Friday, May 22, 2020

Hertz filed for bankruptcy. The car-rental company had struggled with competition and collapsed after the coronavirus pandemic largely idled its fleet.

Shocking new economic data confirms it: The swing states are getting hammered

On a Memorial Day like no other, we will remember them still | The Seattle Times. ——-A DAY TO REMEMBER THOSE WE LOST.

CNN: Virginia governor signs bill decriminalizing marijuana.

Uhhhh...I was there. We voted this week to confirm a judge to the district court of Middle Florida. We took no votes, passed no bills, had no debates on anything related to the health/economic crisis that is consuming the country right now.

Hollywood Film Producer Charged with $1.7 Million COVID-Relief Fraud

The one-page memo written by the ship's medical staff was sent the same day Crozier, then the carrier's commanding officer, sent an email with a four-page memo attached to several high-ranking Navy leaders, as well as some other Navy officials.

South Korea to provide 10,000 face masks to help Navajo veterans fight coronavirus

Lawyer for Tara Reade drops her as a client

Sunshine, sugar cones — and fear — as a strange summer dawns on old Cape Cod

Military-grade propaganda, tailored to individual grievance (a design to hijack reason by inflaming untreated emotional wounds), & delivered via the most powerful comm tools mankind has created... works. Like magic. We’ve been under attack for years. Shame on our leaders...

When more people voting is bad for you, the autocratic solution is to make voting more difficult. When that is not enough, the real message becomes that democracy is bad, period. That it's corrupt, chaos, mob rule.

BREAKING: Buncha GOP state Attorneys General file Amicus Brief in Flynn case to...oppose Watergate Prosecutors...from filing...Amicus Flynn case.

"Denver orders closure of USPS facility that handles all mail for Colorado and Wyoming"

Six months on, Trump hasn't completed his physical. The White House won't say why. Latest reporting from @albamonica and me:

Attention People of Congress! Not far from you 1000s are waiting hours for food...This is same across America & you can stop it. Congress, to keep people fed is not expensive...what’s expensive is long lines like this. Let’s use every resource we have!

My latest! Coronavirus forces these workers to choose: money or health

Trump Administration Changes Rules for Migrant Children During Pandemic

We’re in the middle of a pandemic and pence is pretending everything’s just fine

OAN loses its defamation lawsuit against Rachel Maddow, will wind up paying her attorneys' fees

Breaking: A judge in San Diego has dismissed @OANN's $10 million libel claim against Rachel Maddow for her comments on her show last year that "the most obsequiously pro-Trump right wing news outlet in America really literally is paid Russian propaganda."

I can't wait to celebrate the #ClassOf2020 today for @WhenWeAllVote and @MTV’s Prom-athon––hope you have your outfits ready! Join us all day and tune in for the main event tonight at 9pm ET

‘I think Amazon should start paying their taxes,’ Joe Biden says

Dr. Anthony Fauci serves as surprise guest speaker for Johns Hopkins virtual commencement:

Whoa. This exchange between ⁦@PressSec⁩ and ⁦@jeffmason1⁩.

Palm Beach Post investigation absolutely rips Florida state government's mishandling of nursing home outbreaks: "Governor DeSantis’ 'whack-a-mole' approach to long-term care facilities in the pandemic has failed."

China unveiled plans to impose national security laws on Hong Kong which could see mainland intelligence agencies set up bases there, raising fears of direct law enforcement by Chinese authorities in the city

Stay strong stay safe. 

CDC: "Among 92 attendees at a rural Arkansas church during March 6–11, 35 (38%) developed laboratory-confirmed COVID-19, and three persons died"

Mike Pompeo racked up quite the slate of scandals this week. It’s getting hard to keep track, so we made a list. The bottom line is: we need an impartial IG at the State Dept. to investigate all of this, but Trump just fired him. (We’re investigating)

The Appeals Court inserting itself into a trial court decision to ask questions and hold a hearing where it has made no decision no final decision is bizarre: “Appeals Court orders #Flynn judge to explain himself”

"Last year, John Ratcliffe was widely seen as the punch-line to an unfortunate joke. Now, the GOP has confirmed him as the director of National Intelligence."

Beijing has thrown down the gauntlet to Hong Kong

OANN asks Kayleigh McEnany if President Trump has considered pardoning President Obama... She answers by putting up questions on the screen that she thinks reporters should be asking President Obama. Things have taken a turn.

Covid-19 Side Effect: Social Security Retirement Benefits For Boomers Born In 1960 Will Take A Big Hit

Navajo Nation's terrible outbreak may have started at a religious service: "Health officials believe the outbreak started when a tribal member attended a basketball tournament in early March, then went to a church revival the next day in Chilchinbito."

How the European Commission plans to transform the European Union’s agricultural system, to make it more sustainable and safer.

Over 95,000 Americans have died. Lines for food pantries are long. Our unemployment rate is the highest it’s ever been. But billionaires got $434 billion *richer* in the middle of a crisis. It's long past time for the wealthy to pay their fair share

Trump tried to stoke an ugly battle with governors over religion, demanding that every house of worship in the country reopen “right now” regardless of state rules

You up, @axlrose? Thoughts on this?

After the Democrats win back the White House, retake the Senate and increase our House majority in November, our country can finally begin to #RebuildWithBiden.

Abandoning the Open Skies Treaty is a gift to Russia. Why does @realDonaldTrump continue to bow down to Vladimir Putin?

"Right now, if you are from Montgomery, and you need an ICU bed, you are in trouble. If you're from central Alabama, and you need an ICU bed, you may not be able to get one," Mayor Reed said during a press conference. "Our health care system has been maxed out."

Hey, Obamagate folks. I get the anger at the leaks associated with Michael Flynn. How about this Administration leaking the name of a CIA officer just so you can add more straw men to blame for your man’s failure to do his job?

Nearly Half Of Accounts Tweeting About Coronavirus Are Likely Bots aimed at sowing division in America

Michelle Obama is stepping into the 2020 election with a program to boost voter turnout

The story says Melania Trump's remarks "will be pre-recorded." So no questions? That's not how one participates in a town hall. That's how a town hall is used for PR

The Mike Pompeo Scandals Just Keep Piling Up

Trump lashes out at scientists whose findings contradict him

Trump Wants To Hold The G7 Summit In Person But He Didn’t Ask Other World Leaders About The Idea Before Tweeting It

BREAKING: Airbus A320 with 107 people aboard crashes into residential area of Karachi after 'three failed landing attempts'

"I am a child racked with oppositional defiant disorder and suffering from parental neglect 6 decades on."

This is his most consistent belief: eugenics. He talks about it in his earliest press, on The Apprentice and as President.

While we hope to soon return to some sense of normalcy in our lives, we cannot allow ourselves to return to the everyday gun violence that has plagued our past. We need to pass common-sense reforms and end our gun violence epidemic.

Susan Collins voted along party lines to confirm Trump pick, arch-conservative John Ratcliffe, as Director of National Intelligence. He has no experience. His only selling point is his devotion to Donald Trump. Susan Collins must go.

Here’s your mask, asshole. Put it on. People are dying.

Trump might succeed at keeping Flynn out of prison, but a court battle could expose "the DOJ’s effort to undermine the Russia investigation" and a pardon could look like the president's admitting to "letting a guilty crony off," writes

Trump’s posture is the classic frontotemporal dementia stance. Forward leaning, arms down like balancing rods. He’s at risk to jerk & fall backwards. He can’t stand like the ppl next to- hands on hips or in the pockets. He would topple- a good word to describe what he has coming

Oliver is correct.

We’re at the beginning of the worst pandemic in 100 years, entering a depression, with a warming Earth and this idiot wants to spend trillions on nuclear bombs we don’t need to “win” an arms race we don’t need to run. Another raving lunatic for Team Trump.

The only real strategy Fox is willing to embrace for fighting coronavirus is hydroxychloroquine, an unproven medication that some studies suggest is dangerous

RIP Wilson Jerman, 91, who served 11 presidents from Ike to Obama as a cleaner, butler and elevator operator in the White House. He died of the coronavirus.

Antimalarial drug touted by Trump is linked to increased risk of death in coronavirus patients, study says

Beijing plans a new national-security law for Hong Kong. Is Taiwan next?

Opinion: Senate Republicans’ probe of Hunter Biden and Ukraine is a wild goose chase

Khashoggi’s sons forgive Saudi killers, sparing 5 executions

Beijing's surprise plan to impose a national security law is a new headache for Hong Kong developers after a tough 12 months

Rep. Max Rose: Trump admin plan for Natl. Guard ‘killing morale’

Michigan doctor: Trump is ‘failing us yet again’ by not wearing a face mask

Sen. Harris: Congressional relief for small businesses was ‘deeply flawed’

Sen. Harris: Ratcliffe is ‘a soldier for Donald Trump's political agenda’

If FEMA doesn't have a set of criteria to determine which states will get PPE from the National Stockpile, who does?

A lot of cutting and running around #TaraReade on Thursday.

Says the Senator who rammed through the $2 Trillion #GOPTaxScam — paid for by stealing from Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security — that overwhelmingly benefited the top 1%

.@realDonaldTrump, it is a federal crime to withhold money from states with the purpose of interfering with people's right to vote. You may want to talk to your lawyer Bill Barr about that.

It didn’t have to be this bad. The hard truth is that Donald Trump failed to take action, and it cost American lives. — Joe Biden

So far, 95,000 Americans didn’t survive his first term.

Sir, would you be okay with giving the head football coach job at @UTAustin to someone who’s never played or coached football? Barely watched a game? Why are you okay giving the stewardship of our massive national intelligence enterprise to someone with no qualifications? Sir?

Something is very, very, very wrong with the rules of our economy.

Defense lawyers in California are reviewing criminal cases in which Tara Reade served as an expert witness on domestic violence, concerned that she misrepresented her educational credentials in court.

WARREN UNHINGED: Trump ‘Lied About Crisis, Denied it Exists,’ Stole Equipment, Told ‘People to Drink Bleach’

Unbelievable drone shots of thousands of freshly dug graves in Sao Paulo. @npwcnn is there and reports the city is expecting the peak in 1-2 weeks. Today they saw funerals about every 10 minutes.

Climate change is turning parts of Antarctica green, say scientists - Researchers map ‘beginning of new ecosystem’ as algae bloom across surface of melting snow

An organization working to prevent pandemics lost its federal grant to work in China. A group of 77 Nobel laureates has called for an investigation into the cancellation and called the decision by the National Institutes of Health as “preposterous.”

Joe Biden shows Trump how to grieve 100K dead Americans in emotional interview with

Did you thank @parscale and his condos and luxury cars for this???

CHURCH: What is the WH thinking? “Having people who are elderly go elbow-to-elbow in a poorly circulated room, where they’re singing, and therefore spreading the virus, strikes me as exactly what we don’t want to be doing right now." Well said

Xi distracts from own failings with Hong Kong security law

. @realDonaldTrump I was just talking to @JamesCarville and he said you are going to get your fat ass beat.

This image was captured in between a roundtable event (Trump didn't have a mask on) a plant tour (Trump didn't have a mask on, Ford execs did) and then a speech (Trump didn't have a mask on, Ford execs did). Wearing a mask for a minute does not give a person Covid immunity.

Study finds early intervention key to blocking coronavirus spread

Dual crises call for extraordinary effort from Michiganders

Trump eschews leadership role, flouts Michigan mask rule

I’m sure Ford Motor Co appreciates the President reminding everyone how much their founder admired the nazis.

Trump wears lifts in his shoes, a girdle, Depends, a fake tan and a dead ferret on his head while standing like a drunk centaur as he tours the Ford Factory. But he won’t wear a mask because he thinks it would make him look stupid. @realDonaldTrump