Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I Am Not A Crook

Someone just raised the bar on Nixon.
Thanks again to Carl Bernstein

CNN just reported Trump team preparing a statement. Is this it?

LIVE Obama Farewell RIGHT NOW

Congress grapples with new allegations of Trump-Russia ties

FBI's Comey Says Russia Also 'Harvested' Data From Republicans

Here’s the report alleging Trump’s ties to Russia

Mother Jones first reported on the existence of these memos in October

Lawmakers broach possible Donald Trump campaign coordination with Russia

new? nothin' much.

This Is A Big Fucking Deal: CNN’s Reporting That Russia Has Dirt On Trump And He Knows It


I try really hard not to be “that guy” just because I founded a hard-left leaning blog and buy into every story and theory that implicate President-Elect Trump in one nefarious way or another. I’ve always tried to make my “coverage” of American politics — both satire and commentary — based on reported truth and fact, and not supposition and wishful thinking. But after reading CNN’s bombshell exclusive report that intelligence officials briefed Trump on Russia’s ability to gather dirt on him, I’m growing more and more hopeful for his impeachment and removal from office.
There are a few things about CNN’s report that should be dug into by investigative journalists before Trump can sink his hooks into the First Amendment. The free press will be vital in uncovering what Trump knew and when he knew it — which was the seminal theme of another Republican president’s demise if memory serves. If what’s in the report from CNN is true, there can be no doubt that Trump is compromised and can and will be easily turned into the Kremlin’s puppet baby boy bitch, and regardless of politics, that shouldn’t be cool with anyone living in this country, not if the idea of sovereignty means anything anyway.
Full Article Via Modern Liberals

Veteran Journalist Carl Bernstein: Intel Chiefs Presented Trump With Claims Of Russian Efforts To Compromise Him CNN Report States Possible “Exchange Of Information” Between Russians And Trump Surrogates

CNN Report States Possible “Exchange Of Information” Between Russians And Trump Surrogates

NN reported that US intelligence chiefs presented President-elect Donald Trump and President Obama with documents that claim Russian operatives believe they have “compromising personal and financial information” about Trump. The report also included allegations that a “continuing exchange of information” occurred “between Trump surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government” during the 2016 presidential campaign. Veteran investigative journalist Carl Bernstein reported that FBI officials are currently “investigating the credibility and accuracy of these allegations.” From the January 10 edition of CNN’s The Situation Room:
Full Story Via Media Matters

GT Progressive News: Is Trump Being Blackmailed Right Now?

GT Progressive News: Is Trump Being Blackmailed Right Now?: No one is really saying this out loud but you have to wonder what some of Trumps actions may have been motivated by. His bizarre behavior,...

Now What

Wow, this could explain everything.
 I'm going with...Trump is a disgusting, amoral,coward who never wanted the job in the first place.
 If even a little bit of this is true then he is also a traitor to The United States Of America.
He along with surrogates have been colluding with a hostile foreign government.
Where's a constitutional scholar when you need one....oh right.

In September, I warned that Putin might be blackmailing Trump

Russian spies claim to have compromising information on Trump: report

BREAKING: US Intel Chiefs Present Pres-Elect Trump with Claims of Russian Efforts to Compromise Him

 Watch Right Now
Classified documents presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell CNN.

Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him.


Want to know who Jeff Session is? She went to Sessions' hometown.

NRA grossly exaggerates Chicago violence statistics to bolster Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

Maybe the Russians can just oversee our nuclear arsenal or something

Sean Hannity Claims Jeff Sessions Has A "Record Second To None On Civil Rights," Despite His Past Racist Comments

FDR on Fascism

Full text: Jeff Sessions opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Cory Booker will testify against Sessions' nomination to be Attorney General

The first time ever a sitting senator will testify against another sitting senator.

Christie, at a low point, to deliver last-chance State of the State

...and yet, Christie may have the dirt on Trump that could save us all. See article below.
He is the perfect person to leak info and I just know, after decades of watching Manhattanite Trump....Christie knows a thing or two.
If he has the cahones and does it. I say he gets to be on some of our money and a few stamps too. Article has some foul language but a great idea is a great idea.

Some Gentle Advice For Governor Chris Christie On How To Mafia-Style Kneecap That Bastard Trump

Do It...at this point you have nothing left to lose and your reputation to regain. 


Death - Most Affordable Solution

This Russian Obsession Shows How Trump Will Be Undone

Well, would you look at that?

Jared Kushner named senior adviser to Donald Trump

Trump transition officials confirm that Jared Kushner will be named senior adviser to the president.
I can tell you from my experience in the White House that this is a key position. The president’s senior advisor has an office in the West Wing in close proximity to the president’s. He sits in on all major meetings. He advises on all major issues. He carries the heavy weight of public responsibility.
But Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law and business partner. His major loyalty is to Trump and Trump’s global business empire, not to the American people. He has no experience in government. Kings and despots install family members around them, to protect their power and money. Presidents do not – at least not until now.
What do you think?
Robert Reich

Conway - Judge Donald Trump by what's in his heart, not what comes out of his mouth


The Cast of Characters ` Good vs. Evil

I would change Kellyanne Conway to Bellatrix Lestrange, her being the most dangerous witch of all.

The Vlad Fad ~ How Trump got his party to love Russia

The two types of Republicans who abandoned onetime opposition to support Vladimir Putin.


Putin banner mysteriously appears on Manhattan Bridge | New York ...

Obama's Farewell Address: How Presidents Use This Moment Of Reflection

Waiting For Trump's Angry Tweets

Khizr Khan to Senate panel: “I am writing to urge you...not to confirm Sen. Jeff Sessions

Donald Trump Will Be One Of America’s Fattest Presidents

Just a few Taco Bowls shy of Grover Cleveland

Donald Trump might have thought it was okay to fat-shame former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, but that’s like people in glass houses throwing stones. No matter how you look at it, Trump is obese. And when he takes the oath of office, he’ll have his place in the history books as one of America’s fattest presidents.
At the moment, there is no official number for the portly president-to-be, but the New York Times noted Trump’s weight, as revealed during the ‘Dr. Oz Show’ in September at 236 pounds, which was later revised to 267 pounds. At 6-foot-3, that gives Trump a body mass index (BMI) of 29.5 to 33.4. 
Full Story 

Perhaps he is the fattest President ever elected as the author accepts the Trump stated fact that he is 6'3".

Trump's driver's license casts doubt on height claims


Trumps Tries To Take Credit For Chrysler Fiat When Union Negotiated Deal Long Ago

Hayes takes down Trump On Fiat

Why Jeff Sessions would be very good news for private prisons

Despite woes Obamacare not in "death spiral.

Trump pick Monica Crowley plagiarized parts of her Ph.D. dissertation

Not only did she cut and paste aplenty in her book but..

Related image
What The Bleep Just Happened?
Now her doctoral dissertation too? Wow, no wonder Trump wants her. Yugely, successfully getting the proles to do her work for her, taking the cash and the credit.

How To Get A Really Great Job Despite Being A Sleazebag

Pam Bondi played when Donald Trump paid. Now she's rewarded with a job in his administration. Sad.

Unacceptable: floridadems.org/paytoplay

Democrats Hold Late Night 5 Hour Protest On Repeal Of Obamacare

Senate Session The Senate resumed debate on the fiscal year 2017 budget resolution, which included instructions to committees to write legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Later, Senate Democrats spoke on Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The debate on the resolution was expected to continue late into the evening.

Chuck Schumer Sends Special Letter to Mitch McConnell

The same letter McConnell sent to Harry Reid 8 years ago.

The speed of Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act has stunned health industry lobbyists

Bernie Sanders Town Hall LIVE - CNN