Saturday, January 13, 2018

Chelsea Manning files to run for Senate in Maryland

Neo-Nazis celebrate Trump's "shithole countries" remark: He's "on the same page as us"

Russian attacks on the US political system are continuing—including against top Republicans who've criticized Trump

The remarkable Republican underreaction to Trump’s racist ‘shithole' comment

#BREAKING: Top refugee official to step down: report

The U.S. ambassador in London contradicted just about everything Trump said about the new embassy

Texas Illegally Excluded Thousands From Special Education, Federal Officials Say

Trump is a part-time USG employee who does POTUS-y stuff when it doesn't get in the way of watching Fox & tweeting.

The WH has been trying to delete buck-passing Trump’s effort to blame Hawaii for the flawed federal system for issuing nuclear alarms and then correcting mistaken ones:

Eric Trump claimed that the Trump family business was not profiting off of his charitable foundation, but the foundation's tax returns show that that simply wasn't the truth

Former Pentagon official Col. Morris Davis blasts Trump for golfing while Hawaii panicked over false missile alert

For 38 minutes American citizens in Hawaii braced for a ballistic missile strike ... and @realDonaldTrump continued his round of golf in Florida on his 120th taxpayer funded vacation day in less than a year.

President Trump tweets about "deranged" Michael Wolff in his first statement since Hawaii's false ballistic missile alert

FCC received complaints about reporters saying "shithole" on-air to report on Trump comments

Trey #Gowdy submitted his letter of resignation from House Ethics on Friday

Trump will likely pull a crywolf scenario & have someone manipulate the Emergency Broadcast System & start triggering false alerts

“There was no way to send a false alarm cancellation”

Hawaii Rep. Gabbard says mobile alert was a false alarm.

Anti-Trump demonstrators march in Swiss capital

NORAD official tells Denver7 there is "absolutely nothing going on," says this is "possibly a hack" or a "very sick joke."

A False Alarm "Ballistic Missile Threat" Message Was Accidentally Sent To Hawaii Residents

NBC News reports that Trump's 2nd FISA tweet (the one trying to clean-up his position) had to be written for the president by John Kelly

Islamic State affiliate claims deadly attack on U.S. troops in Niger

H.R. McMaster's recent performance as national security adviser has been a mixed bag

A Benedictine Nun Perfectly EXPOSES the Major Hypocrisy of the Roman Catholic-Evangelical Christian Republican "Pro-Life" Argument

Jared Kushner’s security clearance form

How dirty is Mike Pence? How much is he in Mueller’s sights? Congress asks him to testify repeatedly and he simply refuses.

"FARA Guide for the Perplexed."

Per pool, Trump has arrived at Trump International Golf Club. This is his 92nd day at a golf club as president.


Graham breaks silence on Trump's "shithole" comment: I said my piece to him directly

Was thinking about the Stormy Daniels story in the context of the allegation about Trump and prostitutes from the dossier

“Hundreds of mining claims fall neatly outside the new boundaries of Bears Ears National Monument, and a Navajo town scarred by uranium is bracing for new woes.” - Uranium Miners Pushed Hard for a Comeback. They Got Their Wish.

A strong virus, a less-than-effective vaccine, and an IV bag shortage that goes back to Hurricane Maria: The perfect storm behind this year's nasty flu season,

How @RepJeffDenham greets us when we ask him to support a #CleanDreamAct

It is utterly baffling that Trump and the GOP might shut down the government to force taxpayers to pay for a wall that won’t work and most Americans don’t want. Remember when Trump promised over and over that Mexico was going to pay?

Trumpworld Map

Felix Sater, Senior Advisor to Trump plead guilty in 1998 to a $40M stock scam with this Bonanno crime family

Happening right now on the Federal Building in San Francisco...

Great news: The Lithuanian gov’t has put the Lithuanian Magnitsky Act into effect. Now 49 Russian torturers and killers are banned entry into Lithuania.

“Our new Chancellor will build our economy and make us proud again. All that stuff he says about the lying press and the Jews is just bluster. Let’s focus on the important things that he can do for us.” How many Germans said just that in 1933?

As the @GOP has now proven it accepts from its ‘president’ as ‘unfortunate’ behavior:

Democrats said they made a deal with Republicans earlier this week on immigration. Then Trump rejected it.

How to sneak oil into North Korea

Cyprus, a former press secretary, and the RNC: We now know more about Manafort's Trump Tower notes

Rep. John Lewis Says Being Racist Must Be In Trump's DNA

Sources tell NBC News that Trump worked the phones last night, calling allies outside the W.H. to gauge reaction to his “shithole" remark. One described Trump's mood as “belligerent." Another said Trump wanted to see how it might resonate with his base

Haitian government claims ousted dictator ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier laundered stolen money through Trump Tower

Story of Teresa Manning’s departure is out from behind the firewall, with a few more details.

GOP tax law a one-two punch to charities — and American giving

Massive increase in discovery production in USA v. MANAFORT, GATES Crim. No. 17-201 (ABJ). An additional 200k documents and 50 electronic devices have been added since 12/9/17 + copies of 19 search warrants.

Report: Susan Collins, rejecting US intel consensus, claims Russia didn't care who won in 2016

Important, impassioned @AdamSerwer "it is a public admission of sorts that he is incapable of being a president for all Americans, the logic of his argument elevating not just white immigrants over brown ones, but white citizens over people of color"

Russia didn’t just meddle in the U.S. election, it’s trying to hack our critical infrastructure which could include our power grids, internet, water supply, defense systems, etc. They want to destroy America, how are Republicans not getting that? Traitors

An inconvenient truth? Donald Trump's Scottish mother was a low-earning migrant

I prefer Presidents who aren't being blackmailed

Russia’s Great Bank Takeover - For the past year, the Central Bank of Russia has been systematically destroying the country’s private banks, consolidating immense financial power in the hands of the Kremlin

Trump races to head off another special election debacle

The U.S. is slowly being edged out of its role as arbiter of the balance of power. China will increasingly set the rules of the Asia-Pacific

“I didn’t realize that it was the global elite,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said of the World Economic Forum gathering Davos, Switzerland

Setting aside his overt racism & ignorance, Trump has demonstrated no ability nor willingness to properly govern.

Saturday front pages of NYC tabloids

“BUT [whatabout] HER URANIUM”: Uranium, Nukes, Bribery, FCPA, Stock Fraud, and the Russian Mob, by Louise Neu (@ninaandtito)


The @UN condems @realDonaldTrump saying "there's no other words one can use but racist" and "this isn't a story about a vulgar statement, this is about opening the to door on the worst of humanity, it's about validating and encouraging racism"

Voter to Grassley: “You’re protecting the president & protecting his game abt shifting attention away from Russia”

Wow, this quote, via someone close to Trump: "John Kelly is the man Fred Trump always wanted Donald Trump to be.”

Commentary: A "sh*thole" swallows the GOP

Trump religious adviser defends "shithole" remarks: His "sentiment" was "right on target"

Russia’s Oligarchs Brace for U.S. Report Listing Putin Friends - Congress gave Jan. 29 deadline for Treasury to submit list, which doesn’t impose sanctions & parts may remain classified

White House forges Trump's Dr. Note

Trump vowed to be faithful to America and the Constitution. He promised the same thing to Melania

The Trump administration has granted Deutsche Bank a waiver from punishment stemming from a criminal conviction.

The Trump administration has granted Deutsche Bank a waiver from punishment stemming from a criminal conviction.

Trump's first-year jobs record was strong. Just not as strong as Obama's last year.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews joked about his 'Bill Cosby Pill' before interviewing Hillary Clinton

Top anti-abortion advocate resigns abruptly from post in Trump health department

Less than two weeks in, 2018 is shaping up to be the year of the fracker

Segregation, school funding inequalities still punishing Black, Latino students

These images show the mudslide devastation in California

Michael Flynn’s Lawyer Tweeted Something Curious

A Republican Kansas lawmaker has stepped down from a leadership position after he said African-Americans were more susceptible to marijuana because of "their character makeup" and "their genetics"

Trump’s Ambassador to the Netherlands lied about cars and politicians being set on fire there. Then he lied about ever saying it. Watch him get shredded by Dutch journalists. This is how you deal with Trump officials who lie.

Iran rejects Trump’s demand to change nuclear deal

Rep. Rohrabacher's ex-campaign treasurer sentenced to year in jail for embezzlement

Trump gets facts wrong as he nixes London visit

Education Dept. awards debt-collection contract to company with ties to DeVos

Dems say "Stephen Miller ambush" has killed bipartisan immigration deal with Trump

We all need to stop pretending that there are no consequences when the most powerful person in the world espouses racist views and gives a wink and a nod to the darkest elements in our society.

After Trump’s medical exam, the @WhiteHouse put out a statement purportedly from the doctor who administered it. The email had the doctor’s name listed after the very Trumpy quote. His name was misspelled

Porn Star: Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels Invited Me to Their Hotel Room

According to Bannon, Trump has settlements with around 100 women

BI has confirmed that Trump's legal team is leaning on a new defense strategy that they hope will limit Mueller's reach into the White House. It could buy them some time, experts say, but Mueller still "holds all the cards."

Former President Obama explains "what the Russians exploited" in new interview with David Letterman

Walmart stands to gain $2.2 billion a year in tax breaks from the Trump-GOP tax bill, dwarfing the amount they are paying out in new wage increases.

Russian-trained mercenaries back Bosnia's Serb separatists - fuelling fears of destabilisation of the Balkans and a resistance to Nato enlargement

New CDC head faces questions about financial conflicts of interest

All 55 countries in Africa are demanding a retraction and an apology from @realDonaldTrump for his racist sh•thole comments

GOP leaders feel squeeze as shutdown threat nears

.@jaketapper responds to Fox News host's defense of President Trump’s vulgar remarks: "There is a word for people who go to bars and denigrate black people but the word is not 'forgotten'"

Trump called US intelligence expert "pretty Korean lady," asked why she wasn't negotiating with North Korea: report

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) may be, conveniently, hard of hearing when it comes to @realDonaldTrump's overt racism, but the former Grand Wizard of the KKK heard loud and clear.

Russia deploys more surface-to-air missiles in Crimean build-up

Trump lawyer paid porn star Stormy Daniels to hide affair: WSJ

Michael Rothfeld, financial investigations reporter for The Wall Street Journal, talks with Rachel Maddow about his reporting that Donald Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about a sexual affair she'd had with Trump.

JP Morgan CEO: Dems "will not have a chance" in 2020

Senator Harris: Robert Mueller's authority must be preserved

Senator Kamala Harris talks with Rachel Maddow about the Trump Russia investigation and why she can't think about things like 2020 while the fate of DACA recipients hangs in the balance.

"They're left with one tiny argument: you're racist, you're racist, you're racist..." - Donald Trump

"Washington is ours" - Aleksandr Dugin on the night of Trump's election He is a pro-Putin Russian political strategist known for his fascist views, wants to hasten the "end of times" with all-out war, and said "American liberalism must be destroyed."

BREAKING: Special Counsel Mueller’s team is asking for a May 14, 2018 trial date for Paul Manafort and Rick Gates,

Mueller obstructionists attempt to argue that Mueller shouldn’t know what he knows.

COTTON & PERDUE put out joint stmt: "we do not recall the President saying these comments specifically but what he did call out was the imbalance in our current immigration system..."

Sen. Kamala Harris: Trump's comments simply irresponsible

Senator Kamala Harris talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump's racist remarks about sources of U.S. immigration, and about the plight of DACA recipients to whom the United States made a promise that Trump intends to break.

BIG NEWS! Remember the whistle blower story that involved Mike Flynn and Alex Copson textin' on Inauguration Day? It involved a bunch of people gettin' rich over a huge deal involving nuclear power plants in Saudi Arabia. - Thread