Wednesday, December 27, 2017

NAACP official: Trump judicial nominee "a product of the modern white supremacist machine"

With each tweet about the Clinton probe, Pres. Trump seems to be further undermining his administration's stated rationale for firing James Comey.

POTUS's wide use of the severability clause, a safety precaution tactic, hints that the administration expects its orders will be challenged in court

Howard Dean: Trump is running a "criminal enterprise out of the White House"

Trump partly blamed Sessions for Alabama Senate loss: report

Poll: Nearly one-third of Americans wrongly believe Trump repealed ObamaCare

The number of violent crimes committed in the 30 largest U.S. cities is set to fall in 2017, despite claims from the Trump administration that these crimes are on the rise

F.D.A. Leaves Tainted Foods on Shelves Too Long, Report Finds

Breitbart’s Disgrace

Ivanka Trump brand items appeared in 68% of Ms.Trump's Facebook and Instagram postings about official appearances through the end of Oct.

Devin Nunes subpoenas John McCain associate over Trump-Russia dossier: report

NEW: If Flynn accuses Trump of wrongdoing in relations with Russian officials, Trump's lawyers are preparing to call Flynn a liar trying to protect himself.

16 Does Trump have a grand strategy for foreign policy? Dream on.

"Putin may be in more trouble than we know"

"It's also, by the way, harder to be as obnoxious and cruel in person as people can be anonymously on the internet," President Obama talks to Prince Harry about social media during an interview for BBC radio

A large truck is attempting to block cameras from capturing video of President Donald Trump golfing

Trump takes the most vacation days

Revealed: The Secret KGB Manual for Recruiting Spies

NEW POLL: Obama is "most admired man" for 10th year in a row

Mueller's team has reportedly begun to question Republican National Committee staffers about the GOP's joint data operation with the Trump campaign, and whether there was any coordination with Russia

Per State Dept readout, Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov discussed North Korea, Syria, and Ukraine in their call yesterday.

Koch-funded dark money groups hiding behind noble-sounding names like “Taxpayers Protection Alliance” are fighting cheap, high speed municipal Internet, while giant carriers like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T are working behind the scenes to block smaller competition.

Warning: Donald Trump Is America’s Slobodan Milošević

Library of Congress will no longer archive every public tweet

They should keep them

‘The Daily’ Transcript: Interview With Former White Nationalist Derek Black


Former Bush ethics lawyer: Trump tweets attacking FBI official "very, very stupid"

"Overall there was serenity there. More than I would have expected."@BarackObama on his feelings after @realDonaldTrump was inaugurated as US President

Russian FM Lavrov and General Prosecutor Chaika are so agitated about my legal action in Cyprus they’ve both interrupted their holidays to give Cyprus media interviews attacking me.

Per pool, Trump has arrived at Trump International Golf Club. This is his 86th day at a golf club as president.

Mueller probe outgrows its ‘witch hunt’ phase

Michael Morell & Mike Rogers in WashPo: The US "has failed to establish deterrence" against Russian propaganda.

William Barber II: Trump’s Terrible Choice for Judge

Trump claims Russia dossier "bogus"

The Tax Bill's New Way Of Measuring Inflation Could Take A Toll On Taxpayers

U.S. tax cuts will cost $1 trillion after growth, according to Congress’ tax scorekeeper

In a BBC interview with Prince Harry, former US President Barack Obama urges people in leadership positions not to use social media in a way that fosters division

Business ‘I hope I can quit working in a few years’: A preview of the U.S. without pensions

MAGA-dress wearing singer Joy Villa files sex assault complaint against former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski

I Want 2017 to Be Over. I Never Want to See Anything Like It Again


Watergate reporter rips Trump: The FBI isn't tainted, he is

Twitter users torch Huckabee for comparing Trump to Churchill

Bush ethics chief to FBI director: Stand up to Trump or resign

Inspector general says the mishandling of sexual harassment complaints at the Justice Department is a "systemic" problem.

Trump Administration Eases Nursing Home Fines in Victory for Industry

Agency heads are carrying out the Trump administration's agenda largely in secret, in many cases shielding their schedules from public view

Trump and Scott Walker have touted the Foxconn deal as a big win for Wisconsin. But the initial $3,000,000,000 subsidy to the Taiwanese company, which was already the largest in the state's history, has recently risen to $4,500,000,000.