Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Trump reportedly pressured his then-chief of staff John Kelly and White House counsel Don McGahn to grant Ivanka Trump a security clearance against their recommendations.

New filing in United States v. Stone: Set/Reset Deadlines

Sen. Isakson: Does your mother get most of her info online? Ethan Lindenberger, the 18-year-old who got vaccinated against his mom's wishes: "Mainly Facebook." Isakson: Where do you get your info? Lindenberger: "Not Facebook. CDC, the World Health Org. ... accredited sources."

Exclusive: 2 months after declaring all US troops are leaving Syria, President Trump wrote to members of Congress that he now agrees "100%" with keeping a military presence in Syria.

Green Party MEP ⁦@HeidiHautala⁩ is outed as the driving force behind the effort to take Sergei Magnitsky’s name off the EU Magnitsky Act. She was the girlfriend of Andrei Nekrasov, who produced the scandalous anti Magnitsky movie

BREAKING: Miami federal prosecutors recuse themselves from Jeffrey Epstein victims' rights case

‘The silence is deafening’: Major brands avoid Trump even as he promotes them from the White House.

Adam Schiff Hires a Former Prosecutor to Lead the Trump Investigation

Here's Mueller's reply to Manafort's sentencing memo in Virginia. Says Manafort has not accepted responsibility, and doesn't buy his health concerns

"The Department of Financial Services does not conduct criminal investigations, nor does it have authority over Mr. Trump or the Trump Organization, but it can REFER any possible illegal activity to prosecutors."

Former officials of the military academy where Trump went to high school say that wealthy alumni directed them to retrieve, remove and hide Trump's academic records. The request came in 2011, days after Trump challenged Obama to "show his records."

New: New York State regulators have issued an expansive subpoena to the Trump Organization's longtime insurance broker, the first step in an investigation of insurance policies and claims involving Trump's family business, NYT reports.

"Trump’s CPAC speech was a bold assertion that he has learned nothing — absolutely nothing — during his first two years in office."

Donald Trump gave an illegal $25,000 donation to a political group backing Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi while her office was reportedly investigating Trump University. Now Bondi is emceeing a political fundraiser at Trump's Florida business.

"I hope our investigation turns up no wrongdoing because I don't want to think that we have a criminal in the White House," Rep. Ted Lieu says of House Democrats' broad investigation of President Trump. "But I fear that our investigation is going to expose some wrongdoing."

Some Republicans are scrambling to confront the science they once rejected

Trump's tax break hasn't spurred a mass corporate migration back to the U.S.

JUST IN: Kyle Forti, “prolific figure” in Colorado Republican politics, among dead in Kenya helicopter crash

New filing in Democratic National Committee v. Russian Federation, @WikiLeaks et al

"Let me say right here, right now. Absolutely Donald Trump should release his tax returns." GOP Rep Matt Gaetz


NEWS: A lawyer for Michael Cohen raised the possibility of a pardon w/attorneys for Trump after the FBI raid on Cohen last April. Trump's lawyers dismissed the idea, but at least one—Giuliani—left open the possibility Trump could grant one in the future.

Inslee builds 2020 presidential campaign on climate change agenda

Senate Republicans voted tonight to advance Allison Jones Rushing's nomination. She's a Federalist Society pick, has argued there were "moral & practical reasons" for banning same-sex marriage and is about to become a US circuit judge. She's only 37.

Rand Paul says that, based on conversations with colleagues, there are "at least 10" Republican senators who are prepared to vote to nullify Trump's emergency declaration.

Nadler: 'Our job is to protect the rule of law in this country'

Matt Gaetz reportedly sent personal text to Michael Cohen: "Mr. Cohen, this is Congressman Matt Gaetz..."

Democrats launch wave of inquiries after GOP oversight abdication

Democrats will introduce net neutrality bill this week

.@gabrielsherman tells @chrislhayes that sources close to Rupert Murdoch told him that, in a conversation with Trump, Murdoch asked Trump if the intel agencies could look into whether his ex-wife Wendi Deng was a Chinese asset. Sherman does not know if Trump followed through.