Monday, November 25, 2019

Supreme Court grants emergency stay blocking House from obtaining Trump’s financial records

The ousted Navy secretary Spencer said that Trump intervening in the Trident review process sends the wrong message to troops

Don McGahn is a central witness to allegations that President Trump obstructed Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, and the Administration’s claim that officials can claim ‘absolute immunity’ from Congressional subpoenas has no basis in law, as the court recognized today.

McGahn ruling is a heck of a smackdown for DOJ: "When DOJ insists that Presidents can lawfully prevent their senior-level aides from responding to compelled congressional process and that neither the federal courts nor Congress has the power to do anything about it, DOJ...

David Pecker has spoken with New York prosecutors as part of a probe into the Trump Org's handling of hush money payments. Michael Cohen is also cooperating and has been interviewed at least three times at the Otisville Correctional facility.

Ten days after Erdogan visits Trump in the White House, Turkey flies NATO aircraft to test its new Russian S400 missile system, as Turkish-backed extremists reportedly continue operations in NE Syria. Embarrassing.

Rep. Jackie Speier on Devin Nunes: "If he was on a political errand for the president that was using taxpayer funds inappropriately, he should be investigated by the Ethics Committee and he should be forced to repay the Treasury the money that was spent."

BREAKING: Federal judge rules former White House counsel Don McGahn must testify, rejecting all 3 of DOJ’s arguments and finding that “the claim that a President’s senior-level aides have absolute testimonial immunity is meritless.”

BREAKING: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson issues 120 pg. ruling finding that former WH Counsel Don McGahn must testify, destroying Trump administration's claims of “absolute immunity.” BIG WIN for Dems with regard to rejecting Congressional subpoenas. Ruling cite to follow soon.

Clear Goal of Barr/Durham Probe is to Scare Off Intelligence Community

Federal judge orders Pentagon and OMB to turn over documents discussing blocked Ukraine military aid

Saudi Arabia Arrests More Opponents Despite Sensitivity Amid IPO Push

U.S. Supreme Court lets climate scientist's defamation claim proceed

This is a very specific, and very long list of serious crimes that Giuliani is being investigated for.

Subpoenas issued to people linked to President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani reportedly name Giuliani’s consulting company and list potential charges like money laundering and obstruction of justice

“You know, Lindsey had an obligation to the constitution, the law, and the voters of South Carolina but now basically if Donald Trump says hey come over and shave my back, Lindsey is going to be there”

Lame duck Trump-loving Kentucky governor pardons man convicted of sodomizing 6-year-old girl

Just finished my last official duties at the @WhiteHouse. What a great ride it has been!! Thanks to all. Happy Holidays & God Bless. — Rick Perry

American Media Inc. chairman David Pecker has reportedly spoken with prosecutors with the New York DA's office as part of its investigation into the Trump Organization's handling of hush money payments to women who alleged affairs with Trump.

Trump was asked today about Giuliani’s “Insurance” comment. Trump went on to compliment him so hard, it’s almost like he is trying to keep Giuliani happy....

We abandoned the Kurds for exactly no reason but to give Erdogan and Putin bigger footholds in Syria.


Just In: Federal Subpoenas Seek Information on Giuliani’s Consulting Business

Buried in this NYT report: Barr had already been warned that intervening in the Firtash extradition case wasn't a great idea. Who else was asking?

A little on the nose the stock footage used here was Russian.

If we allow Trump’s obstruction of Congress to succeed, it will have enduring consequences. It will mean a future Congress will be unable to conduct meaningful oversight of a president of either party. Republicans who enable Trump's obstruction now will rue the day they did.

The thing is the case against Gallagher is based on other SEALs turning him in. The witnesses against him were SEALs, who protect us and who had the courage and integrity to stand up and say what Gallagher did in our name was wrong.

Schiff to colleagues: "[W]e will not allow the President or others to drag this out for months on end in the courts. The President has accepted or enlisted foreign nations to interfere in our upcoming elections, including the next one; this is an urgent matter that cannot wait."

Trump has now twice sought foreign interference in our elections to help him politically, first from Russia, and now from Ukraine. This president threatens the integrity of our elections, and Congress must consider the remedy. It cannot wait. The urgency is real.

Wow. Firtash founded @CamAnalytica and is one of the principal attackers of the 2016 election. He works for Putin and if he thinks he can get out of anything by turning on Giuliani he is sorely mistaken

Read. Every. Word. Why Giuliani Singled Out 2 Ukrainian Oligarchs to Help Dig Up Dirt

I can’t bring myself to say that Democrats flipping the Senate is more important than defeating Trump. But without it, the grand plans of their presidential candidates are over. And @7im is right that capturing it is just as crucial if Trump is re-elected.

It’s still baffling to me that Esper fired SECNAV for making a backroom deal with Trump to allow Gallagher to keep his Trident, then he himself allowed Gallagher to keep his Trident.

You remember Ascension. The St. Louis-based healthcare company under Federal investigation for handing millions of patient records to Google.

Good morning! Finally, even the New York Times can't avoid revealing the Trump RUSSIAN MOB CONNECTIONS. In this case, DMITRY FIRTASH.

NEW: Giuliani reportedly held discussions about representing a state-owned Ukrainian bank in a legal dispute this summer, while he was leading a pressure campaign on Ukraine on behalf of Trump

So @RudyGiuliani used indicted associates to conspire with indicted Ukraine oligarch on behalf of @realDonaldTrump, and he offered to use his influence to help said oligarch in order to get political dirt that could help Trump. What did Trump know? Dems should investigate.

In firing Richard Spencer, Trump recklessly crosses another line

“we may have ended this thing a lot sooner had he been there originally” Trump Hints That Barr Shut Down the Mueller Investigation

Doctors warn Britain’s home secretary: Julian Assange is in such bad health he could die in prison

US troops have resumed large-scale counterterrorism missions against the Islamic State in northern Syria, military officials say, nearly 2 months after President Trump’s abrupt order to withdraw American troops

Donald Trump brutally fact-checked by his own Justice Department on ’60 Minutes’ for Ukraine conspiracies

More secrets of China's Xinjiang camps leaked to foreign media

“It exposed fissures in Trump’s relationship with the highest ranks of the U.S. military and raised questions about the appropriate role of a commander in chief in matters of military justice”

Happening today: A federal judge says she intends to rule by the end of the day whether former WH counsel Don McGahn must testify under subpoena to Congress. The House general counsel says the Judiciary Cmte "would aim to obtain" his testimony during its impeachment hearings.

Some whisper to reporters and columnists that they're "fighting the good fight" or "trying to keep him under control" or "doing good policy" and some reporters and columnists believe them If they believe that, they're fools. But most don't believe anything of the sort.

5/ The excuses and rationalizations you make to yourself in the dark of night -- "I'm making the best of a crazy time" and "Without me, it would be worse" and "No matter what he tweets, I'm doing good" are as hollow as your nights are sleepless. That's the secret we all know.
6/ You know he's guilty. You know he's corrupt. You know on his best days he's barely coherent and sane. You know the damage he's doing to this nation, our security, and image in the world. Don't lie to yourself. The guilt will consume even someone as bad as you.
7/ You will *not* get to tell the story later. You will*not* get to laugh it off as a crazy lacuna in your otherwise sterling career. You're marked with it. The stain is on you. ETTD is real, inevitable, and excuses don't expunge it.
8/ Using the "I can't talk because of his NDA" or "I want to protect exec privilege for the next GOP President" is a lie, and you know it. "The election will decide it" is a lie, and you know it. "I can't change anything," is a lie, and you know it. Excuses are over.
9/ If you want to stay in the Administration, embrace it all, publically. The lawlessness. The graft. The treason. The compromise. The cruelty. Dine well, drink deep, and imagine justice and history will be kind to you. They won't.
10/ Some of you, in the long after, will make the same weak excuses that every servant of evil makes. "I was following orders." "I had to, or someone worse would." "We didn't know." "Without me, it would have been worse." "We never imagined it would get out of control."
/so endeth the lesson.