Friday, September 8, 2017

Mueller wants to talk to Hope Hicks? So does C Lewandowski_wife...

Trump’s Congressional Allies Are Trying to Manipulate the Steele Dossier to Undercut the Russia Investigation

Fox spent weeks defending Trump's Obama wiretapping claim. They spent 30 seconds covering the DOJ revealing he lied

"Only in Miami": Bakery owner passes out cafecito to drivers waiting in line for gas

Virginia moves to eliminate voting machines considered top hacking target

RU media: New Russian envoy had warm & constructive meeting w/Trump Not a word re this to US media from WH

Yes, it is a time to talk about climate change

The case for Trump-Russia collusion: We're getting very, very close

Equifax Hack Likely to Scramble Deregulatory Efforts

Jeff Sessions very wrong about violent crime in America

WaPo: Spicer, Priebus, Hicks among 6 current, former WH aides Mueller will likely seek to interview in Russia probe

Chris Murphy CT is proposing Medicare for All,

Will President Trump let the Federal Election Commission rot?

Why are Republicans quitting Congress? Dent, Reichert add to turnover under Trump

This language is unacceptable and unenforceable. My staff has already contacted @Equifax to demand that they remove it

House passes Trump-Dem deal despite strong GOP opposition

Message Felix Sater sent to Trump lawyer Michael Cohen for Trump Tower Moscow. FULL letter of intent.

The head of FEMA says Hurricane Irma is going to “devastate” the United State

Trump & Attorney General Sessions Want to Enshrine a Business Right to Discriminate Into the Constitution

6 swing states + Texas account for almost all of the gerrymandering—MI, NC, PA are consistently the most extreme.

Spelling out what the New York Times can't come out and say about the shady Russian guy from the Trump Tower meeting

Oregon's governor says the Trump administration refused request for help combating wildfire

Ethics watchdogs say Kris Kobach's compensation from Breitbart raises questions

Notes from Manafort on Veselnitskaya meeting were apparently all about me and Magnitsky. Nothing about adoptions.

MorningJoe host Mika smacks ‘weak’ Paul Ryan: ‘Chuck and Nancy never took a loyalty oath — they’re doing just fine’

The Deep State is real. But it might not be what you think.

Hurricanes Are Sweeping The Atlantic. What's The Role Of Climate Change ?

This is the story of Mike Pence

Reuters now reporting that economic adviser Gary Cohn is on his way out after criticizing Trump on neo-Nazis

Analysis: Another North Korean holiday? Time for another missile launch.

ICYMI: Speaker Ryan didn't know the minimum wage in WI this morning.

Judge clears the way for Dallas to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee

Immigration policies like DACA reduce crime, make America safer RachelKleinfeld explains the empirical research

A Second Look at the Steele Dossier—Knowing What We Know Now

This is our hard-hat jobs revolution - in every state - in every American community - solar jobs growing 17X faster

Why it's so hard to trust Facebook

Senator says Facebook's Russian ads suggest need for new laws


In case you're wondering why Irma is so terrifying...For scale the smaller storm is hurricane Andrew

Five absurd attempts to equate right-wing terrorists with left-wing groups

Everything good about man, and dog, seen in this photo of an Southwest airline captain who flew a planeload of refugee dogs out of Houston.

Upbeat Trump raves to Schumer, Pelosi about news coverage of their deal

Tropical triple threat: Hurricanes Jose and Katia could join Irma striking land this weekend

Inside the next fake news war

You can't make this up: Trump 'election integrity' commission allegedly uses personal email for government business

Leaked DOJ memo recommends making rape victims' sexual history fair play in campus hearings

Nearly 400 workers have left the EPA since August 31, could take staffing to its lowest point in almost 30 year

ICE denies planning largest-ever nationwide immigration raids

Mar-a-Lago got $17M for nonexistent hurricane damage

Russian fingerprints are on thousands of fake Facebook and Twitter accounts that posted anti-Clinton messages

There can be an historic catastrophic hurricane bearing down on 10s of millions of people... and Fox News still just can't help itself:

Weaponized Marketing


Thread. A short one on misdirection, Facebook and the not at all significant "troll factory", which was reported only as cover.