Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Fact-checking Trump's claim protests against him today were 'fake news'. Spoiler alert: it’s false.

DOJ sent a letter to the House Judiciary Comm. saying the committee had narrowed its request for docs re: Mueller's investigation to the point where DOJ is willing to resume negotiations, *IF* the committee undoes its contempt vote for AG Barr (see:

Wow, NYT confirms Fox report: Paul Manafort is expected to be transferred as early as this week to Rikers Island, where he will most likely be held in solitary confinement while facing state fraud charges

It's about time for contempt votes

#TrumpProtest building in Trafalgar Square. Jeremy Corbyn due to speak after midday.

During her confirmation hearing Ms. Chao did not discuss her family’s extensive ties to the Chinese maritime industry, and she did not disclose the Chinese accolades she had received as required by the Senate. “An oversight,” the Transportation Department said.

THREAD: Elaine Chao, whose job it is to oversee the US aviation industry, flew Air China on her trip to Beijing instead of a US carrier, when US options were available. Let's take a closer look

During the Monday broadcast of Fox News political roundtable show "The Five," right-wing co-host Jesse Watters provided his solution to homelessness in Los Angeles: Raze dozens of square blocks and throw all the homeless people into institutions

Prince Harry and his brother Prince William have successfully denied Trump the opportunity of appearing in a photo with either of them

(#MuellerReport, Vol. II, pp. 115-116)

AT&T stock closes +1.67%

Apparently the judge, Trevor McFadden, who ruled that trump could not be sued by House Dems over his executive order to fund his wall without congressional approval was a trump donor. Perhaps Justice Roberts would like to explain again how the American judiciary is not corrupt

The White House hasn't really offered an explanation for why the president's adult children who don't work in the administration are on this state visit.

Just in from @RepJerryNadler: "As part of President Trump’s continued obstruction of Congress, the White House has instructed both Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson not to turn over records in response to subpoenas issued by our Committee last month..."

We hope you have time to read the full report on Elaine Chao and her family’s shipping company

China warns citizens against US travel

Former Trump aide and current Fox employee David Bossie has disappeared from Fox News and three sources familiar with the circumstances say they’ve been informed it was in part an effort by the network’s opinion programming not to infuriate the president

Trump could face yet another disapproval vote in Congress if he moves forward with new tariffs on Mexico, potentially setting up a major clash with Senate Republicans

Revealed: US government spends £1m at Qatari-backed hotels for Donald Trump’s UK state visit

Trump asks PM May to “stick around” to complete US-UK trade agreement. “I don’t know what your timing is, but stick around — we’ll do this deal.” (She resigns Friday.)

Michael Wolff: ‘Trump is willing to destroy an institution’

One of the centerpieces of the London protests. Trump on a golden commode, and it talks, says “fake news” and “witch hunt”

China thinks Trump admin‘s next front in trade war is targeting Chinese at elite US schools. More students refused visas, researchers with ties to Beijing scrutinized. “We hope that the US side will correct its wrong practices as soon as possible.”

Cheers (and jeers) for Democratic candidates at California convention

Perspective: Barr’s zealous defense of Trump makes it impossible to trust his legal judgment

"Wolff says over the course of writing two books he has come to believe Trump is governing on impulse and whim, that there is no method to the madness and that someone who is 'functionally a madman' is president of the United States."

Instinctive action amid security breach serves as inspiration

CA Democratic Convention tests mettle of candidates (and hosts)

The stench of corruption is all over Transportation Sec @ElaineChao & husband @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell in remarkably detailed @nytimes investigation into her conduct official conduct, her family's shipping firm & their close ties to Beijing

The majority owners of the former Trump Panama hotel say they’ve unearthed old financial records showing the Trump Organization evaded the country’s taxes

Instagram post tests gag order, could land Roger Stone in jail

"The Trump universe obviously thinks that it is perfectly appropriate to get the help of foreigners to win presidential elections," says CNN's Jeffrey Toobin, responding to the Jared Kushner interview. "That's illegal."

El Paso Still Waiting For Trump Campaign To Pay $470,000 Overdue Rally Tab- good luck getting paid El Paso- trump has been stiffing people for decades:)

Journalist who wrote ‘hit job’ about Joe Biden’s conflicts of interest in Ukraine hired by country's president

Soured deal considered as Mueller witness charged with child porn

In the words of the great John Kelly, “The children will be taken care of — put into foster care or whatever.”

“Chernobyl” is amazing. See it. It’s not just about a nuke-plant explosion, it’s about the implosion of a government that collapses under its own lies and authoritarian weight

The owners of the Panama City hotel that ousted the Trump Org. as property managers have accused it of evading taxes in Panama and creating a "false light" around the hotel's finances. They essentially assert that Trump's biz cheated a foreign government.

I keep hearing a lot about “socialism” these days, mainly from Donald Trump and Fox News. Well, I’m here to ask you to ignore the scaremongering.

“We think it’s much ado about nothing.” Mick Mulvaney sought to play down the White House’s directive to hide a Navy destroyer named after Senator John McCain during the president’s visit to Japan last week

REPORTER: "Mr. President, are you willing to say that MBS is responsible for Khashoggi’s death?" TRUMP: "When did this come up again? What are you, back — are you back —" R: "Jared. Jared talked to Axios." TRUMP: "Are you back — what — 4 months ago? No."

The tweet below is an impeachable offense. It shows that Trump has no understanding of our Constitution, which he swore to defend, including the First Amendment. And when will Republicans — who always complain about government interference in business — speak up?

NEW: @FEC sends @realDonaldTrump’s presidential campaign a list of 233 pages worth of contributions it suspects are “excessive,” “prohibited” or “impermissible.” Asks for response by July 8.

Last week, it was reported that the New York Times banned reporters from Rachel Maddow’s show for being 'too partisan.’ Today, David Brooks was a guest on RT. Russian propaganda, but not @maddow?

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, falling asleep as Her Majesty The Queen delivers her State banquet speech..

On an unrelated but astonishing note, did you just hear Michael Wolf say Kushner advised MBS to EXECUTE the operative who killed Kashogi ???????

Flashback to 2017: Pres. Trump and his team pushed to reauthorize the worst parts of FISA even after alleging abuse against his campaign. Why? Because they never opposed unconstitutional spying on innocent Americans; the campaign claim has always been about politics, not facts

I'm not sure I'd lay this off on bad tailoring. For one thing, a man learns how to *wear* good clothing, including posture. For another, there's only so much you can do with a guy who's *cough* logarithmically measured at an obviously fake 239 pounds.

Nader was a huge part of brokering the Saudi UAE Russia alliance with Trump.

I thought I could understand the horror and feel the pain of what our govt was doing to these kids. Then I had my own child and I’ve realized no words are strong enough.

NADER IS A SICK F'S SICK F. The videos recovered on his phone depict boys as young as 3 and children engaged with goats. Most of the videos are boys 3 to 4 years old. Do not read.

Tomorrow marks the 30th Anniversary of something most Chinese don’t know happened. The government has erased it from the record. The rest of us should remember

When Nader’s phones were seized by FBI at Dulles in Jan. 2018 with porn of a 3yo child, he was en route from UAE to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

Americans rank Barack Obama as the best president of their lifetimes in a new Pew Research Center poll

Trump has an abnormally long list of friends.... that are pedophiles

With Democrats holding the Majority, we will legislate. But we will also investigate and litigate to protect our democracy. -NP

NBC News now counts 58 members of the House who favor starting an impeachment inquiry against Trump. There are 57 Democrats — including 12 of the 24 Democrats who serve on the House Judiciary Committee — and one Republican.

Child porn charges for Trump-tied Mueller witness raise questions