Thursday, November 22, 2018

The entitled hypocrisy of Ivanka Trump’s personal e-mail account:

From the beginning, Team Trump has dreamed of selling nuclear reactors across the Gulf. Now Saudi Crown Prince MBS wants US nuclear technology AND the right to enrichment BUT doesn't want intrusive inspections to prove the peaceful nature of the program.

Academic Alan Dershowitz has been counseling the Trump admin on the Middle East peace process. Meanwhile, he had a contract with a lobbyist for Qatar.

Meet Hannah! She lost everything in the fire and has been volunteering with @WCKitchen... This morning she showed up extra early and drew a special message for our volunteers

The country of Denmark has announced today that they are officially suspending future approvals of weapons and military equipment exports to Saudi Arabia, their main reasoning being the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

CDC CALLS FOR RECALLS of all romaine lettuces!


"Donald Trump Pulled Out of Planned Mueller Team Meeting at Camp David After Seeing List of Questions in Jan. 2018." "...Trump received a list of questions, the White House soured on the meeting"

Pro-government Saudis have been calling for a boycott of Turkish products

Trump treats troops to rambling Thanksgiving diatribe against court: ‘We always lose — it’s a disgrace’

BREAKING — France imposes travel bans on 18 Saudi citizens over Khashoggi killing - Reuters


THANKSGIVING SUBPOENAS: The House Judiciary Committee officially sent subpoenas to James COMEY and Loretta LYNCH yesterday. Dems want their hearings to be public

Why would @RepGoodlatte want these hearings in private. Nah’re still on the tax payers dime, bring @Comey @AGLynch for a public hearing Unless of course @RepGoodlatte has something to hide because I’m sick of the abuse of subpoena power by @HouseGOP

President Trump won’t stand up to Saudi murderers. The private sector should instead

Thanksgiving marks 55 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Too many view his killing as the death of the American dream, writes Peniel Joseph, who says JFK "presided over a transformational era in American politics"

As you celebrate Thanksgiving, know that the Trump administration is taking away 321 acres of land from the Mashpee-Wampanoag, the Tribe that helped the pilgrims survive & were present at the 1st Thanksgiving. Tell legislators to support The Mashpee Reservation Reaffirmation Act.

Stand up and fight, America is worth it.

NEW: Republicans sit back and enjoy Dem fight over Pelosi

Former Bush attorney general Alberto Gonzales rebukes Trump for reportedly seeking to prosecute Clinton, Comey

They. Will. Never. Stand. Up. To Him. EVER. But a new @HouseDemocrats Congress will. We’ll take it from here, Senator.

12 days after the Inarguation, Ivanka Trump shows up towards the end of a Chinese New Year party at the Chinese Embassy. At this time she had no official role, & it is still unclear as to what she was doing there

General Igor Korobov, head of the GRU, has been added to the list of suspicious Russia-related deaths.

The Texas Attorney General is under indictment. And the prosecutors run out of money. How convenient

ACLU has provided massive legal assistance to Fast Eddie #Snowden since he made off with 1M+ classified IC/DoD docs and took refuge under Putin's wing. This isn't rocket science here

Trump's bankers: "Danske Bank whistleblower says bank moved $150 billion through Deutsch Bank's U.S. unit."

Obama asked Congress to pass legislation to overturn Citizens United, a SCOTUS decision he believed would allow big corporate money to control elections. History has proven him right. There was no rebuke of Alito, who audibly commented “not true” during the President’s speech

Ivanka wrote this in her first book: "My friend Andrew Cuomo, New York's great attorney general, tells me that e-mail is the key to prosecuting just about everyone these days."

I talked to Laura Loomer about her Twitter ban. She wants Trump to step in, says "This is not going to be the end of Laura Loomer!"

2014 FEC filings lots of money back to Whitaker’s family members...

LA district attorney declines to prosecute Michael Avenatti on felony domestic abuse charges days after his arrest

John Kelly signs an order allowing American troops to use lethal force at the border.

“Tax returns reveal one six-figure donor accounts for entirety of “dark money” funding Whitaker’s nonprofit dark money” Helluva Article. It’s probably the most exhaustive article on Whitaker

MI6 battling to stop Donald Trump releasing classified Russia probe documents - unbelievable, betraying our allies for his own insanity

The 1MDB fund deals that continue to haunt Goldman Sachs

Unacceptable for even one veteran to be waiting on their GI Bill housing payments. But more than 82,000 veterans are -- facing eviction, getting kicked out of school, going into debt as benefits are delayed.

“I think this is an extraordinary moment… I’m glad to see the Chief Justice go to bat to make the point that we can rely on our judges to be a check and balance, even in this day and age.”

Many servicemembers at the border will not be home for Thanksgiving because of this Administration’s political agenda. It’s completely unacceptable.

BREAKING: While some major corporations are demanding refunds based on Hyde-Smith’s “public hanging” comments, others continue to contribute to her campaign New donors, reported moments ago to the FEC:@Aetna (2.5K)@USChamber (5K)@BCBSAssociation (1K)@GDMS (5K)

A great America is a strong America. Trump's praise of Saudi Arabia today makes the US sound weak and dependent. We are not. Saudis need us to contain Iran, protect the high seas, provide weapons, and buy their oil. We don't need them. Trump gives away our leverage for nothing.

Seriously Mississippi, you're gonna vote for this woman?

Happy Thanksgiving

CIA Has Recording of Saudi Crown Prince Ordering Khashoggi Silenced, Turkish Media Reports

“President Trump wears his heart on his Twitter sleeve,” @sam_vinograd says. “The President’s statement, which yesterday was supposedly about putting America first, puts America last because…it really licenses other murderers to keep murdering because there’s no repercussions.”

What Can Democrats Actually Do to Prevent Voter Suppression?

It's the night before thanksgiving. It's cold and wet outside. #CampFire evacuees are still bracing the elements and looking for shelter. Here are some images I'd like to share some images from my time exploring the Chico Walmart parking lot, a temporary refuge for some

Why sacrifice combat rediness,in a theater we already fought a war in,For KJUs empty promises?

Congratulations @JenKirkman! Russia Today went after you with a giant lie! They literally invented a quote after you tweeted “I’m not calling Ocasio-Cortez a Russian agent” - they just said you did and put it in a headline!

Democrats won the popular vote in the House by the largest margins since the Watergate scandal and resignation of Republican President Richard Nixon, according to an analysis by NBC News.

Mueller says former Trump aide Papadopoulos should report to jail November 26 as scheduled

Federal authorities accuse a former Justice Department official and two others of taking part in a conspiracy tied to tens of millions of dollars in foreign money

5 Good Reasons Why Matthew Whitaker Isn't Qualified To Be Acting Attorney General

This is shocking. I knew things were going downhill fast, but I never thought I’d see the day when the United States authorised lethal force to be used against impoverished refugees, including women and children.

Cue dumbass tweet from President denying climate change…

Andres family on our way to @paradise_ca to join my team @WCKitchen @natemook cooking tomorrow with the help of amazing chefs and volunteers 15k+ meals for Thanksgiving day..#ChefsForCalifornia @Schwarzenegger #YesWeCan @MichelleObama @BarackObama already over 140k meals cooked!

When the Acting AG doesn’t bother to learn the facts about a high profile terrorism case (the Chelsea bomber) before speaking about it to the Joint Terrorism Task Force that was responsible with SDNY for catching & prosecuting.

Excellent article by @terischultz on Dutch FM @ministerBlok's move to take Sergei Magnitsky's name off the EU Magnitsky Act to try to appease Putin. Seems a strange position to take after 193 Dutch citizens were murdered by a Russian missile on MH17

Vote Leave broke the law. Vote Leave won the referendum by cheating. They then tried to cover it up and tamper with evidence. They got caught. Now, their appeal has been denied - but the sham that is Brexit continues. We need a new vote.

Nothing says you ♥️ the troops like teleconferencing them for a few minutes from your Florida beach resort where you’re spending the holidays at taxpayer expense cavorting with filthy rich purse designers/ambassadors before teeing off on the golf course you own.

Whitaker under investigation by the Office of Special Counsel (not Mueller). “Penalties for Hatch Act violations range from reprimand or suspension to removal and debarment from federal employment and may include a civil fine."

Wow. Just plain wow

After having the entire Russian GRU network in Europe exposed and ridiculed following the unsuccessful Skripal assassination, the head of the GRU suddenly dies of a “long and serious illness”

President Trump's defense of Saudi Arabia has divided Republicans

Jamal Khashoggi was not barred from writing and making public appearances in Saudi Arabia because he criticized the Saudi royal family. It happened in late 2016, after he criticized Donald Trump, according to the US State Department

Perspective: Elon Musk beats a stuffed field to be 2018's biggest business turkey

Mississippi Sen Cindy Hyde-Smith: "I introduced a bill that would not allow any federal dollars to go toward keeping records for anyone purchasing weapons. Nothing is more important than our gun rights. I'm a lifetime @NRA member."

A politically conservative veteran’s reaction: “Using the military like this is an awful precedent and puts the soldiers down there in a no-win situation. It isn’t something a commander in chief who understands or respects the military would ever do.”

The most stunning thing about this John Roberts statement is that he gave it to the AP, not during public remarks or in a law journal or any of the myriad ways he could have softened its edges. He wanted it out there and now, through the front door.