Saturday, November 14, 2020

Shocked, not shocked: The family behind Cambridge Analytica is bankrolling Parler. The Mercer Family, Makes Play for Conservatives Mad at Facebook and Twitter


Menchel told DOJ that Villafana’s tone was “highly unacceptable” and that her urgency to prosecute Epstein was “not respectful” of Acosta’s position. Furthermore, he told her she was never given authorization to seek an indictment (Me: so what was her job again?)


Another tidbit from the Jeffrey Epstein DOJ report: After the case was closed, Alex Acosta — the US attorney who gave Epstein immunity —- applied for a JOB with Kirkland & Ellis, the same firm that represented Epstein. (More)...


Welp that Million man march seems to be getting a late start.


Dear Corrupt Senator @KLoeffler & Criminal Senator @Perduesenate. We’re just getting started. Georgians will be well aware of how you have each stolen from them to enrich yourselves!


"While Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. has tried to signal that the Supreme Court is apolitical, Justice Alito’s comments sent a different message," writes


Wyoming governor admits COVID policy has failed, sticks with it


MOTHER OF GOD—El Paso nurse’s horrifying story of hospital situation. There is a COVID room nicknamed “the pit” where no doctors enter, patients only get 3 CPR cycles—patients are sent there to just wait, code & die. None has survived “the pit”


Sixteen federal prosecutors specially assigned to monitor 2020 election malfeasance told AG Barr in a letter today they saw no evidence of substantial voting irregularities, & asked him to rescind his recent policy change.


Defense secretary sent classified memo to White House about Afghanistan before Trump fired him


Thanksgiving in Canada fell on October 12 this year, and as family and friends gathered, it fueled a widespread surge in coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Now, health officials warn the health care system cannot handle a repeat at Christmas.


Opinion: The pandemic doesn’t care about your personal freedom


Canadian Intelligence says safety of Canadians is being jeopardized by undercover Chinese state security officials and others who are trying to silence critics using tactics that include threats of retribution against their families in China.


Hong Kong’s security law has chilled dissent, but there are ways to keep the spirit of opposition alive


You can’t go home again: Hong Kong activists abroad suffer separation from families and threats even while overseas


Stop the Steal's massive disinformation campaign connected to Roger Stone and Steve Bannon


Wow. McCabe says this regarding the Russia report: "There is some very, very serious, very specific undeniable intelligence that has NOT come out ... that would risk casting the president in a very negative light."


You realize you’re gonna look stupid for not acting professionally re the election. Everyone you meet will be silently saying, “does this asshole think we are stupid? We don’t care about Trump or their moronic politics. We want to deal seriously with the US. What a fool.”


Millions of Americans remain unemployed with no way to pay rent or put food on the table. There’s no question we must do more to help people across the country who are struggling to make ends meet.


NEW: In Trump's final days, a 30 year-old White House aide is reshaping the federal government, purging officials he sees as insufficiently loyal. From nuclear safety to homeland security, heads are rolling.


“Election epidemic”


North Dakota mandates masks, capacity limits as COVID-19 surges


DeSantis hires Ohio Uber driver to rig COVID stats


We really need congress to pass a Covid relief bill now.


Wow. McCabe says this regarding the Russia report: "There is some very, very serious, very specific undeniable intelligence that has NOT come out ... that would risk casting the president in a very negative light."


Dear @realDonaldTrump: Every day that passes, Biden’s large lead increases and you keep reliving the humiliation of losing. You can stop this slow motion, constant humiliation by graciously accepting defeat and working with Congress on a stimulus package for the American people.


Trump has no public events on his schedule this weekend.


ICYMI: Victims' lawyer says DOJ probe ignored a critical fact: That the FBI suspected that sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was sexually abusing other young women and girls in other cities where he owned homes, including NYC. Acosta shut the probe down anyway.


The QAnon congresswoman's first day on the Hill is going great


As the remnants of Tropical Storm Eta continue to impact the east coast, I encourage everyone in its path to heed the warnings of emergency responders and local officials. Jill and I send our prayers to those facing yet another storm.


The Biden Rally: US stocks set new record high. Apparently, Wall Street doesn’t buy the “socialist” label bullshit.


Grilled by an angry Lou Dobbs about what Republicans are doing to save Trump, Devin Nunes bizarrely pivots to suggesting everyone should get on Parler. Beyond parody


Bill Maher thoroughly embarrasses Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis: "Your lawsuits are being laughed out of court"


Georgia judge denies bail to father and son charged in Ahmaud Arbery shooting


Robert from Florida says he’s out here in DC to “stop the steal”




Whoever dyes his hair conceded before he did.


Photos tagged at Matt’s Steakhouse on Instagram this week showed high schoolers in formalwear—black sequins, vests, and heels—smiling wide without masks in a room decorated with gold and blue balloons


"You know what's uncomfortable? When you die," NJ Governor Phil Murphy snapped during a press conference when asked about residents complaining that wearing masks was annoying.


Dear @SecPompeo: France recognized President-elect @JoeBiden. When are you going to do so?


A report from Earth 2