Friday, May 17, 2019

Wow. AG Bill Barr basically threatens Democrats during his Fox News interview, says of those criticizing him that "they may be concerned about the outcome of a review of what happened during the election."

Mnuchin informs Neal that he wont comply with a Congressional subpoena for President Trump's tax returns

Ed O’Callaghan’s 5.5 day reign as DOJ’s acting no. 2 has ended.

Barr’s redactions should now come under severe scrutiny. What else has the attorney general hidden, and why?

Rep. Maxine Waters: "I'm hopeful that the American public will support impeachment."

Fox News’ Chris Wallace says Trump has a new fixer and it's Bill Barr: He "clearly is protecting" Trump

New filing in United States v. Mike Flynn: Notice

Jim Jordan's alleged role in the Ohio State scandal has now attracted the attention of the House Committee on Education and Labor, which has begun looking into it, a committee aide who asked not to be identified told NBC News.

Chairman @RepCummings launches investigation into #TrumpAdministration’s SECRET Ethics Waivers!

Tonight I stood with Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancée, Hatice Cengiz, and the Congressional Press Freedom Caucus. More than six months after his murder, #JusticeForJamal is long overdue. It’s time for answers.

One of the two Florida counties penetrated by Russia’s GRU in 2016 has been identified

"Vladimir Putin's messing with our democracy — and he wants us to know it"

Wendy Vitter, who has said Planned Parenthood "kills over 150,000 females a year" and has urged people to tell doctors to put materials in waiting rooms that say abortion causes breast cancer, has just been appointed to the bench for life in the Eastern Dist. of LA. She is 58.

Schiff tells Barr that he’ll enforce subpoena for Mueller report

This is Larry Stutts, OBGYN, repeatedly sued over deaths of patients and one of the state senators behind Alabama’s disgusting abortion bill:

.@GileadSciences paid its former CEO $180 mil, while making billions in profit from lifesaving HIV drugs that are unaffordable for people who need them. The kicker: those drugs were developed using tens of millions of TAXPAYER dollars.

Trump plans to release thousands of migrants in two Democratic strongholds, Florida officials say

.@AOC to Gilead CEO: The list price [for Truvada for PrEP] is almost $2,000 in the US. Why is it $8 in Australia?

Netanyahu to push immunity law 'with full force,' report says

Translation: Putin killed her

Ireland Prime Minister says protest is "allowed" and "welcome" for Trump's visit

One of my Republican colleagues admitted this week that Leader McConnell is blocking all legislation aimed at securing elections. Foreign adversaries are already gearing up to target our next elections. This is an absurd level of irresponsibility - the time to get ready is now.

House Dems: Russia's investments in Kentucky poses national security threat

Former U.S. national security adviser Michael Flynn detailed attempts to obstruct Russia probe: court filing

Senate Republicans running away from Alabama abortion law

Walmart warns that it will have to rise prices because of Trump tariffs

Global economies are robust enough to withstand the impact of a potential fallout in U.S.-China trade talks, according to Principal Global Investors

Trump took out 30-year loan on $18.5 million home in 2018

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among 15-19 year olds in Missouri - 43% of these deaths are gun suicides. So what is the Missouri legislature trying to do? Put guns on college campuses. Tell me more about your pro-life agenda.

Putin says Russia will supply soy beans, poultry meat to China - Reuters

Apparently, VP Pence is “proud” that rape & incest victims would be revictimized by his administration. I hope women remember that come November 2020.

‘Nothing Has Been Done’: Khashoggi’s Fiancée Urges Action Against Saudi Arabia

Rpt: Trump administration gives $62 million earmarked for struggling farmers to corrupt Brazilian brothers

.@RepJerryNadler: "Everything the president does now is making it more & more impossible to rule out impeachment. The fact POTUS now takes the official position that Congress cannot investigate fraud, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, & corruption is outrageous."

Ukraine ruling coalition breaks up, may lead to snap election

READ: Office of Government Ethics releases Trump's financial disclosure documents for 2018

Flynn Case Update LORDY HE HAD TAPE(s)


NEW: Trump administration hawks have spent the last two weeks screaming about an increased threat from Iran. But U.S. intelligence officials assess that Iran’s aggressive moves came in response to the administration’s own actions.

Mayor Bill de Blasio on President Trump: "He's a con man and we New Yorkers know a con man when we see one. And I know how to challenge this guy I've been watching him his whole born life, his whole adult life and I've seen all of his tricks and we're going go right at him."

On @Breakingviews – China is exhibiting some worrying trade war restraint: that points to a different, and more dangerous, conflict

“They want me to resign,” Lindsey Graham told Hannity, regarding @TheDemCoalition. Most honest thing Graham’s ever said.

As faith in Trump-era SCOTUS wavers, post-Roe preparations begin

Republicans confirm anti-abortion extremist Vitter to judgeship

Questions about missing Trump-Russia counterintel probe intensify

Judge orders Flynn-related redactions removed from Mueller report

Elizabeth Warren wants to implement new ethics rules that would require former senior military officers and top Pentagon civilians wait at least 4 years before they can be employed by private defense contractors who do business with the Defense Department.

Currently, US politics is not a debate or even a discourse. It is a hostage situation. One side is holding the planet's future hostage. Their demands include cultural normalization of accepting non-truth as truth. It is their only hope of escaping consequences.

183 Republicans vote against making prescription drugs cheaper

If there was ever a time for more women to run for office, it’s now.

THERE'S MORE Judge Sullivan demands that public gets to learn everything Trump's lawyer John Dowd said in voice mail to Flynn's lawyer. In his calls, Dowd appeared to suggest it wasn't good idea for Flynn to cooperate, it would upset @realdonaldtrump

Just in other news, have you seen THIS. Cheri Jacobus just posted this in regards to the 2 hacked counties in Florida. LOOK who is in the filing paperwork!

And by the way, unlike Donald Trump and his suck-asses, I consider Russian hacking of our elections systems even in the smallest county to be tantamount to an act of war, but that's just me because I love America.

Nine and a half years after Sergei Magnitsky was murdered for uncovering a vast corruption network connected to Vladimir Putin, his killers still walk free. I’m grateful to the many people in the US government who have continued to support us in our fight for justice

"The subpoenas give Rettig and Mnuchin until May 17 to return Trump’s tax information."

"Southern Republican states are using the same tactics they developed to disenfranchise and discriminate against African Americans to take away women’s rights now."

This televangelist is selling a $45 Trump 2020 prayer coin

Kendall Coffey was the lawyer for Russian Hank Greenberg (Stone /Caputo). He was also Trump's lawyer. h/t @JamesFourM Some Trump lawyer was calling Flynn. Trump has a habit of hiring obscure lawyers.

This GOP operative bashed the Kremlin. Then he got a $350,000 lobbying deal

TY @maddow for helping us to share the contents of the #MuellerReport with the American people. We are in the middle of Volume 2. @tedlieu is reading now.

Tensions are rising with Iran right now. Meanwhile, the Pentagon hasn’t had a actual press briefing in almost a year and the space is being used like a reality TV show. Where are our senior leaders in Congress on this?

Under pressure from her own party, Theresa May agrees to set a timeline to quit as U.K. prime minister

New ad from the Tom Steyer-backed group Need to Impeach targets Democrats: "He broke his oath of office. He's defying you. He's laughing at you. And he’s getting away with it."

The next Maria Butina? 2020 campaigns to be briefed on counterintelligence threat

Poll: Overwhelming majority of Americans don't think Trump's term should be extended by 2 years

Unsealed court docs in Flynn case add detail to Trump obstruction