Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hey Putin...after we deal with them, we're coming for you. Guaranteed!

 Russian dictator bad boy Putin cracks me up...Too chickenshit to go for the hair transplant, he combs over like every other insecure guy. My conclusion...he's taking his anger out on the world cuz he ain't got nothing going on downstairs either! Explains all this woman hating.

FBI Director Comey seems to have confirmed reports that Virginia Grand Jury is impaneled on Trump/Russia

Two sealed indictments emerge in FBI investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

Sally Yates TestifiesTomorrow!

Show em some justice girl! 

Choose Freedom Not Fascism. Viva la France. Love from USA.

Trump happened! Russia weaponized information to target your greatest fears. USA will never be the same. The oppression is horrific. Please don't be another Putin puppet.