't know whether to be loyal to America or Russia.

CNN poll shows Pelosi getting highest % favorable going back to April 2007.

Jared Kushner and Steve Mnuchin are set to attend theconference in Saudi Arabia roughly a year after Jamal Khashoggi's killing. https://t.co/zENmPIaIJ7 via @HuffPost yesh we're sending OUR troops there, instead of protecting the kurds (REAL ALLIES) and keeping Isis jailed! WTF

‘Pence would be president by noon’: Morning Joe claims GOPers would dump Trump in a minute in a secret impeachment vote

Nope. The legislation isn’t close to what the public deserves. And... “Koch Industries, whose co-founder Charles Koch is a major Republican patron, has spent more than $7 million on lobbying, including on this bill, according to public records.”

Democrats expand Trump lawsuit over Doral promotion for G-7

Trump can[t or won't lead. So Pelosi will.

Trump turned to Putin for guidance on the new leader of Ukraine within days of Zelensky’s election. In a May 3 call, Trump asked Putin about his impressions of Zelensky. Putin said that he had not yet spoken with Zelensky but derided him.

Sounds about right. “Despite an earlier crackdown on insider trading that won convictions of dozens of bankers, traders and corporate executives, the new charges indicate that the practice continues unabated on Wall Street.”

He looks perfectly fine. Quit yer cryin’, you Putin-loving traitor

Meanwhile, they keep trying to play NATO for fools. Trump won't always be there. This is a very bad play.

Putin’s Russians will do all in their power to adversely sway & destabilize the US. Tulsi Gabbard is a candidate who creates dangerous divisions. Bullseye. TULSI GABBARD IS BEING USED BY THE RUSSIANS, & TO A FORMER US DOUBLE AGENT, THE EVIDENCE IS CLEAR

For all of Obama’s failures in Syria, he finally hit upon a successful policy when in 2015 he sent U.S. airpower and advisers to help the Kurds in their battle against ISIS. Trump inherited this successful policy but has now destroyed it. My column:

Iraq says U.S. forces withdrawing there from Syria don’t have permission to stay

Russia’s Troll Farm Is Kind of Sh*tting the Bed on Facebook

The mask is off. Mob money laundering thug Erdogan is turning his back on NATO and going full PutinHo. Never go full PutinHo.

“Talk about witch hunts!” says @GenMhayden. “This is a perfect example of that. Russian interference in the 2016 election was the judgment of the entire intelligence community. And it remains so today.”

The next time President Boo-Boo Foot says "I captured ISIS!" he should be airdropped in the Middle East with a rifle, a canteen & a compass and have to find his own way home.

The Press Is Embracing False Equivalence — Again Coverage of Trump’s pressure on Ukraine suggests the media learned nothing from 2016.

This time, the intended beneficiary of this same play, this slime and false equivalency play, this time he's not just a candidate, this time he's a president.

Facebook takedowns show new Russian activity targeted Biden, praised Trump

We hear Gym Bro is facing a loosing race. Why do ppl care what losers say?

NEW: Putin and Hungary’s Orban helped turn Trump against Ukraine, to dismay of WH officials who hoped Trump would help Zelensky rather than try to exploit him.

Red Flags All Over for Senate Republicans

Trump’s surrender to ISIS has handed the Islamic terrorists their biggest win in more than four years. They have begun assassinating local officials and are starting their return.

"I moved on him like a bitch. I don't even ask, I just start impeaching. And when you're the Speaker of the House, they let you do it."

Vladimir Putin Wants Everyone to Love the Way He Watches Them

Fantastic job by @cnn fact-checking Trump *in real time* -- AND WITH THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES (btw, he is *really* dazed and confused in this clip)

Mayor Pete is dead to me. Defending Tulsi was bad enough, aligning with Zuckerberg is a deal breaker.

Propaganda 101: Accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty

Do not believe *anything* until the Kremlin denies it

This should be easier to see now people. Traitors aligning in full view

Sen. McConnell: Pres. Trump has no coherent strategy for the enduring defeat of ISIS Put the bipartisan resolution to rebuke his Syria decision on the Senate floor It's the simplest, most powerful way pressure him to take the threats seriously & keep America safe

Melania wrote this tweet.

The President of the United States just said: "You people with this phony Emoluments Clause." He then proceeds to lie his ass off.

CIA Confirms: Trey Gowdy Altered Documents To Frame Hillary Clinton

U.S. diplomat who questioned 'crazy' Ukraine policy to testify in Trump probe

Canada voted for Trudeau because we see how an inexperienced, narcissistic, ignorant, racist, misogynistic, blustering, corporate-loyal, science-denying, bloviating buffoon can destroy the very soul of a country for personal gain & dictatorial fealty. Thanks, Trump

Retired CIA Chief of Russian Operations Steve Hall calls President Trump's recent foreign policy actions a “veritable buffet of horribleness."

Ben Carson prayer opening Cabinet meeting

Amid Turkish invasion into northern Syria, Germany proposes establishment of internationally controlled security zone.

British lawmakers are expected to challenge Prime Minister Boris Johnson's drive to push Brexit through the House of Commons

Mike Pompeo is denying that he ever saw a quid pro quo between the U.S. and Ukraine just days after Mick Mulvaney publicly acknowledged it.

Leading up to the midterms, Parnas posted dozens of photos from GOP events across the country. Between events, he put up photos of himself flying around on a private jet with Giuliani and Igor Fruman. See them here

US State Department booked 45 rooms at Riyadh’s Burj Rafal Hotel for Kushner and Mnuchin to attend Saudi investment forum

Russia is trucking in thousands of European cows for its dairy industry, but cheese from Europe is still forbidden

The next House impeachment witness is the most important so far

On March 25, the day after Barr released a summary of the Mueller report, Parnas posted photos from what he called a celebratory dinner with the Trump legal team at Trump's hotel in DC.

After pushing unfounded Biden conspiracies, Trump tells Hannity that if his sons Don Jr & Eric accepted payments from questionable foreign sources "it would be the biggest story of the century." (The Trump Organization does in fact take payments from questionable foreign sources)

Opinion: China’s attacks on Uighur women are crimes against humanity

I can’t stop laughing...

“Mr. Trump’s pullout has handed the Islamic State its biggest win in more than four years and greatly improved its prospects.”

Pelosi releases 'fact sheet' saying Trump has 'betrayed his oath of office'

Hoover and Kennedy gave their presidential salaries away.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is desperately trying to distance himself from Lev Parnas. Pictures from Parnas's Instagram suggest Parnas was *on DeSantis's campaign plane* for the election's final days

This year’s winner of the Nobel prize for economics says, “You don’t boost growth by cutting taxes, you do that by giving money to people”

Stop using the Bible to avoid doing the job American's pay you to do.

The seasons change quickly here in Northern Syria. It’s now starting to get cold at night. Soon it will be very cold. Aid workers say 70,000 kids, at least, already displaced. Those parents must be thinking, 'this is the thanks the Kurdish people got for helping America.'

Pope Says Trump 'Is Not Christian'

It will be said of House Republicans, When they found they lacked the courage to confront the most dangerous and unethical president in American history, They consoled themselves by attacking those who did.

"State Department Inquiry Into Clinton Email Finds No Deliberate Mishandling of Classified Information" OH! Good to know! Now, where do we go to get the last four and a half years back?

“While she was on her overseas trip, @SpeakerPelosi’s brother, former Baltimore mayor Thomas D’Alesandro III, died at 90. She called him ‘the finest public servant I have ever known.’ Then she went back to serving the public.”

House kills GOP effort to censure Adam Schiff, 218-185

Where’s the recount money, jill?

Prince Andrew joined Epstein’s private-island orgy, accuser claimed in Florida court docs from 2015. Brutal details from medical records provided to support claim obtained in a new Channel 4 investigation, per The Independent.

Pelosi’s “fact sheet” on impeachment is remarkably well done. This is a great way to break it down to the American people.

Canadian TV announcing a win for Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party. Good news there.

So when the Turks told Trump they wanted to murder thousands of Kurds he was cool, but when the oil fields were threatened, that was his red line? And he thought it was a good for America’s rep to say all that out loud? wtf man.

I’m pretty firmly on record that Trump won’t be on the ballot in 2020. But if he were, and if Putin puppet @TulsiGabbard ran as a third party candidate, am I the only one who thinks she’d pull more votes from Trump than from the Democratic candidate?

Trump fielding ideas for replacing acting chief of staff Mulvaney: sources

Facebook was started as a way for Ivy League kids to rate each other on hotness, it devolved into a misinformation factory.

If the White House provides talking points to Fox News hosts, or if Bill Barr coordinates propaganda with Rupert Murdoch, does it violate this law prohibiting covert propaganda?

Trump wields DOJ as Russia, media reprise 2016 roles for 2020

State Dept witnesses make case clear in Trump impeachment inquiry