Monday, April 6, 2020

“One of the reasons I do these news conferences because if I didn’t, they would believe fake news and we can’t let them believe fake news. They see us up here. They see us with admirals. They see us with this talent.”

“If we do it right, you’re going to see those [states] who have not peaked, will not peak,” Dr. Anthony Fauci tells @jonkarl, emphasizing the importance of mitigation in fighting COVID-19

Some inspiring words from Dr. Fauci

“Major supermarket chains are beginning to report their first coronavirus-related employee deaths, leading to store closures and increasing anxiety among grocery workers as the pandemic intensifies across the country”

By a 5–4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court just approved one of the most brazen acts of voter suppression in modern times, allowing Wisconsin Republicans to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to suppress tens of thousands of votes. I am absolutely blown away.

The woman who asked him about the second half of his physical - good for her. Been wondering about that. And he was clearly flummoxed and worried by the question.

Dr. Fauci: "If you want to get to pre-coronavirus, that might not ever happen."

We need to know: who put this in to the bill; at who’s request; and for what purpose? How does it relate to coronavirus?

UPDATE: Wisconsin’s Tuesday primary is back on, at least for now. The state Supreme Court has overturned an order from the governor

Opinion: What an infectious disease specialist learned about the virus — from getting it

Trump says he and Biden spoke for about 15 minutes about the coronavirus outbreak. “He gave me his point of view and I fully understood that.” The call was “really nice. I appreciate his calling,” Trump says.

BREAKING: Wisconsin Supreme Courts blocks @GovEvers' order to shut down Tuesday's election.

Too many 'unknowns' between CAPT Crozier & ASecNav Modly (content of letter, who was or was addressed in the email, why SecNav relieved the CO before conducting a thorough investigation, etc) for comment. But the unprofessional comments today dug a much deeper hole for ASecNav. — Mark Hertling

Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro isn’t a doctor, but he plays one on TV

All 4 directions by the Empire State Building.

We're grateful for the thousands of health professionals across the Commonwealth who have signed up to support the COVID-19 response effort. MA is lucky to have a deeply committed health care workforce as we confront this outbreak. #COVID19MA Sign Up

New York governor says Trump has agreed to request to treat coronavirus patients on the Comfort hospital ship.

NEW: U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-Ga.) bought stock in medical PPE producer DuPont de Nemours on Jan. 24, the same day the Senate received a classified Coronavirus briefing

National grocery store chain Kroger says it will only allow 50% of each store's capacity in to shop at one time

Gov. Gavin Newsom has announced that California would loan 500 ventilators to the national stockpile for use by New York and other states, even as he said California needs to find more ventilators of its own.

The loud "What the fuck?!" can be heard right after Acting SecNav Modly calling Capt. Crozier "too naive or too stupid" if he did not think the info would come out. (minute 1:57) Also overheard: "He was just trying to help us." (minute 3:18) Listen.

This is the Republican Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, who is up for election, telegraphing that he expects his Republican-controlled court to rule against the Democratic governor and prevent the election from being delayed.

Just announced: CBS, ABC, NBC networks are coming together to air "ONE WORLD: TOGETHER AT HOME" Saturday, April 18... Colbert, Kimmel and Fallon will co-host. It'll be on broadcast + more than a dozen cable channels, YouTube, radio, etc.

#BREAKING: Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn unveiled new charges in the FIFA corruption probe, including against 2 former FOX marketing execs. Prosecutors say their involvement helped them "obtain confidential bidding" info for U.S. rights to 2018, 2022 World Cups, which FOX won.

"The idea the stockpile is ours and the governors have got to have their own stockpile, they are changing the narrative," said Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré. "That is bulls--- and Jared Kushner doesn’t know what he is talking about."

Boris Johnson is a human being who is suffering horribly. I don't like his politics, nor did I agree with his unwise views on #coronavirus. Being desperately short of breath is awful. I don't wish this suffering on ANYONE, no matter how much I might disagree with them.#COVID19

Rep. Elaine Luria: "TR Sailors are on the frontlines of this pandemic and of our nation's defense ... Acting Secretary of the Navy Modly's remarks to the crew show that he is in no way fit to lead our Navy through this trying time. Secretary Esper should immediately fire him."

Trump is responsible for the death of thousands of Americans. Period.

Reminder that states wouldn't have to choose between their elections and their health if the Senate passed my bill with @SenAmyKlobuchar to implement #VoteByMail through November.

Trump and other Republicans are actively working to suppress the vote, admitting that more Americans voting in the 2020 election will hurt Republican chances.

As she often does, @SenWarren provides a cogent summary of how federal policymakers should be thinking about the pandemic in the coming months. — Barack Obama

The acting Navy secretary is unfit for office. He should resign or be removed immediately.— Justin Amash

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has coronavirus, has been taken to intensive care

The audio of the Acting Secretary of the Navy’s comments to the crew of the Teddy Roosevelt is a whiny pathetic treatise in cowardice. It’s also a threat to the crew not to speak to the press. Throughout the recording, the crew makes it clear they think he is bullshit. He is.


Many hourly workers employed by restaurants, bars, and hotels have lost their incomes overnight because of coronavirus shutdowns. If you can, contribute now to a fund to help those directly affected:

In his statement Atkinson encourages more federal employees to lawfully come forward as #whistleblowers. @wbaidlaw will rep pro bono those within IC who want to lawfully disclose info re misconduct of this (& future) Administrations.

What say YOU @SenJackReed as chairman of Armed Services? Are you waiting for your Cyrillic scripted talking points? @SenateDems he’s a chronic disappointment. No balls.

At least 173 crew members of the USS Theodore Roosevelt have tested positive for coronavirus, and Trump’s acting Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly, is still attacking the ship’s commander who blew the whistle on the outbreak

America will be saved by its mayors, governors and civil society

"Doctors now believe that some deaths in February and early March, before the coronavirus reached epidemic levels in the United States, were likely misidentified as influenza or only described as pneumonia."

So states and OTHER NATIONS are providing ventilators to NY per @NYGovCuomo last question asked as they wrapped. Just shows how inept the Trump Admin is. They can't even do that.

Health insurers were prepped for the Trump administration to reopen Obamacare enrollment. HHS officials were largely on board, but the White House refused to reopen enrollment. The announcement never came

Stock market live updates: Former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the economy is in the throes of an "absolutely shocking" downturn that is not reflected yet in the current data.

Trump is betting American lives on being right about coronavirus treatments On Sunday he hyped the unproven drugs — as he again downplayed the need for wearing masks.

Let's be clear. Trump does not have the power to cancel or postpone the November election.— Hillary Clinton

This is such an obviously terrible and dangerous idea it makes me wonder if the acting navy secretary was in his right mind at the tim

It’s already been a tough few days for the Navy. This is brutal, and embarrassing for an administration that already seemed beyond embarrassment when it comes to how they treat the military.

SHARE PLS: By the end of the week, working w/ gov’t, we will have arranged the largest build-orders of ventilators, masks, face shields & gowns in Canadian history. All local. Its the biggest ever peacetime mobilization of Flag of Canadas industrial capacity. Tell your friends.

Acting Navy secretary blasts ousted aircraft carrier captain as 'stupid' in address to ship's crew - CNNPolitics. (ACTING SEC NAVY MUST RESIGN. This is the worst judgment by a defense official possible. Terrible signal to sailors.)

.@SenAngusKing, who sits on Senate Intel, is calling for an open hearing into the firing of ICIG Michael Atkinson, with Grenell and Atkinson put under oath.

Alaska’s biggest regional airline fails, doomed by slow U.S. aid

My brother died today. He died alone. He took this virus seriously, but he still caught it. They gave him very little, less than 3 days, time on the vent. I’m angry & hurt. I’m angry that I have to question if he was just another body in a bed.

Analysis: Inspector general fired by Trump sends a warning signal for American democracy

Never forget this wretched moment

Historian Jon Meacham: "We have a partisan pandemic. It depends on where you live and what channels you watch – whether you trust certain facts and data."

Radiation levels near the site of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster have spiked as firefighters battle to contain two forest fires in the area

June 2016, NPR did a story “Secret government warehouses prepped for health catastrophes in the U.S.” There were rows & rows of ventilators, $7 billion of stored drugs, & massive numbers of PPE. What happened to all this equipment after Trump took office?

Sometimes Twitter accidentally shows just how out on a ridiculous limb Trump is. 3 tweets

Trump has filed a second Cease and Desist Order to stop this ad which uses his words to prove dereliction of duty during the #COVID19 Crisis.

John Oliver Comes for “F--king Moron” Jared Kushner Over Coronavirus Response

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, said he tested negative for coronavirus on Saturday.

Is there anyone connected to Trump’s conduct in Ukraine he hasn’t fired? Lt. Colonel Vindman (& his brother), Amb.Yovanovitch & now the IG who sent the complaint to Congress as required by law. In all things, Trump is about what’s good for him, not what’s good for the country.

"The post-pandemic world will pose a massive test for American statecraft, the biggest since the end of the Cold War." -- William Burns, president of @CarnegieEndow. Read the whole thing

UPDATE: @BorisJohnson is *receiving oxygen* in hospital, as he was "more seriously ill than either he or his officials were prepared to admit." Boris reportedly "was being seen by doctors who were concerned about his breathing."

The Real Tragedy of Not Having Enough Covid-19 Tests

So Novartis and all these pharmaceutical companies are pushing hydroxychloroquine to make tons of money during a pandemic, exploiting people’s desperation for any possible cure. Trump is their salesman, doctors are their drug dealers, and the American people are the guinea pigs.

Trump was mainly AWOL in the crucial early weeks and months of the #coronavirus. But he did get to play a lot of golf and tweet.

GOP Gangsters Hijack the Coronavirus to Try and Steal the Election

"It’s another new low for America’s leading racketeer-influenced and corrupt organization, formerly known as the Republican Party: Now, they’re trying to use this deadly pandemic to steal an election. Surprised? Of course you aren’t," writes @mtomasky

Sure would be great if my husband, a doctor in the ICU in Seattle, could have access to even 1/3 of the PPE's the Wisconsin National Guard is using for the WI primary. But, go ahead, Wisconsin. It's only a pandemic.

"The virus cannot be arrested, censored or outlawed." Brilliant piece by @declanwalsh on how the autocrat's playbook is no match for coronavirus:

U.S. Will Give Terrorist Label to White Supremacist Group for First Time: U.S. Will Give Terrorist Label to White Supremacist Group for First Time

A review of federal purchasing contracts by The Associated Press shows federal agencies largely waited until mid-March to begin placing bulk orders of N95 respirator masks, mechanical ventilators & other equipment needed by front-line health care workers

Meet the 17-year-old behind one of the largest coronavirus-tracking websites in the world

The Supreme Court was poised Sunday to decide whether Wisconsin voters would have an extra six days to submit absentee ballots

When—and how—does the coronavirus pandemic end? Here are the possible paths

In every city, in every neighborhood, on every block, people are offering to help, to do what they can. We are, too, writes @nicole_carroll , USA TODAY's editor in chief.

Dr. Drew apologizes and says earlier comments relating COVID-19 to influenza were wrong, but he's doing it on a small periscope feed after going on major cable news to peddle his theory to millions and after threatening to sue people who called him out with his own video.

@USNavy Capt. Brett #Crozier, who was removed from command of the #coronavirus-stricken aircraft carrier U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt, has tested positive for #COVID19. He is reportedly symptomatic and is quarantined in Guam.

Officially, just over 9,600 people have died from coronavirus-related health problems inside the United States. However, The New York Times has spoken to a number of experts who say that figure is a significant underestimate.

"When I have an early diagnosis and can treat patients early — for example put them on a ventilator before they deteriorate — the chance of survival is much higher,” Professor Kräusslich said.

“Analysts say at least 15,000 stores, including some well-known brands, are likely to close permanently”

In 40 minutes, six patients went into cardiac arrest at this emergency room. Four died before they made it out. "It's emotionally hard to prepare for this level of sickness," a physician says. CNN goes inside an NYC hospital battling coronavirus

Local officials protest Gov. Kemp’s decision to reopen beaches in hard-hit Georgia

President Trump hates when people say what he doesn’t want to hear: The truth. Our country is a better place because of patriots like Michael Atkinson.

Fired IG Inspector General Michael Atkinson: Trump axed me because I did my job properly

We’re going on 15 days since US Senator Rand Paul was diagnosed with coronavirus. We’ve not heard a word from him since, other than pat tweets written by staff. Not one word on his condition. He’s a sitting US Senator, does this not even vaguely interest anyone in the media?

Just a few of the reactions on twitter tonight of how badly people are struggling to get unemployment benefits from their states

We’re going on 15 days since US Senator Rand Paul was diagnosed with coronavirus. We’ve not heard a word from him since, other than pat tweets written by staff. Not one word on his condition. He’s a sitting US Senator, does this not even vaguely interest anyone in the media?

Despite measures to enforce social distancing and supply medical workers with the resources necessary to treat patients, "we are struggling to get (the pandemic) under control," said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US' top infectious disease expert

Biden - Family Town Hall on Covid -19

My friend’s 73 yr old mother went to the ER at Interfaith in Brooklyn at 6pm last night. She’s now been sitting in a chair in the ER for 29 hours waiting for a bed. She has a bad cough, a fever and violent chills. She calls her daughter crying pain and fear.

Ireland's Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, who worked as a doctor before becoming a politician, has rejoined the medical register and will work one shift a week to help out during the coronavirus pandemic, according to national broadcaster RTE

India has placed a blanket ban on all exports of hydroxychloroquine, just as President Donald Trump called on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to release more of the drug to the United States.

There is a new #Covid19 testing center set up outside of @GilletteStadium dedicated to testing first responders. It’s one of only two first responder testing centers in Massachusetts.

Trump ex-lawyer Cohen: drugmaker Novartis wanted him to lobby, he refused


'Trump is killing his own supporters' – even White House insiders know it

MSNBC cuts coverage of the press briefing to fact check the President’s claims

Russia, Saudi 'very, very close' to a deal on oil output cuts

Let’s avoid another Great Depression

Ongoing U.S.-Chinese tension—particularly with the added pressures of the coronavirus and an economic downturn—is likely to expose the brittleness and insecurity that lie beneath the surface of Xi’s assertions of solidity and strength, Minxin Pei argues

OAN: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

New guidelines from #Boston Mayor Marty Walsh:

HS Tommy Lee’s Open letter to @realDonaldTrump!! I can’t stop laughing & crying at the same time. Tommy Lee from Motley Crue for those who don’t know.

"Faced with a historic public health crisis, Trump could have assembled a first-rate company of disaster preparedness experts. Instead he gave the job to his son-in-law, a man-child of breathtaking vapidity,"

Boris Johnson stays overnight in hospital, receives well wishes from Trump

Peter Navarro vs Dr. Anthony Fauci. At issue: How enthusiastically should the White House tout the prospects of an antimalarial drug to fight COVID-19

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams offered a stark warning about the expected wave of virus deaths. "This is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment," he told "Fox News Sunday."

At least 50 times readers have told me that reporters should direct questions only to the experts. That would neutralize Trump, they said. What's your hypothesis about how he'd react? I would say. My view: The briefing cannot be saved. It's not the questions. It's him.

Some Trump allies worry that with millions of newly unemployed Americans poised to lose coverage during the coronavirus pandemic, a lack of a plan for those in need will be a political liability in his re-election bid

Obama left Trump with fully-stocked warehouses full of pandemic supplies. When Trump says that Obama didn't, Trump is lying.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams told states that are still pleading for medical equipment and aid that they have to “be Rosie the Riveter” and “do your part"

NEW: Statement from Michael Atkinson, Intel Community IG who Pres Trump fired after he told Congress about whistleblower Ukraine complaint. Atkinson says he was "legally obligated to ensure that whistleblowers had an effective and authorized means to disclose urgent matters."

So the same ex-Israeli intel firm that helped the Saudis track and kill Jamal Khashoggi wants to track us to save us from COVID-19? Hard pass

Donate to the Meals on Wheels Response Fund to get local programs the resources they desperately need.

“For days, he fended off fears that the contagion would spread unchecked through his crew. Then last week, the captain of the aircraft carrier, who had appealed to his superiors for help, was fired. By Sunday, he had come down with the coronavirus himself”

.@RepGalonski tells me she plans to find out The Hague's referral process on Monday. "I can’t sit here and watch this anymore."

Inspector general who handled Ukraine whistleblower complaint says ‘it’s hard not to think’ he was fired by Trump for doing his job

Queen speech VIDEO: Monarch addresses nation in historic moment amid coronavirus crisis

“A review of federal purchasing contracts by the AP shows federal agencies largely waited until mid-March to begin placing bulk orders of N95 respirator masks, mechanical ventilators and other equipment needed by front-line health care workers.”

Facing devastating losses, small farmers pivot to sell directly to consumers

The Hydroxychloroquine treatment Trump is touting is fatal for about 1% of those who take it. If a million people take this, he needs to be prepared for about 10,000 deaths directly resulting from pills *Trump repeatedly pushed*

Instead of accepting responsibility for the administration's chaotic coronavirus response, President Trump has launched a full-scale attempt to shift blame onto others

Farmers say flushing milk down the drain is heart-wrenching, even if a farmer is being reimbursed for it.

The downward swing in the economy over coronavirus could wipe out any gains President Trump has made in his popularity, and put his reelection bid in great peril

President Trump goes after Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker saying: “He’s not able to do what he’s supposed to be able to do as a governor. He has not performed well." Pritzker has also criticized Trump saying on CNN today: “The president does not understand the word federal."

Rush Limbaugh isn’t the only notable figure on the right who has now dipped his toe in coronavirus death-count trutherism

Stay home . Just like 108,600,000 of you did in 2016

#FireFauci is trending because he corrected the president: there is no medical evidence that the malaria drug cures Covid, while Pat Robertson announced the cause is oral sex. Are we living in 2020 or 1720? Magical thinking has replaced the reality principle

Millions of Americans vote by mail every year. Including President Trump. But now Republicans are doing everything they can to prevent expanded vote by mail, despite a deadly epidemic. They’re not worried about fraud. They’re worried that when Americans vote, they lose

Previously I called Trump the worst president in modern times—not of all time. But in the past month we have seen enough to take away the qualifier. With his mishandling of the coronavirus, Trump has established himself as the worst president in US history.

Iowa’s Republican Governor — Kim Reynolds — rejects Dr. Fauci’s Stay-at-Home advice. ***And unbelievably, says Dr. Fauci needs to become better informed about the virus.

A subplot in the movie Contagion was a huckster pitching a drug that didn't work.

.@jaketapper directly addresses Pres. Trump: “The American people ... need someone to explain what is going to be done to get us out of this. It’s a moment that requires leadership. It requires honest information. It requires empathy and it requires a plan. Do you have one?”

My Latest: How to Fix Our Voting Rules Before November

@MaxBoot: "Whatever happens in November, Trump cannot escape the pitiless judgment of history. Somewhere, a relieved James Buchanan must be smiling." Worst. President. Ever

Trump is perpetrating a uniquely American atrocity and we will need a uniquely American solution. Hence, the #TrumpCrimesCommission

Sorry. This isn’t our “Pearl Harbor” moment. That was a surprise, dastardly attack by an enemy nation. This is our “Chernobyl” moment: a preventable catastrophe that was denied, downplayed and mismanaged until tens of thousands were dead.

"We're on our knees here... and we're all trying the best we can" Nurse Shirley Watts posted this emotional video urging people to "stay at home" after a long and difficult shift in an Intensive Care Unit treating patients with coronavirus

Also reminded that Roosevelt only did 30 fireside chats in 12 years. He knew if he was on the radio every night his message would lose its power to lead. And he never would’ve considered constant lying to Americans as part of his leadership.

With the federal stockpile dwindling fast, and the Trump administration limiting access to what’s left, state leaders are going to extraordinary measures to secure faces masks, ventilators, gloves and other equipment essential to fighting the outbreak.

GOPer Loeffler hammered by hometown paper for hiding who is handling her suspicious stock trades during pandemic

"Missouri man charged with licking items at Walmart to mock coronavirus fears"

This bacteria-killing UV light robot helps a Wuhan hospital diagnose #coronavirus patients. It disinfects its CT scanner to prevent cross-contamination