Thursday, February 13, 2020

James Carville Fires Back at ‘Communist’ Bernie Sanders, Proudly Calls Himself a ‘Hack’

U.S. Ramps Up Criticism; Hubei Data Awaited: Virus Update

Despite recent news, the Miami Herald is here to stay

This is big. A federal judge appears to believe there may be merit to Amazon's contention that Trump prioritized his personal vendetta against Bezos and The Washington Post over national security by seeing to it that Amazon lost an important DoD contract.

Russia will try to meddle in 2020 U.S. election, intelligence report says Russia wants to help pro-Russia candidates, the report says, but it also meddles because it wants to show that Western nations can't hold fair elections.

Stealing Congressionally-appropriated military funding for his petty vanity project is a slap in the face to our troops.

Trump’s words, bullied kids, scarred schools The president’s rhetoric has changed the way hundreds of children are harassed in American classrooms, The Post found

Jim Jordan walks out of hearing about judicial sexual harassment coverups

A blind man can see through this phony. Tea Pain don't believe nothin' that comes outta Barr's little toadie mouth.

Attorney General Barr is trying to argue that the decision to interfere with the Roger Stone trial wasn't political, and wasn't related to the president's corrupt request. If that's true, why did all four prosecutors resign in protest?

It definitely makes it harder to crime for the President when the President keeps making it obvious that you are criming for him

When you stop violating the rights and liberties of all New Yorkers, we will stand down. Until then, we have a duty and responsibility to defend the Constitution and the rule of law. BTW, I file the lawsuits, not the Governor. — NY AG James

In case you’re still wondering, ⁦@LindseyGrahamSC⁩ just released a statement of support for Bill Barr

You must admit, the Scooby-Doo reboot is kind of wild. "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you dementia-laden, urine-soaked, incestuous old man."

MSNBC is not only buying Barr’s orchestrated BS. They’re improving upon it by saying: “Barr is delivering an ultimatum saying let me do my job or I’m out of here.” That’s not what he said Meet the Press, not even close. This is dangerous stuff coming from so called MSM.

So Hope Hicks isn’t being brought back to babysit Trump, and @Reince @SeanSpicer aren’t being brought back in a fit of nostalgia. All of them are being brought back to establish privilege, as part of Bill Barr and John Durham’s attempts to obstruct justice.

Trump abused his power to coerce Ukraine into announcing investigations for his personal benefit by freezing military aid. Now, he's using his powers to coerce states to stop investigations into him and his businesses. Different corrupt purpose, same corrupt President.

“If a president can meddle in a criminal case to help a friend, then there’s nothing that keeps him from meddling to harm an enemy. That means that a president is fully above the law in the most dangerous kind of way. This is how democracies die.”

McEntee was fired in 2018 after a gambling addiction and alleged financial crimes led to WH revoking his security clearance. Given this history, 29 yo McEntee is a very, very unusual pick to direct the WH Office of Presidential Personnel, in charge of vetting job applicants.

This Barr interview is DeNiro in Goodfellas yelling at Johnny Roastbeef for buying his wife a Cadillac after the Lufthansa heist.

By do his job, he means it’s really hard to rig shit for Trump when Trump keeps talking about it

Makes it harder to cover up the criming.

JUST IN: Trump says he may end practice of officials listening in on calls with foreign leaders

Another corrupt quid pro quo, but this time broadcast on Twitter for all the world to see

Opinion: The New York City bar goes after William Barr

Oh, Now We Find Out: from Barr's old boss at DOJ: "With Bill Barr, on an amazing number of occasions... you can be almost 100% certain that there's something improper going on,“ Donald Ayer, former deputy attorney general in the G.H.W. Bush administration.

t@understandable resentment building in the rest of the party that he and his overly aggressive supporters are putting a gun to the party’s head: Choose him or suffer our wrath. (And it’s not simply hangers-on, but also paid staff, who lash out at critics)

Jared Kushner: “There is no one more devoted to implementing President Trump’s agenda than Hope Hicks. We are excited to have her back on the team.”

I thought this was The Onion after the earlier news that Hope Hicks is returning to the WH to work for Kushner Are Flynn and Bannon next...

So, is Trump trying to strong arm New York into dropping investigations into his business?

I just voted in favor of Senator Kaine’s War Powers Resolution to prevent the president from going to war with Iran without congressional approval. War would benefit neither the United States nor Iran, and we must do all we can to prevent it.

Senate approves measure to prevent Trump from taking further military action against Iran without Congress's approval

Nancy Pelosi said today that the president's intervention in the sentencing of Roger Stone is an “abuse of power” — mirroring the language of the charge that the House impeached Trump on in December

So Ukraine had to start investigations of an opponent and now New York has to drop them of Trump?

Bloomberg is 5′ 8″. Putin is 5′ 7″. Do you call him "Mini Poo"?

Trump rehires Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer to White House roles

The Usual Suspects are currently Pizzagating one of the jurors in Stone's trial because she's... wait for it ... a Democrat! Meanwhile, Posobiec posted this pic of him and Stone together last night. Hint hint, wink wink. Roger's not going to stop doing this until he's locked up.

A juror who has an opinion AFTER the trial isn't "biased": The *purpose* of a trial is to sway the jury one way or another, and as a result they naturally have opinions after seeing the arguments and evidence about the credibility of witnesses, the defendant, and the lawyers.

.@SenGillibrand just said an IG investigation is necessary before she calls on Barr to resign. I still remember when Al Franken *requested an ethics investigation for himself* but Gillibrand wasn't interested in that before calling for HIS resignation.

Is it William Barr?

This is because he thinks rich dudes can’t commit crimes but poor people are worthless, and anyone who hasn’t figured this out yet isn’t really paying attention.

This week Trump expressed support for executing drug dealers but serving no time at all for perjury and obstruction of justice (at least as long as you're his buddy and longtime adviser).

The House Oversight Committee has asked the Secret Service to provide a full accounting of its payments to Trump's private company after The Washington Post revealed that the Secret Service had been charged as much as $650/night for rooms at Trump clubs.

John Kelly says the press is not "the enemy of the people," and that migrants crossing the southern border are overwhelmingly good people who are looking for jobs

I agree that we must defeat Trump at all costs, but isn’t it fair to also be frightened by what Bloomberg is doing? If he wins, the gloves will be off forever with respect to money in politics. It’s a choice we’d have to make but with consequences I don’t think we’d fully grasp.

Fact check: President Trump falsely claims "redemption money" from immigrants is paying for the border wall, baffling experts

Sounds like your lawyers suck at voir dire?

I could buy Jordan's denial if it was one maybe two accusers, but 177? It was a clear cultural acceptance that the Dr. was abusing those athletes. What an incredibly deceitful man Jim Jordan is.

BREAKING: Miami Herald parent company files for bankruptcy. A very sad day for local news.

I love this victim impact statement and I love that Judge Amy Berman Jackson entered this letter supporting the original DOJ sentencing letter for Roger Ston

"[Kim Jong Un] will never give his nuclear weapons up," John Kelly said. "Again, Pres. Trump tried—that's one way to put it. But it didn't work ... I never did think Kim would do anything other than play us for a while, and he did that fairly effectively."

This was only last month. Bernie's US based phone bankers were accused of illegally assisting the UK Labor Party during the UK General Election

Senate Banking Chairman Mike Crapo told me he and his staff were not told why the Jessie Liu nomination to a Treasury spot was suddenly pulled. Crapo would not comment on whether he believes it was tied to Liu's role overseeing the Roger Stone prosecution.

“An aspiring autocrat is only as powerful as his enablers, and Mr. Trump hit the jackpot in Mr. Barr...”

Stark images out of the northern region of Antarctica reveal a barren landscape nearly devoid of snow and ice following record-setting temperatures last week.

Yeah, good luck with that. We need to prepare for this to spread

Kelly comes across as self-serving. He enabled and protected Trump. Now he’s trying to get on the right side of history, delivering speeches (for which he is presumably paid). But let’s hear more from him. What else did he see? Does he believe Trump is a very stable genius?

This is an enormously powerful clip - Lt. Col. Vindman, the military, and America all deserve better.

By 10:30pm all television stations cut to an emergency announcement from Speaker Pelosi. She gravely states that Trump's and Barr's actions have severely damaged the rule of law and that House Dems will meet at 6am the following morning to decide on a course of action.

“Prosecutors across the United States, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid reprisals, ...” kinda says it all.

Facebook knows how to address these problems. They won’t, and the problem is at the very top.

Kelly faulted Trump for intervening in the case of Eddie Gallagher. "The idea that the commander in chief intervened there, in my opinion, was exactly the wrong thing to do," Kelly said. "Had I been there, I think I could have prevented it."

Prosecutors reportedly now fear being abandoned by Attorney General Bill Barr—and taking cases that might anger Trump

House Ethic Committee should open an investigation. Why would Jordan’s wrestlers lie about him? They would not. Why does his name keep coming up during Statehouse testimony on OSU abuse victims bill. Gym Jordan does not strike me as honest!

From Weld's election night statement: "Longtime Trump advisor Steve Bannon said that if Donald Trump loses 3% of the traditional Republican vote, he won’t be re-elected. I guess he won’t be re-elected."

An AG who wanted to protect the actual and perceived independence of the Department of Justice would issue a statement about what on earth happened in the Stone case. With Barr’s silence, we are left to assume the worst.

"Gretchen Carlson is an unlikely feminist hero.... in 2014 she changed the world, kind of: She started taping her boss sexually harassing her. Her boss happened to be the most powerful man in conservative media, Roger Ailes,"

“The draft law, introduced by Democratic Sens. Jeff Merkley and Cory Booker, calls for a moratorium on using the technology until a commission recommends guidelines and limitations for government use.”

Donald Trump Acknowledges Not Paying Federal Income Taxes for Years

Juror in the Stone case speaks up for prosecutors, saying what the AG & their US Atty should be saying in the face of Trump’s attack. “They acted with the utmost intelligence, integrity, and respect for our system of justice."

Why Did William Barr Pick Pittsburgh to be Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine Conduit?

The President has friends and he has enemies and the Justice Department is looking at those people as friends and enemies. And that is not the way it is supposed to work. That is not supposed to be normal.

“In the early days of Facebook, Zuck kept his plans for world domination in handwritten journals. He destroyed them. But a few revealing pages survived.”

On paper, the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission are equals when it comes to making sure companies compete fairly. Lately, however, the two regulators seem to need a referee of their own

Two-faced Trump: He tweets: "BEST USA ECONOMY IN HISTORY!" Then he tells Congress the U.S. is facing a "national emergency or serious economic conditions" to justify reducing the pay raise for federal workers Just like he stiffed contractors for years

“The UN has published a list of companies with business ties to Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, including the US-based TripAdvisor and Airbnb and the British truck and digger maker JCB.”

Two of the most influential actors in Syria -- Turkey and the Syrian regime -- have stopped fighting purely through proxies, and instead taken to directly attacking each other

Rachel Maddow said that Trump's attack on the DOJ means that the situation has moved beyond words and it is time to fight.

I’d like to know more about this sexual abuse coverup

Va. legislature passes bills aimed at lawsuits by Devin Nunes

My latest: Where are the DOJ Whistleblowers? Despite the norms that the Attorney General has gutted, DOJ has not produced the slew of career whistleblowers and truthtellers that we have seen coming out of other agencies over the last several months.

‘I'm not afraid of Trump, Trump is afraid of me:’ Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg. Follow our election coverage here:

#JimJordan is back in the news due to his efforts to cover-up sexual abuse at Ohio State with a pack of lies. Does anyone still believe #GymJordan? Trump & many of his corrupt cronies have devoted themselves to covering up sexual abuse.

"The State Dept. is in trouble," former Amb. Marie Yovanovitch warned in a speech at Georgetown Univ. today, as she received the Trainor Award for Excellence in the Conduct of Diplomacy.

"She is very smart, works very hard and is very fair ... The fact that the president feels free to trash a federal judge is outrageous to the Nth degree"

The new numbers are the highest reported in a single day since the outbreak began

"I want to be very clear about why I am here in this race," Bloomberg said. "I am running to defeat Donald Trump."

“Jim Jordan called me crying, crying, groveling, on the Fourth of July, begging me to go against my brother, begging me, crying for half an hour. ... That’s the kind of coverups going on here.”

John Bolton is a snake in the grass. He says he has damning information on Trump’s dealing with Ukraine, but instead of coming forward before Trump’s impeachment trial began in the Senate—He chose a $2 million book deal.

"What political leadership did here — mandating a favor for a friend of the president in line with the president’s publicly expressed desire in the case — significantly damages the rule of law and the perception of Justice Department fairness.

Jim Jordan’s name comes up during Statehouse testimony on OSU abuse victims bill

Grifting Pastor - Jim Bakker: You can kill the coronavirus in 12 hours with my ‘Silver Solution’ ointment

Ordinary Americans don’t get special breaks from prosecutors. But if you are a friend of @realDonaldTrump, then @TheJusticeDept does you a favor. That’s the very embodiment of the swamp that Trump promised, but failed, to drain. The Trump Administration is now the swamp.

GOP strategist says DOJ is now run as the "Trump family law firm"

“So you’re faced with dyed-in-the-wool socialist who’s not even a Democrat,” conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh declared. “A gay guy, 37 years old, loves kissing his husband on debate stages. Can you see Trump have fun with that?”

Jim Jordan's name comes up during Statehouse testimony on an OSU abuse victims bill. "Jim Jordan called me crying, groveling… begging me to go against my brother…That's the kind of cover-up that’s going on there."

No one should attack @Culinary226 and its members for fighting hard for themselves and their families. Like them, I want to see every American get high-quality and affordable health care—and I’m committed to working with them to achieve that goal.

Oh look, Senate Republicans are concerned about foreign gifts to universities. But they are silent about foreign gifts to @realDonaldTrump. The hypocrisy of the @GOP is astounding.

Bernie Bros may have cost their guy the most important endorsement in Nevada

ICYMI ; wut da fuqq?. It appears Sanders Campaign is utilizing online training programs & organizing overseas volunteers to text phone bank Americans. Someone needs to deep dive this

Mr. President, a couple minor corrections: (1) I have never committed a crime, which is an important pre-req for jail in most countries, still including ours; and (2) there’s just one book, but I think there is a movie coming and I hope you get to see it. — James Comey


Cheating is how Republicans win.— Rep. Richard Dangle

Not only are the Nevada Culinary Union fighting the Bernie Bro’s, they are doing so on healthcare. Good. Sanders healthcare policies are toxic and need more oxygen

Mueller didn’t save us. The Senate didn’t save us. Pelosi didn’t save us. Schiff didn’t save us. Murkowski didn’t save us. Justice Roberts didn’t save us. Bolton didn’t save us. We, The People, are the only ones who can save ourselves. Register, #Take5 to the polls, and VOTE.

Welp, looks like Captain America is ruined for me now. So, that's nice.

THIS JUST IN: Sean Spicer Will Record a Valentine's Day Message For You For Only $199

Sustained standing ovation for Marie Yovanovich at Georgetown University where she accepted the Trainor Award for excellence in diplomacy. 🇺🇸

"Absent any plausible explanation for his withdrawal of this nomination," Brown says it appears to have been designed to prevent her from answering questions under oath before the banking committee tomorrow about cases like Flynn's and Stone's.

Biggest news here: Other prosecutors at the DC US Attorney's Office have discussed resigning in the coming days, following Roger Stone sentencing about-face

Jim Jordan accused of ‘begging’ former Ohio State wrestler not to support reports of sexual abuse

Senate Republicans have blocked three critical election security bills. Again. That make voting machines harder to hack. And require illegal foreign interference to be reported to authorities. All blocked. Americans want to know: why won’t the GOP protect our elections?

Trump — simmering with rage, fixated on exacting revenge against those he feels betrayed him and insulated by a compliant Republican Party — is increasingly comfortable doing so to the point of feeling untouchable, according to Trump's advisers and allies.

Opinion: How billionaire Bloomberg’s money may help fend off Trump’s disinformation warfare

.@AlanDersh has zero clue how DOJ runs and he’s dead wrong here. I’m sick of his partisan self-loving hackery passed off as intellectualism.

"McCusker is losing her job because she attempted to follow the law. There’s no cover story to rationalize it."

Another day and another Appearance on Fox News for “Democrat” Jill Stein, I mean tulsi gabbard.

There it is: US white supremacist propaganda incidents 'rose by 120% in 2019'

Today at DOJ.

Have you filed a DC Bar complaint against Bill Barr yet? You don’t have to be an attorney to do so. Retweet and spread the word

Opinion: Bernie Sanders is a risk we can’t run at this moment of national peril

I ask my Republican colleagues – what will you do to stop President Trump’s personal retribution tour?

Jr. claims he stood in communist bread lines

Lindsey Graham shuts down calls to investigate DOJ's Roger Stone reversal

Former OSU wrestler Adam DiSabato claimed that Rep. Jim Jordan begged him to deny that he and other team officials were aware of sexual assaults of student-athletes

BREAKING: U.S. Steel lays off more workers in third round of cuts in last few months

We know @realdonaldtrump's biz bills taxpayers at high rates (like $650/room) to house Trump's Secret Service agents -- while telling the public the rooms are basically free. But there's a lot we still don't know. If you know something, I'm interested

“It’s the hypocritical nature of these tariffs that’s completely dumbfounding us”

Everybody always focuses on Putin’s geopolitical successes, but it’s not always smooth sailing for him. Bolivia just halted his plan to build nuclear power plants there that had been agreed by the ousted pro-Putin Morales government

Yes, it would be interesting to hear from Rob "Amoeba" Rosenstein -- Trump's own appointee -- who as DAG approved of ALL the steps taken in the Mueller investigation, including the investigation and prosecution of Roger Stone. He seems awful quiet these days.

#JimJordanKnew Yesterday: During a public hearing in Ohio—disturbing info about Jim Jordan was revealed. •May 2019: Independent Ohio State investigation said all coaches did know Dr. Strauss, who killed himself in 2005, was sexually abusing male students

Chairman Schiff calls the Stone sentence recommendation reversal "an egregious violation of the rule of law." Rep. Jamie Raskin, a constitutional law expert, said the 4 prosecutors are "sending a message to America that the rule of law is under attack."

I am one of millions of independent voters -- we are sick of corruption in both parties. The GOP is the most corrupt party right now, but the Democrats need a serious anti-corruption candidate to win. @ewarren is the real deal.

Time for @Jim_Jordan to hit the showers

.⁦@BarbMcQuade⁩: A Department of Justice that favors the friends of those in power is no longer true to its name.

Senate Republicans justified their vote to acquit President Trump by claiming he had “learned his lesson.” But he didn’t. And Senate Republicans are now responsible for every new abuse of power he commits.

Trump says he won't be changing his mind on troop brain injuries — says they’re not serious

We've been repeatedly saying the world spends too little money on preparedness & measures to keep people safe when health emergencies strike. With #COVID19 at our door, we urge solidarity from everyone to support the most vulnerable. We are only as strong as the weakest link

Kinda amazing everyone is buying into the completely unproven theory this thing dies with April’s expected massive heatwave.

Remember when @realdonaldtrump said he was rich, was funding his own campaign in 2016 and no special interests or super ACs would own him? He lied. He's not rich. He had a super PAC. He launched it from Trump Tower, got caught. Then shut it. Still lied

Get a load of these guys wearing matching Trump merch on Fox News this morning

I'm liking Mitt unchained. He's crossed the Rubicon and realizes all these Trump pussies are just full of empty threats. I bet he sleeps better than the rest of the GOP in Congress. Looking at you @LindseyGrahamSC

.@HouseIntel just held a key hearing on the national security impacts of emerging technologies. Republicans boycotted the oversight hearing protesting the lack of *checks notes* oversight hearings. (We’ve had fully 67 oversight events this session.) We’ll keep doing our job.

A QAnon believer who blocked a bridge over the Hoover Dam with an armored truck when QAnon failed to come true has plead guilty to a terrorism charge and now faces nearly a decade in prison.