Thursday, July 25, 2019

BREAKING: AG Barr directs the US federal government to resume executions after nearly 2 decades; directs the scheduling of 5 executions


"lawmarkers" -- Trump is having some trouble today

Florida lawmaker gets an ominous message after pushing investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s cushy treatment in jail

Trump Treasury pick Monica Crowley repeatedly spread Obama smears: "Can he be both loyal to Islam and loyal to the United States?"

Racists all play victim. Every time. They cannot perceive themselves as anything but persecuted. It’s a disease of immaturity, ignorance, and narcissism. It’s a disease of self identity, that has no mirror. They cannot be cured.

The House Oversight Committee has voted to authorize subpoenas for senior White House officials' communications via private email accounts and messaging apps. Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, & Steve Bannon are among the officials in the Committee's sights.

New FARA disclosures from big Trump fundraiser Brian Ballard's lobbying firm add former Florida AG Pam Bondi as a foreign agent for Qatar "in matters related to combating human trafficking" with a $115,000-per-month consulting fee

Andrew McCabe: "It is absolutely clear to me that the time has come for Congress to pursue a dedicated impeachment inquiry."

Asked to summarize what he wanted the American public to take from his report, Mueller calls it "a flag to those of us who have some responsibility in this area to exercise those responsibilities swiftly, and don't let this problem continue to linger."

Why is there not more outrage about Trump's lies?

The old “I Know You Are But What Am I” defense.

The biggest takeaway from Robert Mueller's appearances on Capitol Hill is not that Donald Trump may have obstructed justice. It's that Russians are still interfering in US elections.

Maddow: Open hearings enable us to be better citizens

Despite warnings, McConnell still blocks election security bills

Mueller affirms Russian 2016 intrusion and ongoing threat

Schiff looks to follow up where Muller left off with Trump probe

The United States won’t feed 30,000 starving Syrians living under its protection

SCHIFF: Trump and his campaign welcomed & encouraged Russian interference? MUELLER: Yes. SCHIFF: And then Trump and his campaign lied about it to cover it up? MUELLER: Yes. This alone is enough to impeach the President of the United States

SCHIFF: The president's lawyer was indicted for lying? MUELLER: True. SCHIFF: He lied to stay on message with the president? Mueller: Yes.

SPEIER: Would you agree that it was NOT a hoax that the Russians were engaged in trying to impact our election? MUELLER: Absolutely. It was not a hoax

NEW: A judge has ruled that President Trump, his company and three of his children must face a class-action lawsuit over an alleged multilevel marketing scam

I want to remind everyone that this photo was just 2 days ago. Crowd estimates from experts state that almost 1 million people showed up on this day. This was only a couple of days after half a million people showed up to protest in Old San Juan.

Democrat on House Intelligence Committee says it’s time to open up an impeachment inquiry

Some surprises among damning Mueller testimony, bad day for Trump

I know that the Trump White House and conservative media are trying to, like, chin up! tonight, make it seem like they had a great day today. Everything was fine! Nobody died! They did not have a great day today. This was the president's day today:

Rep. Adam Schiff: The Trump campaign officials built their messaging strategy around those stolen documents? Mueller: Generally, that's true. Schiff: And then they lied to cover it up? Mueller: Generally, that's true.

"Today’s hearing didn’t fundamentally change everything, but there was enough, if the Democrats use it well,"

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló resigns amid a torrent of protests over vulgar, mean-spirited texting conversations