Monday, October 22, 2018

Just whoppers

Time to take our country back.


Huge new story by Novaya Gazeta. A security aide to Yevgeny Prigozhin (“Putin’s chef” and troll factory founder) says Prigozhin ordered an opposition blogger’s murder and tested poisons on Syrians who refused to fight for Assad. The aide is now missing.

“This November’s elections are more important than any I can remember in my lifetime. And that includes when I was a on the ballot.”

Obama in Las Vegas on the midterms: "This is not just abut one person in the White House. This is about Congress and governors races and state legislative races. Because power in America isn't just in one person." (via ABC)

A senior counterterrorism official tells me, when I asked about this tweet from @POTUS, “we do not see any evidence that ISIS or other Sunni terrorist groups are trying to infiltrate the southern U.S. border.”

I have been beaten, my skull fractured, and arrested more than forty times so that each and every person has the right to register and vote. Friends of my gave their lives. Do your part. Get out there and vote like you’ve never voted before

Shocking video of Saudis using body double to cover-up #khashoggi's murder@CNN exclusive surveillance video obtained from Turkish investigators.

Republicans outpacing Democrats in early voting in key states

All hands on deck!

•Saudi Crown Prince’s Advisor Al Qahtani was beamed into a room of the consulate via Skype.

"I realized that Jamal Khashoggi is dead, murdered precisely because he knew too much."

Andrew Gillum’s response: “The congressman was against the piece of legislation because he is wholly owned by the NRA. He’s not gonna stand up to the National Rifle Association. That's why they’re running all these ads against me because they want the man that they bought.”

This is a lie. Bolton is refusing to acknowledge every bit of evidence the intelligence & law enforcement agencies of the United States & Allies hold on this matter. For a National Security Adviser to make that statement is astounding

JUST IN: German Chancellor Merkel calls killing of journalist Khashoggi 'a monstrosity', says no arms exports to Saudi Arabia as long as incident isn't cleared up

In 2005, Donald Trump claimed the condos in his Las Vegas tower were “sold out.” In reality, only about 25 percent of units were sold by 2011

Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Miriam, delivered another $25 million to help Republicans try to hold control of the US Senate in the Nov. 6 election, adding to the more than $87 million they previously gave to bolster GOP’s midterm campaign.

The president of the United States is more interested in demagoguing about fake voter fraud by Americans than doing anything about real election interference by Russians.

Surveillance footage shows Saudi operative in Khashoggi's clothes after he was killed, Turkish source says

Inside a Trump Project that Failed. Spoiler: The Trumps Still Won.

This was the moment of the debate for me: @AndrewGillum gives the PERFECT reaction to DeSantis' weird answer about Trump being a role model for kids. Perfect. And hilarious.

Then, the Palm Beach Post reported that Rick Scott owned stock in a drug maker that he was directing tens of millions of taxpayer’s dollars toward.

This is what DeSantis’s GOP and his governor #RedTideRick Scott did to our Florida environment...

Eric Garcetti: "We've got such a hostile president to Latinos in general, to working people in America."

In case you missed it in all the news this week: Republicans are using the deficit their tax scam caused to justify cutting Social Security and Medicare. It’s absolutely shameful.

U.S. general confirmed wounded after Afghanistan shooting

$57,000 appears to have protected Invanka and Don Jr. from indictment for fraudulent real estate sales. But can anyone really trust the NY FBI office to investigate with Rudy’s seemingly close ties to the Bureau?

I don’t think I’ll be buying anything from Land O Lakes for the foreseeable future

In recent weeks, a grand jury has listened to hours of testimony and FBI techs have pored over gigabytes of electronic messages as part of Mueller's quest to answer: Did Roger Stone have advance knowledge of WikiLeaks' plans to release hacked Dem emails?

How the demise of an online charter school is roiling Ohio politics

Newest security worry: Trump without Mattis

For two years, the GOP has driven our great country like a rental car. We’re about to get it back with beer cans in the back seat, ash trays full and the oil two quarts low, but it will be ours again and we will fix it!

Twitter releases "motherlode" of data on alleged Russian and Iranian influence operations.

This is an official image put out by the Royal Court. To say this is shameless is an understatement.

Trump Trashes Another Treaty

US home sales fell in September to slowest pace in 3 years

The Trump Org is suing the estate of the man who died in a fire in his Trump Tower apartment earlier this year for unpaid condo and maintenance fees. Todd Brassner perished when an electrical fire engulfed his 50th-floor unit in Trump Tower in April

The Real Reasons Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Wanted Khashoggi ‘Dead or Alive’

"An elaborate attempt at a midterm hoax: Republicans convincing the public that they did not try to repeal Obamacare and its preexisting-conditions protections." Who is part of this hoax? Let's take a look!

Carl Bernstein: Trump preparing to call midterm elections 'illegitimate' if Democrats take power

Opinion: The Trump administration is also punishing legal immigrants. Here’s how.

Ambassador McFaul destroys Arabia Foundation founder's praise for Saudi prince after murder of journalist

Wow ---> Conservative New York Post endorses Democrat Nathan McMurray over indicted GOPer Chris Collins

Mikhail Gorbachev slams Trump’s decision to withdraw from a nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia

Trump claims Saudi arms deal creates 1 million new jobs. Fact-check: the ENTIRE US defense contracting industry employs 335,000 people in the US. Lockheed said the Saudi arms deal would create several hundred new jobs - in Saudi Arabia.

Stephen King hits back at Trump for attacking "scared and hungry people."

The @missoulian is ENTHUSIASTICALLY endorsing Democrat @WilliamsForMT over body-slamming Rep. Greg Gianforte. “Kathleen Williams is the congressional candidate Montana has been waiting for. Experienced. Knowledgeable. Thoughtful.”

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch call for UN to investigate killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi

JUST IN: Quake of magnitude 6.7 strikes off Canada's British Columbia

The Arizona Republic's editorial board has endorsed Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema over Republican Martha McSally, marking the first time the publication has endorsed a Democrat for the Senate since at least 2000

Why is a GOP Senator pushing the VA to use unproven “brainwave frequency” treatment? Because Sen. Dean Heller’s office has ties to the company.

Turkish newspaper YeniSafak publishes story alleging @washingtonpost columnist #Khashoggi actually spoke to Saudi Crown Prince Salman on a mobile phone from inside the Embassy, before being killed

Here’s our recommendation for Florida governor: ⁦@AndrewGillum⁩ will be a governor for all Floridians

The extrajudicial and extraterritorial murder of a journalist is something we would expect of the Kremlin, not an ally. Jamal Khashoggi’s death must cause us to re-examine our relationship with Saudi Arabia, and that should begin with the suspension of military aid in Yemen.