Monday, February 13, 2017

In minstrel shows this kind of makeup was called "turd face"

Wow, how pathetic that a grown man would feel so insecure he has to wear mortician level make up and half a dead badgers ass on his head. Normally this would evoke sympathy but this bodes quite badly for us.

Former Labor Sec. Robert Reich Slams Trump for Nominating Fast-Food CEO Who Opposes Basic Labor Laws

This is our ISIS

American Tradition

NEW: Congressional Hispanic Caucus to meet with ICE acting director tomorrow to discuss recent deportation actions

Trump Denies California Federal Funds - Revenge

Can't tell what news is real and what's fake? Don't worry, the President can't either! Here's a look at how #LSSC has tackled this issue.

Conway: Trump has 'full confidence' in Michael Flynn

Well then that means he absolutely doesn't

Trump Meme

Justin Trudeau is all of us.

Lawmakers question pharma company's plans to charge $89,000/year for drug widely available abroad for roughly $1,000

Justice Alito declares “carbon dioxide is not a pollutant” in candid, confused speech

You just decided to blurt this out now??

London Protest Yesterday

As tensions rise, Steve Bannon and ISIS get closer to their common goal: civilizational war

Adam Schiff drops bombshell: Michael Flynn may have used encryption to hide Russia talks from US

Where did they dig up Stephen Miller?


Please all visiting dignitaries...When dining with Trump, insist you dine on that succulent American delicacy, Kentucky Fried Chicken. If you all made a pact to take a bucket for the team...

The case for attending, and for boycotting, a journalistic institution that has spiraled out of control

Trump is backtracking on every economic promise that he made to the American people.

It's so fucked up how the media doesn't let you lie unchecked anymore.

Judge rejects request for emergency order halting construction of remaining section of Dakota Access pipeline

Oh no.

NEWS: At least four GOP senators are on the fence about Labor nominee Andrew Puzder

Come onnnnn. You know America deserves better than this. Puzder is vile and totally unqualified and a crook

Fox News today claimed Democrat's treatment of Trump has been "vicious." Here is how conservatives talked about Obama for 8 years:

Trump has called dozens of things fake news. None of them are.

"No evidence" of White House's claims of bused-in voters in New Hampshire: "It does not add up to anything resembling sense."

..and you insult the integrity of the good folks of New Hampshire's poll workers.
love you NH - a masshole.

Trump-Trudeau presser shows US is still "the 800-pound gorilla in the room"

mike lofgren does a devastating takedown of James Comey. This stuff smells more rancid by the day.

Comey's a rat bastard just like that rat bastard Connolly. He must be on the take because he is down with the Russians and down white supremacists. 

Why were they all jeering at him for SIMPLE FACTS?

Comparing healthcare systems in America and Canada. Watch

Elizabeth Warren Is Pocahontas

Elizabeth Warren Just Found Her Next Fight

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau: "No other neighbors in the entire world are as fundamentally linked as we are"

Kellyanne Conway's interview tricks, explained

The murder appears to be unrelated to his Klanning.

North Carolina came together to protest all the things they hate about life under President Trump.

Michael Flynn has no plans to resign and no expectations that he'll be fired, a senior administration official says

Republicans Hold On to a Myth to Hold On to Power

Since Pres Trump took office, he has gone about breaking promise after promise to the working people of this country.

Severely disabled kids labeled at risk as Texas enacts Medicaid cost-savings

Between this and DeVos unable to state disabled children deserve an education, Jeff Sessions the GOP telling us something?
New U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has also blasted the act for its “special treatment of certain children,” blaming it for the “acceleration in the decline of civility and discipline in classrooms across America.”

Sen Schumer: Pres. Trump has chosen "the most anti-working class Cabinet that we have ever seen."

Wall or Dam?

Neil Gorsuch has gay friends. Who cares? That tells us almost nothing about his jurisprudence.

Sen Schumer reads Puzder quote on robots versus human employees: "It galls me that this man is nominated for Labor secretary."

Ex-pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli to speak at Harvard while out on bail awaiting federal securities fraud trial

Conservatives want to slash FEMA’s disaster budget

Hey, Google.

Presient Lincoln

Trump ally Alex Jones is warning about Reince Priebus' sabotage efforts against Trump, connections to George Soros:

How bad are things? This bad.

Meet the Rebuilds, who have taken the Democratic Party's future into their own hands.

"I risked my life to support democracy in Iraq, and [this is] how they're paying me back for that?"

Judge to hear arguments on Dakota Access pipeline work

Sanders: The Tea Party was funded by the Kochs; the progressive "uprising" is driven by passion

Clever Trudeau Had Prepared Trump Handshake Strategy.

Michael Flynn has no plans to resign and no expectations that he'll be fired, a senior administration official says

Making us laughing stock of crucial world intelligence community.

Hillary Nailed It

Richard branson on "The Real Trump"

Former GOP congressman David Jolly: President Trump needs to "stop complaining and do his job"

The #TransSpotlight trailer is available and ready for you to watch! This is part 1 of our new series, check it out!

Why it was so dangerous for Trump to use his phone, especially the flashlight function, at Mar a Lago

The ties between Murdoch and Trump are undeniably close,. What does that mean for the press?

I was there and interviewed many members of the audience. None I spoke with were paid, and all I met were from Utah

BREAKING: Docs show Trump Labor Secretary nominee owes millions to a convicted bank that's seeking Labor Dept waiver

LindseyGrahamSC: "The one thing as National Security Adviser you've got to remember is people have to believe what you say."

California governor issues emergency order after thousands asked to evacuate area near nation's tallest dam

Where is FEMA? The Gov of California asked for federal help, so far, silence.

Joe Scarborough takes Stephen Miller 'to school' on law

The Morning Joe panel continues its conversation on Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller and Miller's shocking interviews on the Sunday news talk shows. Duration: 14:32

Trump reportedly trusts Steve Bannon more than his other aides in large part because Bannon is rich

Did he show you or tell you? Imbecile

The White House is gaslighting the press -- and the entire country

Thousands protest Donald Trump across Mexico

How do you tell the boss the real problem is, uh, not the staff?

Intolerance Will Not Be Tolerated! Wonkagenda For Mon., Feb. 13, 2017

Lyin Paul Ryan

Donald Trump, Japan's Abe strategized N Korea missile launch over candelight, before Mar-a-Lago guests-

This should be the end of his presidency right here. The corruption is staggering. I am embarrassed to be an American this morning.

One official: “Since January 20, we’ve assumed that the Kremlin has ears inside the SITROOM” (WH situation room)

The homogeneity of Donald Trump's cabinet

Trump adviser Flynn under scrutiny for Russia ties

Three weeks into the Trump admin, some staff members use encrypted communications to talk w/ their colleagues

Mitch McConnell

Tom Brady Started It

A vacuum at the top

Busted Nazi

Stephen Colbert shocks South Carolina schools by funding every single teacher-requested grant

These are the people packing Republican town halls: Inside the new wave of contentious Obamacare town halls

US Tennis Association apologizes after Nazi-era German national anthem played

Trump's official inauguration poster proves you can teach a man to hate, or you can teach a man to spell, but plainly not both.

Moscow Thanks You for Sharing Its Cute Cat Pics

Minister Of Propaganda

These activists are new to politics - and they're mobilizing opposition to repealing Obamacare in Republican states

Donald Trump’s America is not “made for you and me”

Notice that?

Angry veterans use 'SNL' to send Pres. Trump a serious message

Senate expected to confirm Mnuchin as Treasury secretary

China upset at disputed islands mention in Japan-U.S. meeting

Teachers who offer media literacy lessons give tips on how to distinguish fake news from real reports.

John Waters: ‘A new kind of anarchy is going to happen next’

"We’re moving from a position — repeal and replace — to governing. It’s a little more complicated."

Beyonce: Gender Equality Is A Myth

John Oliver - (Feb 12th, 2017) - Last Week Tonight S4E01

Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Donald Trump spreads a lot of false information thanks to his daily consumption of morning cable news. If only we could sneak some facts into the president’s media diet.

Get on the bus to Standing Rock: Only the people,masses of people,can stop the Black Snake,the evil pipeline

John Oliver Reveals a Brilliant Plan to Teach Trump Basic Facts About the US