Monday, July 3, 2017

The Consequences of Trump's Attacks on Planet Earth:Hawking Said Trump's Climate Policies Can Turn Earth Into Venus

...and GOP healthcare bill would let Stephen Hawking die...

Protesters rally in dozens of cities to call for Trump’s impeachment

'PUTIN WAS MEDIOCRE' Feared Russian president Vladimir Putin was not an impressive KGB agent, claims his former spy boss

Retired general Nikolai Leonov says Putin was sent to an unimportant posting in East Germany

NATO SIGINT on Team Treason

there's no better image to represent all of America right now than a few enjoying the things that belong to the many.

Sinclair Broadcast Group: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Sinclair Broadcast Group is the largest owner of local TV stations in the country. That's alarming considering that they often inject political views into local news.

Trumps Pedophile Case

UK cyber analyst: I was recruited by Trump campaign to collude on hack

The Hijacked American Presidency