Friday, December 27, 2019

Why you should never start a trade war with an autocracy

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell, the Epstein confidant under FBI investigation?

Neal Katyal: "Trump tried to gag every executive branch employee from testifying, no doubt because he was afraid ... The Senate should not put up with Trump's ever-escalating coverup. Let the witnesses testify, and let the chips fall where they may."

The prosecutor appointed by Attorney General Bill Barr to examine the origins of the Russia investigation is focusing much of his attention on the CIA

The prosecutor appointed by Attorney General Bill Barr to examine the origins of the Russia investigation is focusing much of his attention on the CIA

Russia, in letter to WADA, says disagrees with decision to ban its athletes: RIA

A new report has data on how the Trump tax cuts helped many profitable big companies pay less in federal income taxes- and some pay none at all. Pulitzer Prize-winning tax reporter

Donald Trump Is The Loneliest Man In America Those close to the president say he has no one close to him

Anguished SEALs recall chief protected by Trump as ‘evil’ and ‘toxic’

The media coddles Bernie. And as I've said many times, Bernie either didn't know about this and is an idiot, or he did know and is a traitor.

CIA’s Gina Haspel on collision course with Bill Barr after he sics his Trump conspiracy investigator on her agency

What Will It Take to Beat Donald Trump?

"Russia has been consistently incorporating the Arctic in military, procuring & learning to survive, move & fight in the extreme environment...a lot of effort has been put into deploying Arctic-capable air defense & sea denial systems.

America is falling back — and Putin's troops are filling the void.

Exclusive: FBI investigates Briton, others for Epstein links - sources

The White House has also intervened to try to stop punitive measures against Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey for reasons that were left obscure. The business empires of Trump’s extended family have dealings with all those countries, as well as Israel and China

Vast amounts of admin and congressional effort were devoted to ripping up the NAFTA free trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, to replace it with the very similar USMCA deal that Trump claims as a personal triumph. Other agreements have been destroyed with no replacement.

2019 marks another year of disruption and upheaval around the world. Much of the demand for change came from people taking to the streets. Bloomberg photographers captured these top moments

On his way out the door, fmr. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin pardoned around 650 prisoners, including the brother of a campaign fundraiser convicted of murder, sparking FBI interest.

The world's 500 wealthiest people gained $1.2 trillion this year, boosting their collective net worth 25% to $5.9 trillion

Former Federal Prosecutor Says Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham Are 'Mocking' Juror Oath To Do 'Fair And Impartial Justice'

Navy SEALs on tape to NCIS: Edward Gallagher is “freaking evil”

McConnell’s attempts to defend Trump blowing up in his face as GOP senators begin to revolt

“The guy is freaking evil,” Special Operator Miller told investigators. “The guy was toxic,” Special Operator First Class Joshua Vriens, a sniper, said in a separate interview. “You could tell he was perfectly O.K. with killing anybody that was moving,”

Did anyone see Marc Cuban's tweets on subject a few back? He suggested that on news channels, FCC should require punditry to run a banner saying it's punditry. That's a great idea.

Does Rick Santorum care to tell us why the Framers called it an impeachment trial instead of a kangaroo court or whatever it is he and @senatemajldr have in mind? Former Bush ethics lawyer smacks down Rick Santorum over impeachment

Survey: Germans say Trump is more dangerous than Putin, Kim or Xi. Why it matters: The results show the degree to which trust in U.S. leadership has eroded under Trump, even among countries like Germany that are traditionally viewed as close allies.

Repeating the facts, over and over, is the way to be a lighthouse in the fog of misinformation and lies. Otherwise people doubt, tune out, assume the truth is unknowable, or that known facts are up for debate.

Usin’ social media to commit a serious felony should result in a permanent Twitter ban and another article of impeachment.

Richard Nixon's decision to resign the presidency "spared the nation a painful and extremely divisive process of removing the commander in chief from office," writes @professorhigg for @cnnopinion -- "Donald Trump should follow suit."

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe calls on South Korean President Moon Jae-in to initiate efforts to improve ties between the neighbors

Candidates to succeed Pompeo as secretary of state are said to include Robert O’Brien, Steven Mnuchin, Richard Grenell, Stephen Biegun, Brian Hook, Marco Rubio, and Tom Cotton. (No women on this list.)

NOBEL PRIZE WINNER FOR ECONOMICS: “Reducing taxes to boost investment is a myth... You are giving incentives to the rich already sitting on tons of cash... boost growth by raising taxes, give money to regular people, Investment will respond to demand.”

"Mark Zuckerberg has rigged the rules of Facebook political advertising, making him complicit in lies and voter manipulation. The result is the most powerful propaganda amplifier in history, boosting campaigns that traffic in falsehoods."

By continuing to take Putin’s word over that of our own intelligence community professionals, Trump is outsourcing our nation’s security to Putin. The danger to our country cannot be overstated.

The decade of the billionaire victim

President Rodrigo Duterte warns that Americans will have to get visas to visit the Philippines, if the U.S. refuses entry to certain officials

It's almost 2020 and people are still not talking about a key finding of the Mueller report and the senate reports, which is Kremlin information operations promoted Bernie exactly because this ๐Ÿ‘‡ He hasn't been asked about it in an interview or a debate. It's ludicrous.

Outgoing top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine has said that "serious American" companies are studying the possible purchase of Motor Sich, one of the world's top makers of aircraft engines.

Um I'm sorry -- what the f*ck? Now Barr's excellent justice dept has decided the foreign agents law shouldn't be a thing? What is this, the first step to letting Manafort & Flynn off? This is total bullsh*t. There cannot be exemptions to FARA. There are enough loopholes already.

Allies of the United States on the front lines of a war against Putin’s expansion. RIP

Trump tries down play his abuse of power His shameful breach of “public” trust to conduct foreign policy to the betterment of America You should watch this video And understand the ONLY thing standing between Russia fully taking Ukraine is America & Ukrainians risking their lives

Christian Post: Convict Trump, The Constitution is more important than abortion

Gee, I wonder how this happened?

Joint Forces Operation Press Center: yesterday Russian forces opened fire 17 times. 1 Ukrainian soldier was wounded

Ouch. @SeanteMajLdr gets ripped a new one from a home state KY newspaper. "McConnell’s loyalty to Trump should not overwhelm his loyalty to the Constitution. If he fails in this, he is not only violating his Article I oath but his Article VI oath."

All Merry? All bright? Lovely family time? Good. Let's get back to work. There's a Republic to save from a madman.

‘Replace Chuck Todd with @NicolleDWallace’: Viewers hammer NBC after top host admits he was ‘naive’ about GOP

There's been a lot of anecdotal evidence about how tariffs are behind the manufacturing slump. Now the Federal Reserve proves it, finding that the trade war is hurting the sector it was ostensibly supposed to help:

Trump outed the whistleblower -- and the internet wants @TwitterSupport to ban his account: ‘Truly deplorable’

Ukrainians are optimistic about the future, according to a new survey.

BREAKING: Public support for Donald Trump‘s removal from office just reached the highest it has ever been, according to a new MSN poll. 55% now support the Senate removing Trump from office - this is up from 48 per cent the week before.

67 percent of Americans say their financial situation hasn't improved under Trump

Whistleblower's Attorney Calls for GOP Senator to Resign from Senate Whistleblower Caucus After 'Hostile' Comments

A Turkish criminal court convicts at least 7 staffers at the Sozcu newspaper on terrorism-related charges, the latest ruling targeting journalists critical of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Just phenomenal—some of the most psychotic shit I have ever seen from Jr

Senate Democrats should push John Roberts for a bench warrant to force Trump’s testimony in the Senate: Watergate prosecutor

GOP disinformation on the Steele dossier is calculated to ‘wear down’ American patriotism: Conservative analyst

The killing off of farms was intentional. Now the land and it's bounty can be bought by shell corporations for more concentration of wealth.

Nancy Pelosi has the right to submit Donald Trump to an ‘involuntary’ psych evaluation: Yale psychiatrist

Totally agree. Turkey a bad partner for NATO. Erdogan essentially a quasi dictator. Closer to the Russians than NATO. They should be cut off from Alliance intelligence and funding. We need to get our NUKES and our bases out of Turkey.

Telling Assad and Putin "Don't do it" won't stop them slaughtering Syrian civilians. You are the President of the United States. You must do something besides tweet.

Mitch McConnell has declared he will not be an impartial juror in the impeachment of President Trump. Kentucky native @Kentgreenfield1, a law professor, tells @AymanM that McConnell is violating Article I and Article IV oaths of office in the Constitution.

Trump in 2019 began attacking Fox News when its news side seemed insufficiently loyal to him. Such an opportunity presented itself for OAN to vie for the president’s affections.

Since 2014, Ukraine has been at war with Russia. Now allegations President Trump held up U.S. aid in an effort to get Ukraine's president to investigate the Bidens have raised concerns over diminishing U.S. support in the country's fight.

New York Times: Domestic Rightwing Terrorists Now 'Alt-Gov

It's almost 2020 and people are still not talking about a key finding of the Mueller report and the senate reports, which is Kremlin information operations promoted Bernie exactly because this ๐Ÿ‘‡ He hasn't been asked about it in an interview or a debate. It's ludicrous.

Oh look! The "Circle Game" - they must have all gone to West Point...:-)

I don't understand why any city that he decides to hold a rally in can't demand payment up front? Why would they not since that money is taken from vital services like Police and Fire

“Why did Justice Anthony Kennedy retire so abruptly?”, or “What role did his son Justin at Deutsche Bank play?”, or “Who paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s $1.5 million debts, and purchased themselves a SCOTUS seat?”

This is main reason Hillary lost. Main reason we have Trump. Will never forgive Sanders who would do it again. Selfish, no team player. Sanders Says 2016 Was Rigged, Won’t Pledge to Support Winner

In Sen. McConnell's hometown newspaper, the majority leader was panned in a scathing op-ed criticizing him for not being “impartial” or treating impeachment with “gravity.”