Monday, December 9, 2019

.... interesting time for a cyber attack targeting Pensacola

JUST IN: DOJ asks for a one-day delay in filing Gates sentencing memo and notes that there are still "ongoing criminal matters" for which he's provided "sensitive information."

Rep. Mucarsel-Powell: “The continuing pattern of behavior we have seen from the President is a warning to the American people. It is the beginning of a dictatorship – something I have seen firsthand in Latin America.”

Meanwhile Lavrov gets his second Oval Office visit before Zelensky’s first.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal: "In both 2017 and 2018, didn't Pres. Trump release military aid for Ukraine without any complaints about corruption?...What changed?" Democratic counsel Daniel Goldman: "Joe Biden started running for president."

Claims that Ukraine interfered in the election are just as false as claims of FBI spying on Trump, but no matter. Trump has figured out how to weaponize outlandish conspiracy theories. By the time they are definitively refuted, it’s too late

The famous question from the Watergate hearings was, "What did the President know, and when did he know it?" We don't have to ask that of President Trump. He knew everything, and from the beginning. How? President Trump was the central player in this corrupt scheme.

If Wray doesn’t walk this back & line up with Barr & Trump, he probably needs to start cleaning out his desk.

The Economist is pushing back on Sen. John Kennedy's Ukraine interference claims: "There is no evidence we have seen that Ukraine was engaged in subversion or disinformation, which is what Sen. Kennedy seems to be implying."

It’s obscene that Bloomberg is in the top five. Not one debate. No real policy papers. No big campaign events. Nothing. Just a ridiculous amount of money to buy ads.

#Ukraine, #Russia agreed to exchange all prisoners but didn't reach an agreement on other key issues.

Government positions for sale. THIS IS NOT CONSERVATIVE!

FBI Director Christopher Wray: “We have no information that indicates that Ukraine interfered with the 2016 presidential election... as far as the [2020] election itself goes, we think Russia represents the most significant threat.”

Important question

By blessing Kentucky’s radical new anti-abortion law, the Supreme Court continues its insidious & steady march to grind Roe v. Wade down to dust.

So in the 2000s Ivanka was interested in an intelligence officer whose expertise is Russian organized crime and security services...why would that be?

Attorney General reschedules Trump hotel holiday party. DOJ won’t disclose the date.

The fab @NatashaBertrand has matched my reporting on @IvankaTrump's friendship with Christopher Steele and that the pair stayed in contact after first meeting in 2007:

Most tactical and damning questioning! Bravo @RepSwalwell

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, agreed to a cease fire in eastern Ukraine and plan to meet again in four months

The damage being inflicted by @realDonaldTrump on our national conscience & our government is tragic. Members of Congress & staffers who defend & misrepresent his indefensible actions are telling Americans it’s ok to be dishonest, unethical, & corrupt. How far we have fallen.

Shocking pic shows Epstein, Weinstein & Maxwell at Beatrice's 18th birthday

Legal experts, is it normal for a US attorney to knock down an investigation he has nothing to do with and not say why?

FACT: Lieutenant Colonel Vindman listened to the President’s call and testified that when President Trump asked Ukraine for a “favor” – it was not a friendly request, it was a demand.

.@RepSwalwell: "Let's talk about that anti-corruption president of ours."

.@RepSwalwell: "Let's talk about that anti-corruption president of ours."


Aww, Fruitbat is playing the Christmas card. Reminder, last Xmas Trump had no problem shutting down the government and letting federal workers go without a paycheck while snorted his ass off in Mar a Lago.

GOP defense: “Ukraine is horribly corrupt, therefore we trust their statements over our own lifetime civil servants and war heroes made under oath.”

InfoWars host Owen Shroyer gets ejected from the impeachment hearing

A cache of government interviews and memos reveals that U.S. officials admitted they adopted contradictory strategies and unattainable goals, based on flawed assumptions about a country they didn’t understand.

The Democrats' drive to impeach President Trump kicks into high gear Monday with a hearing designed for Democrats to make their case against the President.

775,000 troops deployed. 2400 dead. 21000 injured. Trillions spent. And they’ve known it was unwinnable.

Mueller Report Redux: Bill Barr is about to undercut a report on the origins of the Trump-Kremlin investigation

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea insulted U.S. President Donald Trump again on Monday, calling him a “heedless and erratic old man” after he tweeted that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wouldn’t want to abandon a special relationship between the two leaders ...

"Trump’s insistence on using anti-Semitic tropes when addressing Jewish audiences is dangerous"

North Korea calls Trump ‘thoughtless and sneaky old man' over tweets

How the Fed's goal of inflation targeting contributed to a massive buildup in private debt

China says people held in Xinjiang camps have 'graduated', condemns U.S. bill

Dr. Fiona Hill said it herself: there is no evidence to back this up. Republicans in Congress are spreading Russian propaganda, and it’s exactly what Putin wants. It is downright shameful

U.S. students continue to lag behind peers in East Asia and Europe in reading, math and science, exams show

"...accused of running a systemic doping programme and deleting crucial laboratory evidence..." Russia banned from Tokyo Olympics and football World Cup

Ohio legislator linked to rightwing bill mill despite denying knowledge of it Timothy Ginter, who said he had ‘no knowledge’ of Project Blitz, was listed as co-chair of state branch of group behind the campaign

The bill comes less than two weeks after we published #ChinaCables – our investigation into China's mass detention and surveillance of Uighurs in Xinjiang.

"The GOP is the Russian propaganda party now," argues Matt Lewis. "I'm so old, I remember when the Republican Party proudly stood up against Russian aggression and interference."

Authorities believe the Naval Base gunman made social media posts criticizing the U.S. under a user handle similar to his name and are investigating whether he authored the words or just posted them

The agriculture industry is waking up on climate change after a truly terrible year in the farm belt, filled with disastrous flooding and historic levels of rain

BREAKING: Russia banned from major international sports events for 4 years, including 2020 Tokyo Olympics and 2022 Qatar World Cup

Listen to @Matthew_Kupfer talking to @NPR about Giuliani's visit to Ukraine and read our report on who he met in Kyiv and what kind of information was fed

Trump is a danger to American families' safety and national security. In fact, Trump is a DANGER. TO. THE. WORLD

NATO Conference Is Canceled After U.S. Ambassador Barred a Trump Critic

We’re suing the IRS for communications that might explain why Treasury Secretary Mnunchin defied a Congressional subpoena requesting the release of Trump’s tax returns.

Schiff on CBS: "This is not something that started or ended with Ukraine. It began when the president invited Russia to intervene in the last election … We simply can't wait for an election in which the president is seeking already to prejudice by foreign intervention."

Ukrainians just want to stop being talked about

Stopping a third Israeli election — and why it probably won’t work

BREAKING: World Anti-Doping Agency imposes 4-year ban on Russia using its flag, anthem, team names from Olympics, sports events.

This is hugely dangerous. It’s not a joke. He’s said it too many times for that.

If you wrote a book with a character who wanted to slash health care for millions but also wanted taxpayers to foot the bill for her jewelry the publisher you pitched it to would toss your manuscript out the window

Russia to learn Olympic fate over doping violations later on Monday

This happened in the WH. Evangelicals thanking God for taking food stamps from 700,000 people, separating brown children from their parents and locking them in cages, giving tax breaks to the wealthy, banning Muslims from the country. Praise White Jesus!

One day before the Inspector General report's release and a key impeachment presentation for Democrats, President Donald Trump went on Twitter. By nighttime, he had fired off 99 tweets and retweets

He became a one-stop human bazaar for the trade of money, favors and influence, certain that he was incorruptible. “I’m probably the most ethical person you ever met,” he said. Step by step, Giuliani has escorted Trump to the brink of impeachment.

Here’s how you can support my effort to defeat my opponent @DevinNunes & hold him accountable! Devin would be really upset if my tweet got more RT’s than his. You know what to do.

Again with the smocking gun?

“The report comes just days after Carnival agreed to pay a $20M fine and undertake increased monitoring of its delightful practice of dumping sewage and plastic waste directly into the ocean (as well as its leaking gas, dirty water, and oily discharge).”

Trump no longer does his actual job. He spends hours watching TV, tweeting, railing at critics, calling into Fox News. It is not the House that has failed to do its job (it’s passed hundreds of bills); it is Trump

President Trump’s actions were exactly what America’s founders were concerned about. No one is above the law. Not even the President.

“A third marriage has fallen into divorce court ruins, revealing monthly expenses of $230,000 for six homes and 11 country club memberships.” monthly expenses of $230k. what a vulnerability to potentially corrupt and foreign interests does that represent alone

Is this why Giuliani keeps mentioning the “insurance” he has over Trump?

Seven Outright Falsehoods in GOP Staff Report on Impeachment

All it takes for Brits to love their socialized medicine is to learn the staggering cost of health care in the United States

Barr Allows for Release of Additional Details About Ex-Spy Behind Steele Dossier

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will host his Russian counterpart in Washington on Tuesday for Sergei Lavrov’s first visit to the U.S. capital since a trip in 2017 set off a storm of criticism

The cities are booming and the people in the heartland that were dying are still dying. But they think they’re winning.

Icymi: GOP-led Senate Intel committee probed possible Ukraine interference in 2016 election and found nothing worth pursuing, sources say

The traitors are easy to spot. What do they have on this one, I wonder, that makes him spew GRU propaganda? Oh boy, I bet it’s bad.

The guy whose charity was shut down for illegal activity, settled a fraud case for $25 million before taking office and is suing to make sure taxpayers never find out who pays him and if he pays any taxes does't get to pretend to care about corruption. Thanks.

Analysis: The staggering millennial wealth deficit, in one chart

Authoritarian rule and destruction if our democracy CAN happen here. Impeachment is our only protection. We cannot wait for a rigged election. Trump Has Disqualified Himself From Running in 2020

He has never disproved these allegations as he claims and 2. There are two women who have accused him. Not just Virginia. 3. He won’t release the “evidence” he claims he has.

DID YOU KNOW @FoxNews is the most-watched cable news outlet in nearly 70% of U.S. congressional districts? @MSNBC is the most-watched in just 1 district: California’s 2nd, a historically Dem district that encompasses the state’s coast north of San Fran.

Elizabeth Warren says she believes Americans are ready for a presidential ticket with two women at the top.

Russia wants for Ukraine to reincorporate the separatist regions as part of a federation, giving them broad autonomy, i.e. leaving two Russian puppet regions in Ukraine, giving Moscow a permanent lever to block the country from joining NATO or the EU

Reading the stories of Ensign Caleb Watson, Airman Mo Haitham, and Airman Cam Walters is another reminder of the selfless servants we have in our military. Fair winds and following seas, young sailors. You made it matter in your too short lives .

It has come to this: Ted Cruz is Putin’s stooge

Russia, Ukraine to hold 1st major peace summit in years next week. Ahead of the meeting, few believe a major breakthrough toward resolving the conflict is likely. Officials in Kyiv and Moscow have all recently downplayed expectations.

The best reason to move forward with impeachment now is that the Republicans are never going to engage in anything like good faith or probity. The President's men could lie to the committees, and the GOP would ignore it, Barr's DOJ would never prosecute. "Slow down" is bait.

“No president in America has ever committed so many impeachable offenses.”

Two things: you’re saying CA law should apply to you, AND you’d abuse your office to get an ambassador fired?

.@HouseJudiciary delivers documents to the @Whitehouse for the Impeachment proceedings. Some will be available only in a House SCIF. Personally identifiable info is the stated reason. Wonder who they're disclosing? @RepAdamSchiff looks like he has a secret. Nunes, panic stricken.

Hmm, are you sure about your source here, sir?

Rep. Devin Nunes, at glitzy New York fundraiser, refused questions about his reported contacts with Lev Parnas

Again, personal interests over national interests: For Trump, Instinct After Florida Killings Is Simple: Protect Saudis

Boris Johnson is playing with fire in Northern Ireland

This is so grotesque. Just how much is the president of the United States charging for killing Americans? What’s the per dead American going rate? Discounts offered for bulk?

.@TheRickWilson joins @11thHour to explain why he says "more than a few people in Trump's immediate orbit and Trump himself richly and actually deserve the title of traitor."

Russia attacked us in 2016. Ukraine didn’t do squat. That’s the truth. And every Member of Congress knows it. So any Member of Congress who tells you that Ukraine meddled in our elections is lying. And spreading Putin’s propaganda.