Wednesday, October 4, 2017

JUST IN: Court blocks Trump admin's "unlawful" delay of key Obama methane pollution rule

.@SenBobCorker: "I think Sec. Tillerson, Sec. Mattis and Chief of Staff Kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos."

All five living former presidents to reunite for hurricane relief concert

Vladimir Putin distanced himself from Trump, saying he has "zero personal relationship" with the U.S. president

BREAKING: Mueller is using the Steele dossier. AND according to Reuters Trump has faced questions as part of probe!

JUST IN: Anti-abortion lawmaker retiring after asking woman he had affair with to have abortion

Interior whistleblower quits, lambastes Ryan Zinke's 'resume of failure'


Russia threatens to ban visas to more Canadian politicians in retaliation to passage of Magnitsky Act tonight

The issue of Trump & Collusion (conspired) w Russia: STILL OPEN

WATCH LIVE: Sens. Burr, Warner hold news briefing to update Russia investigation


Senate Intelligence Committee Russia Probe

Russia’s “Highly Sophisticated” Facebook Op Raises New Questions for Mueller

Partisan gerrymandering is a form of corruption that empowers political extremes, creates gridlock, and erodes trust. It should end.

Man dressed as Rich Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly crashes former Equifax CEO's Senate hearing

Senate kicks off Michael Dourson Senate confirmation hearing now. A bit of relevant reading

Sen. Heinrich: "We're months and months into this, and we keep finding plenty of more stuff to look into."

Republican congressman asks his mistress to get an abortion—then passes anti-abortion bill


Facebook has a full-page ad in today's Washington Post: "We will fight any attempt to interfere with elections or civic engagement on fb"

Putin says around 40,000 North Koreans work in Russia

DAUGHTERGATE: Ivanka Trump Scrubbed From Trump Poker Shell Companies


Epstein paid three women $5.5 million to end underage-sex lawsuits

Pay close attention to any news about Trump pal Epstein.

If justices interrupt a lawyer, it’s really bad for his chances. A Ginsburg interruption is worst of all.

Investigators looking into gunman’s possible effort to get room overlooking prior Vegas concert featuring Chance the Rapper and Lorde.

RepJoeKennedy: 'We can decide that one person’s right to bear arms does not come at the expense of a neighbor’s right to life.’

Putin tells @johnfraher that @realDonaldTrump "building up his experience" on NK,, says POTUS listens to him on how to handle Kim

NEW on Russia beat: FACEBOOK fought for years to keep a blanket exemption to political ad disclosure rules

Trump donor intervened to keep Ivanka and Don Jr from being indicted on felony fraud

President Trump's generals are speaking up | Analysis by CNN's Barbara Starr

The power of the NRA

BREAKING: NBC News has obtained White House talking points distributed to Trump administration allies following Las Vegas shooting


The U.S. has never been so polarized on guns.

6 wks after @POTUS announced #Afghanistan strategy, we still don’t know the plan for success. Congress & the American people deserve better.

Mitch McConnell swats away talk of gun control

NRA spokesperson dismisses Las Vegas massacre by claiming ‘feet’ are just as deadly as guns

Kushner used incentives meant for poor neighborhoods to build luxury tower in N.J.

A Supreme Court decision in Gill v. Whitford could have far-reaching effects across the U.S. What you need to kno

New FARA filing GIDIFA Global Infrastructure Development and International Finance Agency

Tillerson called Trump a 'moron.' Admin officials urged him not to quit before the end of the year

Today: Senate intel leaders Burr & Warner will hold press conference to provide update on Russia probe

Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock's girlfriend Marilou Danley was married to two men at once, used two SSNs

President Trump heads to Las Vegas on Wednesday in the wake of concert massacre

Alex Jones: Las Vegas massacre has "hallmarks of being scripted by deep state Democrats and their Islamic allies”

Warren Buffett, Larry Fink criticize Trump tax plan

You know Russian meddling is bad when Democrat and Republican senators unite to shame Trump

Russia targets soldiers' smartphones seeking information on operations and troop strength, Western officials say

Column: Tom Price may be gone, but the Trump administration's sabotage of Obamacare is moving ahead at full speed

More GOP senators willing to tell Trump to take a hike

Trump loyalists lose patience with congressional Russia probes

FBI Hopes Paddock's Girlfriend Can Provide Insight Into Las Vegas Attack

The US Voted Against A UN Resolution Condemning The Death Penalty For LGBT People

Extra troops ordered to Afghanistan will bring total cost of 16-year war to about $12.5 billion per year

GOP is going to vote to cut a trillion dollars from Medicaid and a half a trillion from Medicare. This is not an old tweet.

McCain, Whitehouse submit a friend-of-the-court brief, urge SCOTUS to end "hyper-partisan" gerrymandering.

Trump still hasn’t gotten around to appointing someone to protect our elections from cyberattacks

Former first lady Michelle Obama knocks President Trump's message to youth

The gunman behind the massacre on the Las Vegas Strip planned his rampage carefully

Americans don't have the right to bear just any arms

John Ivison: Canada needs to stand firm and pass anti-corruption legislation

Election 2020: Sen. Wyden Calls For Improved Security Standards For Voting Machines

President Trump prepares to decertify Iran deal — and then save it

"Zuckerberg may just lack the moral framework to recognize the scope of his failures and his culpability."

Trump's tweets about Tillerson hurt morale at the State Department

When Heitkamp saw a report that Collins was considering a run for Maine governor, she texted her: "Don't do it."

Hedge fund billionaire flew top Mnuchin aide on private jet to Palm Beach

Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump fined over late financial disclosure forms: report

Trump, Japan PM Abe to hold phone talks Wednesday

‘Purely outrageous’: CNN’s Jim Acosta blasts Trump’s ‘strange and un-presidential’ Puerto Rico trip

‘Trumpsplaining at its best’: Stephen Colbert rips Trump for his ‘disastrous’ Puerto Rico visit

Exclusive: Trump EPA to propose repealing Obama's climate regulation - document

Trump suggests Puerto Rico's debt may need to be "wiped out"

The girlfriend of the Las Vegas shooter has arrived in the US

Personal data of over 1,100 NFL players and agents exposed

Ex-Watergate prosecutor: Kushner moving email to Trump Org server creates ‘huge potential for criminal conduct’

"Pro-life" Republican congressman Tim Murphy asked woman he had affair with to have an abortion, texts suggest:


Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. were close to being charged with felony fraud

After Sandy Hook, Trump supported Obama's speech calling for further gun control

While Trump bragging on his "great job," Dr. Sanjay Gupta says there are 10's of thousands struggling to say alive.

Conservatives defy GOP orthodoxy on cutting top tax rate

Pentagon chief says US admin backs Tillerson's North Korea effort

How the NRA Rewrote the Second Amendment


Mattis Contradicts Trump on Iran Deal Ahead of Crucial Deadline



President Trump tosses paper towels into the Puerto Rico crowd as he visits with storm survivors, hands out supp


Clinton: Puerto Rico is "most tragic" example of Trump only serving his base

New Manafort emails offer stronger evidence of quid pro quo with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska

BREAKING: Russian-linked Facebook ads targeted Wisconsin and Michigan during last year's election

Reported by Louise Mensch last March...

Trump says Puerto Rico hasn't suffered "a real catastrophe" like Katrina. These photos show otherwise

Greek court rules to extradite Russian bitcoin fraud suspect to the United States.

Ryan says mental health reform can stop shootings — yet GOP eased gun laws for mentally ill people |

Kelly won't let Rohrabacher talk to Trump: report

Trump Vows to ?Wipe Out Puerto Ricos Debt. Can He Do That?