Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Semion Mogilevich

Project Veritas pops up in Mueller's Exhibit list for Manafort's next trial.

BREAKING: @RepCummings @GerryConnolly request @OIGUSPS investigation into release of Abigail Spanberger's unredacted Standard Form 86 and personnel file

Qatar targeted 250 "Trump influencers" to change U.S. policy, WSJ reports, including Alan Dershowitz, Mike Huckabee, and conservative radio host John Batchelor.

#BREAKING: International Trade Commission overturns Trump tariffs on Canadian newsprint

JUST IN: FBI rebuts Trump tweet: “The FBI has not found any evidence the (Clinton) servers were compromised,” an FBI official tells

Kavanaugh’s distorted view of the 1st Amendment & #NetNeutrality is dangerously anti-consumer & would turn back the clock on protecting consumers from predatory actions by cable companies.

In An Unprecedented Move, The US Postal Service Released A Former CIA Officer’s Security Application To A Republican Group

JUST IN: Manafort asks for DC trial to be moved to Virginia

New docs obtained by BuzzFeed show U.S. bank examiners delved deeper into the Russian embassy's financial activity than previously known — and reveal why they flagged two transactions as suspicious, including one involving Sergey Kislyak.

Prosecutors allege Maria Butina ensnared Paul Erickson in a “duplicitous relationship" to advance a Russian influence operation. But Butina’s attorney says a music video they made, obtained exclusively by @ABC, shows them in a “legitimate” relationship.

Uh Ron DeSantis just said FL shouldn't "monkey this up" by electing Andrew Gillum

Reporting on the race for #Florida governor has been VERY disingenuous! #AndrewGillum was a Hillary delegate & supported Hillary in the last election.

Over the last 24 hours, Trump has tweeted 3 times about a @DailyCaller article that cites anonymous sources claiming 'China hacked Hillary's email server.' Then, the stable genius tweeted this...

Fox anchor ignores GOP's Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis using racist code words about Black Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum

Author: Pence thinks God is "calling him" to be president

Robert Mueller has such a high profile he has been photographed 2X since he was appointed, once in presence of the President's spawn.

U.S. Probes Whether 1MDB Malaysian Fugitive Laundered Funds to Top Trump Figures

A Toddler's Death Adds To Concerns About Migrant Detention

We have less than a week before the nomination hearing for Judge Kavanuagh, and the Senate Judiciary Committee has received less than 6% of his White House record. This vetting process is woefully inadequate. What are Senate Republicans hiding?

Scoop: Don McGahn is leaving the White House this fall, per senior officials and sources close to the WH Counsel. Overwhelming internal pick to replace him & manage blizzard of investigations — though nothing formalized yet — is Emmet Flood.

House Republicans Have a Secret List of Trump Scandals They’re Covering Up

In the Trump era, it often seems like no amount of personal corruption, profiting off the presidency or flouting of the Constitution matters. But if Democrats win big in November, that could change

My statement in regards to the @nytimes article detailing actions by the Congressional Leadership Fund, Speaker Paul Ryan’s Republican Super PAC, to release protected personal information to score political points.

NEW: I obtained a bunch of Twitter DMs between Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin, complaining about Dimitri Simes and Hank Greenberg:

Speaker Ryan’s PAC is trying to link a Democratic Congressional candidate to terrorism because she briefly taught English at an Islamic school in suburban Washington while waiting for the security clearance she received to become a counter-terrorism agent for the CIA

A friendly reminder: We still haven’t seen a credible medical report.

A clear way to watch the Earth's temperature changes over the past 137 years. (from historic & @NASA data

Trump blames China for hacking of Clinton emails, offers no evidence

The USDA will make $4.7 billion in payments to farmers to offset trade losses, with soybean growers receiving the bulk

In the 1990's, Speaker of the House @newtgingrich pushed for a more ideological Republican Party, and believed @SenJohnMcCain didn't fit in.

John McCain chose @vkaramurza to be a pallbearer before he died for Saturday's funeral. This recognizes the enormous risk Vladimir has taken in countering Putin after two assassination attempts and a clear message to Putin to not touch him further

Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking — Randy Rainbow

It is hard to gauge the lasting impact of Republican attacks on DoJ officials who focus on Russian intelligence and Russian organized crime, but the Russia mafia must be pleased.

“Michael Cohen married a Ukrainian, so had his brother, Bryan, whose wife was the daughter of Alex Oronov, who was a major business partner of Topolov, who had ties to Mogilevich and had been involved in the soccer/Naftogaz/Gazprom scheme”

The Russia scandal that surrounds this president, it has a Russian organized crime element to it.

"From what the brewers told me, this trade war is making cans a heck of a lot more expensive" - @MarkWarner after visiting a brewery to talk tariffs

This is why Trump is going after Bruce Ohr. Ohr is an expert on international (transnational) organized crime, including Russian organized crime (ROC). See this DOJ 2003 bulletin on IOC, Russian financial crimes & the FBI’s Budapest Project on ROC.

A U.S. Congressman outs a CIA and FBI informant.

California Lawmakers Just Voted to Make All Its Electricity Emissions-Free by 2045

What a totally normal thing to say at midnight

Florida voters deliver a major upset in the Democratic gubernatorial race, sending Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum on to November’s general election ballot, where he will face Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis

Manafort defense appears overwhelmed by challenge of second trial

“Jeff Sessions is now a dead man walking,” says CNN’s @JeffreyToobin. “[T]he Republican Party will never do anything to stop Donald Trump."

Andrew Gollum is the Democratic nominee for Governor of Florida. If he wims the general election he could be the first black Gov of Florida.

BREAKING: Rep. Martha McSally defeats Arpaio, Ward in Arizona Senate GOP primary

GOP senators oppose naming Senate building to honor McCain

Lori Alhadeff, whose daughter Alyssa was killed in the February attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, won a seat Tuesday on the district’s school board.

White House insists former CIA chief Brennan has no security clearance, says paperwork ‘delayed’

Trump picked stock fraud felon as senior adviser

Any church that helps a candidate get elected should be declared a taxable entity. Agreed?